The must have FREE Resource Guide for Community Builders
The Community Building Game Plan

In this Community Building Game Plan you’ll Learn:

  1. 1

    4 essential needs of a thriving a community, to build a solid foundation so that your community is free to express and engage in with your content regularly

  1. 2

    How to clearly identify your ideal community members, so that your community will grow with the best fit people to create the results and impact you are looking for.

  1. 3

    Create a valuable gift that attracts your ideal community members, so that they feel appreciated and cherished, and ready to say yes to your offers

Set aside the time to think, and feel into who your community really is. Grab a mocha (or tea) and set aside an hour to really do the work of creating your ideal community.

I come from a relationship building background, and I love manifesting people out of thin air ( I did it with my husband, and my clients).

If you’re ready to really build your community, even if you’re just starting out, this is the guide that will help you get there. You’ll have the confidence in knowing who the right community members are and where to find them.

You’ll feel 100% confident and clear about:

  • What you need for an engaged community
  • Who your ideal community members are (and where to find them)
  • What gift to create for them that will have them jump at your offers.

A note from Meredith

I have been building and managing engaged communities for over 15 years, and I have helped thousands of clients do the same. To me community is more than just an audience, its a way of being together that has heart and connection. I love creating new relationships with people, and I’m always coming at this from how we get to interact with each other from the most heart centered and authentic place. I know the ins and outs of what really makes a community engage and thrive.

I’ve created this Community Building Game plan to help you with the step by step essentials to help you build and grow the community you have dream of leading.