Automate, eliminate, delegate, automate, eliminate, delegate, automate, eliminate delegate. What are you talking about, Meredith? Automate, eliminate, delegate. 

Now the post says that it’s my favorite thing to do, but to be perfectly honest, I wrote the song for my bestie, Gary Schleifer, and he is the publisher at Choice Magazine, the magazine of coaches.

Anyway, I’ll add a little tag to him here. Today I wanna talk about these three things. They really help you get things done in your business. I am not sure who talks about all of the ate’s, and I do have a couple of other ate’s to add on. And if you wanna find out more about the other two ate’s I talk about, I do have an upcoming masterclass. 

Think differently and plan differently on Monday, November 7th at 1:00 PM. The link is in the comment. So things work, sometimes they work. So this is one I wanna talk about why I love these three concepts and why the little song can help you remember as you think about things.

Using Key Factors to Master Executive Function

And today, I wanna take it another step further and also talk about how we use it in harnessing our executive function challenges. If you happen to be a neuro divergent entrepreneur. If your brain works differently, then the neurotypicals, then you might have looked at these things from a different perspective. And so I wanna filter it through and help give you an understanding of how we can use this based on our challenge areas.

Because we’re eliminating, delegating and automating things that aren’t in our skill set, they are not in our uniquely talented gifts. The more we can take these three things, eliminate, automate, and delegate to get things off our plate, especially our challenge areas, the more we can spend time in our zones of genius and in the things that we love to do to create, to ideate. To have all of our millions of ideas be implemented and or implement the parts that we aren’t so great at. 

So for example, if you’ve been paying attention at all this month, you know, we have six areas of executive function that every person has. But these are the challenge areas that people who are Dyslexic or autistic or any type of neurodiversity that you wanna think about in these areas are, certain areas are challenged. 

Some people have super skills. 

So for example, for me, I’m just gonna talk about some of the things that I find to be my most difficult areas and how I have utilized the eliminate, automate, delegate as a system to help me move forward. 

Write Notes for Yourself

So example number one is I have something written down so I don’t forget. So I started to get overwhelmed with the task of, so I would write my client notes in a notebook, and I got this fancy, rocket book. I absolutely love my rocket book. And so I would take notes for each of my clients and then I would scan it.

I would use the little thing, I would scan it and I would put it into their Google folders so that it was there. But guys, if you don’t know this, another area of my executive function is that my handwriting is super messy. Sometimes I can’t read it and my notes really aren’t for my clients. 

So in the world of eliminate, delegate this task, I just kept getting behind, I kept getting behind on having to upload them and sort them and put them in the right folder. It wasn’t a task that I could really delegate to anybody on my team. Maybe I could have done the uploading and somebody else would’ve delegated. But then of course, all of this information can be personal so that’s challenging. Although my team has NDA’s and all these things, it’s not necessarily something that everybody needs to see. 

And after talking to my brilliant lawyer. I don’t wanna be liable for having all these things. So the greatest idea ever was to eliminate that process. So I eliminated the whole process of keeping my notes, of uploading my notes, of organizing them and putting them into the appropriate folder, appropriate folders.

Anyway, so this was the powerful thing to eliminate. A) It was something that I was constantly behind on. B) it was something that was overwhelming back in the day when I had paper, at one point I would have to write my paper notes and then type them in so that people could read them.

Oh my goodness. And instead, what I did was I told all of my clients verbally, I am no longer keeping notes for you. It’s up to you. You have the opportunity to record the session so you can keep it for yourself. I am not recording it, because I also wanna eliminate all the data it was taking up on my computer.

So when you find that you have these tasks in your business, a great question to look at, especially if it’s something that’s in your challenge areas. To eliminate them, eliminate, automate or delegate. 

Sing the song and make the choice. 

Can you Eliminate it?

Is it something that you can eliminate? The idea is that our business is at its simplest form.

What is unnecessary? It’s one of the reasons why paperless billing is so great. So many of us get overwhelmed by all of the paper bills that we get. The minute it says, oh, go paperless. Absolutely. I wanna go paperless. Especially if it’s something that I can download all my bank statements every time I have to apply for a new mortgage.

