Business Bootcamp

(A 5 day challenge for neurodiverse entreprenuers)

October 16th – 20th

Join us on a uniquely-crafted journey towards business success with this 5-day differently-wired business bootcamp. Unlock the power of your differently-wired thinking and experience the success you’ve been dreaming of! Identify your perfect audience, craft your core offer, set up your sales system for success all through the lens of your differenly-wired brain

Differently-wired Business Bootcamp

(A 5 day challenge for neurodiverse entreprenuers)

Join us on a uniquely-crafted journey towards business success with this 5-day differently-wired business bootcamp. Unlock the power of your differently-wired thinking and experience the success you’ve been dreaming of!

Whether you have a diagnosis or not, if you think executive dysfunction is at play, this bootcamp will help you start and grow your business.

Unleash Your NeuroSpicy Superpowers

Embrace your differently-wired brain and harness its incredible power to fuel your success.

Craft Your Irresistible Offer

Create irresistible products or services that perfectly align with your passion and expertise.

Neurodivergent Productivity

Get things done with productivity techniques and tools tailored to your uniquely wired brain. 


    • You’re frustrated with messaging that falls flat in attracting your ideal clients.

    • You struggle with time blindness – so managing it feel way out there.

    • you can’t prioritize to figure out what to tackle first, and often feel like you’re spinning your wheels

    • You get lost overthinking, and just wish you had someone to hold your hand and help guide you.

      What You’ll Learn

      For everyone who’s wanted to level up their entrepreneurial game without sacrificing their unique neurodiverse strengths, the 5 day Differently-wired Business bootcamp is here to empower you.

      Day 1: Your NeuroSpicy Superpowers

      October 16th

      DAY 1:

      Your NeuroSpicy Superpowers will help you tap into the incredible cognitive abilities that come with being differently-wired. 

      • Identify your strengths based on your neurodivergent mind, and why they are under-utilized in traditional marketing strategies.

      • Harness the power of your Executive Function so you can work easily and efficiently.

      • Discover your 7 Essences that will set you apart from others, so you can let your true colors shine

      Day 2: Nail Your Niche

      October 17th

      DAY 2:

      Nail Your Niche will guide you in identifying and targeting your ideal audience, ensuring your business messages hit the mark every time. 

      • Discover the 4 foundation things you must know to have a crystal clear Niche

      • Identify the ideal niche so you can create resonant messaging attracting the best fit clients

      Day 3: Craft Your Offer

      October 18th

      DAY 3:

      Craft Your Offer will teach you how to create irresistible products or services that perfectly align with your niche. 

      • Learn the 5 key elements that create the foundations of your offer with my STAND method

      • Discover the hottest asset in your business that sets you apart from others

      Day 4: Set Up Your Sales System

      October 19th

      DAY 4:

      Set Up Your Sales System dives into developing a streamlined sales process that maximizes your efficiency and profitability by working with your natural strengths and talents. 

      • Design the right sales process to attract the right leads to become your paying clients 

      • Choose simple (not sleazy) ways to increase buyer interest and desire.

      • Increase your income when you get more people to say yes with high connection strategies

      Day 5: Collaborate and Connect to Convert

      October 20th

      DAY 5:

      Collaborate and Connect to Convert will equip you with strategies to form authentic and fruitful partnerships that lead to long-term success.

      • Unpack the community-based approach to audience growth, and how to get started immediately (even if you are an introvert)
      • Connect with the right collaborators to expand your reach into the “Niche Nextdoor”

      Plus, along the way, we’ll share productivity hacks and strategies to keep you at the top of your game throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 

      Get ready to unleash your full potential and build a thriving business that celebrates your unique strengths!

      “What is Differently-Wired Thinking and How Can It Help You Succeed?”

      We know you’re thinking “I don’t have the skills or knowledge to benefit from a business bootcamp.” BUT!! We want you to know This bootcamp is specifically designed for individuals of all skill levels, providing step-by-step guidance and support to help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.


      • Identified your NeuroSpicy Superpowers to stand out, thrive, and create a business aligned with who you truly are

      • Nailed Your Niche so your messaging attracts your ideal clients 
      • Crafted an irresistible offer that showcases your unique value

      • Designed your strategic sales system that feels easy and effortless converting leads into paying clients

      • Connected with like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to collaborate to support, uplift, and help you achieve phenomenal success!

      • Gain tools and hacks to help your neurodivergent mind stay focused and motivated throughout your entrepreneurial journey




      We want you to have access to the LIVE sessions, and if you can’t catch them all, you’ll still get the replays fora limited time so you can pause, restart and do it over and over – if it works with your brain.

      So there’s time to work, and space to do whatever you want to.


      Pastor Dorothy Ross

      “I’m still with Meredith as my coach because I started with nothing no direction and now I’m a host of a podcast, TV Show, and I do quarterly events and I am a super star when it comes to content and I know there so much more she has helped me with. I’m in for the long-haul.”

      Dr. Kristin Reihman

      “With Meredith’s coaching, guidance, and encouragement, I grew my IG following from 228 to over 8,700 in under two months.  Thanks Meredith!”

      Jon Jew

      “Being a long time member, the value of Merediths membership is practically priceless! Every word resonates.  She has given me so much love and confidence that I can do this, making a huge difference in this crazy troubled world of ours.”

      Lori Haring

      If you are here & considering this, Meredith is brilliant! She translates her language into your biz & thinks & communicates in ways that get you unstuck!”

      5 days of fun to grow your businness your way

      Fun is at the core of how I run my business, becuase it’s one of the 5 motivators I need to keep my neurodivergent mind engaged continuely to get the momentum and growth in my business.

      After 15 years as a coach, 10 years with an online business, and having helped over 2000 paying clients, I can confidently say I know what it takes to create sustainabilty  and profitablity for nuerodivergent entrepruners.

      Why I am different: my 7 essences is a strength based approach to working with your differently-wired brain, and helping you ditch the masking – to just be you – unapoligetically.
      Helping you design the offers and revenue streams in your business to be sustainable when you’re just being you – not working hard to compensate – and try to be nuerotypical.

      If you’re willing to commit 5 days, to pick a niche and play with it, be willing to be seen and share your offers, I promise you’ll see momentum and growth over the next week.

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