It sales! It’s one of those things that makes you go, I’d love to make sales, but how, where do I find people? 

So many of these questions are the things that cause people to feel strongly. People really hate the whole concept of sales or sales and marketing in general. And if that is you, I’m here to help. And if you’re new to my world, I’m Meredith Canaan. I am your heart centered business coach who sings out loud all the time and has sales and marketing feel easy and fun because who doesn’t want it to be easy and fun. So today we’re talking about falling in love with sales when it’s easy and you love what you’re doing.

Falling in Love with Sales

We’re here to talk about falling in love with sales, because it’s easy when you’re doing what you love. And so the thing that you want to understand a couple of quick tips to help you is to understand that when you’re a sales and marketing strategy feels like icky part of it can be because it’s not an alignment.

It’s not a strategy that is meant for you, your personality, your business type. It’s possible that some guru or somebody else said, this is how you do marketing. This is how you find the clients. This is how you do the things that you have to do, because the reality is, is through some basic steps in getting clients. But as far as that’s concerned, the thing that’s really important is about having it designed in a way that is best for you. 

So the things that you want to think about in terms of looking at your sales so that you can fall in love with it is what are the things that you love doing? What are the kinds of activities? Are you somebody? If you’re not somebody who loves to speak, then maybe it’s more about short form. I like to talk. I like to be extemporaneous. I am not super structured in my conversations. I have an aptitude for flexing and flowing with improvisation. 

So when things go wrong, like my internet cuts out and kicks me out for the first three minutes of my Facebook live, I can go with the flow. So the question for you when you’re looking at falling in love with sales, is are you doing things that you love? If you’re creative, are you creating a marketing strategy that uses your creations? That uses video, that uses art? 

If you’re somebody who prefers to communicate in writing are your sales strategies, long worded posts that take people to DMS that have them go and have little chats. And if your biggest struggle and biggest challenges in finding clients, that’s next week’s conversation on Monday, come join us live. I’ll tell you more about how to do that.

Design in a Way You Love to Communicate 

It is in my heart center leaders group. We are having live conversations every Monday this week. And to get the zoom information, you need to join the Facebook group, but to really fall in love with sales, it’s about what are the skillsets that you have that are what’s the word, that are your natural ways of being the things that you like to do.

If you don’t like having one-to-one sales conversations. And you’d rather have quick chats over social media and DMS and Facebook or Instagram do it. The idea is that you’re custom designing a sales strategy that works for you and your business. This is how you start to fall in love with what you’re doing.

For example, if you’re like, but I really just, I’m really good at teaching. And I want to teach people how to sew. And I want to teach people how to talk, or I want to teach whatever it is. Use teaching as a part of that sales strategy, have it be teach heavy. That’s why people use webinars and workshops and challenges.

If you’re not into that, teaching teachers zone is not a part of who you are. What is right? What is it? If you’re a craft, you don’t do craft shows. Have more places where you can show off the work or do a crafting workshop. You don’t have to have the camera on. You have the camera on the quilting or the macrame or I know somebody who just launched a membership for cricket. The only reason I found out about it was because I donated some journals and somebody is making some logos for my daughter’s cheerleading. So that’s the first thing. The first thing is that you want to design your sales and marketing strategies around you, your skill sets and the things that you love to do. 

If you don’t love it, it will feel epic and black and you’ll have lots of resistance and you won’t do it.

Also, when looking at part of the main thing to have a good, easy sales and marketing strategy is that it’s the things that you love to do.

It’s the way you love to communicate. So it’s about having it designed that way and in a way that works for your business, hopefully your business is designed for communications in the way that you love to communicate. So that’s the kind of the first step is design it around you, your strengths and what you love, what’s easy for you to do.

For example, I don’t know if you guys have heard of the five love languages. I’m a quality time girl. I love to be with people. So right now my current sales strategy is I’m going to share these great tips and I’m going to invite people to see if they want to have a one-to-one session. I love one-to-one sessions just recently in my business,

I had cut down how many private clients I was taking and I realized I missed them. I want more of them. This is the opportunity for me to spend more quality time, to live in that quality time zone.

