Are you finding it hard to keep moving and motivating in your business? Especially because the weather is gorgeous. It’s summertime. Like if you’re struggling, I want to just share with you some great, amazing benefits that you could get from having a mentor or a coach. And whether it’s me or somebody else, if you’re in that spot where you’re just not moving then coaching can help.

I know myself. Summer has a feeling of, but I don’t feel like working. I just want to hang out outside, but having a coach can be really helpful. So today we’re here for just another Friday Live on Friday.

And as I said, I’m talking about the three benefits of having a mentor or coach to help keep you moving along to that next level in your business and why it’s super important. And I think some people, some of them are really obvious reasons and some of them are, it’s so hard to say how tangible it is, but it’s one of the things that my clients often tell me that I rock at.

And it’s the same reason I love my coach.


The first one is this, one’s the obvious one, accountability. The accountability of having a coach, especially if you guys are ADHD like me, there’s something to be said about, oh, my coach gave me some homework or I have a project that I want to work on.

And I want to take the most advantage of working with her to be able to make sure that I get the most feedback, the most information we’ll have that session scheduled really helps with that level of accountability, making sure that things are moving so that I’m not wasting her time or my time. 

It’s such a powerful thing. And those are coaches, mentors help hold us accountable to the things that we say that we want. I think there’s a reason I love coaching so much. It is because it’s not my agenda. It’s what you want to create. It’s what you want to have. And I hold that space for you. So that you’re getting your dreams fulfilled and having that extra level of accountability with a coach that you’re paying to see can be so powerful.

I know I have clients who are like, “Yeah, I was going to do that. And I knew I was going to see you today. So I did it last night or I did it right before I got here.”, especially for those of us that are ADHD. Having that set time to go over something, nobody wants to show up to your coach and be like, “I didn’t do my homework”.

It’s that type of thing. And that extra level of accountability is amazing. Paying for that accountability helps you lean in just a little bit further. So again, the number one benefit is this higher level of accountability. 

That’s the first one. Now this next one is obvious, but maybe not so tangibly obvious.

Support and Validation

Support and validation. So this is one of my favorites. And I think part of it is when you find a coach that really fits, a coach that is in alignment with who you are and what you’re looking for. There’s amazing things that happen. A coach can hold you in a place of support, even when you’re not with them. I have that sense with my coach. 

My clients say it’s one of the most powerful things. I’ll see it. I’ll see something on Facebook or social media, an article or something. I’ll be like, oh my goodness. I think this thing is great. And I send it on to them. It’s that sense of I’m thinking of you and I’m holding you when you’re not here. 

I think the other thing that coaches provide for you is a sense of support that we hold you as your best, most amazing self. That is the you that we see. We don’t have your gremlins. In our perspective, we don’t have all of that negative self-talk. We hold you for the amazing and awesome newness that you are.

So if you guys didn’t know it, you’re amazing. And you’re awesome. And we share that with you to continue to help give you that validation. I have some clients that are like, oh, I’m not so great with my messaging. And I was like, hello, I had this conversation just recently. I’m like, you created a program and you sold 20 spots at two grand. You totally rock your messaging. Stop thinking that. 

And to help remind us of how awesome we are, there’s the basking in the reflected amazingness that your coach holds you to be. And I think it’s a very, very powerful thing. Especially if you don’t have amazing support in your family, in your life. I am blessed. I have an amazing husband who’s wholeheartedly in support. So I’m really, really blessed that way and having my coach. She said to me, she’s like, I totally believe that you can create the revenue that you want instantly. She said I could be a cash machine. And I was like, well, that’s kind of cool. And knowing that she wholeheartedly believes that about me, helps me step further into that belief for myself. 

So that’s the type of support. That’s the type of belief that we want to have in ourselves that we need to surround ourselves with so that we can get to that next level. And a coach is the person who’s going to hold up that mirror of awesomeness and show you just how amazing you are because we come without that.

Again, without any of that negative self-talk and we have the tools to help you break through all of that stuff. And I think that that support and validation is really helpful. Also, it’s the validation where you’re rocking. Your support. Hopefully your coach has a celebration process, has some type of acknowledgement of all the awesomeness that you’re doing and, or reminding you to track all of the awesomeness that you’re doing. And I think that validation can be very helpful as an outside source to remind us that we’re on the right track to remind us that they’re on the path and that we’re coming up with brilliant and amazing things for our businesses. I mean, again, I wholeheartedly believe in coaching and every area of our life.

I think that’s a really powerful thing. 

Strategy and Perspective

And of course last, but definitely not least is strategy and perspective. Hopefully you have a coach and or mentor. Coaches may not come up with as much strategy as a mentor. And I like to think of myself as both, but strategy can be super powerful. Most of us have clients that are just a couple of steps behind us. My coach is handling the steps ahead of me. If she were drastically ahead of me and more successful, she might not be able to understand and have perspective of where I am. She also may not understand what I’ve been through in the challenges I’m going through. 

