We’re talking today about offers and why do your offers need time limits. You may be asking yourself, why am I talking about offers and time limits today? Well, I have a special offer for my membership that is closing out. Today is the last day to get this special offer.

And so I wanted to mention it and I thought, why not have this conversation? 

So, if you’re here for the first time, hi, I’m Meredith Canaan. 

You’re probably not going to jump into my membership offer right away, but if you’ve been here for a while, you know, what a fabulous offer it is. 

So why are we talking about offers today and why time limits are so important?

The Importance of Using Time Limits

We’ve been talking about crafting offers all month. I actually just did a masterclass on offers, how to craft them, to really get them to convert in a powerful, beautiful, and amazing way. And, one of the things that can be really helpful in having your offers to have them convert is time limits. 

All different types of limits, kinds, all different types of limits. So all different kinds of limits can help people get that extra push to say yes. And sometimes time limits, especially for those of us that are a little ADHD. I know for me personally, I am one of those people. Who’s like, “oh my goodness, this deal’s going to go away. I should say yes now.”, because, well, I like a good deal and I like a sale and who doesn’t. And so having those time limits infused into your offer. 

I want my membership available for people at the moment to join when they want to, when they need to, when they can afford it. But sometimes these little special deals, special pricing and special offers can be the extra edge that somebody needs to say yes.

I can do that. Now it’s 1297. And if you take me up on that offer, you also get a private coaching session worth $297.

So that means a membership is practically like a thousand bucks for the whole year to join me. And I think it’s helpful to have these time limits, especially for those of us that need that little extra push, because it can be one of those things that helps people get over the fence. 

I know for me, the first time I said yes to an offer it was a special deal. And the time limit was there, I had to get in action. 

I try to give people enough notice so that if that extra discount makes the difference that they can do what they want, what it takes to make the difference. 

Limiting Space to Create Offers that Convert

Other things that can be really helpful in giving time limits or limits to your offers can be really helpful is a number limit. So if you’re making an offer for VIP one-to-one coaching, for example, which I might be doing sometime soon, having a limit.

I can only coach so many people in any given month. So I keep my roster at a solid number. And every once in a while, I’ll have people who will take a month or two off. So I can make some special offers like, “Hey, if you want to do a few extra sessions this month I’m available.” So that type of limit, but I can only have three spaces. 

Those types of limits can be really helpful as well for your offers. Sometimes when it comes to groups or memberships, there’s a size limit. People want to keep, they only feel like they can lead to the space of which is right. To their own specific capacity for leading. So there are those limits as well. So it might be, I’m only taking 10 people right now, or I’m only taking the number that fits my given capacity. We’re only adding five more people. The next 10 people get this offer. So it could be that I, instead of saying that the offer ends, the 1297 offer ends today. I could have said the next 10 people get this offer and maybe I’ll do it differently next time. I don’t know.

One of the things about being a heart-centered entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur in general is that when it comes to crafting our offer, there are definitely different techniques that work for different peoples. And you want to make sure that you’re using the things that are authentic to you that have integrity for you, and that communicate and work for you and the way you want to run your business.

So time limits are super helpful for that also because it means that you can, at the end of the day, whether it’s 12 o’clock midnight, you can say, okay, I don’t have to hold special energy. I don’t have to hold this energy. I can go back to focusing on delivering. It’s why people often use launch strategies where they have a specific time and space where the offer ends because it’s different energy that we hold during launch.

Then the energy that we hold when we get to delivering and creating happy clients get results. So that can be helpful from an energetic perspective as well. So that your energy is more focused. It’s focused on selling now focused on serving next. Making sure that you’re serving and delivering so that you have happy clients. So that’s some of the very powerful reasons why you want to consider having time limits on your offers.

I know on my last special, the price was going up significantly. And I had somebody there that was sitting at that time limit going, I have two hours now I didn’t do a two hour email this time around, but maybe I should write one that says, “Hey, this offer’s closing in two hours.” Because sometimes I find that that two hour email is really, really powerful to let people know it’s now. The time is now. Jump in or not to shit or get off the pot. Like, it’s that expression, but it’s time to make the stand, to take the thing and take the limit. And I think that can be helpful in those motivators. Time is a very special element.

That can be a motivator. So there’s time, there is space, the final frontier. Anyway, you guys know I’m a space geek. If you didn’t know that I’m absolutely this basic. All right. So how does this relate to your offers? 

