It’s the summer of sales. So we’re talking more and more about sales. And I think you could be making the mistake that other entrepreneurs make, which is they just try to start selling. They’re like sell, sell, sell, sell, and they’re not getting any results because you don’t want to just sell.

You want to make sure that you’re doing it in a very strategic way and building a sales strategy. 


Sometimes we rightly see the funnel. You guys are familiar with the concept of the funnel. It gets wider, it gets smaller. And we think we build from the wide out. But the idea is that we really want to start building our sales strategy with the end in mind. 

Our future fulfilled, the possibilities of a full course or, you know, a full roster of one-to-one clients or whatever it is. A hundred bags sold a day. That’s for my popcorn product guy. All of these different things. So when you start looking at it, of course, we want to know who we are.

Why It’s Important to Build a Sales Strategy

So I want to start with why it’s so important to build a sales strategy, because if you don’t have a sales strategy. You can’t just sell, you have to have a sales strategy. And the sales strategy I’m going to talk about today is not something that I came up with. I have no idea where it originated from. I’ve learned it from many mentors. 

We all call the different stages, different things, but they’re basically the same. And you want to understand what part of this strategy really helps. And so today I’m going to share the five stages of a really awesome sales strategy and/or the five elements. 

How we start Building

This is the most important part, because again, I think a lot of people start building it from the leg. I’m just going to create a free gift and have people build my list and create my greeting. Growing my community and creating reach, except for the fact that it’s not strategically leaning, leading them from one point to the next.

The whole point of the sales strategy is that we take them baby step by baby step to say yes. To continue to filter them in a way that filters in and keeps in the right folks and filters out the wrong folks. But we have to do it in a very strategic way. So the first step in building your strategy.

Deliver and Delight

We need to start with the deliver and delight stage and why I call it deliver and delight is because we’re delivering our product and services. But more importantly, we want to make sure that we’re delighting these people, that they have a great experience, that they are getting the fricking results. We promised them.

So if we don’t start with understanding our offer. Offer craft is in this stage of building, making sure that we know all the things that we need to know inside of our offer, which is the, who it serves. What are the results they’re going to get? How are you going to do it? Who what, where, when, how, and how long it takes, why it’s now, why now is the right time. 

Those are our important things. Who is our niche? In the delight and deliver stage. As you’re building, you have to know all the things there is to know about your offer and a lot of folks are often talking about the features and not the results that we’re going to serve up on a platter. The tangible halvings in the world as they are important to them. So this is the delight and delivery stage. So you have to know all of that because if you don’t know what you’re delivering to them, what you’re serving up to them, we won’t know if they’re going to be happy. 

If you don’t have that clear, you’re not going to be people who will buy will be like, oh, well I wanted this and I didn’t get this. 

It’s like, when you go to a restaurant and you order spaghetti bolognese and instead you get twirly pasta. And you’re like, no, the drooly pasta is wrong. I wanted spaghetti it’s this long. My kids are very particular about their pasta. So we want to make sure that they are delighted with what we deliver. 

We want happy customers. It creates more customers and helps the snowball of the growth of our business. So we start with product design, program design course design, very, very important to have all of that figured out. So we know what the results are so that we know we’re going to create happy people, because we’re going to sell them the results. That’s part of what we sell. That’s our unique selling proposition or our value proposition or whatever you want to call it. As I like to say, the benefits of the benefits of the benefits, the tangible having they’re going to have, we start with this stage. 

So when you’re creating your sales system, we start building from the end, in mind the results, the possibilities. And we want them to continue to say yes, step by step by step. So as we go the step before that is conversion.


I like to call it the believe it’s possible stage. So inside of this, this is where we get them. Now, the nuts and bolts of it all is this is where we get them to say yes and hand us money, hand me their money. Because they believe that the result that we’re going to deliver is possible, they believe it’s possible for them.

