Oh my goodness, it’s December. Are you trying to think to yourself, oh my goodness, I can’t believe the year is almost over. How am I gonna finish strong? How am I gonna keep going? Are you starting to get a little distracted by all the things you have to do for the holidays? 

Especially if you’re a parent and you have lots of shopping and kids and all kinds of things that you gotta handle and manage in addition to your business so that you’re not super losing your focus.

How do you finish strong? 

2022 is coming to an end. 

Hey, it’s me, Meredith Canaan, and you are here for the Meredith Canaan Show. I am your business coach to help the Neurodiverse entrepreneurs who maybe struggle with a little focus and who are super brilliant and creative, but think just a little bit differently. 

I’m here to give you a couple of tips to help you finish the year strong.

Set Boundaries and Deadlines

And I think the number one thing that can really help because there’s so many things, is to give yourself the official boundary deadline and set the date. Whether it’s December 16th, 18th, 21st, who knows, whatever the date is, it’s up to you to set the time and the date in which you stop working. And I highly recommend as a business owner that you do.

You turn off, you shut down and you get it all done as best as you can so that you can be with your family and focus on time spent with your family and think about work when it’s time for work. 

Creating those boundaries can be super helpful in finishing strong. Also, it gives you the deadline and the end point. Just like running a marathon, which I did in 2001, that’s a story for another day. 

Knowing that there is a finish line can help you keep motivated. Whether you’re pushing to finish strong or you’re ease down the road, ease on down, ease on down the road. Getting to the finish line. Easy and relaxed. Either way you do it. Having a clear finish line, a clear end date makes finishing the year strong possible. 

Whether you’re actually pushing or easing is entirely up to you. You could just slide into the holidays and say, I’m just gonna let it be what it’s gonna be. 

Reflection on Goals

Another thing that can be very helpful is a lot of times at this time of year, we are starting to think about the goals we set.

I have an income goal and in 2022, I was gonna hit this goal. I didn’t hit it. And the question is, do you wanna put the gas on to hit the goal? Do you wanna reevaluate the year and go, well, here are the three or four things that contributed to the fact that I didn’t hit my goal. And do I wanna try to push really hard or do I wanna adjust the goal and be happy with what I chose?

There’s a lot of mindset work that can happen at this time of year as an opportunity to look at assessing and reassessing. It’s part of our seven steps to the neurodiversity planning framework. It’s the whole point of assessing and looking at things, looking at the smarter goals that you created and figuring out what contributed to whether or not you’re hitting them.

And so maybe it’s time to set a new goal today on what finishing the year strong looks like to you. So A, we set the date B, we redefine, assess or define what finishing the year strong means to us. Whether it means finishing it strong on an easy path into our holiday season. It can be anything that you choose. Whatever is gonna help keep you the most centered.

Another thing to look at is what are those things that you need to be able to put that deadline on there and turn off, close the business down, do whatever you can to give your family vacation, et cetera. The full focus it deserves. Should you choose to do it that way?

I recommend it. I still struggle a bit, but it is my goal. It is my absolute goal to do that and to be present with my family. So step one, set that end date. What’s the end of the year? What’s the date it needs to be done? Two, what defines the end for you? What does finishing strong look like?

Is it time to assess and reassess those goals so that you can start from today till December 16th, 18th, 15th, 21st, whatever day it is you choose to finish strong. What day does your year end? That’s completely up to you. 

And what are the things that you need to put in place to set yourself up powerfully for finishing?

So that whatever your start date is, whether you’re coming back January 4th, January 10th, January 15th, whatever that looks like to you, what is it that you need to have in place so that you can start strong as well? 

Example of Setting these Boundaries

So a perfect example of this. If you guys are interested in how to grow your community, even if you’re inconsistent. How to consistently grow your community when you’re an inconsistent kind of individual. Like myself, I have a a masterclass on January 27th. So a lot of the things that I’m doing in December are so that when I come back in January, I can have a lot of that stuff set up so that it’s really easy because I gotta start promoting January 5th or something like that to make sure that the people get the information.

So those are the questions in terms of what do you need to get shut down powerfully and what do you need to have accomplished so that when you come back you can ease your way again. Ease your way back into work, ease on down, ease on down the road. We’re going to ease on down. Apparently ease on down is the song for today so that you can get powerfully set up for 2023.

So those are my quick little tips on how to finish strong. Set the date, whatever the date is that the finish line is. So you’re really clear on your finish line. Define what it is that you really wanna accomplish, whatever that reassessed goal can be. And then, what are the needs that you need to have set up to get it powerfully closed and powerfully set up to ease right into 2023.

This is Meredith Canaan and as this is December, just in case you’re curious, these Facebook lives may be coming out randomly next year. So if you haven’t had a chance and you’re watching me live, click the notification to get notified when I go live. For 2023 I’m going to take to heart my creating and growing community consistently while I’m inconsistent about it and I’m changing things up for 2023.

And as you are looking, if you’re looking to do some planning, I do have spaces for some private clients to get some individual planning. If you wanna have a three hour planning session right now, that’s available for $497 on special for three hour vip. If you’re looking to get yourself set up now before the year is over so that you can ease into 2023 with a powerful plan to make life easy for you to focus and know what to do and get things done.

So you can check that out. Also I do have a few spots for some VIP private sessions. I don’t always have some, but I do have three spots available. If anybody’s looking for some private coaching, you can just comment below, let me know if you’re interested or you can send me a private message through Facebook cause I get a little overwhelmed in email sometimes.

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