5 Day Love, Lead & Shine Challenge October 12th -18th









Announcing the 5 Day

“Love, Lead & Shine” Challenge

How to Be Seen, & Grow Your Community, while letting Your True Colors Shine!

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Day 1:  True Colors
Discover your 7 essences that will set you apart from others, so you can let your true colors shine.

Day 2:  Express Yourself 
Learn and choose perfect types of expression and how to use them to get your story out there.

Day 3:  A Little Less Talk And A LOT More Action 
Overcome your fears with the best mindset tricks to help you take fearless action and put yourself out there.

Day 4:  Taking Care of Business 
Get results, and get a plan to track your success, so you know where to focus.

Day 5: Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
Together we can do anything with the right support, get the individualized support you need.

How to be seen, & grow your community,

while letting your true colors shine,

even if you’re just getting started.

  • Discover the 7 Essences that help you lead and grow a community, and increase your visibility
  • Learn why vulnerability and deepened connection are the gold in growing engaged communities -> and how to be vulnerable safely!
  • Learn how to inspire actions in your community for funding, and make sales from a place of love
  • Get ready to let your true colors shine and have fun while learning
  • Join us and be eligible to win awesome prizes.

Join the 

Love, Lead & Shine


“I have been building and managing engaged communities for over 15 years, and I have helped thousands of clients do the same. To me community is more than just an audience, its a way of being together that has heart and connection. I love creating new relationships with people, and I’m always coming at this from how we get to interact with each other from the most heart centered and authentic place. I know the ins and outs of what really makes a community engage and thrive.

I’ve created this Love, Lead, & Shine Challenge to help you with the step by step essentials to help you build and grow the community you have dream of leading.”

- Meredith Canaan

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