One of the things I did in my business early on was originally, I was doing 30 minute coaching sessions, but I’m a quality time girl. I love to get to know everything about everybody. I could tell you all about Dorothy, who is watching live, and her great, great grandkids and her sons and all of the wonderful things about her life and stuff, because she used to be one of my private clients, and I hope she comes back, I love her and know her well.

One of the ways I’ve designed my business is to have that time to get to know people. It’s because I love quality time. So now that may not be you, you may not be an extroverted like myself. So part of it’s about understanding how to design your business. That works for your energy. For your amount of time.

Choose the Right Platform for Your Personality Type

You want to be online for the way you want to show up online. And the second thing is, it is really about choosing the platform that is best for you. That it’s easy. I have to say, I have a biz bestie who is a tiktock and reels queen. And I love her and so excited. She’s one of my biz besties, but I think I have figured out that I have a lot of resistance around the technology of tiktok on my phone. I think they just made Instagram reels available on my laptop. You may start seeing me in reels. It might be that that was the thing that had stopped me.  

So how do you make it easy for yourself? What are the easy technologies?

If you’re not a super fan of technology and you don’t want to do things on zoom and you want to see people in person schedule in-person events. Again, design it around you. I know that was hard during the big C word, which we may have in our house. I hope not my boys got a fever, but how do you continue to design things in a way that works for you?

So again, if you’re a teacher or a speaker and you want to share, run a webinar, teach something. And if you’re not super slides or super structured, do it with an outline like Dorothy said in the chat. Dorothy says she starts her conversations with an outline and transforms them into a spontaneous conversation. Dorothy, you’re my gal. I am the same way. I got bullet points here to help me figure out how this conversation’s going to go and to make sure I don’t forget anything important, but I love the flexibility to chat with Dorothy while she’s here and watching. 

So the other thing that’s really important in terms of sales and marketing is, and I think this is a really important thing for women, especially. 

The Importance of Safety In Sales

So I boosted a post just recently and all of the comments are guys and my target market is women. So technically I wasn’t paying enough attention when I did it. Oops, I make mistakes. One of the things about sales is it can be a very vulnerable conversation. And we want to make sure that our process is designed in a way that’s really safe.

So safety helps it make it feel easy. Safety helps remove that resistance. Safety is that dude it’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, base needs and physiological needs. Safety might be second, whatever, but it’s so important to have that also designed into your sales and marketing strategy. If you don’t feel safe online, if you don’t feel safe in Instagram or Tik TOK or anything else like that, how are you expected to have sales? 

So my invitation for you is, as you’re designing your sales and marketing strategies, to really create it in a way that feels safe to you? If you want to have things more private in DMS, direct messaging, move it along that way. If you don’t want to go live on video, or you don’t want to show your house as a background, because my studio’s internet wasn’t working. So how do you create that? The idea is that your sales and marketing strategies should feel safe. 

They should have boundaries. And part of that is also as you create your funnel, that your funnel is designed to keep the right fit people moving step by step, by step and having the wrong fit people, self filtering out of it. So that’s about really having the idea of who your niche is, knowing your target market, your ideal community, and having that sense of safety created. Because one of the things that makes sales important is that sense of connection. And we can’t have deep connections if we don’t have that sense of safety.

So we want to have that infused in the design. We want to have that infused so that your whole sales process feels easy. So you feel safe to have whatever type of conversations for you to show up. However, you need to show up to be your best self, because one of the things that’s so important to understand is why I want you to fall in love with sales.

Why I want it to be easy for you is that it’s about the opportunity for you to do what you love, to help and serve others. You’re here because you want to create a business that serves from the heart. I’m here because I want to help you make it profitable. And the way to make it profitable is to make more sales. And the way to make more sales is to have a sales and marketing system that is so dreamy for who you are designed based on all of these fabulous things.

