It’s Halloween weekend and we love all things Halloween. I love Halloween. My hubby loves Halloween. So I just wanted to do a Facebook live to talk about the joys of Halloween and pretending.

There is so much fun in dressing up. I’m a sunglasses person. “Yes. Do you know the code? Do you understand the AI that develops?” 

Well, honestly, I’m so excited about Molotov girl and of course you’ll have a good guess who Cap is going for for Halloween. I’ll give you, we go together like ram a lam a lam a dingy dignity dingty dong.

So I think it’s time to unlock our DNA to check out the code that makes us awaken into our true potential. It’s one of the reasons I love this character. 

So if you’re not familiar with Free Guy, Molotov girl is the character who designs the code. She’s one of the coders that designs the game in which the Free Guy. Oh, spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen it anyway, it’s so good. I probably shouldn’t say anything else. I’ll try to keep it anyway. I’ll just say coding and video games is so much fun. And so much of what we do in our life is about the code and how we’re designed and all of these cool things in how we show up out in the world, how we present ourselves and what people really want is our authentic art. Our strike that we’re aligned, what they really want is our authentic selves. They really want to see us in our full glory of who we are as human beings, making mistakes. Like I just did seriously. That wasn’t intentional. That was an honest tongue twisting of the day. But it’s one of those things.

Oftentimes we show up in the world and there is some type of costume. Maybe not armor. Maybe not armor, but sometimes we do. We have an armor around us. That’s keeping our authentic selves out, keeping it from being seen. But as a coder, what are the things and how are you designed?

If you’re in my blog post, my Facebook group, check out my Love, Lead and Shine training inside my free Facebook group so that you can decode who you are authentically. I’ll give you a hint. It’s what we call the seven essences of letting your true colors shine. And it helps us be that authentic person that helps attract people. But it’s also about sharing all of the things that we love.

Why We Love Halloween

We are obsessive about Halloween. It is the only time of year that our house is decorated. We have all, and every year we buy new stuff for our Halloween. So if anybody wants to talk about all the things that they love about Halloween, absolutely let’s talk. Yesterday, we went to the pumpkin patch so much fun, and we’re going to have a bounce house and trick or treat of course, and my hubby and I, we always dress up well because we love costumes. We love costume play. We are those kind of people. I would show you the rest of the costume, but considering it’s just from here, I only put all the costume on from the top up. But look at this awesome handmade, custom armor Cap made it cause he’s awesome.

So what are the things that you guys love about Halloween? It’s pretending to be somebody we’re not pretending to be? Super powers that we might not actually have in the real world. Having magical powers, being a dragon, somebody in my family is dressed as an Endo dragon, and one of them is going to be dressed as a fairy.

Oh my goodness. I love my family so much. And somebody is going to be a character or characters from a video game. Cause it’s the game of life. We love to play all things Halloween. So if you didn’t know this, I absolutely love everything. Flavored pumpkin. Pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pop tarts, pumpkin spice lattes.

I’m sure I said that one first, if I didn’t, you guys know I’m posting about pumpkin spice, lattes the coffee, all things. Pumpkin fun fact. When I was pregnant with Mason seven years ago, I couldn’t eat anything pumpkin. There was a place that we went to that had these amazing pumpkin shakes. I had like three sips of it and I was like, “Oh my goodness!” Mason did not want me eating pumpkin while I was pregnant with him. So I couldn’t, it was a weird season for me, but I’m looking forward to pumpkin pie when Thanksgiving arrives, of course, we still haven’t been able to find it in the stores. Anybody else having a lack of pumpkin, right now? 

Halloween carving pumpkins dressing up. So much of this is about the adventure and the play. We have a teal pumpkin. If you’re not familiar with the teal pumpkin, I’m going to do a broadcast on teal pumpkins. 

Do You Have a Teal Pumpkin?

