1 On 1 Coaching with Meredith Canaan

Love, Leadership, Legacy
A Creative Heart Centered approach to Growing your Community, Profits, and Team through Loving Collaboration

Grow Confidence, Grow You

Get Clear on your 7 Essence to Let Your true Colors Shine

Set Your Foundation on your Strengths, Passions and interests

Step on to your Personal Path to Achiving your Dreams

Grow Your Community

Define your Ideal Community Members

Create the right attraction strategy that works for your personal style of Communication

Design an Inviting  Environment for Growing Your Community


Grow Your Profits

Mindset shift to Expand Your Ability to Receive

Recreate Your Relationship to Money to one you love

Prioritize the Projects in Your Business that Increase Profits


Grow your Team and Leadership

Get the Right People in the Right Positions for Expansion

Set Procedures to Efficiently Create Results

Learn the Collaborative Leadership Model to Inspire a Culture of Team work and Admiration

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

It’s hard to succeed all alone.  At times it can even seem impossible.  A coach like Meredith is there to help guide and support you with love, while still holding you accountable.  When you need help, it is very brave to reach out, be vulnerable, admit you can’t do it by yourself and ask for the support that will help you get where you want to go.

What Is Differently-wired Business Coaching?


I can help you take your business to the next level with personalized strategies and collaborative ideation.


I can help you find clarity and see your next steps on your path to leadership.


I have helped hundreds, and bring my valuable experience, knowledge, and wisdom.


And of course I come from my special brand of love and have your back. I will cheer you on to help you achieve your dreams.
From Our Lovely Clients

“Meredith is a fabulous coach. There are many qualities that make her stand out: big heart, passionate listener, huge compassion, her incredible skill set as a coach AND tech knowledge. She knows how to laser focus on a problem and come up with practical solutions. I adore her!”

Joya P. Gallasch – Joya P. Gallasch,

“Meredith is a delight to work with as a coach! She is warm-hearted, smart, personable and very generous. She meets and supports me on many levels – from the spiritual to the practical. And she brings a lot of passion and fun into everything she does! Meredith’s humanity and vulnerability also remind me I don’t have to be superwoman. I just need to keep taking the next right action!”

Arlee Leonard

“After a mere three months working with Meredith on my business, I was able to increase my consulting rate, have clients pre-pay for my services, and have me provide a higher level of client service in one fell swoop. Thanks to her, I started off 2019 with over $20,000 in new and up-front income. Her expert advice, fun and playful way of communication, and genuine desire to see me grow and succeed make her an exceptional coach. Our next project is already in progress, planning to grow my business to the next level. I recommend her unconditionally!”

David Sylvester

“Meredith is my AWESOME coach. She is helping me change the lives of parents with babies 0-2. She has been with me every step of the way. Putting into words and action, my mission to provide science informed tools and information for parenting with Joy! She has helped me to understand that my way of being is the only place from which to inspire parents to get the help they need to understand their parenting goals, develop a parenting philosophy that is right for them, and get into alignment with that philosophy in their day to day parenting decisions. Meredith, I can’t thank you enough for standing by me. For believing in me. For your strong and exuberant guidance, and for making my journey to success and abundance a lot more fun! Love you!”

Shira Coleman

My Approach

The most important thing to know about me is that I hold love, acceptance, forgiveness, and fun as the foundations I bring with me. I want to let you know that you can count on me to hold you accountable for what you want to create.

I will hold your vision in my mind, my heart and my soul.  I will hold it, and love it as if it were my own vision. I will not let you get away with playing small.  I will stand for you to embrace your power and rise up to your highest potential.  I’m going to help you step into your visibility and let your true colors shine!

I have been coaching for almost 16 years, and I look forward to creating our collaborative coaching partnership together.

I have worked with other business and parent coaches very closely helping them build their businesses.  I have also worked in most areas of online business such as customer service, client retention, program delivery, and team management, which gives me a very unique skill set that I use in all of my business coaching.

I am also a parent educator and relationship coach. I am a certified Sanity School Trainer which gives me a lot of tools in regards to children, and families with ADHD and other complex issues.

I have hosted three online summits, launched multiple coaching programs, and created a membership for creative collaborative leadership.

How it Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Click any of the “schedule” buttons on this page to select a time to talk to Meredith 1 on 1 absolutely free.  Choose a time that works best for you.

Choose a Coaching Plan

On your call, you will discuss exactly what it is you need, discover if Meredith is the right coach for you, and then set the coaching plan that works best for your time and financial needs.

Reach Your Goals

With Meredith as your coach, you will work side by side to set realistic and obtainable goals.  You’ll receive all the love and support you need to create the successful business of your dreams.

Single Session 

Private Clients Coaching Session
One 45 – 55 minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Meredith a month
You can book one single session, or one session a month at this price.

1 VIP Offer & Sales  Session

Private Clients Coaching Sessions
1 VIP Sales & Offer Strategy Session
This is one 75-minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Meredith

2 Monthly Sessions Package

Private Clients Coaching Sessions
2 monthly coaching sessions
This is two 45 – 55 minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Meredith a month
6 Month Commitment for new clients
Bonus: Differently-wired Business Membership included for duration of package ($97 per month value, and $582 over 6 months)

V I P Day 

Dedicate a Day with me to get your sales moving

We’ll choose a day to go deep into your biggest Business growth needs:
Launch Planning, Sales system Set Up.  Copywriting, messaging and all the words to get your right fit clients lean-in until they’re ready to say yes!



Buy a Bundle Package

10 Coaching Sessions Package

Ten 45 minute coaching sessions, savings of $473 over 15% OFF

Minimum of 2 sessions per month

Bonus: Differently-wired Business Membership included for duration of package


Spend a Year and Save

The ELITE VIP Membership
24 Coaching Sessions Package (2 per month)

Sessiona are  45-minute coaching sessions

12 15-minute Anytime  sessions

savings of $1045 almost 20% OFF

Bonus: Differently-wired Business Membership  (FKA LtL) included for (Value of $970)


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