Join me for

8 Days of Canaanukkah

In 8 days I will share 8 Masterclasses, so that you and your business shine as brightly as a fully lit Menorah. It doesn’t matter what winter holiday you celebrate, we will have love, light, fun and miracles

Details for the masterclasses here:

– 1 –

Create Your Essential Annual Plan for Easy and Aligned Success

November 29th 10 AM Pacific

– 3 –

4 Brilliant Ways to Grow your Engaged Heart-Centered Community

December 1st 10 AM Pacific

– 5 –

Shift Your Relationship with Money and Expand Your Capacity to Receive

December 3rd 10 AM Pacific

– 7 –

How to Attract the Right Collaborative Partners to Expand your Impact by thousands

December 5th 10 AM Pacific

– 2 –

Discover your 7 Essences of your Personal Brand so you Shine with Confidence

November 30th 4 PM Pacific

– 4 –

Why having a Crystal Clear Niche Paves the Way to Being Rich

December 2nd 4 PM Pacific

– 6 –

The 5 Steps to Create a Magical and Magnetic Offer that Converts

December 4th 4 PM Pacific

– 8 –

Unlocking the 6 Secrets to Create the Magic and Miracles in Your Business

December 6th 10 AM Pacific

It’s a holiday of light, love, miracles, and giving!

If you’re not familiar with the Jewish holiday of Hannukkah, I will share fun facts while I help you grow your heart-centered business.

It’s a holiday of gift-giving, so I will also be giving away prizes so you can grow your business even faster.

Grab a donut, or some latkes (potato pancakes) and spend 8 days of light, love, fun, and miracles.

If you’re ready to get lit up about your business and take it to the next level, join me so you can grow your community to create impact and income.

Over these 8 days of  Canaanukkah, starting November 28th, I’ll show you exactly how to create your community in an aligned way. Your community can grow organically while you let your true colors shine. You will step into the role of leader in your company, you start to see how to leverage collaborations to grow your impact and income even if you are just getting started.

Feel 100% confident about spending Canaanukkah with me as you’ll:

Create sustainability bringing the light, energy, and joy to keep you moving in your business in a happy productive and fun way.   You will get clear on the focused actions that give you more time freedom, to do what will have the best impact on your business.

Become crystal clear who your ideal community members are, and the niche you serve so that community-building efforts turn into people excited to buy. They will know you are speaking directly to them in their hearts.

Shift your relationship with money to that of a trusted business bestie, so you can welcome her in with open loving arms.  With a clear and magical offer, you will then be ready to hear yes, and make sales.

Open up to the opportunity to meet potential right-fit collaborative partners with similar values and hearts – the peanut butter to your chocolate.  You’ll learn how to create win-win opportunities to expand your impact and income.

A Note from Meredith

I’ve been building online businesses since the day I launched my first Summit “The Mommies game” and my journey on the path of an online entrepreneur began.

Five Successful Summits, thousands of successful students creating online businesses, and over 20 successful launches … oh and a handful of failures too.  I’ve been there and seen more than most have.  And I have fallen hard, but I always “Get Back Up Again”

These 8 days of masterclasses are the culmination of the most common mistakes I’ve seen heart-centered visionary entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them. I’m seriously excited to teach you this stuff.  We will dive into the most common limiting beliefs and mindset issues that keep us from hitting our dreams.

Here’s the thing: despite having over 9 years of experience as a heart-centered online entrepreneur, I never could’ve predicted that having an online location-free business would be as important as they’ve proven themselves to be in the last year and a half.

I never imagined a world where millions of people would embrace learning and creating community online, but I am here for it!

Are you with me, friend? Because if there’s one thing I know it’s that the world is leaning to a heart-centered way of doing business.  We are committed to creating a world where love is the foundation for our business and lives.

The potential to make a difference while profitably packaging what you already know and sharing it with others is greater than it’s ever been.

©️ Meredith Canaan 2021 | MC Tesseract LLC