So it’s very powerful to have a strategy and to have it customized. Having a coach or a mentor, especially if you’re working one to one, you get that customized strategy. They know you well enough to know what’s going to work for you. 

I have some resistance around Facebook and selfies, and we’re working through that with other ways. I love sales conversations. I have some amazing things for summer coming out in the next couple of weeks. I’ll give you a hint. It has something to do with sales and strategy. All right. So perspective is also another thing that’s very helpful to have with your coach is that they have a different perspective. They might have either. Again, there’s that sense of being ahead of you. So they have perspective. They just come at it from a different perspective. They might think differently than you. You might choose a coach that thinks similar to you. There’s all types of things, but perspective can be such a helpful thing to have with a coach that you might not be able to get anywhere else.

And so strategy and perspective. One of the things that I love in coaching is ideation. I am an ideation queen. It’s one of those things I can’t help. And as somebody who’s constantly coming up with brilliant and amazing ideas, it’s great that I have an outlet to have them work. I give friends and colleagues and everybody I’m like, oh, what about this idea? 

It’s a way to help implement and make change in the world. I don’t have to do the implementing, but I can give you these amazing and brilliant ideas that will work for your business. Sometimes I have these sparks of inspiration and I’m just like, Hey, I have this idea for you. And I just want to let you know. Use it.Don’t use it. 

So if you’re stuck and you’re like, oh, I don’t have any ideas. That collaborative thinking. I think that’s one of the things I love so much about coaching is that it’s a co-creation relationship. It’s a collaborative relationship. And it’s the idea that you have some of the brilliance on your end. I hold that you have those answers within you and I’m just helping. Maybe I’m just here to help spark the ideas for you. Spark your ideation, or collaborate together and create ideas. I’ve handed a couple of clients. I’m like, I think that might be a million dollar idea. I want you to go for and make that million dollars with that idea.

And some of them are in the process of implementing things that we’ve talked about months ago. So it’s such a powerful thing. And so those are the three things that I think can really be helpful in having a coach or a mentor. So if you’re finding yourself struggling and you’re not moving and getting as motivated, getting a coach would be a powerful, great idea. Even if it’s for a one-off session, if you have a coach or, you know, somebody who does something like that, I do also have a ton of accountability, biz besties. You guys hear about them all the time. And so I think that can be really helpful, but really having that coach leaning in investing in that investment helps you really get the most out of that time.

I know for me that when I see my coach, it’s a great investment and I definitely want to get the most out of her brain, her genius, her time, et cetera. I have notes of things to talk about. Our next session, we have like four pages of things to talk about. So I come prepared. I come with ideas.

I know that I’m trying to get as much work done before my session so that I can get the most out of her perspective, so that I can get the most out of her strategy, so I can get validation and support on the things I’ve already created. Sometimes I want to send something to her and be like, does this work, does this make sense? And she validates and said, yes, this is the right thing. 

And of course, accountability. And make sure that I’m moving on to make sure that I’m making progress. And if I disappear, or my clients disappear, I think one of the things is to have somebody checking in to say, Hey, I haven’t seen you. Are you okay? You need to schedule your next thing or you didn’t show up. 

All of those things can be really helpful. That higher level of accountability can make such a difference in your life and your business. 

I have a big mission, especially when it relates to strategy. I’m on a big mission. I am out for the summer. Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime.

I’m going to, I’m going to embody the blues brothers. We are on a mission from God. I’m on a mission from God to help people in their businesses with some sales and strategies.

Announcement of Great Opportunity

So if you’re interested, I got something amazing coming out in July. I am going to help people find the love of sales. I love sales conversations. And so I am on a mission. I’m going to help 75 people in 75 days have a transformation in sales so that you go from moods that are wrong in sales to loving sales.

Summer of Sales

And I’m going to help customize sales strategies designed and built for you. I’m going to call it the Summer of Sales, although I’m not really sure that that’s what my coach wants me to call it, but for right now, we’re going to call it Summer of Sales. 

So if you’re interested, you have any challenges, grab a spot and I can help. So I’m just going to tell you now for the next four weeks, we are going to be talking about sales in our Facebook lives on Friday, a different topic every week. Also every Monday, starting next week. I’m going to have my collaborative leaders mastermind. I think I’m going to air them live and we’re going to talk about different topics on sales.

So if you are finding yourself struggling in the area of sales, post a comment below, let me know. What’s your biggest challenge around sales? What’s the thing that really has you stuck? If that’s what you’re challenged, anything, send me post a comment below and let me know what your biggest challenges around sales or what you want to learn in the next month about sales over my Summer of Sales.

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