It’s time to find three ways to get more leads, but Meredith that’s my biggest problem. How do I find them? This whole month, Summer of sales is all about getting more sales. And one of the number one things people ask me is how do I find more leads? Where do I find more leads?

So I am going to share with you, first, I’m going to share with you the asset that I think you need to have so that you’re ready to get more leads. There’s actually two that I think are really powerful that every business owner, especially online business owners, wants to have in their toolbox so that you can go out there and find more leads.


We’re talking about a perfect fit, dreamy. Heart-centered totally aligned clients that are the best fit people for our products and services. So if you are wondering what are three ways that I can get more leads because I just don’t know where to find them. I’m going to share with you. 

Build Out Your Products and Services

But first, the first thing that you need to have in place some of the assets that relate to your products or services that you’re selling. Some of the things that I think are really good are if you know the end product, the product or service that you’re selling. You want to build out a couple of things. 

So our products and services generally solve problems, and we work backwards from the problems they solve. We create some things, either a talk. It could be a talk that you present in a webinar, a masterclass in somebody else’s place, any type of talk that helps them get ready to take the next step to work with you. So you want to create some people, call it a signature talk, whatever it is you want to have a talk that provides value that helps them get from point A to point B and point B is being ready to take the next step to work with you.

So you might help with an aha moment that helps them see that they need A, B and C to really get to their dream. And in your talk, you might point out A, B and C, or what I like to share is the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, the Neapolitan ice cream approach to business. I think I need to coin that one.

Anyway, I’ve been teaching this way for years. 

So one of the things that you might help them with is, your signature is to help them with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You might have a free gift that is to solve a chocolate problem or a free gift that fits to solve a vanilla problem, or a free gift that solves a strawberry problem.

Because they are different types of problems. And in our talk, we’re going to help them understand that the best dessert ever is Neapolitan ice cream, where you get all three together, because it solves all of these problems because what we really want is our product or service being Neapolitan ice cream. Okay? So those are the assets that you need.

You need to have a talk or a free gift, a chocolate spoon. Just like Baskin Robbins used to have the little pink spoon, free tastings of the chocolate ice cream. You’re going to have at least one free gift that people can sign up for or some valuable tips that share about chocolate. I like chocolate more than vanilla and strawberry. So we’re gonna talk about chocolate. 

What you’re going to do is you’re going to share that information. So those are two assets that you want to have created that can really help you get more leads or at least understanding what the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are of your business. So you can talk about them. 

3 Ways to Get More Leads

Now the three ways to get the leads is you can share. One of the most popular ways is on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, I have a biz bestie. Who’s a Tiktok expert. I love Rachel Miller for helping create content. There’s so many amazing people that can help you create those social media strategies. And you can share them on your page. I wouldn’t share so much on your profile.

You share chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. You share the concepts that help them with their chocolate problems and their strawberry problems and their vanilla problems. Because there are different types of problems. So you help them with these problems. And you share about this type of content and you share on social media, you can share it in Facebook groups.

You can be helpful and answer people who have problems with their chocolate and you have the solution. Look, if you’re dairy free, it might be a coconut ice version, dessert of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It’s uniquely yours. 

Social Media

So one place to do it is on social media, create relationships, create connections, share this helpful, valuable information, share pink spoons about chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla on these core things. So just to give you guys a hint, the chocolate is my strategies. The chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla about things I help people with. 

I help people grow amazing heart-centered communities. I help people craft amazing strawberry offers and I help people with sales. So we’re in the Summer of Sales. It’s all about the chocolate, my favorite flavor. Technically I like coffee, but that’s another story.

So one is on social media. This is a great place. And I think most people are utilizing social media to help create those leads. You do it by showing up and sharing valuable things on the things that you’re an expert on. 

Find Your Business Bestie

The second thing that you can do, and I’m going to keep sticking with my chocolate analogy is you find the peanut butter to your chocolate, find somebody who has an audience, we’re going to collaborate with the right fit partners. So you could find somebody who is the peanut butter to your chocolate in a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

They have a similar audience. They solve different problems. They solve not necessarily the same chocolate that you do. They solve peanut butter problems. But you have the same audience. So you’re going to collaborate with them. So, number two is to find somebody and then you can borrow their audience. You can show up on their social media page and give some of those chocolate, strawberry and vanilla tips. Or just stick to one type of tip right on their social media outlets in their groups, inside their memberships.  

A great way to capture that lead and start building that connection in that relationship is that you can again offer them those free gifts. So again, these assets are really helpful to have in place before we go out there and try to get the leads.

We need to know what we’re helping people with so that we can get the right type of leads, the right type of people inside our ecosystem, inside this ecosystem for people who have words.

I love collaboration. It’s collaboration day. I’m going to collaborate today. I’m going to find people who want to play and share the information I want to give.