So when you’re crafting your offers, what are those specific time limits? It could be the same thing.

Like you want to put a limit on even a free offer when it comes to, Hey, I’m doing, if you’re doing one-to-one work and you’re helping get people in consultations, you can say, I’m going to take the next few people. You’ve got this week to book it in. As of Friday, you’ll no longer be able to take me up on this free offer.

So these time limits can be super powerful and helpful, especially for people who may or may not be used to boundaries. Some of us aren’t used to having limits and boundaries in our life in general, and as an entrepreneur, it’s helpful as well because some of us want to be like, oh right.

You know, you get that email from somebody that says, “Hey, I understand the cart close. And I’d like to get in today. Can I still get in today?”

But the more we level up who we are and hold to those boundaries, the higher, the level of which we serve and the more we model that as well. So those can be super helpful.

Well, so if you’re here and you didn’t know, today’s the last day to take me up on this special offer to join the Love then Lead membership at $1297, this offer will be going away. And you can, if you sign up for that $1297 special, you get the membership for a full year. That means it’s like 52 times. You can see me and hang out with the amazing fabulous community.

And you also get a private one-to-one session valued at $297 with me as well. So those are some of the fabulous things to do. If you have any questions about offers, if you have any questions about time limits let me know. 

Do you have resistance about putting end dates on your things? Look at it and see what it is that you have that resistance about.

Especially for those of us that serve from the heart, we just want to keep giving and keep giving. But if we’re always constantly giving, people won’t see the value of taking the next step with us and paying. So it’s really about making sure that you got that energy that has a cap on it. That the energy has that boundary on it so that you can move on to the next stage, whatever that may be. 

Is there a specific time limit when you make free offers? I’m learning how important these boundaries are and what a great offer your membership is. Oh, thank you. This is your second year and it’s awesome. I love Xonna. Thank you for the shout out. That’s awesome.

And I know Xonna, if you guys are dealing with an extra 10 pounds of weight, Xonna is an amazing nutritionist. She helps you create soul alignment, mind, body, and spirit in alignment so that you can lose that extra weight, live a healthier lifestyle and make your dreams come true.

All of the stuff that a healthier body brings Xonna has got a special offer. I think she’s got a special offer right now. If you’re looking to lose that extra 10 pounds. And she’s one of my members I’m gonna give her a shout out an extra bonus, as a member. 

So check it out. 

If you have offers and you would like to get them refined, you want to get them out there and converting consistently. It’s a good time. 

Join Love Then Lead Now

So I’ll tell you another reason why you should join the membership. Next month, our training is focused on nailing your niche, nailing your offers and increasing your sales because hello, the sales.

I know sometimes it’s a dirty word, but sales are really what help our business grow. It’s like eating vegetables. We get that healthy, dense nutrient greens in the United States. Our dollars are green. So it’s a really good analogy. 

I’m gonna use Donna as an example. If you want to lose those 10 pounds. The time could be because it’s the first day of summer, my kids are out of school. Summertime, summertime, some, some summertime, summertime, some people have an intention.

They want to lose that weight so they can do more of those summer activities to spend time at the beach and hike and enjoy the beautiful weather and go out on a bike ride or any of those types of things that losing that and being healthier can make a difference. So time limits are very special and they can be time limits and can also be because of energy.

You might want to sign up for this offer because we’re going to use the energy of the full moon. So you have to sign up now so that we can do the print work for the, you know, as we’re in the new moon stage to get ready to use the full moon stage. So time limits are a powerful, powerful thing to have in your offers for whatever reason you have that.

Limiting Using Space

So that is my content for today. So remember time limits, you can use space limits as well. And they’re all different types of things because it’s about having that energy. It’s amazing to make that difference with your offers. Some people really need that extra push to take them over the edge that your deadlines have deadlines on boundaries are super powerful to help people get to the yes.

And it can also help them get to that no. And remember if they say, no, we thank you and honor you for your no. And we’re very happy that you took the time to listen to us. So again, if you’re interested, I do have a special offer that ends today. 

If you’d like to join the membership for Love then Lead. And if you have any questions about the membership and you’re on the fence, send me a private message or reply on this Facebook post and reach out to me. I’m happy to chat to make sure that it’s the right fit for you because that’s all we’re doing with our offers is we’re making sure that it’s the right fit.

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