I am Superman and I can do anything. 

Okay. Maybe I’m not Superman, but I should be. 

Do you know what your super powers are? Are you clear what those things are that are innate in who you are as a coach, as a business owner, as an entrepreneur? 

Sometimes speaking is one of my super powers. 

What are those superpowers that you have? 

It’s really, really helpful when creating a business that you have your super powers at the forefront of what you’re doing, that they are the things, especially because, they’re your superpowers. 

I’m sure you guys may or may not know this, but I am a superhero. I’m a superhero in so many different ways. And it’s not that I just also played one in the comic books. Yes, I am actually in a comic book as a superhero fun fact in the late 1990s. I was the embodied lady pen dragon, and I think image comics is celebrating their 33-year anniversary.

Anyway, Matt Hawkins, shout out to Matt. I was his lady pen dragon for his comic book. We did a live issue. So you guys know how much superheroes and superpowers are at the forefront of everything that we do.

Now, I don’t have x-ray vision or super vision in any way, shape or form. 

My superpowers, you guys know that I’m ADHD. I’ll be honest. My ADHD has some very cool super powers. One of them is that I’m a multi-dimensional thinker. Really cool. Helps me with brilliant strategy. It has some negatives, but they are not part of the forefront of my business.

So when you think about your superpowers, are you clear what they are? 

Know What Your Super Powers Are

First and foremost, understanding what your superhero power is, what your super powers are. That’s step number one. To make sure that they are being used in your business.

Super powers might be the fact that I make things pretty insignificant and I make an ass of myself. Can I say that on Facebook live? I think I just did anyway. Fully self-expressed.

I’m open, I’m here and I’ve been an entertainment my whole life. And so as a business coach, I might be a little more entertaining than some of the other coaches out there. That’s what makes me unique. My background in improv and acting and all of those things help me.

I’m an amazing listener because I learned it as an actress. And then I learned it again as a coach. To be in the moment in acting, you have to give your whole attention to people. I’m really good at that. It’s in improv, especially in all about being in the moment and being present. 

So the questions for you are:

  1. Are you clear on what your super powers are? That’s step number one and a part of it is your, just your super powers in general in life. I’m a relationship queen.
  2. So the question is, do you know your super powers and your super powers in life are probably similar to your super powers in your business? So the second thing is, do you know how to incorporate and weave those super powers as a part of an asset in your business?

Because you are a big asset in your business, your brand super powers are part of your brand. Your essences are part of your brand. And understanding how these all come together in what you do in your business. 

For example, my biz bestie, Gary, his super powers are the systems. He makes things really efficient and I am not so much the system person.

So I’m really good at connecting people. So I connected myself with Gary so that I have somebody in the system who can help me out. One of my other super powers is I’m a connector just the other day I was commenting in one of the memberships that I belong to about something, and I was like, oh my goodness, I have a client, a former client who would be a great fit for you over here. I’m a natural connector. And when I use it for business, I can create partnerships or collaborations, a better way to say it. I can create collaborations with people to help each other. 

Now, does it necessarily benefit me? No. But does it benefit the world? Heck yeah. Especially people that have alignment, they have similar purposes. I think these ladies are going to get along beautifully. I can’t wait to make that introduction. 

So first and foremost, know your superpowers. Secondly, be clear on how your superpowers are living within your business, how you’re utilizing them as an asset and make sure that your super powers have support structures.

Those are the things that you’re doing in business, because sometimes if you’re a startup or you’re just getting started, you’re doing all of the things. And you’re spending time in those areas. That might be your zone of suckiness, not your zone of genius. Your super powers are your zone of genius. So if you’re stuck in your zone of suckiness, make sure that you have a support system to spend time in your area of genius in your super powers on a regular basis in your business.

So if it’s client work, make sure you’re spending time with your clients so that you have that experience of being with your clients. Instead of like banging away at the accounting. Look, we have to do our numbers. We have to track our money so we can be best friends with her. But for some of us it’s not our strong suit.

Some of us have dyslexia, dysgraphia number issues. I don’t have number issues so much as I just get really blurred as an ADHD person, boring tasks are really hard. So the more I spend time. So if I’m going to do my books, for example, I like to do it with my clients. That’s one way to spend time to get my social on, to get my helpful energy, to be able to coach while I do my numbers, it makes it so much easier. 

So I get to be present to those super powers, to continue, to reinforce the places I love, to have that feeling of confidence growing and getting something done that I’m not so great at. So it does multipurpose.

So my question for you is if you’re spending time, not in your superpowers, not in your zone of genius, why not? And ask yourself, how can I spend more time doing those things? Because when we’re creating sustainable businesses, doing things that are easy and fun for us should be at the forefront, or at least should be on the regular.

If you find that you’re in your business and it always feels like a drag, you’re having super amounts of resistance. Not that any of us ever have resistance, I’m writing a webinar. I might be having a little bit of resistance. 

So make sure that you balance it out by doing something that is in that super power zone.

And if you’re not clear about your super powers in the business, especially if you’re a coach, a healer, a counselor, or something like that, my friend, Heather, she’s the Canadian coach. She has this really cool super power quiz. It only takes you a few minutes, so you can check it out, find out what your super powers are.

Find out what your superpowers are, make sure that they are at the forefront of your business. Make sure you are clear on what they are. Make sure that you are at least playing around in your super powers on a regular basis. 

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