They’re like, we need your last few bank statements. I can simply just go into my bank account and download, download, download and send them away. I don’t have to keep track of them in a folder. I used to have these accordion folders and I would have all of my files at some point. I had some parts of the organization and every time I would organize and get them up to date, I would find money, which was awesome. But I don’t have that system anymore. We live in a totally different world. Everything’s digital. 

So what are the things that you can eliminate, especially if you think about things that you have difficulty getting done. So if it’s something that time and time again and you grumble when you have to do it, or you get behind, ask yourself the question, is this a process I can eliminate? Can I simplify it? Can I delegate? 

Delegate the Task

So let’s talk about delegate. Delegate, eliminate, automate, delegate. So for me, organizing my whole Google Drive. I am not the best. I don’t remember to get everything up there.

I don’t always put it in the right folders and or I’m not sure that my system makes sense to an overall amount of people. So luckily I have somebody who has different strengths in their area of executive function. Yay, Krista on my team. Yay Krista on my team. So I have a Krista. So when it comes to certain tasks, especially that relate to systems and organizations, that is Krista’s strong suit. She’s all about creating processes and SOPs and things like that. 

So I delegate to the person who it is their skill set. If for example, you have right at the area of memory and information, one of those challenge areas is writing things. So I get stuck.

I’m really great at speaking things out to make some bullet points of my ideas and communicate it, but right to make it have all of the words. You noticed, I messed up a word earlier. When I try to type, I miss words altogether. Like my brain goes so fast that I miss words, I miss sentences, I miss punctuation.

And oh my goodness, I absolutely love exclamation, exclamation point, exclamation point. And I would use them all the time. Technically that’s grammatically incorrect. What? I didn’t care. But I have delegated my writing to somebody else. We will have a meeting. I will tell her what to say, I will give her ideas. And she has nailed my voice so much that my regularly scheduled emails is delegated because it’s another one of those tasks that I get so frustrated and I forget and it ends up being Sunday night.

And I’m like, oh my goodness, I forgot to write my email. That happened week after week after week after week. And finally I was like, I’m gonna hire somebody to help me. And luckily I have the resources to do that. And if you don’t have the resources to delegate, maybe you can make a trade. 

Depending on what stage of your business, maybe you’ve got a skillset that somebody else needs and they have a skillset that you need and you can make a trade and say, I’ll work on this for this many hours and you can work on this for this many hours. You can always use your creative brain to get help. And it takes a powerful person to ask for help. And this is the greatest way to do it.

Where to Get Started

Delegate and outsource. Whether it’s to a paid person or a volunteer. I don’t care what you do, but the best place to look at are the things that you suck at. Or that you find super boring. Our neurodiverse minds often get really, really stuck, especially with ADHD and gifted folks. 

Anything that’s boring and repeatable, it’s like the kiss of death and nobody wants to do it. 

Add a Motivator

To have to do my monthly accounting and my QuickBooks. Oh my goodness. Either I have to add a type of motivator, which would be some type of entertainment that’s one of our other ates a motivator. So I will at least add, like I’ll binge watch some Netflix while doing my accounting because it’s the only way to get it done.

So I need to add a little play and fun. Some type of fantasy series or superhero series or something like that. Sci-fi series. If you guys haven’t seen Resident Alien, oh my goodness, Alan Tod is Maze Balls. He’s awesome. Probably one of the best actors of our age. If you don’t know who he is, go find out Alan Tod. Awesome! 

Fun, fun facts in the middle of a Facebook Live. 

Automate Your Business

And last but not least is to automate the world of automation. And as my biz bestie, Gary says, it happens auto-magically. Auto-magically, because I love that it brings in magic. It’s such a beautiful thing. It does feel like magic when you have things that are automated. 

Places to think about our processes that you can take a system to. Now, if you have an email system, this might be a welcome sequence. Hey, get to know me. You send out an email that says, Hey, I’m Meredith, I’m Neurodiverse, I’m your business coach that can help you get things done. I’m really fabulous at this type of thing.