They believe it’s possible in the way that this is being delivered. They believe that it’s possible. And you believe it’s possible for them as well. So we get collective possibilities and they say yes. And they commit to that possibility. That possibility is important in their life enough to put money down and to commit their time to it. Because when we talk about having integrity in life,

integrity in life is where we spend our money. And our time is what’s important to us. So if this result is important enough to them, based on what you’re delivering, they believe it’s possible. They believe it’s possible for them. And that they’ll get those results. They say, yes, that’s the conversion. That’s the conversion of our sale, but we can’t craft our offers.

We can’t create the communication to get them to say yes, if we haven’t figured out what we are delivering, what and how it’s going to delight them. So conversion is the next stage. So when you look at that, because you have done all the work in the crafting, in the delight and deliver stage, you now know what messaging is going to help them say yes. You can now create those connections to get them to say what’s next. 

Lead Generation

And the next stage before that is the lead generation. That’s the taking action stage. So once you understand the possibilities and the results, you can give them what results they need to accomplish beforehand. So that they’re ready for that. 

So as we’re going, we’re filtering out the people who really want this, and it’s important to them that they take the next step. So lead generation could be, they take the step to say, yes, I’m going to join you on a 30 minute consultation, or I’m going to pay for the 30 minute consultation. Or it could be that you have a challenge or a webinar or a masterclass or something.

And they say yes to that next step. They’re willing to commit time, energy, and email address to take the next action. A really good example is there’s somebody in the class I’m in, and she’s a fungswae consultant. And I was, there was something that she said that just, oh, really hit me in the feels. And I was like, oh, I think I want to learn a little bit more about this or get a refresh. I know a decent amount about fungswae. And so we were messaging back and forth. We were creating some connections and building a relationship. And I saw the offer for her masterclass and I gave her my name and email address. So I can take that next step.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a one-to-one conversation, but I’m more than willing to give her my time to listen to her webinar and masterclass. So they take action and they take this action because we have done stuff in the stage before that, where we are creating connections.


Guys, the number one thing that causes high level of conversion is a solid connection, a solid relationship. And the way that we do this is we build a relationship of trust. We build a relationship of common connections, the things that we have in common. 

I have a magic wand. People who think this is interesting or funny, they say yes, or they believe in magic. The way that I believe in magic, tarot cards, all of that fun stuff, that’s a connection point. So these are the things where we start building that relationship of connection so that people really feel it’s a safe place to continue to build that next relationship so that they have a sense of belonging with you. And so that they know that there’s a sense of trust. That’s why when we talk about connection and content plans, we talk about having consistency because that helps build our trust factor. 

Many people talk about the know, like, and trust factor. That’s what we’re infusing inside our sales strategy. And this is that stage in the connection. And we’re building it in relation to some of it is built in direct relation to the things that we are going to deliver, which is why we build it backwards.

Community Building

So last but not least is the community building. I love community because even if you’ve got a list. Some people call it an audience. This is our, our reach strategies, how we are getting out there and meeting more people and inviting them to be with us and creating that reach, whether it’s on social media and Facebook groups, and then having them come to us and connect. 

We start some process of community building. I believe it’s community building, even if it’s just like the 5,000 people that are on the email list, those are my community. I speak to them in a way that we are inside a community together. When I send out my emails, it’s the filter that I love. And I think my folks are the ones that are like, I love community because community is that place where we create, where we start and step into the, who belongs here, which is why having an idea of delight and delivery. And then we have that filter of who we’re doing. 

The community is a bigger, broader aspect of who belongs here. And some of them may or may not be looking for that end result that you’re offering, but they have those connection points. They want to have an experience of building a relationship. They’re looking for something. And you’re the right person, whether you’re a person who sings a song, make it simple to last your whole life long. 

