The question for you today is, what are the animal medicine guides telling you? 

This is my most favorite deck of cards. 

So for you, woo woos, come join me live. Otherwise, you guys are gonna watch me get my own reading, but come, come and play with me. It’s, Halloween it’s my favorite. I think it’s my most favorite holiday ever. And I would be in costume if it was actually Halloween, although I’m having some technical difficulties with mine at the moment.

This beautiful card deck, it comes with this awesome book as well. I don’t think you guys can read it. Maybe you can. I don’t remember. I always get dyslexic on these things. But it’s by Jamie Sands and David Carson. And it’s an amazing deck. I just love decks. I am a card deck fool.

And considering we’re getting closer to Halloween and the spirits talk a little louder, and there’s certain spirits that are as we get closer and closer to the energy, have some fun. I like these cards because it’s animals and I live in North America, and these are American animals. 

I see the butterflies in my backyard. I can see the crows and the ravens. And heck, we even get mountain lions at the school from time to time. We get mountain lion sign warnings. So all of these animals, I happen to have the mountain lion open. They show up from time to time and I love to listen to the messages of the animals.

I listen to them. When I see them, I try to figure out what they’re trying to tell me. And of course when I pull a card, but this is fun when you guys show up. Otherwise, it’s me doing a card reading for myself. 

I’m limiting my Collaborative Leaders Masterminds going forward. It’s a free support on anything that you want in your business. Because some people need to have access to be able to hop in and get some coaching. So I am still providing it because I find it super important for people to have access, especially if you haven’t made your first sale yet. Especially if you’re trying to build your business.

You want help on your offers and your copywriting and all of those things. And you wanna get something out there. I offer that once a month going forward. It is the second Tuesday of the month, but I am still doing a special one this Monday on Halloween. And it is live card readings. So if any of you are woo woo, and you know what?

I’m going to give you guys some information.

If you’re woo woo and you wanna find out about the information and to be able to join me, then you can join the Facebook group. If you haven’t joined my Facebook group, it is the Heart Centered Leaders Facebook group. Although the URL is just heart centered leader, one for you and not for all of us, because that was the URL that was available. You guys know how that goes. 

So I’m gonna post that in the comments until somebody shows up. So if you wanna join us for a live card reading on Halloween, and again, it’s the animal deck, I was talking to somebody today who took an animal reading.

If you’re very Christian or you know, you have a very specific type of religious association and other decks bother you. One of the reasons I love the animals is because it’s nice to talk to them. And because we see them everywhere. So maybe that’s a way to dip your toes. I’ve had a couple of people who’ve dipped their toes with this deck as a first deck experience because other things make them a little nervous.

And so it might be a good deck for you to dip your toes in if you’re interested. So join me in my Facebook group because we post the information, I think, on our collaborative Leaders mastermind. This one is the Halloween edition with the amazing, beautiful medicine deck. But otherwise, the second Tuesday of the month, we do a totally free coaching just for you once a month. If you wanna get help on growing your business, on bringing marketing materials on any of those things that you need, it’s an awesome deal to come together once a month and it doesn’t cost you anything. 

I don’t have my magic wand inside. I think I might have an old wand inside, but I’m gonna take a second. I’m gonna, I’m gonna call forth the people who need, Star Light’s helping call forth the people who need reading to hop up and show up. I am calling the people of my community, the people on my page. Starlight is also calling you to come join us. She heard her name and tilted her head.

It’s super cute. Maybe we’ll do a reading and find out why people aren’t here. You’re busy. It’s the Friday before Halloween, which is why I wanted to just do something fun. I mean, I could talk about neurodiversity. 

Doing Animal Card Readings

So I have mixed the cards.

I’m not looking. Maybe we’ll get a dog since she seems to have a lot to say. She is 12% Husky, just in case you were curious. 12% Husky. She is 51% German Shepherd, which is what she mostly looks like. But the talking comes from the Husky, I think. I don’t know, maybe German Shepherds talk to. 

This might just be an entertaining Facebook Live to hear my dog in the background. Oh, somebody’s here. I’m doing card readings. Whoever you are, let me know. Do you want one card? I’m just gonna pull a card for you and then if you want, we can pull more cards and see what happens. And unpacks. 

We’ll see. But I’m using my animal deck. I love my, Oh, you love my animal deck. All right. This is what they need. Ooh, the prairie dog. All right. Let’s see what the lesson of the prairie dog has to say. I am not sure I’ve ever pulled a prairie dog before. 

There are a lot of these cards that I know really, really well, especially my totems. So just information for anybody. You have a guides accord. This is Native American shamanism. I’m pretty sure that’s right where it’s based. It’s the animal wisdom, et cetera. And the idea is that you have an animal that represents north, south, east, west, above, below, and within. So you pull your seven totems and then you have an animal that walks with you on the left and an animal that walks with you on your right.

And those are animals that you can choose based on influence. 

My Animal Story

Maybe I should just tell my animal stories. I’ll just tell my animal stories. I’m gonna look up the prairie dog and in the meantime I’ll tell my animal stories. So two of them. So my south, and if you guys didn’t know it, I grew up in the south. I spent a majority of my life in Florida, which some people consider the south and Louisiana, which is definitely considered the south. But it is New Orleans, you know, kind of progressive artsy, not as deep south, but a lot of deep south traditions. But between Florida and Louisiana, my South is an alligator. Absolutely an alligator.

So, hi, welcome. For those of you who are watching, we are doing animal totems and animal cards today. So I’m talking about some of my animal totems. I have an alligator and I have two  live experiences with an alligator growing up, one in the swamps of Louisiana. 

