Launch the final frontier to boldly go where your business will grow. Okay, guys, I’m a bit of a star Trek fan. I couldn’t help it today. 

We’re talking about launches and what it is like to launch a summit. So, I’m Meredith Canaan and we’re here for another on Friday. Oh Friday. Oh, it’s just another Friday.

Hi guys. We are talking about three tips to consider if you are considering doing a summit. You guys may or may not know, but my heart center leaders summit launch edition is happening next week on Tuesday. It’s on Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday come and join us because it’s amazing.

You Need a Roadmap

So if you are considering a summit, here’s the thing that I want you to think about in terms of the launch, the three things you need the most to have a successful summit. The first one is you need a roadmap, a checklist, a GPS of how to get from where you are to where you’re going. It’s a launch plan. Having an idea of the things that you need.

A big could be just like a checklist, like check, check, check, check, check. I need an opt-in page. Then I need emails that follow up. I need a sales page. I needed it.  

All of these things that you need can be very helpful. I have spreadsheets and spreadsheets tracking the things that we’re doing, because there’s a lot to juggle in a summit.

There are so many different moving parts, especially when you have amazing speakers. I have 20 phenomenal experts talking on various areas of launching. How to sell during a launch, money mindset. How is your nervous system? We were talking about, not getting stopped from imposter syndrome and the elements in the systems that you need. I got the best systems people to help us figure it out.

And ooh, if you want to amplify your launch results, how are we going to use Facebook ads? It’s amazing. So first you need a roadmap. You need a roadmap, a checklist, some of all the things you have to put together. So that’s going to help make your life easy. 

Amazing Relationships

You need to have amazing relationships. This may or may not be one of my checks with people that you want to talk to.

As a person who’s doing a summit versus a giveaway or any other type of conversation you want to be on video. You like to have conversations. 

Curiosity is Key

So I think the next key is curiosity. Absolutely bring your A game of curiosity. It’s what makes for powerful conversations, bring all of yourself to the conversation so that you can shine as your amazing self because the summit helps position you.

It positions you as an expert, as a guide, as somebody who’s walking, people hand in hand in the conversation. So bring your career identity. When I look for partners, I look for partners who are experts in things I am not an expert in. This is why collaboration is such a beautiful thing. I don’t have to be an expert in Facebook ads.

I have Paul Pruitt and Melissa Pruitt from the adaptive membership and the adaptive course. Having different people with their strengths can be amazing. I don’t need to help tell you about your nervous system. I’ve got a Nita Kaiser to help tell you about these things. I brought in some of my favorite mentors, Ryan Eliason, Rachel Miller and Tash Corbin. All of them are sharing their expertise in so many beautiful things.

And I’m going to have to be an expert. And so it helps me. This curiosity helps me come up with great conversations, helps me really listen and be present because that’s what makes a good conversation. It’s where those aha moments, those things that bubble up can really be helpful. 

So key number one is to have a map, a plan, a roadmap or something. So you know where you’re going, all the things that you need to get completed, because there is a bunch of doing. Number two is bringing your curiosity, bringing your curiosity to every conversation. The other thing is not just bring your curiosity to every conversation, but bring your best self. Make sure that you show up a hundred percent authentically.

You don’t pretend to be somebody else and always go like that. And when you come and have curiosity you’re present and when you’re focused on them in the conversation and the curiosity of what they’re talking about, you’re not thinking about yourself. You’re not thinking about, oh, does my hair look good, or blah, blah, blah. 

You’re actively listening, which creates great energy and flow inside the conversation, which helps create an amazing product because, oh wait, you’re going to sell these interviews. Or you’re going to sell an upgrade package, like a VIP experience where a bunch of these people come and play with you later. That’s what we’ve got. And so those are the first two keys. And the third one is super important.

Establish Quality Partnerships

When you do a summit, your partners, these collaborative partners are the people that you want to take the best care of. You want to set them up. So it’s so easy for them to promote. You want to give them the already written copy so they don’t have to think about it and figure it out themselves. You want to make images where they look good, where everybody looks good, whichever. 

So you want to set your power, you want to set your partners up powerfully with all the resources that they need to make it super easy for them to share the love and promote. So things like promotional copy for the free part of the event, the paid part of the event for the day that they are speaking.

