Do you wanna build a digital course? Do you wanna build one now? Are you ready to make revenue?  

If you said yes to any of these questions I think that you could be ready for a digital course. And the question now is, do you wanna build a digital course? Something nice and online? 

I think you could be ready and I’m going to share my three tips to keep in mind.

And I think that question you wanna check out is, are you ready to build a digital course online? 

Cause I have to say it is one of the best things that you can add to your business as a heart centered, kind of quirky creative entrepreneur, maybe a little ADHD or something,

just like me. One of the things is we have so much knowledge, experience, et cetera, that you can turn the things that you already know. The things that you’re really good at into a course. Cuz there are people who wanna be in the know. There are people out there who want to learn what you’ve learned. And so I have a couple of things to help you figure out if you are ready? Is it the right time? Are you ready for the next step? Cause if you wanna build one, I have an amazing resource that can help you and I’ll have to tell you there’s AmyPorterfield and you guys know I took Amy’s course and I love her.

I think some of the things that can really help you get clear on whether or not it’s the right time for you and your business, they’re all different types of courses and you can test your waters, test your waters, test your waters with your toes. Do you know what I mean?

Put your toe in the water and test to see if this is the right thing for you right now. And so some of the things are, is there something that you have that is calling you that wants to be born? I often talk about Love Then Lead as she is a two and a half year old toddler. She started out as a course and with the help of Amy, I helped figure out how to put it all together. 

So the first question is, is there some type of transformation?

Step One

Is there some type of transformation or result that you can help people get to? And I just wanna let you know, you don’t have to be certified professional with expert training and letters behind your name and all of these other things to create a powerful course.

It could be that it was a transformation that you went through yourself and you think it can help other people doing it my way. Cause I think you absolutely could. So is there an idea, a seed, a conception. Something that is growing that wants to be birthed into the world. Do you have it? Do you have an idea?

Cause I think that can really help you get started. Another thing is, do you have any potential people that might say yes and I have to tell you I’ve had clients that have done little challenges to 60 people and gotten 14 people in their first course. I’ve had people that have put out video series and I have to tell you the course ideas could be anything.

My client Janine lets me talk about her all the time, because her course is unique. She is guided by a 12th century German Saint named St. Hildegard of B. And she has designed a master year creativity course based on the teachings of this amazing St. Hildegard. And so she’s one of those people. She did a video series and she knew she had people in her small community that were ready when you start your first course, your hottest audience are gonna be the ones that say yes. 

And so first, do you have an idea? Do you have an idea that you think you can organize into a path from point A to point B to help people get the results? So that’s the first thing. 

First Things First

Do you have an idea? Yay. And do you have some people in my world, we call them our front row, a warm type of audience, not a warm type. The hottest part of your community that you think would be interested in getting this transformation. Because those people, especially those in your front row, those are your biggest fans. The people that will help you get there. They are some people that will say yes to this course.

That’ll be willing to test their toes in the water to see if it’s right fit for them. And sometimes you can even test the waters before you start building. You can do a poll on Facebook and say, Hey, I actually did this today. I’m thinking about creating a course on Brain-based productivity. Yes I am right on planning and productivity for the ADHD in me.

I’m gonna review DCA while I look at how to create it. And the reason I talk about Amy Porterfield is because she has got some powerful, powerful resources that you can check out when you’re ready. She’s got a masterclass that can help you to figure out if you are ready to create a course.

Because one of the things about a course, if it’s serving a very specific need and transformation, you can create a course that no matter what’s going on in the economy, no matter what’s going on in the world, people need it and they will buy it. I have a client who is designing some courses and memberships to help support people who want to grow their own vegetables.

I mean, in your own backyard, how cool is that to be able to grow the food so that, you know, it’s clean, toxic, free, you know where it’s sourced all of those fabulous things to take care of and sustain your own family. And a lot of people think this is the right time to do this.

And I think anytime in any part of the world, it might be the right time. So the idea that you have can be super powerful in what we’re creating. So I’m gonna go back to the things that you need to figure out if you’re ready. 

Major Concepts

One, do you have an idea, a concept that create some type of transformation that walks people from one step to the next and they have a very specific result at the end of the day. 

Two, do you have a front row who’s interested? A potential audience who’s interested to test out whether it’s the first beta test or whatever you wanna call it. Some people call it a seed launch. Some people call it a beta test launch. The first ever version of your amazing and brilliant course. And then I think I said, I was gonna give you three tips. Did I give you the third one? 

So you need the idea and the concept that has a path, you need to have people who are interested. And so there’s some ways that you can do this to help you figure out if you have what you need. Like to gauge interest and validate whether or not you’re ready. You can get people to raise their hands. Hey, I’m thinking about doing a course on ADHD, planning and productivity. Since we don’t have those skills to prioritize, would you be interested in that? And if you are, you can always just post a comment. Let me know, cuz I’m thinking about creating something like that.

So that’s kind of helping to get the idea clear to validate that there are people out there in your front row who would raise their hand and say, yeah, I think I’m interested in this. This is a good way to do that because this way you don’t build a whole course and then find out that nobody wants it. Because that’s wasting a lot of resources.

I am a huge fan, especially for my ADHD folks of building as you go, it’s not like we don’t use a ton of urgency in building our things waiting till the very last minute. So I like to do a live launch and a live course. The first time I create it and have people go through it and then I go back and refine it.

Absolutely a great way to do it. And so those are some of my top tips. So an idea and a concept that creates some type of transformation and result check, doesn’t have to be a big audience, a small number of people that are in your front row, who are looking for that. And you can gauge that by validating that idea.

I know there’s probably a whole bunch of other things and Amy goes over it in her digital course academy. The key decisions that you wanna make to help you get from point A to point B and she’s got this amazing and fabulous masterclass coming up to help you figure out what you need in building a course in this economy. 

So you can check out her webinar because this masterclass, by the way guys, they do the same thing. And I remember the first time I took one of hers.

And one of the things that she does is help you map out all the things that you could possibly put into your course, all of those different things. Those exercises, those worksheets, the meditations. I have a lot of you guys out there that have those processes that help you get from point A to point B and whatever that is, whether it’s something you walk somebody through, whether you walk yourself through it or not, this can help you figure out if you are ready, do you wanna build a digital course? Having Amy help you along the way she will walk with you. Step by step, provide you with all the stuff you need to say. Yay. 

So I hope these three tips were really helpful in whether or not you’re ready. And if the answer is yes, I will get you the right link to make sure that you can check in to confirm because Amy is the course creating queen. She is fabulous at what she does. She is a mentor of mine. I love the way that she puts all of her stuff together.

Digital course academy is gonna be new and updated this year. I don’t know if I’m allowed to announce that yet. So I’m gonna talk about her masterclass and I want you to find out more about it. And so, so if you are ready, you will be able to right.

Using a Digital Course to Recession-Proof Your Business

Use a digital course to recession-proof your business. So that it’s profitable. As I said, and the idea is, especially if you’re ADHD like me, that you can do it in a way that is, you know, working with your ADHD, mind, working with your strengths and doing like a live launch. So that, that urgency motivator that we talk about is working for you. 

You set the dates, you set the outline, you set the way that you can create it. This week’s transformation is this, this week’s transformation is this, this week’s transformation is this. And that way, you know, you gotta get it done at the very least by the time that you’re doing it live. Not that any of us would ever design that way.

Totally. Right. So she’s gonna share five strategies on how to create a digital course from scratch that will help recession proof your business.

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