3 keys to knowing what your customers want

There are 3 keys to creating clear magical offers:
馃専 Who is this offer for?
馃寑 What is the problem they want to be solved?
鉂わ笍 How do you solve it to give them their desired result?

Just another live on Friday. Oh, I’m live on Friday. Oh, it’s just another live on Friday. Hey everybody. I’m Meredith Canaan and I am here to share another heart-centered tip on how to make magical offers and grow your heart-centered business.

So today I am talking about, you know:

The three key things that you really need to know to make a great offer.

And I think that sometimes it seems really obvious, right?

Know who your customer is

And I think people get really stuck on how to make sure that they know who their customer is, because if you don’t, if you’re new and you’re just making offers for the first time, you may not have the specifics in mind that really helps your marketing messages land and zing.

And so here’s one thing that I talk often about community and who your ideal community members are. And that is really important in terms of growing your community, attracting the right people to your communities so that when you make offers, they say yes. But one thing that I want to remind everybody is that not every offer that you make is for every member of your community.

I think it’s important because you might have a large community and, and there are different people looking for different things. So every offer that you make, that customer is very specific to that offer. When you’re looking at who you are creating your opt-in page or your sales page, when it comes to making those offers, it’s really important who that specific offer is for.

Even if you have a broader target market or ideal community member, not everybody is at the right stage or ready for your offer. And I think that’s really important to know. So the key number one is knowing who is this customer for this offer, right?

It could be that it’s a smaller segment of that whole ideal community that you’re creating.

Of course, you know, people say this a lot…. most of us in the business coaching world probably say a kabajillion times. And I know that’s a really big word and it may or may not be made up, right?

What is the problem that you’re solving for them?

The reason this is important is it could be that you can solve,
yes, it’s true. You can solve the same problem for everybody and their mother, but when you speak to them, if you’re speaking to me or you’re speaking to my mother, how you solve it and why it’s important to them, and how those benefits show up specifically in their life is very different.

For example, creating confidence, right? I can teach my seven essences to letting your true color shine.

I could teach it for anybody because I believe it’s a foundation for everything.

BUT it’s very different in how I’m going to use the seven essences, which is a tool, not an outcome, to help people have more confidence.

Well, if the result, if I’m talking to business owners, which is who I’m normally talking to, that result is going to help them be more confident, which is going to make them more attractive, which is going to help them attract more customers and make more money. That’s the tangible result that this tool can help people with.

But wait, if my market is for people who’ve been divorced and they’re looking to find Mr Right, or, you know, my case, you know, mostly Mr. Right.聽 Then we can use the same tool, the seven essences to letting your true color shine. We can use that same tool to help them create the ideal, to find the confidence, to know who is going to be a perfect match for their essences to help those essences create a long-lasting partnership and relationship.

It’s the same tool that I teach, and it’s two completely different niches. When you have two completely different customers, the results that they are looking for are different, even though it provides confidence, it provides confidence and information that helps them X, Y, and Z.

Get Specific When Answering the Problem

Knowing that problem and how it’s specific to that person helps you write content in a very powerful way that helps people understand the specifics of what you’re trying to do in your marketing messaging.

Because you could have, again… I could teach this for startup business owners. I could teach it for people in corporate, any different manner of speaking of people, right.

But when I write my, my sales copy, I write it for a very specific person who is looking for a very specific result.

We often talk about, the problem. The problem with the mom, the person who’s divorced is that they’re looking for a long-term sustainable partnership. That’s the problem I’m solving and, or the problem of being alone. And they want to find the right person to have their best-desired life.

Most of the time, these things that we’re creating a special in personal development, business development in the coaching world, things like that, our main desired result for everybody is a happier life, where I’m living my dreams, getting what I want.

It’s really clear about what’s the specific problem that your offer is solving to get them the specific result that they need.

Some people get confused and talking about the internal challenges and what happens when you have a shift. 聽For example, lack of confidence, then we have confidence. But then what does that make possible?

What is the benefit, of the benefit, of the benefit?聽

My folks hear me say this all the time!聽 That’s the question when you’re creating your offers for them to be magical, you have to know who this offer is for.聽 What’s going to make very specific and how that filters through the problem that you’re solving.

Then you also want to tell them how you do it or what the benefits are. So they understand. This is what I call the Accelerant, right?

It is the, A, in my Take a Stand for Yes, it’s a five-step process.

S T A, the A stands for Acceleration. And that’s the, HOW.聽 How you’re making it easier, faster, cheaper than you could have if they’re doing it on their own. What of your offer is giving them that access to getting it done faster, cheaper, easier,
happier, you know, et cetera.

Those are the questions you want to look like as you’re creating these magical offers. And as I said, it’s a very specific market.

So I’m going to use this great example. So you guys hear my example, my example that I started with was, Iused to be in relationship coaching for moms, and then I switched to business coaching, for heart-centered businesses.

I still come at everything from a relationship perspective.聽 I still have so many of the things that I teach and share our same tools, and they’ve just gotten better and better. And how I use them for each of the different types of markets.

I have a mentor I’m going to share with you about. She predominantly helps heart-centered startups, and she’s got a program. Her name is Tash Corbin, and she has a program called Takeoff, and it’s been a million-dollar program. She’s had a lot of success with it.

