Hey everybody. I am Meredith Canaan and I’m live on Friday. It’s the first Friday of the new year! Bye 2020, you can stay in our past. Anybody else happy to see 2020 see ya, outta here. Today I’m sharing how you can work on creating a new year with more balance.


You know, as those characters to Tamone, Poomba often say you put your behind in the past, no wait. Put your past behind you.

Hakuna Matata. Ain’t no pass in craze. It means no worries. For the rest of your days. It’s a problem free, philosophy, Hakuna Matata.

Good bye 2020 you’re in our past. And today I am talking about how to take the new year and prioritize, nurturing your business, nurturing your personal life. How do you find the balance between the two? So I’ve got three quick tips for you on how to help you find the balance.

Just in case you might be cattywampus. It’s a great wors. It means out of balance, not so great right.

Tip 1: Balance Isn’t Necessarily About Things Being Equal

So here’s the first tip. Oh, and I got fancy banners to show ya. First number tip balance isn’t necessarily about things being equal and fear. In my family, we often talk about equality versus equitable. It’s the same type of thing in your business in your life.

It may not be that an hour spent in your business is going to be like an hour spent in your family. It’s also about finding those quality times. And what’s going to give you the most bang or bang for your buck or bang for your hour. Quality time with your family could be a cuddle on the couch with your daughter or son.

You guys know I have this, or it could be something else, something in your life like an hour long massage or two hours away that can fill your buckets up in such a way that you can give more time to your business.

Or finding a way to do something in your business. That’s like setting up a couple of hours to automate something. So you don’t have to spend as much time in your business. So those are some of the things.

Find What Works for You

So finding balance in life isn’t necessarily about spending 40 hours at the office and the work and 40 hours with my family, finding it all over here. It really is about understanding that balance doesn’t necessarily come from it being equal. But from having things have the most oomph, the most energy.

Having them, you know, get the most bang for your buck for every little thing that you’re doing. So that’s number one,

Tip #2: Put it on Your Calendar

Another tip number two, put it in your calendar. I have a client I was talking to last week. She’s going to help her daughter. And so one of the things we did was we looked at how does she schedule the right times to be body doubling her daughter to really help get through the difficulties of zoom, zoom schooling. And some kids really need to have somebody there. So how does she then understand?

Okay, well, if she needs me most on these days, which are the topics that are toughest and I need to have time to be with my clients, how do I look at my schedule? Put in that time with your daughter, even if it’s just sitting there and you could be getting other things done. Don’t have it be the time for clients. Don’t have it be the time for high creative activity. Maybe that’s the time that you can just get some other things done, like the accounting or something boring.

But if it’s important, you have to put it in a calendar. You have to schedule it. You have to make sure that it’s dedicated. Whether it’s a business activity, whether it’s a personal activity. If you want to go get a massage, put it in your schedule, put in your calendar, get her done, baby. That’s how you take care of you.

But if it doesn’t live in a planner and a scheduler and a calendar on a checklist or to do list. If it doesn’t live in existence, it doesn’t happen. So if you can do this, if it’s important, dedicate time to it. And put it in your calendar. That’s tip number two for how to help find balance.

Tip #3: Build in Flex Time

And here’s another one that I love add flex time to your schedule. So for example, in my schedule on Friday at two o’clock, two o’clock to 4:30 on Fridays is my flex time because it could be that I need to spend more time in my business. It could be that I need to take the afternoon off and go for a day date with my hubby. We used to love Friday lunchtime dates, because why not?

So what are those things that you want to have?

Flex time flex time is so that you can spend in that moment on that given day and go, does my work need more? Does my personal life need more? Does my husband, my kids do I need to take a bubble bath in the middle of the day. I also have some flex time on Wednesdays. And sometimes in the middle of the day, I take a nap.

Yes I do. I take a nap. So add flex time that can help you and add it into the calendar and go, oh, this is the time where I can choose. What do I need most today in this moment? And as I was saying earlier, Hakuna Matata.

Bonus Tip #4: Be In the Moment

Be in the moment, the more I can be in the present moment and present to work.

Now I’m with my kids, put the cell phone in your pocket, try it with your family. The better you can have that balance so that your mind isn’t lost elsewhere. Be present, be in the moment. That’s what the song is all about. It means no worries for the rest of your days.

It’s about being present in the moment and putting 2020 in the past.

Let’s put it behind us, bye 2020. It was really nice knowing you. I learned a lot. Happy New Year 2021. It’s the year that’s going to win 2021.

All right, it’s going to be a fabulous leader. So those are some of my great tips. And I think you might’ve noticed the amazing acoustics and I’m in a new location. One of the things.

Creating Balance In My Life in 2021

So just on a personal note, one of the things that I’m doing to balance work and family better, and my personal life is we got down to Florida. Some of you guys saw we were on an RV trip. It was great and fun. I white knuckled a lot of the drive, but we got here safely. Safe ad sound and completely contained.

No exposure, which was the whole point. But when I got here, my dad’s having some health challenges and two days ago he spent the entire day in the ER. So because this is the way our year is going and lucky for me, I have a business that’s completely online. I can do all my coaching calls. I can run my mastermind.

You guys are just going to see a beautifully different set because I’m a mom and dad’s house. And they needed help. So, and my kids are in zoom school. So because Los Angeles is still in heavy lock down and the kids aren’t going to school anytime soon. So we can. We have the gift of a portable business. So it might be something that you want to consider so that you can have more flex time so that you can take a week off and go to The Bahamas.

It’s a rainy day here in Florida, but next time I’ll show you guys the beautiful view that I have on the bay. I’m on a bay with a dock.

Anyway. So just so you guys know we’re going to be in Florida for awhile, and we don’t know how long, but this is one of the biggest things I’m doing this year to help balance my personal life. And my business is to really be able to be here for my parents, for what they need. And hopefully bounce a little more for the kids. We have a lot more space and the numbers here are better than they are in LA.

So, you know, so we’re going to stay a little while. All right, everybody, I hope these three tips were really, really helpful for you. So just in case you want to remind yourself, how do you nurture your business, find balance to nurture business and nurture your personal life in 2021.

Review of 4 Tips to Help You Creating a New Year with More Balance

One is you remember balance doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fair and equal.

It’s not exactly this amount of time and this amount of time to make the scales balance. Sometimes it’s the quality. Sometimes it’s about getting the most bang for your buck in your activity. So not necessarily fair and equal to make sure that you feel that balance.

Two, if it’s important to you dedicate time to it, put it in your calendar, put it on a list, make sure there is a structure to get it done. Sometimes I do mani pedi day with my daughter. And when we do that on Sunday’s, we have that time dedicated to being together.

All right, last but not least. So I guess technically it’s four tips. Cause number three is add flex time so that you can have the balance.

If today you find out what we need to do more work, or today I need to take care of my parents more or my kids or something. That’s how you do it. Add chunks into your calendar, just so that you can choose in the moment.

And last but not least kind of the wrap up is to be present in, in the moment when you’re at work, be dedicated to work. When you’re with your family, doing something for yourself, be dedicated to that. Let’s make 2021 an amazing year. We’re going to find more balance. You guys know I’m going to find more balance. Not like I struggled for workaholism. Okay. Maybe a little.

So we’re all going to stretch in defining a little more balance this year.

All right. I love you guys. And I will see you next Friday for just another live on Friday. All right. I’m Meredith Canaan and I’ll see you guys next week. Let’s lead a legacy of love together.

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