So step one, social media, step two collaboration. It could be that your biz bestie sends out an email and a link to your free gift. It could be that you pop on their social media profile and have a little chat about your area of expertise. Collaboration is a great way to help you expand your reach and get more leads. I love these people very much, or you’re very happy current clients, or you’re very happy past clients. They’re great people. They could say, Hey, oh my goodness, I have this amazing business coach. And she helped me get here and I want to share with you.

So that’s kind of like referrals. Cause referrals is another way. 

Add Ads to Fuel the Growth

So I’m giving you an extra strategy. Referrals are a great way to get leads from your and present clients. But collaborations are fun. I find that most people are using a combination in their business of social media collaborations. And then of course, there’s the one, when your systems are working advertising Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, any type of ads. 

When you have a system and you have people that connect and say yes, and take the next step because lead generation is all about them saying yes to the next step. The whole process of a sales funnel is yes to the next step and yes, to the next step and yes, to the next step and yes, to the next step, until they say yes to giving you their money.  

Facebook ads are a great way to add fuel to the flames, to your already working lead generation strategies. So you could create a Facebook ad to that amazing free gift, that chocolate free gift and say, “Hey guys, if you have a chocolate problem and you love the dark rich niche of chocolate, come check out my chocolate, come check out my opt-in gift that talks about sales, or come check out my .com check out my opt-in gift on how to utilize chocolate inside your cycle to help you moving whatever it is that you want to share about.”.

So you have that opt-in page. You could use a Facebook ad to get the right fit people to your opt-in gift, to take the step, to give them their name and email so that you can then build the relationship and create that connection. Because connection is where conversion lips connect. It’s where relationships live and trust lives. And we talked a little bit about that earlier.

So it’s part of our sales strategy and we’ll talk about how we really close the sale next week. 

Brief Recap

So those are three of the most popular, in simple ways to get leads.

Social media collaboration. If you’ve been building relationships and you have friends that have audiences utilize their audiences.

Whether it’s, Facebook groups, et cetera, those are great places. But to have somebody say, oh my goodness, I love Jade. And Jade is doing, and I’m going to use Jade. Cause I’m actually promoting something of my, one of my biz besties Jade right now. So Jane is great at customer journeys and she’s got some amazing experts coming out on customer journey.

Well, if you love Meredith and I tell you that I love Jade by the transitive property of trust. You might love Jade too. I’m going to tag Jade’s page. You can find out more about her in the comments, but so that’s a great way to collaborate. So I’m going to introduce some of my audience to Jade so you can find out how awesome she is, right collaboration. That’s tip number two.

Then step number three is Facebook ads advertising in general, although Facebook’s got a super powerful engine, Google also does great ads. You can see when you’re on your way to something. So those are three of the most common ways that people are getting leads. 

But again, before you try to build more leads, you need to be really clear on what your Neapolitan ice cream provides, which is your product or service and what chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are so that you can talk to the strawberry people because they like that. Fruitiness, tenderness, you can talk to the vanilla people. They like the creaminess. And the fact that vanilla goes so well with other things.

Vanilla is a great collaborator and then chocolate, the deep rich chocolate of the chocolate. Goodness chocolate is awesome. 

So what are those things in your business? Have those clear, have an opt-in gift that talks to one or all three of them and have a talk, have a conversation that shares. These are the three things you need to have together.

Growing Amazing Communities

One of the things I help people with is growing an amazing community. And that’s a big part of creating lead generation, creating community. I also love to help create offers that convert. So that’s clarifying what your specific chocolate, strawberry and vanilla is and what the benefits of the benefits, of the benefits of those are and then how to get people to say yes and convert in sales.

I love sales. I love sales, love sales, and I want you to love sales too. So get clear on your chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. What makes up your Neapolitan ice cream? Have a free gift based on one, have a talk based on all or at least a mini talk based and go out with them and share. You can share tips on social media.

You can do a video on social media, that’s what I’m doing right here. Very meta of us, right on social media on how to help people get these things. You can then find collaborators buddies that have audiences that are the chocolate to your peanut butter, and they can share their audience with you. That’s collaboration with those biz besties.

Then three is adding some fuel to the flames when your things are converting and people are saying yes to the next step. When the opt-in page converts people, give your name and email and some advertising to it. When you have a webinar or a talk and it’s converting into sales, add some advertising in it. That will help boost your business so that you’re getting more sales.

So if you’re interested and you want to figure out what your signature Neapolitan ice cream is, or you want to figure out the right funnel to create for your products and services. I have a fabulous offer right now in the chat. I mean, in the comments. You can sign up for a very amazing deal. 

Cause I am on a mission to help seventy-five people in 75 days, fall in love with sales and have sales strategies that work that are easy, that are fun. That feels like a dream. When you are getting sales easily and you love your sales process because guys, I love sales, absolutely love sales. 

I have sold everything under the sun from herbal breast enhancement cars, to all you even feed your million dollar feature films. So I just, I love it, but I love it because I get to help people believe that it’s possible. Especially as a coach, I love it even more. So if you’re interested right now, I have a special deal on it. 

You can get a 75 minutes sales strategy for the Summer of Sales with me for $111.

