The year is coming to an end. What are you celebrating? This is the opportunity for you to celebrate. 

It’s Meredith Canaan here and I am here to celebrate and I invite you to celebrate in many, many different ways. Because we all know if you’re an entrepreneur, sometimes it’s really hard. And I’ll be honest, this was a hard year. 

Now I have plenty of things to celebrate and I am not gonna shy away from the challenges that I had because that’s just not authentic and it’s not gonna help you guys cause you come up against challenges.

I know a lot of people have said 2022 was a harder year than 2020. I’m sorry, what year is this? Yes. And 2021, right? Oh my goodness. The years are blowing. It was yesterday. Yes. Tomorrow, June, February. I don’t know. It’s been such a blur. Anyway, today I have a bunch of announcements.

I wanted to just help you guys really get clear cuz one of the things that is super powerful is to complete the year, the good, the bad, and the ugly because it gives you fresh eyes. 

A lot of people, this is the time to do it. If you’re living in Canada, Australia or some other country where the financial year end is in June, it’s a good thing to do. Then I work by the calendar year here in the States. I don’t know if you notice, I have a new location. I have dyslexia. Nice little fountain.

Hopefully the AirPods are not making that fountain so loud. I’m here in Jacksonville. 

Share Your Celebrations

Alright, so a couple of things I wanted to share with you, just to help you figure out, one, celebrate your successes if you want, share in the comments because any celebration that we have that we share, the more it’s witnessed, the more it’s seen, the more it sinks in. 

So I invite you to share at least one success in the chat thread below. Because why the heck not? If you don’t have a safe place to share your successes, will they be cheered on? I invite you to do it here. We will cheer you on. The other thing is, even if it’s not a success that you necessarily declared.

So I have somebody in my membership and she hit her revenue goal. Yay. Except for it wasn’t necessarily on the revenue stream she had hoped. I have had this challenge as well in the past. Sometimes I want my money to only come in from my business cause it means so much instead of coming in from other sources. 

We have real estate and that is residual income and it’s easy income and she is the best of the income because it’s passive. And sometimes I forget to celebrate that or include that in my goals. Ooh, I see it’s Kara. Hi Kara. Dog treats awesome, awesome. If you are looking for some amazing organic treats with powerful ingredients, go check out Kara’s one of my clients.

Jonathan Jew is making major progress on life’s purpose and is feeling really good. Woohoo. And for those of you who are business, that purpose, life’s purpose and business can absolutely be intertwined, I highly recommend that you have core offers that help feed your purpose in the world. That your business is a vehicle for the difference that you wanna make in the world.

Whether it’s a vehicle as it’s money, so you can do charitable donations. The more money you make, the more good you can do in the world. That is one of our heart-centered philosophies. And I want you guys to make more money. 

Successes Outside of Finances

So we’re talking about successes. And your successes may not all be your revenue. So I’m gonna share the good and the bad of some of my successes and what I’m gonna do differently.

So my list has almost doubled in growth this year and my Facebook group has almost doubled in growth in the last three months. And one of the reasons is in the last five or six months, I started noticing that a lot of my clients struggled with challenges that I know are part of my executive function challenges as an ADHD neurodiverse person. Give a shout out to Janet, Lamb, by the way, if anybody was following along with Csanaanukkah. Janet and Missy are sharing the grand prize. What? What? They each got a half a year, six months into the love membership because participation counts. Taking action makes all the difference in the world. And when we’re talking about celebrating, celebrate the steps. Celebrate the journey. Even if it’s not the results you declared.

I did not hit my revenue goal this year, but I nailed my niche a little bit more narrow and it’s working like wildfire. The more I started understanding that a lot of my people, whether they have a diagnosis or not, especially if you are in my age group, if you’re a Gen X or a boomer, a lot of us didn’t get diagnosed with neurodiverse issues and may not have ever known of it.

A lot of it shows up because we function really well. And so those challenges weren’t diagnosed. And so you, you may not know. 

So I started noticing this year that a lot of my members were struggling with those same challenges of focusing on what to do when it’s time to sit down by spinning their wheels and not getting things done.

And so I started adding a lot of the training that I had as a parent coach from sanity school inside of my business coaching when I shifted niches. And now I’ve narrowed it down even more. And I think one of the things that I’m celebrating is that as a success. 

And part of that is I had a couple of freebies that are really just converting really well from a webinar.

My last webinar converted really well in terms of opt-ins and prices. I leaned in and invested. So I’m gonna celebrate things like my list growth. I’m gonna celebrate things like my community growth. I’m gonna celebrate those types of things. And maybe I will do a full list of all the numbers for anybody who’s interested because it can be really helpful.

And I leaned in, I’m gonna celebrate. I invested in trying new things. I invested heavily in Facebook ads this year with a different person and I absolutely love and adore him. And he’s gonna come talk to the members inside the membership in March. So that’s really exciting. Zach Sparkler is gonna come and play with us inside the membership. 

