Hey course creators this one’s for you. If you are creating and designing a course, or you have a course that you have created and designed. One of the things that you want to think about as you’re crafting your offers is whether you have sold the course yet, or it’s still just in the early design stages. You want to make sure that you’re really clear on the results that your folks are going to get.

And the reason is what we really want. 

Our, what we really want people to do is we want them to be delighted. We want them to be ecstatic. We want them to be loud and love what they’re getting. And when we’re crafting courses, you want to make sure that you’re crafting it with those end results in mind.

I love to talk about this stuff because sometimes we know when you’re creating the course, you’re like, oh, I want to do this meditation that walks them from this to this. As a teacher, people who love to teach and share information often, what we think about are the concepts or the practices or the activities that we want to facilitate, because we know it produces a result.

As we’re designing our courses, we want to make sure that we know if I do this meditation practice, what is the result that they’re going to get at the end of the day? So I believe that is the best way to craft your course offers. That’s the offer we’re making for the course is to get really clear on all of those benefits.

Whether you design it from post-it notes and outlines. Guys, I designed my first course with a different piece of paper for each module or concept I wanted to share. I started from the big picture of the concept. And then I put a post-it note for each result that I thought I wanted them to get out of it or that I thought that they were going to get.

So when you’re designing your courses, you want to make sure that you’re super clear what each one of those activities is that is going to give them the result they’re looking for. And that of course comes from knowing exactly who they are and what the results are that they want. So that’s making sure that our niches are in place. 

So, as we look at creating that course, one of the best things that you can do is take each of those core concepts, core competencies, whatever you want to call them or the modules, and you figure out what’s the tangible result out of each of these activities, lessons or worksheets. Worksheets can help people get that clarity and have the next action for the result. So when you look at designing that result, you’re looking at what happens when they have filled out the worksheet. They have taken those actions. They have this thing and X, they have the results in their hand, and you can see it from a yes or no perspective. Did they get this result? Yes. They filled out the piece of paper. Yes. They made an offer. They got a result. Yes. They made a sale.

That’s how, you know, you’re getting results. And the reason that you really want to focus on delighting them. This is part of our sales funnel. This is the top of the sales funnel, the delight and deliver what we’ve created. And the reason we want to focus on making sure that we have delighted them and wowed them is because it makes for happy clients. Happy clients make for more clients. That’s why people use testimonials. Although it doesn’t necessarily create the biggest increase in our conversion rates and increase in our sales. What it does is it at least shows people that people are getting results. That when you make a promise, I promise you, you’re going to get this result.

You’re going to have a happier marriage. You’re going to have a better relationship with your child. You’re going to make more offers and make more sales. I don’t know. That you will, that people are getting that result. And you can see that it’s effective. You can see that this course is delivering on the promise that we are serving.

That’s what we want. And so when people are happy with it and they are delighted with it, they start making referrals. They start helping you get retention. They start saying, okay, I got this from this course. I want more, what do you have? I just want to throw my money at you because I love the results you’re giving me.

That starts to help that snowball of momentum from the time that you make your first offer, deliver your first scores to making the course, the next time you deliver it. And the next time you deliver and the next time you deliver it. So start off with winning, by being super clear on the results that are going to get by participating in the different activities, the different homework assignments, the different learnings, the different concepts that X, Y, and Z of it all. 

Once you have mapped out all of that, now you have a slew of possible results that you can speak to when making your offers. You now have all of the different things that people are looking for. Somebody only may want one small portion of your program. 

So I had a client who absolutely signed up For Amy Porterfield’s digital course academy, which by the way, I love Amy Porterfield’s digital course academy and oh wait, course creators. I’m sharing more information about that this month as well, because I love her. And I have one person that she, they just wanted her webinar section because Amy is the queen of webinars.

It used to be one of her main courses and programs, and somebody bought the entire course. Dude, I think I also bought the entire course just to see how she was teaching and delivering webinars, because it is a number one sales strategy. When you’re teaching, when you want to sell one to many, that creates connection and conversion. And so you can have people who will invest that $2,000 to get that one section of your course.

You may have it broken down and somebody just wants one part, but the way you have clearly communicated the value of it has them say, yes, I want to get that whole course for this whole thing. And so that’s really important as you’re creating your course, that you have mapped out all of the results, whether you do it by concept. Whether you do it by module or whether you do it individual lessons at a time, each one of those results is a different selling point that will help people say yes to your offer. And the more clearly you have communicated, the better it is for them to be able to say, yes, this is exactly what I want. And when we haven’t filtered through our niche and the specific situation that they are looking to solve, then boom. Yeah, we got it. 

So that is what I want you to understand as you’re creating your course, whether you’re in early stages. What are those? I want you to focus on one of those tangible things that they’re going to walk away with because you know what they are conceptually or you know, what the transformation internally is. 