It’s an amazing angel number. So you can either click the link or if you have questions and you want to figure out if this is the right fit for you. If this 75 minute investment is amazing, send me a message or comment below on this chat in the chat box. If you have any questions. If you’re here and you have questions on how to get more leads, what’s a great strategy. 

I’m going to share one that came up just brilliant from one of my clients inside the membership this week. So she is a spiritual center in Reno, the Reno spirituality. I’m going to get it wrong. The Reno center for spirituality and joy and love and wellness and yumminess. It’s amazing and beautiful.

And I got to go there last month. She does a type of energy healing, a very specific spiritual energy healing process. And so, as we were talking about this inside the membership, she’s like, I’m going to do a party and invite people in. They all get a little sample because her spiritual center, like people who are in it’s an in-person sales strategy for an in-person type product.

So that’s another little bonus tip for today is that you want to make sure that your strategy, your lead strategy is the same energy or the same delivery system as the offer product or service. 

So I help people with online businesses. So my strategies are online. So if your question is, what’s the best way to get clients for an online business, it is to be present online? And so just as the three strategies that I shared. So you want to be online. So that could be social media. That’s an online strategy. You can again have that free gift that helps solve a problem for people who have chocolate, strawberry, vanilla problems, you can solve a chocolate problem. You could do talks online. You could show up on your own Facebook page. You can write. So you want to be online. You want to find other online business owners to collaborate with and show up online in their community, on their social media platforms. And you share your amazing, powerful knowledge and tips to help them get from point A to point B. So that point B to point C is the next step. And the next offer, hopefully that’s helping you sell online. If you’re looking to get more leads online, you want to have online strategies. 

You want to run a webinar or a masterclass, or do it as a Facebook live. I’m here doing it as a Facebook live.

To let people know I help you get more leads. I help you figure out how to craft that very specific thing. So for you Facebook users, I don’t see your name, but what kind of business do you have? And maybe we can figure out what’s the chocolate or strawberry. What is the one piece of content that will help them take the next step?

So for example, I just use my client who has the spiritual center and she has an energy type healing process, very spiritual inside the center and has this amazing portal that helps channel. And so an in-person type event can be really helpful things that a lot of people do. 

Our webinars and signature talks find places to speak right on your own pages, on your own social media platforms. Even if you have a very, very little audience, if you have a very little audience of a handful of fans referrals, it could be ask people to take the next action and say, “Hey, for those of you who liked my page, invite a friend to come like my page too”, and then continue to show up and share. That’s how we start getting the snowball of growth inside our lead generation from a small itty-bitty. I think I can, I think I can Facebook page to like a snowball of a very successful Facebook page that has a lot more reach. And so the ways to get those leads, the ways to get them in there is to provide amazing, valuable content. Then once you provide it, create that relationship, create those connections, follow through, and here’s the piece of content.

Then ask “Hey, have you had a chance to consume that piece of content? Do you have any challenges with my piece of content? Would you like to write?”. And so that’s where we start to build the follow-up and the rest of the system to move them from point A to point C along our path. 

So for example, I have a client who helps people lose weight. She does cooking and she helps teach how to make healthy meals that help people lose weight. And she does that as a regular thing. One of the days she’s going to make a cookbook. All of these are possible things to help people move to the next step so that they can then take her program and work with her as a nutritionist and a dietician.

So depending on what it is, if you have kids, like if you’re a parent coach and you help kids that have meltdowns. I am a mom of kids, my kids have meltdowns. So the lead strategy could be how to minimize meltdowns, help solve that problem. What are the three things that you help them with?

Maybe it’s minimizing, minimizing meltdowns, maybe it’s creating structures to support regulating their nervous system. And these are the three things that you do and oh, mama taking care of herself as a self care. Maybe that’s your chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla that you want to talk about. And so you create things and have those conversations that bring it all together into Neapolitan ice cream.

You let people know that together it’s even better. Finally, it’s on social media. Pick your favorite platform. I’m a Facebook girl. I have resistance around Tik TOK for sure. But I’m going to get there someday and Instagram reels. So one social media collaboration.

If you have at least one biz bestie, see if you’re a biz bestie, will share your free gift or invite you to come talk on their social media group or inside their membership or any of those places. Be the chocolate to their peanut butter. And last but not least when your systems start working, add some advertisement.

Create that talk, create that amazing talk. Whether it’s a video, a masterclass webinar or whatever you want to call it, that helps people get from point A to point B. So they’re ready to take the next step and to consume Neapolitan ice cream. And once it’s converting, add to that and you’ll increase your conversions.

Let’s lead a legacy of love together. And if you’re having these conversations and people are not quite saying yes, when you make offers, we are going to master, closing the sales all next week.

If you want some one-to-one attention, I have this amazing deal for only $111. You can have a 75 minute coaching session with me and we will work through your biggest challenges to help you get more sales.

And we will create something that makes a difference and gets you more sales. Let’s lead a legacy of love. Let’s create products that make a difference in the world. Be the change we want to see in the world, make lots of money. So you can be that change.

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