And safety is that piece that sometimes we forget. And so often there are systems out there and people teaching you to do things that don’t make you feel safe. Like, Hey, go DM some stranger and say, I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about my website and we have a website business. So it’s kind of embarrassing. So my husband and I last weekend, he’s like, you’re right, it’s embarrassing. Why doesn’t our website look like this? I was like, cause we’re focused on everybody else’s so we fixed that. But part of it is your sales strategies need to feel safe to you. They need to feel easy for you. And if people are having you do things that don’t feel comfortable, stop listening to them.

I have never sent anybody a direct message, a DM that says, Hey, it was nice to meet you. Would you like to buy my thing? Blah, blah, blah. That’s why people feel icky. I will never teach you that this is not a strategy I recommend. It’s about creating that deep connection. So inside that deep connection, it needs to be aligned with who we are. It needs to be you. We need to have that sense of safety because you’re not going to fall in love with marketing and sales. If you don’t feel safe. So we need to have that designed in a way that makes you feel safe. That makes it feel awesome. Have an environment around you that has boundaries around you.

So that environment is safe. And so that the whole sales system is keeping the right people in and having the other people filter themselves out. That’s a really important part about making it. So by the time, if you’re going to have sales conversations, whether it’s through DM’S or whether it’s in a webinar or whether it’s in a private one-to-one sales conversation, that the people that are saying yes to that next step are the right fit. People that you have filtered out, the people that are not a good fit and that you have kept the right people going. Step-by-step incremental steps of yes. That is what our sales system is about is the incremental self-identifying steps. That’s like, yes, that’s me when she thinks, and she’s a little wonky, I like that she’s gotten from free flow. 

To do that we design that in a way that feels great because that safety, the more that you have that safety, the more you feel free to be yourself and express yourself, oh, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey. 

And that’s what I want.

The other thing I want you to take away from this conversation is that oftentimes we have resistance around sales and we don’t love it because we feel like when somebody says no, that it’s about us. And it’s so hard for us, especially if you’re a coach or the service is highly tied.

I’m a coach. So private one to one coaching could feel like it’s about me when they say now is not right. I learned this one in the acting business as well. It’s just not about me per se. It’s about whether it’s a right fit. 

Just like acting, you audition for a part. The question is, do you meet the casting director or the director’s image of what that character is? Maybe, maybe not, sometimes it’s about whether you’re talented or not, but it’s about all of these things and how they come together. And it’s the same thing. 

When you are your product and your service, it’s not about you. I love this quote by sir Anthony Hopkins, the actor, and “it’s none of my business what you think of me”, pretty sure it’s loosely based on his quote. I love this quote. I love to say it all the time, because it’s not, you show up a hundred percent as you and you share quality information to find out if the product or service that you’re selling is the right fit.

It’s not about whether you’re the right fit. It’s about you. Whether you’re the bridge, that’s going to help them get to where they want to go. Whether you’re where the product or service is helping them get to where they want to go. Whether or not the way in which you do it is what I want to go.

So it’s not about you. All right, it’s not about you. 

When you can take that about you out of the picture, then you can help refocus on what we were talking about last week, which is that you get to hold the space of believing. Things are possible. You are the possibility holder in these conversations to help people get what they need.

And if it’s not about you and you’re there holding space, it’s such, you’re much more of that place of service that people talk about that sales can be. And it’s the beauty in what we can offer standing in. Look, I have a great product or service. It helps people go from here to there. And if you want to go there and my product or service is a good fit. Yay. And if it’s not, it’s not about you. It’s not about you being good enough. So if you get triggered by the fact that you’re not a good enough sales person, or you’re not good enough at blah, blah, blah. If you can take that off the table and help it feel easier, and again, then you can start to put your attention on where it really matters, which is focusing on the person in front of you. And I think especially heart-based entrepreneurs. We love that place. We love to be of service. And so your whole business is then about being of service. Your whole marketing and sales strategy is about helping people get to where they want to get to. And having a designed that your marketing is of service, that your sales funnel is of service. 

