Hello. I finally made it. I know you guys were missing me at 1215, but I was having lunch in Beverly Hills and there was no signal, like the land of the no zone. And so I rescheduled. So if any of you were dying to have this information, because I know there’s some of you out there as entrepreneurs who just struggle so much with getting things done and even before that, just getting things started. 

Oftentimes, especially those of us that are neurodiverse or a little neuro quirky, whose brains work a little differently, you know, the getting started and activation part of it can be so difficult and some of that common advice out there really doesn’t work for our neurodiverse brains. 


Doing the Hardest Thing First Doesn’t Always Work 

And one of my favorite examples is where they say, Oh, you should absolutely pick the hardest thing and get it done first and then the rest of your day feels easy. 

Yeah, I’m just gonna say that again. 

No, that is not how a neurodiverse brain works. 

One of the most important things that happens to people is that we forget how to chunk things down into the smallest itty bitty. I mean the SMALLEST itty bitty pieces.

Those are the steps we need to take to make thing happen. Those small ones that Elmo can do. Cuz you know, he’s three and a half. Clearly I’m a mom of kids, watched way too much Elmo in the early years. But the idea works for my kids just as well. As much as it works for entrepreneurs, you have a big project, whether it’s a launch or a webinar, or I’m gonna create a new opt-in gift. And you have to break it down into each component and you have to break down each component into the littlest videos of baby steps. And once you have it down to those little itty bittiest baby steps, I recommend that you take the easiest step first.

The idea of doing the hardest thing first. You’re just gonna sit there and stare at your screen and be like, Oh, it’s hard, it feels too big. And it can be so complicated. And oftentimes we have such emotional anxiety or stress about getting something done that the bigger the thing is, the even bigger it feels. And so one task that might seem to take, Oh, I can get this done, it’ll only take me 20 minutes, feels like it’s gonna take me a hundred hours. And with time blindness, it makes it so much more complicated. 

Chunk Your Projects Down

So again, my tips for you in terms of getting started Is a chunk it down until it’s the littlest of bittiest tasks. I mentioned in my masterclass recently that even just creating the Google folder for the project, it’s a task I got accomplished. I have my folder that says Best selling book. And then I created a document inside of it. I’m not even sure if I have any words on the document yet. I started to have an outline come through. I might have five words, but that is a step towards my book. It is, and it’s the baby step.

It’s the first little step. 

Even projects like guys, you may have heard how much I cannot stand doing the dishes. And today I was like, Okay, great, I’m just gonna start on the cups. Just one. Just super simple. I’m just gonna start on the cups and if I get the cubs accomplished, I’ve gotten something accomplished.

So how small can you chunk it down? This is my best advice for you. If you get stuck getting started and getting things done. And then once you have it down into that little task, like just doing the cups in the dishes, not the straws, not the plates, not the bowls, not the whole kitchen full of dishes, but just the cups. Then I’m gonna be like, yay, I got something done and I’m going to celebrate and I’m gonna do the easiest thing first, easiest thing first so that I can celebrate and accomplish and be like, Yay. Because that energy of the snowball and the accomplishment helps me understand and gives me some momentum that I can snowball that success of a super easy win.

I was talking to one of my clients about something and it was about a project that had lots of people that were speaking and having to invite them to be on the social media channels. And I was like, Who’s the easiest person to ask? Ask the easiest person. And then when the easiest person says yes, then you can go to the next hardest person.

Whether it’s the person you know the best, it’s your bestie. At this point, my bestie Stasha and I hardly even ask each other. We’re just like, Hey, I got this thing, you’re gonna do it. Okay, great. Yay. I’m assuming the answer is yes. It’s a whole other conversation.

But as far as getting things done, easiest, simplest, smallest, get the win. That win will help you feel better. Your shoulders will straighten. You’ll be like, I got something done today. I got something done today. Even if it’s sending one email, do one follow up to one person. How small can you make it? That is the question that I challenge you.

And I want you to post below. What was the easiest, smallest task you did? And did you celebrate? I did it. I got it done! So that you feel good about yourself. Because that’s the momentum and the snowball that can help you get to the next step on the project. But if you take the hardest step and you fail at it, then you go down that downward spiral of emotion. 

Like, I’m not good enough and I can’t get it done. And I thought it was the…And emotionally we can’t afford that. Especially if you’re struggling, you’re challenged, or if it’s a new business. I want you to take the easy wins, the easiest, easiest wins you can and snowball those until your project’s done. One baby step at a time.

That is my rant for today. It’s not really my rant, but those are my solutions to really help you and you’re not alone. The neurodiverse among us, the ADD, the autistic, the learning disabled. I have a bajillion disabilities left and right. Find what’s easy. I have my business designed around what’s easy.

It’s easy for me to talk and have this conversation with my audience and my community, especially when I see the little sign that somebody’s watching. It makes it easier. Because I know I’m having a conversation, but if I have to try to put this on paper, it’s not a good thing for me. It’s not my easiest way to do it.

So my easiest way to start showing up consistently and creating consistent content was to put a time on my calendar. I show up here Friday at 12:15 and then when I have no signal, like today I reschedule, but I showed up. 

Today’s Recap

So just to give you the recap, when you’re struggling with getting things done or even getting things started, I want you to figure out what you wanna get done and chunk it down to the babys. The easiest, any little baby step. You can even do it that small of a step. Then I want you to do that one thing. The easiest, not the hardest, not the biggest, not the whole chunk of the project, the easiest thing. I want you to do that. And then I want to celebrate, accomplish, feel that I got something done.

I don’t care if you feel silly, give yourself a pat in the back. Do something to celebrate. I got one thing accomplished. And then you can go off and do something else. 

Or you can let that momentum snowball the energy and the motivation to get the next thing on the list done. Because once you feel like you’re accomplishing something, that energy helps you move forward.

So these are my tips to help in terms of if you’re struggling to get started and you’re struggling to get things done, don’t do the hardest thing first. Do the easiest, make it the smallest. Make it super simple, opening a Google Doc and naming it. If that’s all you can do, do it great.

Or just the cups. Just the cups at the dishes today. It’s one of my biggest challenges. Always my challenge. The dishes, they are my nemesis. All right, that is today on the Meredith Canaan Show. 

That is what I’m sharing with you as your business coach, as your heart centered person. I want you to live from your heart and work with your brain and design your business that rocks.

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