And you give all these stories. I used to be a superhero and a video producer and you know, fun facts about Meredith automatic email and then they can go read other blogs and find out more information. I have to say, I saw Leone Dawson’s version of this email was super inspired. But I can make that an automation of the help to get to know me.

I can send another email that says, Hey, like my Facebook page, check out my community. Like here are all these fabulous resources for you. So what are things that you can automate? Another example I heard Rachel Miller talking about the fact that she has automations in her banking that once her bank account hits a certain number, let’s say it’s $10,000, anything above $10,000 gets automatically transferred into an investment account. So she’s not spending it and it’s automatically getting invested so she can invest into another business. Another thing like that. 

Technology to Help with Automation

What are things and automations that you can create? And guys, we live in this beautiful, fabulous world of technology. Technology, how can we make technology, our friend. 

I have a client, Dave Sylvester, who always says that your computer should be working for you, not against you. So look at the automations that you can create to make your life easier. Oftentimes in business, online businesses, those are our funnels. They go from an email to a free gift to a couple of warm up emails, and then they get a little offer that says, Hey, I have this cool thing to buy. Why don’t you check it out? And so you can automate that series. 

Speaking of automations, I have a masterclass coming up if you would like to find out more about how to think and plan differently, it’s on Monday. It’s only three days away. And if you sign up with my fabulous link right here, which is in the comments, you’ll get a series of wait for it. Automated emails and reminders to help you get there. So those automations are really helpful. I love text messaging because sometimes I don’t pay attention to my emails.

My email box gets overwhelmed and that’s the next thing to delegate and absolutely outsource to somebody else. But you’ll get automated emails and you’ll even get a 15 minute text reminder if you sign up for it and you’re in the United States because I don’t know if I have texting abilities outside of the United States to help remind you to get there so that you can show up. I’m not making phone calls to everybody and individually texting, Hey, don’t forget to come to my masterclass. Automation. 

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate

So those, those are the power of eliminate, automate, delegate, eliminate, automate, delegate, eliminate, delegate, automate. Oh my goodness, I could sing it in so many different ways.

Automate, eliminate, delegate. Although it might get really confusing if I change it up too much.

So those are the questions, and I would love for you to look at it, especially in the areas of your executive function challenge. And if you’re unaware of those, just to give you a really quick reminder.

If you happen to have challenges in right memory, remembering things, those are things you can automate or set alarms to remind you about stuff at two o’clock. I have an alarm on Tuesdays that says, go pick up your son from school. Luckily, I have a very systemized calendar. And so that’s one of those things that it’s really helpful. 

So when you think about anything in the area of your mind, anything that you can eliminate, automate or delegate issues in writing. So I delegate it. Working memory alarms. All the different things that you can deal with. 

If you’re having problems with interrupting, I was just talking to my husband about trying to help understand when I should and shouldn’t interrupt his d and d to tell him things like I accidentally backed into his car last night.

Luckily I didn’t do any damage. Things like that. What are the things that you can, if you are having problems in making decisions or getting things complete. If you have problems with focus. You could set alarms. The Pomodoro technique, set little timers so that you can walk away and do a dance and make a jig or do something and then come back to, to help bring your focus. So it’s shorter attention spurts. 

So think about those challenge areas, those tasks that you have that every time you get to them, you feel that sense of resistance and I don’t feel like it and ugh, like any of those types of emotions. This is where you wanna sing the song.

Sing the song of my Biz Bestie Gary, eliminate, automate, delegate, eliminate, automate, delegate. Especially anything that’s a challenge. The accounting. Anything that’s boring, say goodbye. All right, I love you. I will see you next week, maybe even on Monday for the masterclass. I’m just gonna give you another reminder that it’s in the comments.

If you’d like to join us. It’s free Monday, November 7th at 1:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Eastern. I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it also works for my Aussies and my New Zealanders may not be so great for my Europeans, but give it a checkout. There will be a replay. Yes, I will give a replay so you can absolutely check it out.

I love you and I hope to see you on Monday for that masterclass.

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