Sometimes the most powerful conversation is when somebody gets into a sales conversation and they are so clear, no, it’s not a good fit that clear now helps them figure out what they really do need. It might be that they don’t need a coach. Maybe they need somebody to build the funnel for them. Maybe they need a website designer.

So part of that is understanding that no can give so much clarity and it’s your job to help them understand and get clarity. Clarity and service. If you can wear that hat and understand that that’s what your marketing is doing, then it can be so much easier. 

Then just let your true color shine, like let it all out and express in the way that you want to express. Whether that’s quietly, privately typing away. I have a couple of my, one of my biz, my other biz bestie is an introvert. You know, she’s found a way to make it all work for her and her nice introvert itself, working with flow, things like that.

You design a funnel that’s made for you. If you don’t want to be out and talking and chatting and all that stuff, don’t do it. Don’t do summits. Don’t do talking, do something else. Write beautiful articles, create like instructional manuals, do videos where you don’t have to show up. There is a right market for you and your style.

I promise you they’re out there. So that is the gist of what I wanted to talk about today, in how you can really fall in love with sales. 

Quick Recap on How to Fall In Love With Sales

So I’m just going to recap is to design it based on who you are, so that it’s easy, make sure that you’re using platforms and that your system is designed for a communication style that works for you.

Make sure that your whole funnel creates a sense of safety for you and for the people who are wandering through it and inside it, making sure that it has nice solid boundaries. It has a nice foundation of safety. So people can create that deep connection, because that’s what we want. Deep connection creates high levels of conversion. People want to buy products and services from people that they know.

We’ve all heard that before. So that sense of safety is super important. 

And then last but not least remember that it’s not about you and that it’s your job to just help them see if it’s a right fit, hold this space of believing that their dreams are possible, especially when they can’t hold those dreams being possible for themselves, letting it not be about you.

And if they say no, providing that clarity, because the clarity can help them get to that dream. Even if that no is not about working with you. You could be the one that gives them that lightning bolt that aha, that clarity that gets them their dreams. And they’ll be forever thankful for that, whatever it is all right now, because it’s the Summer of Sales and I am helping people out.

I am offering a special 75 minute sales strategy session. If it’s something that you’re interested in. 

So if you want to help figure out how we custom design a whole sales strategy and marketing system that works for you, we can do that and get started and get some clarity and make sure that we know the steps and figuring it out so we can help you craft an offer that works for you.

We can craft the funnel and the sales system that’s designed for you in a 75 minute session. Normally it’s $297 for these sessions, but in my summer of sales right now, it’s $111. It’s one of those very fun and amazing angel numbers. I’m posting it in the chat. So if you’re interested and you want to check it out for only $111, you can have a 75 minute sales session with me and we can design a sales system that you will love. That will feel easy. That will feel amazing so that you can make a lot. So you can improve your income, increase your income, make more sales, make more profits so that you can live your dreams so that you can fulfill what you want. 

Help them get their dreams so you can help get your dreams. 

That is it for today. I love you. Let’s lead a legacy of love together. I want you guys to have the business of your dreams, have the life of your dreams. And one of the things that I see, the way I’m doing it is having a sales and marketing strategy that works for you.

I want you to fall in love with your sales process. I want it to be easy for you. I want it to feel juicy and comfortable so that you get excited about it. I don’t want you to have that sense of dread because it’s such an important thing about being an entrepreneur. 

And if you’re interested in our talk next week, three ways to get leads, and we’re going to be talking about it and doing some training every Monday in July. And that information is inside my Facebook group, the heart centered leaders. So if you want to join the Facebook group, you can go ahead and do that.

If you would like to learn more about Overcoming Sales Resistance listen in right here.

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