Celebrate good times, come on! 

Celebrate Our sales, come on.

As a business, it’s our opportunity to celebrate the sales. It’s the foundational nutrient dense rich goodness, goodness that our business grows and thrives on like our fabulous green leafy vegetables. I’m in America. So, you know, it works for us. Our nutrient rich greens are the cash and the money that comes in for our sales. And so we absolutely want to celebrate them. 

So my invitation is, as we have been spending our entire summer in the summer of sales, celebrating all kinds of conversations on sales and selling, we need to get to the point where you got the, yes, it came in and we want to give it. Woo. Woo. Woo. And there’s so many different ways that you can celebrate your sales.

Tracking Your Income

Are you daily tracking your income? 

That could be a very powerful thing to do. I am in the process of doing that and have been waiting for it all summer since the summer of sales started. And part of the reason we want to celebrate the sales, especially a new sale is as we talk about the sales and begin believing, what’s possible, it’s part of our believing.

What’s possible for us to get to that next date? And when we celebrate the sale, we are celebrating that it is possible. It reinforces in our body, mind, bodies, souls, and spirits, that our dreams are possible that we can believe that we have access. And that’s what our sales and our businesses are building us towards. We went into business so we can live the life we want.

We went into business so that it’s designed around who we are so that we can make the money and live the life. That’s why we’re in charge. 

Celebrate Every Sale

So celebrating each and every sale is a powerful way to reinforce that. Not only are you telling the universe, God, whatever is helping you working on your side, that you are thanking them for giving you what you want. Those right fit, amazing clients that have you just go, oh, I get to live the life I want. And so we’re celebrating, acknowledging, appreciating what we have. That’s the first step. And it’s often really great too, which is why tracking could be a part of that process. It could be that you put the alerts on your Stripe, your PayPal, your other things, and you get those little things that flash in. You just got a $97 sale. We are sending you a thousand dollars. We are doing this. Like those alerts can be just those little moments to help bring you into that energy of appreciation, the energy of gratitude for the amazing sales that I’m doing. And it reinforces what’s possible for you and your life by leaning into sales, by making amazing sales in your business. And so A) we want to celebrate them B) We want to look at appreciating and seeing how they are doing. Understanding what our sales are doing, how we feel. Sometimes you can have a sale and you go, huh? Right. Especially if you look at the energy of a sale.

You get a brand new high-end client and you celebrate that sale. You feel into it. And you’re like, oh my goodness, this is the best fit client. I just recently got a new client. I am super excited to work with her to help her on her mission. Her mission aligns with what it’s healthy dog. Dogganic food.

So in that sale, I go, Hmm, she’s such a right fit, juicy client. She is somebody that I’m super helpful to help her increase her business. And I love it. And then I think, Ooh, right. So I’m celebrating the fact that it’s the right fit. I’m celebrating the fact that it’s in alignment.

I’m celebrating all of the different elements of my sale to also check, to see if there’s anything I need to refine. I got a new member in my membership as well. And she’s ADHD just like me. And I go, oh my goodness. There’s so many places that I can help her. There’s so many places that I can help move her along her path with my genius.

And just by being me and she’s paying the membership. And I can feel into it. And then you can make sure that every sale and all of the process is in full alignment. 

Is the Sale in Alignment?

The next part is, what if you get somebody and you’re like, oh, I got a sale. And you feel kind of like,eh, it’s just a sale. 

There’s something to be said and looked at, maybe the price is too low. Maybe you’ve been selling it for a while. And now you have that energetic shift as you celebrate it. It doesn’t have such a zing to it. It might be, Ooh, this is telling me I need to increase my rates so that I do have that sense of excitement around the sale.

So that I know that it’s in alignment to where I feel right. If you have a private coaching package, for example, and you sell it and you just think, Hey, I’m working too hard for this money. I’m not as excited about it. Yes. This person is great. But man, I ain’t really feeling like right. You’ve energetically up-leveled.

So part of your celebration practice is also feeling into when is the time. To take it to the next level. Did you add something new to your program or your membership, a new bonus, a new something. Did you add new elements? And you go, oh, you know what? Energetically, the membership price needs to come up a little bit. I’m getting so much value. And this is where it is. 

So when you celebrate those new prices, reinforcing the energetic alignment in all of your selling is so important. So we celebrate and appreciate and act not right. Like the act of selling, we celebrate the good fit and the alignment of it all. Then we celebrate right.

What it is and how it provides our business. We can look because we’re celebrating and hopefully tracking, measuring. We can look to see, does this product have more profitability? I was working with a client who has a product that she has been selling for $10. And she’s got a really nice, beautiful little system as she creates, puts a certain budget on the ads itself. And she just raised the price from $10 to $15. And the profitability went just in that $5 on that little bitty funnel that helps build her business in a beautiful, powerful way. So that’s another thing to celebrate in the measuring part of celebrating our sales. When we look at these numbers and we look at how many sales we are bringing in, we can see, Ooh, look at that little extra in profitability. Her hundred dollar investment in advertising, the profit margin just went so much bigger. These little things that we can take and do to help increase the profitability in our business. So we celebrate our sales, we track what’s going on. We look to see all of the fabulous things that are helping in the business.

And we check energetically, is it time? So she knew it was time to raise the price of the product and see what happens. And now she’s got results. But if she wasn’t tracking and celebrating all of those new fabulous people into this new product, she wouldn’t know. And she wouldn’t have noticed the difference in the profit margin.