It’s really for those early startups, but a lot of her people have grown and they’re at that next stage. So she’s out with a new offer. She’s got a really awesome workshop coming up for people who are just past the start up stage and are getting ready to launch a product.

She’s making a different offer for a different segment of her heart centered community. She’s now speaking to the people who now want to leverage and launch better. So they’re not the early startups.

Her new workshop is one that even I am joining in on. So if you guys want to join me and come play along, I just wanted to share that information.

But so one of the things that I wanted to say about what Tasha is doing here.聽 Check it out, she spent a lot of time really helping to perfect this process. She nailed her messaging for those early startups, but now her customers are asking for the next level stuff.

And so that’s what she’s giving them.

As she’s had a million dollars worth of revenue inside that takeoff program. Now she’s got all of these people who’ve grown and become that next level. So her customer avatar, her ideal community members are the same, but some of them are at different levels.

For that reason Tash has had to grow as well and creat something new to offer beyond those early stages. She’s now helping people at the next stage.

That’s why you want to have the clarity. When you’re talking about solving different problems at different stages of the game.

And even if you’re talking about people, let’s go back to the relationships. You guys know how much I love to use. If you’re talking about using your tools to help somebody who’s right out of their divorce. They’re dealing with the heartbreak, they’re dealing with the healing they’re dealing with the next stage. They may not be at the next level, which is getting back up on the horse and dating again to find Mr. Right.

So on that path of growth, from pain island, all the way to living the life of our dreams and having this partnership, where does your offer fit in the problems?

And the more specific you are about where your offer fits, the more you can speak to those internal challenges and your ideal customer.

The healing and what it looks like once you’ve had that internal shift and what those external physical results that they want that are heading them to their dreams to dreams.

That’s what we want.

We want to get to those dreams and understand how possible they are.

Basic Steps to Creating the Perfect Customer Solution:

  1. Create a very specific person
  2. Nail down your niche for this specific offer
  3. Remember not all of your offers will speak to your entire audience

Remember that you may have different offers for people at different stages. Just like Tash Corbin has her takeoff program for her early startups, she now also has this new Leverage and Launch workshop coming up for people who want to take it to the next level.

In my previous Heart Centered Leaders summit, we had a bash with what we called a聽 “Tash dash” at the very end of our summit. We closed it out with Tash Corbin. I absolutely聽 love her. While I never had an opportunity to do the takeoff program, I was much further advanced than that program so it wasn’t the right fit for me, but I totally am in alignment with everything that she teaches.

And I love her. Now this current offer fits the stage of business where I am, and it’s always good to have mentors, right?

So those are the three things you want to remember. It may sound simple, but the more you get specific on who that specific customer – is not the whole community – it’s that part of the offer that this specific problem is solving for them. Then ask how do I do it?

How do you solve the problem? What is the acceleration you’re providing so that they can get those tangible results?

One of my clients inside of our membership, she was trying to figure out how to market her product related to decreasing stress. Everybody has stress in life, so we had to narrow down her niche further. We had to get specific on who that person is.

My client determined that her target individual are all very creative. That’s great! This simple narrowing of her target audience allowed us to focus on on how to make her product directed to the right people.

We were able to be specific in our questions. What is the creatives frustration that is causing them that stress? What is the result that they’re looking for? It’s very different than somebody who’s stressed out in corporate or who’s a mom who’s stressed out. The stressors are extremely different. And so that’s how you get to the problem that you’re solving and to your target customer.

You’re solving the stress, but you’re solving it in this very specific way. And the result that you’re going to produce is very different.

If you were solving stress in corporate, then maybe you go back into your day job after you’re stress free and you’re more productive. And you’re able climb up the corporate ladder and get raises or higher commissions.

As you can see solving a stress issue for these two types of people are very different audiences with very different end results.

Who’s trying to get a screenplay into the hands of Netflix or is trying to get their show on Broadway? I have a lot of creatives who haven’t sung or want to do voiceover work, who wants to break in into the industry and they’re struggling. They’re trying to balance having a day job and still having creative outlets.

Those are still very different markets than somebody in corporate who needs less stress. So those are just some fabulous examples.

If you already have offers that are converting and you know this stuff it might be time to leverage yourself. You have an offer, you shared it out there. This will help you create a course or a membership and take your business to the next step.

If you’ve been doing successful one to one work, and you’re looking to do that, I highly recommend you join the workshop by Tash I mentioned above.

Make an Imperfect Offer

Hopefully you have gotten some helpful information on narrowing down and how to go about making those offers. This is so important because you can’t make money if you don’t make offers.

And sometimes it’s just about taking those imperfect actions, getting as close to your market as you can.

I’ve personally refined my marketing and messaging over time. It’s slowly worked to the point where it is now. Be really, really clear on what the takeaways are and what they’re looking for inside the membership.

Was it nailed the first time I did it? No.

Did I get results? Yes, I absolutely did.

YEAH for imperfection.

Make those offers. Do them imperfectly. For you perfectionists out there. I invite you to do it. Half-assed if you have to.

As one of my clients Susie says, “You can’t make money if you don’t make offers.” and oh my goodness that is so true Susie. You can’t make money if you don’t make offers.

So make them make them badly. You still might put a little something in your pocket. You still might get people who say yes. They might just say yes, because they love you.

So let your true colors, shine. Shine brightly making offers so you can make some money.


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