Today’s conversation is all about how do we express? How does your community? How do you express love and affinity inside your community? And I think one of the things that we want to talk about first is how do you express yourself? And so how are you expressing yourself, especially inside your communities? 

If your community is inside Facebook because right now a lot of us are social distancing and we are not necessarily seeing people out in the world. Because I know when we get to see people in the world, I’m going to hug you guys because, oh my goodness. That’s what I really want to do is give you guys lots of hugs. I’m thinking about just scheduling a live event, just to be able to like hug and the hangout. Let me know if you’re interested in that anyway. 

But in the meantime, a lot of us are having our engagement and interaction with our community online and in different ways. Hopefully you guys can hear me with all this crazy background noise. I see people. 

So anyway, here’s the question.

How are you expressing yourself?

When you guys are there, how are you expressing yourself? What is the format that you are using to express all of your stuff? Are you a video person? Are you a, I want to do a Facebook live and I want to chat with you guys.

If you’re a speaker, are you doing audios? If you guys like to talk and chat, you might check out clubhouse. 

What’s the format that really speaks to you the most. Are you an image person sending gifs? The means and things like that. So one of the things is, do you have an opportunity in the communities that you belong to the like, shoot a quick little video and say, Hey, I’m having a breakdown or, Hey, I’m having a breakthrough. 

Do you have the ability to tell your stories and experience things like that? So one of the things to think about is, what’s the format that you want to use, that you feel the most connected to when expressing yourself?

I do Facebook lives and I do video because it’s the format that I like. I seem to be pretty decent at it. And I feel like I get an experience of what’s going on. So that’s why I like videos. So I like to belong. I belong to some communities where they let you shoot a quick video and share some information and introduce yourself and all these things.

So, one is that format. Are you expressing yourself? I was in a community and somebody painted a picture of something that I was doing that was inspiring them. That’s awesome. Painting something, sharing means sharing those things. So that leads into our next question…

What are the things and how do you express yourself inside these communities?

The other thing is really taking the opportunity to share yourself. Not from an artificial place. So are you expressing yourself utilizing, sharing your full self, sharing your feelings. When we share love and affinity, if we are able to trust, if we feel that we have safety, value, love, and belonging inside our communities, then we can be open when we’re having a shitty day or we can be we’re having the best day, but really being able to make sure that you get honored, valued, and heard inside your community. 

But it means that you need to share, share openly, share honestly, share from a place of heart and integrity. And then the other thing you want to make sure that you’re doing is let your personality fly. I mean, cause if you can’t let your quirkiness or your snarkiness or your I’m a little entertaining this or whatever it is like even your nerdiness.

If you want to share some facts and details, you want to like a grok, the details or geek out on something, you know, when you’re in the right community, you can do that. You can share your quirks. 

Oh, Narwhals, we’ve been reading a lot about narwhals with my son. If you guys haven’t, if you have young kids and the Narwhal books, peanut butter and jelly, man, my kid loves that. When I’ve read it a hundred times, narwhals horn is actually a tooth, a tub, like okay. Fun fact. My nerdy friends will understand how much that’s awesome.

It’s exhausting not to be yourself. And so when you are letting all of your true colors, shine, you are doing a service to everybody, especially yourself. Because when you let your true color shine and people get to love and appreciate you, by the way, Pat Galo from GrowHealth4U love and appreciate you. Then you have that opportunity to feel that sense of value and affinity.

And then you share more love and affinity with other people because they honor you. And so here’s another number three.

When to Let Your True Colors Shine

Is that when you let your personality out. When you let it shine, wholeheartedly unabashedly, unapologetically. Either way, those people who really get an opportunity, love you, get a chance to know you. Be with you in that experience of you and people.

They love integrity. They love authenticity. They love to see it when you’re not faking it. Cause guys that whole faking, it just doesn’t work. Like Pat said. “It’s exhausting to not be yourself.” Thank you Pat, Pat for that one.

We Get What We Give

And then last but not least, when you want to share love, affinity, express, love, and affinity inside your community comment and engage with the other people. We get what we give. And many of us are heart-centered. Entrepreneurs are people that are interested in serving. What we want to do is make a profound difference for people.

So comment, share, use those talents and gifts. Then you are given to really make a difference for other people. If somebody is posting questions about tech, then you have to be a tech expert. My clients that are tech experts know what I’m talking about. And somebody posts a question. That’s where it’s your opportunity to say, Hey, I can save the day. I know the answers to your questions. 

So don’t hide it. Don’t try to cover it. Cover your greatness. Like Marianne Williamson says, “you know, it’s our fear to outshine people,” okay, I’m going to totally kill the quote. But the gist of what she’s saying is that we’re afraid to shine because we don’t want to out shine somebody else. We don’t want to look better or above somebody else, but you know what, it’s your job. It’s your job to shine. Let your genius show. If you have the opportunity to contribute some of your brilliance inside one of these communities, please do it. Absolutely do it. That’s how we share that love and affinity. That’s how it really has a powerful impact because both you’re providing value and get my hands on the screen.

You’re providing value and people are feeling valued. And when we honor each other, we help them. We provide them value. The experience of value, love, safety, belonging, all of those things inside our community grows. Every time you serve and help somebody, their sense of trust and belonging inside that community grows. They’re like, oh my goodness.

Pat gave me a tip about so-and-so or somebody else said this was awesome. And I really needed to feel great today. Maybe you just give a shout out to everybody and say, Hey, I think you’re great. You’re doing great today. I belong to a membership called you’re doing great. Shout out to Jade anyway. And it really is just about a place for me to go.

If I need to have a little pick me up. Because sometimes we need them. So provide value. 

Quick Recap of My Tips

So those are my tips. So just in case you need a recap. Be in community and share in formats that you love. Like if you’re a visual artist, share paintings and pictures. Share awesome little means and then make sure that the format’s awesome.

Then make sure that you share yourself openly. Honestly. And from that heart, absolutely come from the place to take a chance, take a risk. If you risk inside the community, others will too. And it deepens the intimacy in the relationships there. If you’re willing to do that. Oh, I love this one. Oh, oh. I didn’t even see the top of it.

All I saw was the community word, but love, Love then Lead community is a great place to get value, support and belonging. Thank you. Love you. I didn’t even ask her to do that, but maybe I should pay her. I don’t know. I’m just kidding. And then the last, so number three is to let your personality shine. 

If you’re a snarky, be snarky guys I’m you might know this I’m snarky. And I might randomly sing out all the time. Sing, sing a song. Oh, I have a new one. I’m thinking about for my birthday people. I might even have to make a video and then last but not least. Give, when you show up and give and you support others, they will show up and give back. 

We get what we give. When you’re in a community, show up inside the communities that you belong to the way you want your people to show up inside your community. I’m pretty sure I heard that one from Stu McLaren. So I’m repeating his brilliance or wherever he heard it from. 

So those are my fabulous tips on how you express love and affinity inside your communities.

I have to tell you I’ve thought about sharing. Go out there and let your true colors shine.

Let’s lead a legacy of love together and I will see you next Friday for just another love on Friday.

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