Super exciting to see what it looks like. How does that help? And that can help us figure out how to allocate other resources, especially other resources to get more sales. Do we want to increase our ads budget? Do we want to bring somebody on to manage our ads? Do we want to X, Y, and Z? It’s so important to celebrate our sales.

And I invite you to celebrate all of them, whether it’s a low ticket offer or a high end VIP coaching. Feeling the different energy. I have to say, I love waking up to money coming in while I’m sleeping. There is a whole different energy to having that income come in. Especially if you have an evergreen or passive income stream.

It’s a whole different type of celebrating. It’s almost as if you can recreate it. The cash machine for yourself.

Just like my example with my client and her new product. She puts a certain amount of money in and gets a certain amount back. She puts in $1 in, gets $10 back. It’s a cash machine.

But if she’s not celebrating the sales tracking and measuring these results and what it looks like, she can’t make the adjustments on the sales system. She didn’t need to change anything on the front end of the system and increase the price all by itself. It’s still converting at the same rate or higher. So those are the things that you can do to refine, but this is all it is in terms of the energy of manifesting and expanding our capacity to receive more money and receive more money in the form of sales. The other thing is, as I talked earlier about it, is that it’s also acknowledging and celebrating who you’re being to have more sales. 

The energetic shifts you have in your belief systems, the blocks that you’re working through to make more sales, that energy and effort you’ve been making in refining your sales process, all of celebrating those sales helps remind you and reinforce that you’re doing great. You’re amazing. And what you’re offering people want. Even if it’s your first ever sale. 

I recently had a client that she had done a consultation. She was expecting it to be a free consultation and the person got so much value out of it. They paid her, her private session rate. That reinforces that she’s being great and giving value and being amazing. And she’s living in her sweet spot. She’s living in her value. She’s living who she dreams to be. That sale helps build up her confidence in what she’s doing.

Our confidence in what we’re delivering our confidence and that we’re doing amazing things. And it starts that snowballing or the fly wheel as Jim Collins caught calls it. It gets the momentum going. And if all of a sudden you stop tracking or all of a sudden you stopped celebrating your momentum might shift because it’s a yes. It’s about the logistical side of it but even more so it’s about the energetical and expansion of it. This is how we expand our capacity to receive our bestie. And the more fun that you’re having, the more you’re living in your seven essences, your authenticity being the amazing, fabulous you that you are and your selling is happy and being celebrating the easier it becomes, the easier it is for you to lean into the amazing self that you are. The easier it is for you to know and be confident in what you’re doing. And the more you do that, this snowball of confidence, is it easier to sell it. It’s just one thing that’s building on top of the other. And it starts with the process of celebrating your sales. And my invitation is to make it easy.

Create a Sales Celebration

I love to see the little alerts as they pop up. You got another sale. Both Stripe and PayPal. And we pay all of these things. I actually took all of my sales systems and gave them their own folders and emails. So if I really want to, I can just see them all as an email and go, you got a sale, you got a sale. So I can see the whole month. I can do a screenshot of, this is how much money came in through Stripe. This is how much money came in through Paypal. I could do it really easily and celebrate it. Maybe I should do that as a social media post.

It’s what we want. As business owners, you’re here because you’re a business owner, you’re here because you want to sell in a way that feels easy and fun, and you want to do it from your heart in a fully authentic way, which means you’re committed to having a business that works and it’s totally sustainable.

So if you’re not already doing it, my invitation is to celebrate your sales!

Celebrate those sales, come on!

I mean, you could even have a celebration ritual. Anything over $2,000 sale, those high-end VIP, like maybe you get yourselves, a mani pedi with my bestie. Or maybe you go out to dinner. Or maybe once you hit 127 sales should do something to celebrate. So many things that you can do that also tells the universe. I am celebrating my money and money knows you are honoring her money, knows that she is well appreciated. And you know what happens when somebody is well appreciated, they want to spend more time with you and money.

As one of our best friends, let’s just spend more time with you. So that’s my invitation for today. Celebrate each and every sale, track them. If you can feel into it, energetically, how does each sale feel? And when you feel the shift in energy, it might be time to raise the prices. It might be trying to do an increase on things.

And if in the process you find a sale and you’re feeling guilty like, oh, I really should have charged more. Raise your rates, or I want to charge more. But man, I got some wobbles, right? This is where you can dig into the mindset of what’s stopping you. So acknowledge and appreciate every single thing, every single sale.

And even you could acknowledge and appreciate the nose. Cause at least you had a sales conversation and you’re getting closer and you’re refining your process. You get more people to come to that sales conversation, celebrate that too. And celebrate those conversions. Because as I said, you’re amazing and people want to work with you. So celebrate because that positive energy feeds more sales, it makes more money. 

So that’s our conversation for today. If you’re catching the replay on this, let me know. What is your celebration ritual? When you’re celebrating new sales, what do you do to say, yes, I’m acknowledging and appreciating this person or all of these people, or I got, I got a program full of 20 people or 40 people or 50 people.

How are you celebrating those sales? And I invite you to look at each and every name and hold them in your heart. Or however you do that, especially with your high-end people so that you see the possibilities, believe their possibilities. And remember you are somebody who is bringing possibilities to others. That’s what our sale is all about. You’re a possibility maker.

We are possibility holders. We are people who are holding these amazing, powerful, possible futures for people with the products and services that we provide. So go forth and celebrate the possibilities you’re creating in the world. Celebrate how possibilities snowball into a better world for all of us.