One of my biz besties is speaking in January. So I’m gonna talk about January’s masterclass expert. My bis bestie Ida and I met this year at my summit. So I’m gonna celebrate the success of my summit. And just then, I met a soul sister. Like I interviewed her. She was a last minute, et cetera. It was a blessing that God gave me.

So I’m gonna give a shout out to my newest biz bestie Ida. And she’s talking in the membership this year as well. I got a lot of biz besties. I’m very blessed and it’s something that I do. So, okay, so back to the celebration. 

So celebrate the numbers. What are you measuring for your success? And as you guys know, you can measure anything. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I have a helix of mastery and one of the things, it’s on that helix is measuring things. Measuring is such a good way to see what’s working and what’s not working. And at the end of the year, measure it. Is it what you wanted? Yes.

If not, why? And what can you do differently, right? That’s the next question to ask yourself is what are you going to do differently? So I think I mentioned what I’m doing differently. Well I mentioned for those of you who saw the email announcement about today’s Facebook Live, I’m making a big announcement.

Because I’m neurodiverse I am taking my own coaching and I am understanding that it’s not necessarily best for my business to have a super amount of structure and to give myself more flexibility and freedom and to still continually build my community even when I’m not consistent. So what am I doing? I’m launching a podcast, hopefully in February, we’ll see if it hits the deadline. 

That’s one of the other things you can measure, as you said, a deadline. And did you actually hit it? That’s my goal. And I’m announcing it to you guys. I have a new podcast coming out so that I still have consistent content. But instead of having to be here every Friday at the same time, especially because it’s lunchtime, I’ve decided I need to have more lunch with people in the world. So Friday is gonna be lunch day to go play with my friends cause I’m an extroverted extrovert and it’s been a couple of years and not seeing people and it’s time to see more people. So one, I’m launching the podcast, the Meredith Canaan show, and keep your eyes out for it and it will be released weekly. That is my goal. 52 episodes for 52 weeks. Let’s see if that works. But a goal declared, a goal shared is much more likely to be a goal manifested. 

So celebrate your successes and then what are you doing differently? So this is one of the things I’m doing differently.

I’m doing it differently to give myself more freedom and flexibility to give myself more time to let the creativity flow and go with the energy when it shows up. And so, as long as I get a handful of podcasts in the can. That’s entertainment speak, you know, recorded, edited, et cetera in advance, then I can let the energy come, record a handful and then let the energy come and record a handful and give myself more flexibility and freedom for it to flow.

So it’s one of the things that I’m doing differently this year. So celebrate, assess what worked and what you might want to do differently. Those are a lot of things that can really help and see why they worked and why they didn’t. If you’re not measuring things, you don’t know whether they make a difference or not. 

You don’t know if you’re. I know a lot of us, especially those of us that are neurodiverse or really empathic. Disappointment can be really hard. And I know I struggle with goal resistance hardcore, especially when I set financial goals and I don’t hit them. I had a bit of that this year and that disappointment can be hard. So I’m trying to figure out how do I keep structures in place that don’t let that disappointment overtake my emotional state so that I can keep moving forward.

Give me a, yeah, sometimes that’s me too. 

Control the Emotions – Don’t Spiral

When the results don’t hit and you start to go down on a little spiral. So what are the things that I can put in place or you can put in place so that it doesn’t have that emotional impact. So one of the things I’m doing is I’m doing a podcast, yay.

I haven’t set any goals for that except for, to try to get 52 episodes out. Well I guess if I’m not starting till February, I don’t even need 52 episodes. I probably only need 48 or 40 something. Ooh. See, I can even change my goal in the mix. But to get weekly content out from the time that it’s launched. So that’s a goal. 

This last year, I created some new products, yay. I created three or four new masterclasses, which was a lot of fun, a lot of different content. I created two or three new freebies that, like I said, are running like wildfire.

And a lot of it came from the assessment of what’s really working for my clients and how do I make it even better. So I think the other thing that I announced earlier that I’m announcing as well for next year is that the Love then Lead membership is getting an update and a rebrand. We’re dealing, we’re digging into and leaning into the diversity of who we are.

And she’s three. So for those of you who are new, I like to refer to my business as one of my children. Because she has her own energy, her own personality, she has her own seven essences and she’s leaning into them even further. Into the smarter goals. Specific, measurable, actionable are relevant, realistic but risky. Realistic, but risky, time bound, essence based and then relevant. And how does it work? 

So I’m trying to create more relevance in my life and leaning into understanding my brain even further. So as I dig in, I’m also creating my content with that new filter to make progressing through the stages of business even easier, even simpler, more bite sized and chunked down. So it’s getting a much more simplified success path, success structure for everybody inside the membership. 

So that’s a new and exciting thing. So that’s also coming out this year is a new little revamp and some updates especially to that core curriculum. And I gotta say guys, I think I need to schedule more showers because I had a brilliant idea in the shower as I was getting ready for this Facebook live that I think is gonna help people with time management.