All of those things can be helpful. Pictures of the day, pictures of the entire event, pictures of just them both up and down for stories and the squares and a wide four feet. So all of these things can be super helpful to make their life easier and make sure that you’re like, Hey, you don’t want to go into the portal to get your link here. Let’s send it to you. 

How do we make their life easy? Just like when we have products and services, we want to make it easier, faster, better, cheaper for them to get X result. We want to make sure that our partners are our high end, fully loved and supported in helping get the word out of this amazing event because not only does it benefit me, it benefits them. 

The more people they bring to the table, the more people other people bring to the table. We start getting to share the love. This is a collaborative event where everybody gets to give away something for free, where everybody gets to build their list. And they’re now getting exposure to places they may or may not have been exposed to before.

And so I think it’s a very powerful, powerful thing that you want to make their life easy. You want to help hold their hand. I have somebody on my team who’s dedicated to taking care of them and making sure that they are having their hands held every step of the way. So those are the three main keys that I want to leave you with in terms of what you need to create a powerful summit. 

Make sure as you create you have a clear topic and that it’s lined up in terms of that map, we talked about at the beginning. You know, what are the following offers at the end of the day? So whether it’s just the upgrade package of the recordings to cover the expense, whether it’s a four day virtual retreat where people get to spend even more time getting to know these fabulous experts.

Check it out, join the heart center leader summit and find out. 

And as you start creating all of these things, how are you getting people down that path from the free event to the upgrade package or the VIP retreat and, or is there something else at the end of the day, a lot of people will have another offer into your program products or services.

So you want to make sure that the alignment is there in helping people get from point A to point C. All of the messaging goes from one thing to the next. That’s why key number one, the plan is so important because once you know where you’re going, then you can create all of the messaging and all the content.

This year’s Heart-Centered Leader Summit is all about launching. It’s about launching from a super easy chill perspective. It’s about having sales conversations that feel aligned and consent based so that there’s nothing icky or sleazy. And it’s about having the right mindset and energy so that you have success. It doesn’t have to be a push hard, all in type of launch. Rachel Miller has a great conversation about how she pivoted to something super easy and peaceful.

So these are the things. And the thing that I love the most about this is, I love people. I’m a people, a people person. And in these conversations, I’m creating these amazing new, hopefully long lasting forever types of relationships with these partners. I fell in love with so many of them as we’re having these conversations. And I get to have another one in a couple of minutes.

Long Term Mentality

I know that some of the partners that I’ve met in this new summit are going to be around for year after year after year. And so it’s that long term game plan. Our launch isn’t just for the short term. So let’s add key number four long-term mentality. Having our business is a long game. It’s a marathon. It is not a sprint.

And although a launch feels like a sprint, the longer you spread it out, the more peace and ease you’ll have with it. And when you look at creating the relationship with these partners, which is why we want to set them up powerfully and make their life really easy, because we want them to come back year after year after year, we have Daniel Hanaman back for a second year and oh my goodness. His interview was so awesome. So awesome. And you could see how his and my relationship has evolved over the years since I interviewed him last year. Oh my goodness. So deep manifesting your life from the five D into the real world, such a beautiful conversation from the heart up. 

So absolutely come and enjoy your relationships. Take the time, set those partners up powerfully and look at it from a long-term lens. 

When we find partners that are a great match, hopefully it’s building this relationship for a long time to come. I’m going to share about them. You will be hearing more about them, not just in the summit, but in the future as somebody who follows my audience, who’s on my page. Who’s in my community. Who’s on the list.

Because, oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with all of these people. So again, that comes back to that curiosity. And for me, if you’re going to do a summit, it’s a must and really just enjoy being with them. Enjoy the conversations. I like to just let it go, let it flow. Have the conversation go where it goes.

So those are my key tips for summits. If you’re going to launch a summit, I highly recommend it. It’s a great collaborative partnership experience. It can be a decent amount of work, but it doesn’t have to be 20 speakers at one time. I have a client who’s doing six speakers, five speakers, and then she’s going to do another one with five speakers. And she’s just going to have these new people coming in and out so you can keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot of people at once and you know, created to your super skills.

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