A lot of times we get really stuck on that internal transformation and or emotional transformation or all of that stuff. But what does that lead to, for example, in the world of business now, heck with it, I’ll go with the world of dating right now in the world of dating. If you have more confidence in who you are then you are more likely to attract somebody who is energetically at the level that you’re looking for. You’re leveling up because you’re more confident in who you are. You’re going to attract somebody. Who’s going to be naturally a better fit because you’re expressing your natural ways of being, and you’re taking no BS from anybody. There’s no putting on airs that when you go on a successful date, you know that you’ve made the right match because you’re naturally you. Hopefully they are  naturally them. And that’s where that energy matches. So that internal result of competence helps with a better match for the love of your life. 

The same thing works in business. The internal result is competence, but people want to hear about the external result, why it’s important to them.

And so, yes, you’re doing an exercise to help people gain more confidence, but what’s that tangible result as it relates to your specific niche? That’s the way we want to talk about our offers so that they’re like, I’m super clear on the value. And I want to throw my money at you because that’s the result I want in my life.

It’s an important result. And we were talking to those people that it’s important to. So your homework, should you choose to accept it, is to look at a core. If you’ve already created and designed the course, write down all of those possible tangible results that they’re going to have in their hands, the things, the milestones that they can meet, that you’re going to say yes to. And how does it relate to that very specific niche? How does it help them have something in their life, tangible that they can look to and go, yes, I got the results she said I would get. I am delighted with the results. She said, we were going to do this. And we did it. It’s that simple.

It’s the top stage of our sales funnel, crafting our offer in a way that delights. That they’re delighted with what we are delivering. And those are the results that we are delivering, that we are handing in, serving them on a platter.

Here are the results you’re going to get by playing with me in this way. 

Whatever it is, whether it’s a one-to-one offer, a course, we’re talking about courses in this place. And so when we’re talking about courses, it’s so important because you’re talking to the masses. You’re doing a one to many offer, the more results, the more you can list out, the more variations of your offer you can make. We were doing some fun map work inside of one of our sessions recently. And we said, if you had five bullet points of offers that people are serving and you wrote them out in five different ways, and then you switch them all out in how you deliver them.

It’s a factorial and five for my math geniuses. I have one in my membership and Missy told us that that’s 125 different offers. You could write your offer 125 different ways because your ideal clients may hear it differently. 

In each of those ways that you say it, the more you can map out all of those results, if you have. I think she said, if we had seven bullet points and we wrote them in different ways, I think it was 1065 different ways that you can write your offer. 

Now that might be overboard. I don’t think we need to do that, but there’s so many different things that you can do. And when you’re clear on the results, that’s what that’s essentially what we’re selling is the results.

And we’re selling them the how they get it, where it’s in alignment match. You want to work with a quirky lady who sings all the time. It might be nice. It might be nice to have God on my side. I was just singing that with my last client, because she is totally on my side. That’s why I have such amazing clients.

That’s the uniqueness inside the way I deliver my results. My signature sales system, my five steps. S.T.A.N.D. We’re talking about the S right now in how we do things. That’s the way people say, yes, it’s a great fit. It’s a great match. So while you’re creating your courses, or if you have a course you’ve created and you didn’t quite get the sales that you were looking for, you’re like, it’s awesome. And everybody needs to do it. And I’m sure that is true. 

Are we messaging that offer from the results that the course provides and is it filtered inside that niche, that specific situation that people are looking to solve. That’s the magic of it. And you guys know it’s the summer of sales, summertime, summertime, summertime, summertime, summertime. So if you’re not sure there are a couple of opportunities I can tell you about. So one in the description above is my offer. If you would like to have a one-to-one private conversation to help nail the offer and a handful of different ways to communicate about your offer. So that people say yes to it. That’s what we want on your course. 

Right now for the summer, because my mission is to help 75 people nail their sales strategies in the next 70, over 75 days. And I think I’ve got about 30 days left.

So it’s only $111 and you can snag a private one-to-one for that awesome price. Or if you want, I just announced this yesterday. So it’s not in my description. I’m going to put it in the, in the comments. 

I am doing a masterclass on August 25th at 3:00 PM PST. I do have a masterclass. I’m going to help people. And we are going to talk a little bit about this Delight, deliver of your sales strategy.

It’s all about sales right here. Meredith Canaan sales, August 25th. 

So those are the things I wanted to share with you. So the takeaways course creators are from your course, whether it’s core concepts, core competencies, or modules and lessons break down the results that they get from each and each and individual. One of those that helps people understand what the result they’re going to have is that you were serving up that helps them solve the problem that they’re looking for for your specific people and then deliver it baby. 

Deliver it in an easy way, in a fun way, in an aligned way with who you are. So they get awesome results because happy clients are where we get retention. That’s what we want. That first set of happy clients starts that snowball of momentum. And I would really like a snowball. It’s a hundred degrees out here in Burbank right now. And sweating is very hot. I’m not going to be inside. I mean, I am going to be inside for a day. 

We still want snowballs of momentum to cool us off in the summer. Because we want our business to keep building and building and building 

with that momentum. 

I love you guys. Go forth and make sure you can clearly communicate how you were going to delight and what you’re delivering for your clients in your courses. So that it’s easy for them to say yes so that you can make more sales, make more money, make more profit and be the change you want to see in the world. Create that powerful impact.

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