Today, we are talking about building boundaries for more successful collaborations and it’s perfect timing. I am participating in a giveaway. So for those of you who may or may not be familiar with what a giveaway is, it’s a nice collaborative event where everybody participates. 

Everybody shares a really cool gift and they share the giveaway with their community to say, “Hey, I’m participating. You might find some other things that you like. You’re already on my list. You probably already have my community building game plan, but check out all these other things.”

One of the reasons boundaries is really important.

There’s a couple of things I think are important with boundaries. The limits, et cetera, are very, very helpful in terms of how you’re communicating with each other. Who’s communicating with each other. I like to have those set. Is it okay for you guys to call me late at night? Is it okay for you to text me personally?

You guys know how much I prefer texting as a form of communication. One of the things that I really loved about this as a collaborative effort is that she had this great form to fill out everything. And one of the things that’s really important, not only do you want to set boundaries. What works, what’s acceptable. 

You want to set expectations.

And I love the way they laid out the expectations. They’re like, we want three emails and we want you to put the dates in here and we want three social media posts. And we want the dates in here. And the nice thing about that is that it really helps make sure that if I want to work with you in the future, I can see you said you were going to do this and you did this.

So of course I sent all of the information out to my teams who take care of social media posts and my campaign manager to make sure all of this is done. So not only do we have healthy boundaries. Making sure who qualifies, who’s involved, what’s going on. We have great expectations set. So I know what they expect of me and they know what to expect from me and how I’m going to participate.

Hopefully that’s making sense. 

So those are some other things, other things that can be really helpful about successful collaborations and boundaries. Well, if you’re talking to your team, for example, it might be that you only reach out to your team Monday through Friday during certain times, or maybe some people like to work the weekends and they’re like, “all right, fine. I’d like to do a Saturday afternoon, but don’t wake me before noon.” 

Those types of boundaries can be very helpful for effective and happy relationships because let’s be honest. We’re always coming here from happy relationships and without boundaries, people get angry, resentful, upset off balance and unwell. 

Do we want that in the people that we work with and the people that we collaborate with?

Heck no. We want them to be happy. We want these relationships to be long lasting. We want them to go from, “oh, this is our first time together.” 

This giveaway is somebody who was a speaker at my summit. So it was a good enough experience the first time that she invited me to come play in her world. So that’s one of the things that really makes it exciting when you create these great relationships and collaborations are a really great way to have a win-win to grow together with each other in a way that makes a difference.

But making sure that everything is clear, I am such a fan of clear expectations because otherwise that’s where disappointments lie. That’s where things don’t happen. So make sure that your collaborators are clear on what your boundaries are, who you’re going to share with, who you’re not going to share with things like that. Make sure that you have the expectations clearly set so that you can clearly meet them or vice versa so that they’re clearly set. So they can be clearly met. 

So boundaries are great for successful relationships. Expectations are great for them. I mean, I think integrity is always an important thing. Again, that’s that part about meeting the expectations. I had a really great comment with one of my business besties recently, and he was saying sometimes having your integrity, having it be in necessarily about making up for mistakes, it can be making sure that you set people up powerfully to know what’s happening. So my clients all know we are on the road for the next five and a half weeks. So a lot of them know travel happens, internet issues happen. And so I have been navigating, I think you guys heard about this when we were in Sioux falls, but navigating all of the ins and outs of the powerful internet. I got solid internet right now. Yay. 

It’s about when you look at, let’s say you’re doing a giveaway with somebody and for example, your intention is to set out a social media post on July 26th and something happens and it doesn’t go out or we don’t have what we need, et cetera. Again, I’m going to say clear communication, clear, straight communication. You can ask for what you need so that you can get what you need so that you can have happy relationships if you’re not willing to reach out. 

So one of the things that’s happened is I filled out this form to participate in this giveaway like three weeks ago when I paid for it and I had bad internet and I got disconnected in the middle of filling it all out.

So I’ve been trying to reach out to somebody on their team going, “Hey, can you send me the form again? Hey, can you send me the form again?” Luckily they sent me the form again, but it was, but I kept reaching out. That was my way of keeping my integrity and my commitments to make sure that they got what they needed before it was too late.

And we’re starting to hit the edges of too late. I think we got it all in on time and hopefully there is love all around, but that’s the thing. When you check your integrity, you want to check to make sure have I done what was intended, what my intentions were, are they fulfilled and where my commitments lie and is that integrity matching up what their expectations are.

That’s why we have happy people, right? We have solid strong boundaries. We set people up powerfully with great expectations or clear expectations. Then we keep our integrity in check and meet the expectations because I am hoping that this lovely partner of mine and this giveaway, which you will be hearing about, the email is going out. I think the giveaway starts on the 19th.

I was super happy to work with her in the heart center leader summit. And I’m so happy. And I hope that this is a long-term thing that she and I get to play on each other’s playgrounds, in each other’s communities for a long time to come.

I have sent her some of my clients and they are super happy working with her. Hopefully some of her people are coming my way and are super happy to work with me. And this is how we make the world a better place. So those are my three things to share about creating powerful boundaries to have successful relationships. 

It’s always good to set those boundaries and it is Friday in the lovely, Fire Island, New York, and guess what? I’m turning work off for the rest of the day. 

So I’m going to take off, I’m going to get off the grid. If you need me, I may or may not answer until at least Monday. All right. I love you guys because I’m setting powerful boundaries so I can play, play, play. I’m off to the beach. I love you guys. Let’s lead a legacy of love together.

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