My best friends have a camp, also known as a house or shack on a bayou and a lake. Lake Hermitage up in Louisiana. So we went water skiing in high school. I think we took a bunch of friends out for the weekend and we would drop people in the middle of the lake with some life jackets on and they would just float cuz it was an older boat and you couldn’t take as many people.

So I was usually the lookout and we’d give all the hand signals and stuff depending on the types of waters that we were rushing. My best friend Julie, it was her family boat. She was usually driving and then somebody would be on the back knee boarding or skiing or whatever. So we took one of our friends out for knee boarding and we would meet, go up and down inside of the canals that were attached to the lake while our friends were floating in the lake. And our friends that were floating in the lake. All of a sudden they saw a slab of wood come in closer and closer to them. And it was not wood, it was an alligator. Luckily the other boat came and picked them up just in time.

But nobody wanted to ski the rest of the weekend. I wonder why. 

My second alligator experience was when I was in college, I went to Florida State and they had this beautiful, as students, we got passes to the Seminole Indian reservation. And it had this beautiful swimming area, I think this was on the reservation, this beautiful swimming hole and all of this stuff.

And you could dive and it was this gorgeous clear water. And on the other side of the swimming hole,  they had a rope for swimming. There was a floating dock where the ropes kind of connected. You’d go up and climb on this thing, jump off the 20 feet, and then you’d swim to the dock and then you’d come back to shore.

And most people did all the swimming inside the roped off part connected to the floating dock. So I jumped off the 20 foot thing and then I swam over to the floating dock. And when I got to the floating dock, there was an alligator all the way across, coming really fast across the lake. And it ended up crossing the rope.

It crossed the rope while I was there on the floating dock with two other women. It was, I mean girls, it was scary as all heck. And some very courageous guy comes out and he starts, so if you didn’t know about alligator safety, he starts slapping the water in the alligator’s face. The alligator turns around. But oh my goodness, those are my alligator stories. And it just so happens that I have an alligator totem and I found this out like three or four years ago when I first got this deck and did my totems. 

And then I also have an otter. She’s on the left. So by the way, alligator is the symbol of integration. And guys, I’m an integration expert. I help people integrate all of the parts of who they are. Bringing your seven essences into your wholeness. And I help with integrating systems and creating integrated businesses on who you are,et cetera. So I love my alligator. My dad even said it at Christmas last year when I was telling him the story. He’s like, You’ve always helped people, You’ve always been an integrator your whole life. And I was like, wow. So cool.

Other Totems In My Life

I also have a wolf in my totem, she’s the teacher. But I have an otter. And when I was in college, when we were in Florida, we were on spring break in the Gulf area in the Dustin Fort Walton area. And one of my best friends had to see baby dolphins at the aquarium in the gulf area. And so we had to go see the baby dolphins for her cause she probably has a dolphin as one of her totems.

So at the Gulf area there was this very cool otter in the otter enclosures. And it was like a body of water. And then across the way was like a little island where they lived.

And I saw them and I looked and I said, Oh my goodness, aren’t you amazing? I wish you would come over and talk to me. And she did. Stop, stay. And she did. And she came across from the island. She swam across the water and then up in the enclosure. It was like kind of a fencing that they had.

And so I was standing at the fencing, she crawled up to the fencing and literally the otter and I were nose to nose. So that’s how I knew the otter was on my left side because I had that. I mean, it’s one of those moments where you have a conversation with an animal and an enclosure that comes up. It’s beautiful. I love animals.

If you didn’t know this, this is the get to know Meredith and how much she loves animals session. I also had a really nice incident with the octopus as we went across the country . It’s not Marina Delray up in Marin County up in the beautiful one up in northern California. We took the kids on our 40 day tour and the octopus was in the glass and it was moving in every which way that I would tell it to move. 

So there are no water animals in here. There are some, you know, mixed animals. I love the grouse. She’s the sacred spiral. Anyway, that is rebirth. The crow is universal wisdom. These are the folks I see often. 

What did I pull?

I pulled the prairie dog. But you know what, I’m not sure you guys are here. It’s not as much fun to do this without people. So I love you guys. If you wanna have a card reading, just give me a yes in the comment and I will pull a magical card for you to help you answer your question.

I was just about to cut this short, but somebody showed up again. Animal cards. Do you want an animal card reading? I’m going to lay them out. And if you’re still here, if you’re still here paying attention, I will give you a card reading just for you. 

Hopefully you enjoyed my animal stories. I have howled with a wolf once or twice. And that’s very cool. My other guys, I have a raven. I have lots of crows and ravens in my neighborhood. I listen to them often. They do talk to me quite a bit. 

Raven is my north or is my east Raven’s my first. It is the symbol of magic. Which is why I thought animal guards for Halloween would be fun. 

My Other Totem Guides

I have the raven of magic, the alligator of integration, the butterfly transformation. I have the wolf of teaching. I have the porcupine of innocence and play. 

She likes to talk like this. Her name’s Quill and she’s very snarky. That one very snarky guide. And I also have the swan of grace and the Jaguar of integrity. And I think they really suit me quite well. And then of course, chosen is the otter on my left because of, well that magical incident I told you about.

And then I chose a tiger cuz I am the year of the tiger. And I have had many dreams where the tigers try to talk to me. So different astrology, I added a tiger to my deck. All right guys, I love you. I hope you have a spooky, fantastic, amazing Halloween weekend that you dress up, that you play, that you have a lot of fun.

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