Just another Live on Friday. I’m live on Friday. Oh, whoa. Just another Live on Friday. Hey everybody. It’s Meredith Canaan here and we are here to talk about your essences. 

Are you trying to figure out if your business is designed best for who you are so that it will be sustainable and amazing? 

Well, one of the things that I teach people is how to uncover, discover, and live your life from your seven core essential ways of being. I call them your seven essences to letting your true colors shine. 

And how does this relate to your business? 

When we talk about designing our businesses from an aligned and divine perspective, it’s about designing your business based on you. Oh, it’s about designing it based on you and who you are at your core, how your best and easiest ways of being are the ones that will dictate how to live easily inside of your business. How to have things be sustainable, enjoyable, have it be a business that is an expression of who you are. So one of the things to think about when looking at your business design, for example, if you’re really playful, which I am.

How is that infused into your business? Is it that you start your Facebook live by singing every week? Maybe it’s my right fit. People love that about me and the people who don’t aren’t my folks. And I’m best when speaking, speaking is my easiest form of communication. You guys may or may not know that I have dyslexia dysgraphia, a whole bunch of other neurodiverse issues where to be perfectly honest, writing is not my strong suit. I struggle. I struggle getting my thoughts on paper. And so my business is designed from the essence of speaking. Well, from my strength of speaking, and my essence is of playfulness, my skills of improv, being able to engage and interact on a moment’s notice.

That is part of the design that helps my business be easy and sustainable. If I need to increase my consistency and showing up, I just need to schedule something at a certain time and show up because speaking is my best form. And then I design systems around my weaknesses where somebody else goes in and they’ll take a transcript of this video. We’ll add it to my blog and that will make it so that it’s designed for sustainability. If I had to write everything all the time, you guys would never hear from me. And having video be one of the ways in which I deliver information is based on my strengths. It’s based on all of those things, making sure that everything comes from those essences.

How do you express your essences in your business?

How do I make sure that my essences are expressed inside my business? I just did an update recently on my seven essences. And to be perfectly honest, coaching is an expression of my wholeheartedness, the way in which I hold my clients, when they’re with me. And I hold my clients when they’re not with me.

When I see things that pop up online and I’m like, “Oh my goodness, did you see this? This is something that you need.” and send a message to my client saying that. Taking that time. And the energy that is my essence infused in my business a hundred percent. So when you look at who you’re being, those natural ways of being that have you show up the most authentically. The ways that you just come to you easily, the more those live inside your business, the more your business is sustainable. The more your business is, I don’t know, enjoyable, maybe even fun, not fun. Oh my goodness. Do you want fun in your business? I love having fun in my business. I get to be my snarky self. I get to be my quirky self. That performer of who I am is infused in my business. And when I look at my marketing strategy as an entertainer and as somebody who’s high energy, those are some of my essences kind of witty looking at a, I know I’m resisting it a real strategy and or TikTok strategy.

Those are the things that really kind of let my true essence shine more brightly. Now it may be that you’re a writer. I have somebody in my membership, Missy, who’s a writer. And so for her having that strength, having those expressions of self come out in her writing is what’s easier and more sustainable for her. So hopefully that starts to give you an idea of how you’re designing your business in this.

I would say it’s divine design because it’s designed around you and you were divinely designed.

So it’s the best way to create a business that’s sustainable. So that you’re talking about the things that you love to talk about so that you’re sharing from the things that you want to share about. You’re creating products and services that align with who you are, that align with your values.

A divinely aligned, divinely designed around your essences is one that is an expression of who you are. And if you’re creating a community, which you know, that I love to create communities, when you create communities that have similar essences and similar values, you’re creating spaces in which people have the sense of belonging. This works in creating a stronger sense of self and being witnessed and honored and valued as who they are from their essences that are in common with your essences.

Using Your Essences to Grow

Then growth happens and it happens in an exponential type of ripple. So it’s why we design. And we start with our seven essences. It’s why we create from this place to create the community in which our niche lives to create offers in which these people are looking and that the situation and how we help them is designed based on who they are.

So part of my ADHD, essence or skill set, et cetera, is that I am not a linear thinker. And so a lot of the people in my membership also see things in a multi-dimensional kind of ways, I see things and upward spirals and downward spirals, and I feel that it all is this kind of encompassing, how things layer into each other.

I don’t see linear growth. I don’t teach linear growth inside the membership. We’ve been exploring my new spiral of confident connection and how it relates to our expanding our capacity to receive. How all of this stuff comes out is an expression of me and the people who learn in a similar learning style. They’re the right fit people.

I talk about ADHD and my multidimensionality. I talk about my being a high achiever. That sense of drive, that sense of tenaciousness. That essence is what calls a lot of my people in because we have a strength of drive and we have a weakness of do, do, do, do doing. And then society helps us with that.

Do do, do, do doing, and we’re learning how we’re going to be to break that right. Especially in conjunction with that natural drive, that natural tenaciousness and wanting to achieve. That’s a state of being, that’s a way of being. It’s just a matter of how we focus that in the business. 

So when you look at who your ideal clients in communities are, what are the essences, the ways of being that they have in common with you. And what are the challenges that come up from those natural ways of being. Now, we’re really getting niched. Now we’re really getting clear on how we design these offers with that in mind, how we make sure that we’re solving the specific challenge in their specific situation, that’s a niche. 

How we do it is the energies and the essences of who we are. And then all of those techniques, those learnings, those processes that are unique to us. And that’s what makes our offering really unique. And then, oh my goodness. People say, “Yeah, I want them to say yes.” 

So again, when you’re looking at, how do the essences come to play inside your business? It’s a huge part of it, both for the good and the bad. How we get there with success and the challenges that come from who we are. And you’re, especially if you’ve got a personal brand business or service based on who you are, this is all about how we define our niche.

It’s all about how we get clear on the easiest and best way to design our business is to design it divinely based on who you are. So those are my tips on really creating a divinely designed business, get clear on those essences. 

How are your ways of being, helping you solve people’s problems? How are those ways of being, challenges that might stop you and what have you done to overcome them and how do you help your folks overcome them?

Those essences can be so important, especially based around your skills and your values and how all of that comes to play on a path that you guys are going on together on your journey. So hopefully that is really helpful because it gives you the easiest way that you can just show up and be you, because I don’t know if you know this or not, but you’re awesome. You’re amazing. You are doing great. And by just showing up and being you, you make a difference in the world. 

Let’s lead a legacy of love together and I will see you next Friday.