So some people in the world have food allergies. And our family we’ve experienced food allergies. We have friends with peanut allergies. We have all kinds of things. So there is a puppy dog on the set. If you didn’t notice, it’s not an earthquake, it’s puppy dog. But some of our friends can’t eat candy and things like that. So if you have a teal pumpkin, you put out a teal pumpkin, you let people know that you have other things to give out like bubbles or stickers or erasers or some little fun treats that aren’t edible.

So we are one of those houses. We help take care of awareness for people who have food allergies and can’t have all the candies and the yummies. My kids don’t do very well with food dye. So I remember when McKenzie was four. For a year, we were living in New Orleans and she walked up to every house. “I can have anything that has food dye. I can have anything that has red food dye. I can have anything.”:

 So she just went, give me the chocolate, give me the things to help them understand better. Because she and red food dye do not go very well together. A lot of people have issues. 

So that’s my PSA for today. If you don’t know about teal pumpkins and food allergies, you can join up, get yourself a teal pumpkin. 

Different Traditions and Celebrations

Let’s talk about this spiritual side of Halloween. We are working in a way with Halloween. The veil between the worlds is thinning in that pagans. It’s Sao Wayne. Anybody who thinks it’s Sam Hain, it’s incorrect. It’s Sal Wayne. That is the pronunciation of the holiday. 

This is where we can really connect with our spirit guide. So if you haven’t taken an opportunity, this is a great time. We have Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”). We have all Saints Day. We have the Day of the Dead. These are different holidays that are all around this time.

That talk about honoring our ancestors, honoring saints, honoring those that come before us about connecting into the spirit, connecting into all of these different, powerful, magical energy sources. So it’s your opportunity to connect with any of these things. It’s not just about the candy because although those of you who know that sugar is bad for us, right? Maybe we shouldn’t eat tons and tons of candy. Maybe you just have some limits, but seriously, I’m a Kit-Kat, Heath bar, loving girl Twix. I like the chocolate stuff, but I’m also perfectly happy with Skittles and Starbursts. I do like my fruity, my husband is not a fruity candy kind of person. 

Anyway, again, these are so many things about having fun. And as a time of year that I absolutely love.

I’d love for you to take on any of these things. Remove the armor and show some of your authentic self, have some fun and play and let those true colors shine. Who are you pretending to be? Maybe it might be time to reveal it’s me. I need to add the pink streaks in the hair. Yes. What are the things that you can bring in that level of connection? Get some guidance, tap into the energy, whether it’s the saints, the ancestors, the energy of anybody that you believe in the veil beyond channel in and tune in to the energy that Halloween provides to help give you guidance on your business. 

And of course, last but not least, have fun. This is our opportunity to play and have fun. Because I love Halloween and, oh, it’s also a time where we like to have that adrenaline jump. Some of us like to go and get scared and like to have that, oh my goodness, go through a haunted houses and get spooked and do all of those things. It’s a great opportunity for us to use Halloween to figure out what you are really scared of? What are those fears and how do you step through them in a powerful way? 

Using Halloween to Grow Inside Your Business

So may Halloween be an opportunity for fun and for growth inside your business and why not get dressed up? Maybe if you haven’t already figured out who you’re going to be for Halloween, who would you want to be? How do you want to show up in your business? Maybe it’s time to put on a wonder woman or warrior goddess outfit and say, this is who you see yourself as in the world, or be the superhero that changes the world and makes a difference. 

Oh guys, I just want to let you know, as we’re talking about holidays, I just today decided that I’m going to do something at the end of November and through December called Canaanonaka.  My last name’s Canaan. For those of us who are celebrating, we’re going to do eight days of miracles and light. And I’m going to give away prizes, just like people do Christmas stuff. We’re going to do Canaanonaka style, bringing the light and the miracles to you. And I will be telling you guys more about it. But if you have any interest in finding out aboutCanaanonaka, eight days of love, light miracles for you. Send me a little note in the chat.

Have an amazing fun-filled weekend. Enjoy Halloween. However you do connect. Step through fear, play, play, play, play, play, and maybe eat the candy or go to the houses. If you don’t want candy, that has a little bubbles and other fun things for people glow sticks with those teal pumpkins.

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