It’s the idea of what are the things that connect us because connection is that key to conversion. And once you have that connection, then people will take action with you. They will trust you enough to give them an email address. They will trust you enough to spend 20 minutes on a Facebook live with you or trust you enough to spend an hour or 90 minutes in a masterclass or a workshop with you and trust you and have to give you some money and believe that the results they’re looking for are possible with you possible for them, with you together. And then you deliver and delight. And once we deliver and delight, they’re really happy with our results. Then more things are possible. The snowball starts to begin and they share, oh my God, I had this great result with Meredith. And she was fabulous. You should check her out today.

I have a consultation with somebody. Who’s a referral from one of my longtime clients. My longtime client is like, oh, you’d be perfect with Meredith. Come check her out. And so that’s why that delight stage is so important because it helps build the snowball as your business gets bigger. 

So those are what I call the five stages. As I said, I have not created them. This is nothing unique, but this is where we start building. We start building from, what are we serving? What are the results? How are we gonna make sure they get results? And they get happy. And then we share with them this information so that they can believe it’s possible so they can take the next step.

They can commit to those results, commit to the time that it takes, commit to the money that it takes so that that dream can be possible. So they can have those results. And we make sure that we’re having the right people come every stage of the way, filtering out the people who aren’t the right fit. Filtering in the people who are the right fit and having them say yes, and take the next step. Yes. And the next step. 

Whether it’s joining my list, joining a challenge, coming to a masterclass or a webinar, joining me for a lead for a consultation conversation, any number of these things in this lead generation, really it’s about having them say, yes, I’ll take another step with you. Yes. I believe this is possible.

It’s because we’ve created connection in some way, shape or form, whether it’s we were in a Facebook group and somebody said something like, oh my goodness, I totally love that. 

I shared in a Facebook group, I’m so proud. My daughter has a logo and a URL for her business. And as an entrepreneurial mom, a mom of an entrepreneur, both right. Super proud. So many people connected. And so many people connected because either they have children who are entrepreneurs, they see the power of being an entrepreneur, like all of these things. And they’re so excited, that creates connection. Does it have anything to do with my business? No, but being a mom is a connection point. Having a spirited kid who’s willing to take on the world could be a connection point. All of these things help us create connection. And then they start to get to know me better. And then they hopefully like me, or  really like love me. And they trust me, they trust me enough, which is why transparency is so important in this stage.

They trust me enough to keep moving forward and saying, yes. And the reach is finding and meeting new people. It’s the dating stage. Sometimes we need to put it out there. Just like in dating who the ideal person is. I’d like to be introduced to more people that love magic or more people that are superhero geeks. 

We got our nonprofit status back for our charity. So you guys will be hearing more about the global superhero initiative for those of you who love superheroes, who love video games and who want to change the world, because that’s what it’s all about. 

Grab Your Personal Sales Strategy Session

Thank you for joining me. And I just want to just remind you that if you’re interested and you want to find out more, I am still running my offer on the summer of sales and in the description above. If you’d like to, you can join me right now, because for the rest of August, I am still running this special. You can get a 75 minute sales strategy session. Anything you want to know about sales, you can ask me anything. We can map out a launch. We can map out your funnel. We can craft your offer so that you’re really clear on the delight and deliver a stage. We can figure out what are the best lead generation strategies for you based on who you are and your skills and all of that fabulous stuff. We can do all of that inside one of these sessions. 

So in the description above, you can click the link and join me for a summer of sales session. It is $111 for a 75 minute session. They are fabulous. I promise you will get exactly what you need. I mentioned the results. This is me doing the thing where I tell you what’s in the offer in the 75 minutes together, we can, like I said, craft a sales strategy, find out what’s going on inside the funnel. You have come up with some great, fabulous benefits that things that we are delivering to delight and deliver really great at craft offer craft so that you can write better posts. Create that connection so that you can get more leads, have a bigger offer. Grow that business.

So that is my offer. I am making it to you. Come join me $111. It’s awesome. And if you have any questions, pop them below. Anything about any of the five stages that we just went over of your sales strategy. Let me know. All right, I’m happy to answer the questions, send me a DM, send me a message below.

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