It’s Meredith Canaan here and we are talking about planning and crafting our offers in flow. And those of you may or may not know that I have a biz bestie who is the period coach. And I create my business using her work, using the things that she is teaching. 

And so it’s super powerful and oh, I see you. If you’re watching live, give me a little comment in the chat, say, hi, how you’re doing. And I am going to just share with you how to create and craft your offers in alignment with your cycle, or if you’re not a menstruating woman in alignment with the moons cycles, both of these go, and this is based again on the work of my biz, bestie, Sasha Washburn. 

Period Coaching Summit

And right now I’m just going to try to find the link to post. She has her period coaching summit. I’m pretty sure it’s I’ll try to get it up on here and I’ll show it to you guys later, so you can check it out. If you want to know about some other business women, how they’re running their business in flow, how they’re using this information about coaching. I don’t coach anything in health whatsoever, but I do have this infused in my business. And when I’m working with women, I check to make sure that as we’re using our cycle to make life easier and more efficient, there’s so many benefits to working in flow as a business owner, as a woman business owner. And you know, even if you’re hormonal in other ways. If you have a female business partner, you might want to figure it out. So many of the things that Stasha teaches is, you know, who doesn’t love an acronym or a saying to help you remember what would do because who doesn’t love her mind.

She’s awesome. 

And so when we look at our cycle and we look at crafting offers, I’m going to teach you how you do this together, how to craft offers in flow. So the first thing that you want to do, let’s, we’re going to start in the luteal stage, which if you’re not familiar with is the stage right before your period. And so most of that luteal stage comes after ovulation.

So you got about 10 days, 12 days, depending on your cycles link, where you can do a lot of this assessing type work. The big picture of the work though, like what’s going on? What do I need to figure out? What’s going on with my offer? So this is a great time to look at the current offers that you have and figure out what’s the goal I want this offer to achieve.

Am I going to create a new membership and have it cover $150,000 in revenue? So what are the stats going to look like? What’s an offer that you already have? And what about this offer is working or isn’t working? How do you understand the big picture of your offer? 

Another “what” question to ask yourself is what are the results of this offer? If you’re creating new offers, what are the results that this new offer provides? My people, the benefits of the benefits of the benefits. My folks love to hear me say that all the time. So those are the questions to ask in your luteal stage, all of those big picture, the what of offer crafting the next thing.

The menstrual stage is the why. 

And when looking at the why of it all, there’s a couple of things you can ask yourself. 

Things to Ask Yourself With the Menstrual Cycle

One is why is this important to my people? Why in this offer? Is it important? Menstrual is a very good state for curiosity, for deep knowing if you really want to find time with yourself and really get clear on those intuitions. 

Maybe even the why. Why are they in so much pain as an emotional state that we’re in? We can often get really clear on the why’s. This is the leg. Why am I so angry about this? Why is it If you have an offer that you’re looking at and it’s frustrating you, why, why is this not quite great?

So you can really connected with why is this offer a good offer for me right now? And maybe it’s not right. Maybe you keep making an offer. And you’re just like, oh, oh, oh right. Maybe it’s not clear people. Aren’t saying yes. Why isn’t it converting? Why isn’t it connecting with people? There are a lot of great why questions that you can ask yourself in the menstrual stage of your cycle, as you look at it in relation to creating and crafting offers. 

So how does this work? You may, even if you tune in from that emotional place, this is a great place in your offer crafting again. Why is it important to my ideal client? Why is this emotionally? This is the internal feelings of why they’re going to say yes to your offer? Why are they in pain? What is this? 

Follicular Stage

This is a great time when you’re in that mental stage to assess those whys in your offer. And then there’s the follicular stage. This is a great time to ask yourself how? 

How is this offer working in alignment with my business? Is it feeding it? Is it serving it? What are the hows and the techniques of how you deliver the business, the offer? Is it something that’s easy and or fun? 

I have a membership guys and I love the way I get to deliver it. For the most part, I create new content once a month. And then I just show up and serve and show up and serve, super easy.

And I love it. And they get a lot out of it. 

So in your follicular stage, this is a good question time to figure things out. How is this offer serving me? How am I delivering it? How do I set up the stuff that supports the delivery of this offer? All really, really good questions.

Can I make it easier? How do I make it easier? How do I make it more efficient? That is a great time for you to look at the logistics and the how of your offer. And of course, a great question in the offer craft process is how is this offer different from other people? How am I serving them in my own unique and different ways?

And then of course there is our view. An obvious relation. Well, when it comes to making offers, that’s the time, that’s the time to go out and make offers. 

Ovulation Mean Sales

Now let’s talk about ovulation. We are shiny and technically we’re right. That we’re giving off is more attractive. So if you want to use your natural hormonal, energetic attraction zingers, so that you’re naturally attracted, make your sales offers while you’re ovulating, as much as you can or record your sales videos or use the language, like record a video to make the offer and then copy and paste it. Especially for my audio visual processors. My audio processors, I love to speak something instead of having to write things down.

So for me, it would be great to have a sales call and practice my pitch. I mean, not even practice, but get out there. Schedule those conversations to make those offers, show up on Facebook on Instagram, live be your amazing, awesome self, an inoculation. Do that thing where you share value and ask for the seal, you have to actually do the task.

This is the part where you do the selling. What would her Mani do? It’s the what questions, the why questions, how questions and the do. So I think Stasha is going to be so proud of me. I’m going to have to tag her in this post. 

Period Coaching

So if you want to find out more, this is an offer of creation and flow.

I’m going to be a guest masterclass expert inside the period coaching school. If you want to find out more about adding the elements of period coaching into your business, I’m pretty sure it’s at it. 

Coaching If you’d like to check out my interview’s coming out on the 11th. I run my business and flow to the best of my ability. I’ve been, I think I have every product or service Stasha has ever offered. 

If you also love tarot cards, which I do, there is a period coaching deck. And I got my two decks. It’s now on Kickstarter. I helped fund it the first day to make sure we got to that 10%. I bought two decks, one for me and one for my daughter. So absolutely check out the period coaching summit. And you will find out more about the Kickstarter and the car decks there.

I bought my two. You guys know, I just absolutely love and adore Stasha’s work. She and I have been partners since my ultimate mom’s summit back in the 2012, 2014, 2015, whatever year it was, because I think this stuff is so important for women, women who are, or aren’t ovulating. We even keep an eye on the cycles of the moon for my daughter.

She’s not quite operating yet. We’ll let you know. She’s very excited about working within her flow when the time comes. For now we follow the moon cycle. 

So those were my tips for today. I hope you enjoy it. Go out craft offers. I want to give you a hint. If you’re looking for your offers to get more people to say yes and buy, I got some great things coming up.

All right. I’ll be making some posts later today and things like that. But for right now, we’ll focus on

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