Cause I notice as I’ve been growing my community that a lot of people’s challenge is how to structure their time and oh my goodness, I think I just had some genius just download. It could be, you know what it could be because we saw that I went to the alligator farm, if you guys didn’t see that, we went to the alligator farm here in Jacksonville, over in St. Augustine. And I have a little alligator who is one of my guides. There’s probably one in them by me and a whole new way of integrating something that is my alligator of integration. So I’m gonna add more showers into my regular schedule just for thinking. Because it’s one of those tools that I forget to put as an asset in my life.

Let’s Recap

Just to recap, I really want you guys to celebrate your successes. Even if it’s not exactly what you declared, whatever the celebration. And even if it’s just the baby steps, we break our goals down into baby steps.

And I want you to celebrate them along the way. I want you to celebrate each and individual baby step, even if it isn’t the same success you expected. I know that my narrowing down my niche is gonna create future success that I had hoped to have this year, but I’m going to see the, the fruits of my laborers into next year out of the accomplishments from this year.

So it was different than I had declared, but I think it really is going to be a long-term, huge success for me in the future. So that’s how I’m looking at it. So one, celebrate your successes. 

What worked, what didn’t work? And what can you do differently? 

So as I said, doing things differently. I’m doing a podcast this year instead of Friday at 12:15. But don’t worry guys, I’m gonna be live. One of the other things that I’m doing, I’m not sure if I announced it, is that I am going to go live at more random times.

I am going to try to go live at least twice a week. So I’m gonna opt my lives on Facebook. I’m also gonna, change the background and make it all a little more interesting. And I’m gonna Facebook this way guys. I swear I’m gonna give up that stupid resistance that one’s for Ida and I am going to.

So if you’re here and you’re watching, hopefully you’re already getting my alerts, I know most of the guys here are my lovely and amazing members. And so I will be doing that. 

o again, what are the things that you can do differently? Hopefully there’s a reason why, right? How do you do it in a smarter way? Essence based, which of your seven essences? And if you’re not familiar with my seven essences at the moment, Canaanukkah is still here. My lovely Janet Lamb co-hosted me day two of Canaanukkah, we shared a little bit about Sevens and you can go check it out and oh, thank you John. Congratulations on your successes. I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year from me and John, also one of my awesome numbers.

Check it out if you are familiar with it. If you like popcorn, you should check out, I’m gonna leave him up here for a second. Go check out the Truthful Kernel. I’m just gonna give a shout out to all my clients who are here. The Truthful Kernel is amazing and they do good work and create, what’s the word I’m looking for?

Fundraisers for organizations to help healthy food, healthy churches, et cetera. Check out John Jew and his Truthful Kernel. 

And if you’re anywhere near Reno or anywhere else, Janet Lamb, right? I’m just gonna do shout out for my clients, Janet Lamb has the Center for Spiritual Wellness and Happiness in Reno. Oh my goodness, Janet. Anyway, it’s amazing. I have been there, I love it. So anyway, all right. 

The advantage you show up and I know who you are, I’ll give you a shout on my platform. Alright, I think that’s it. Celebrate your successes, look to see what you can do differently. Why do you wanna do it differently, right? Smarter, are they essence based goals? 

I invite you to look even at the challenges and the successes that didn’t show up. What was in the way? I know for me a lot of the things that were in the way, and I did better than I said, I at some point, halfway through the year, no last month or so, I was like, I’m not even gonna hit this revenue goal from 2019. I was so frustrated and I did, I beat my 2019 and my 2020 annual revenue and I beat some other ones, but I didn’t know and I had to actually get real on the numbers to see what happened and to see I made more money than I thought. And I think that happens a lot for women is that we don’t measure, we might not actually know. You might be making yourself wrong for not hitting goals that you actually hit.

So celebrate good times. Come on and I’ll not see you on Friday at 12:15. I’ll see you another time. So don’t forget to get the notifications, honestly, I’m not really sure if I can tell you guys how to get the notifications. I think it’s underneath my picture. Get the notifications so you know when I’m going live. 

Alright, I love you Guys. Have an amazing rest of the year. You know, tomorrow. An amazing, safe, awesome new year. Go love it, enjoy it. Know that you are amazing. Know that you did the best you could this year, that it was a hard year for a lot of people. And if you’re still here, you’re more tenacious and ballsy than others or ovaries than others.

Whenever the case may be right, you have drive, you have desire, ambition, and you are still here. It’s what makes you an unstoppable force for good in the world. And I admire you for what you’re doing and I wanted to just acknowledge you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being somebody who’s committed to having a business that makes a difference for trying in spite of the difficulties. For being out there, being passionate and trying and and doing all that you can to have the world become a better place in spite of the challenges. And I know a lot of you guys had health challenges, I know a lot of you guys had life challenges, circumstances, challenges, so much of that stuff. And I want you to know that if you need somebody to cheer you on, I’m here. I will be your cheerleader because I know you’re doing amazing work and everybody should have somebody telling you how fucking awesome you are. 

So happy New Year. I love you. Keep kicking butt, but take care and have an amazing year.

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