I’m so excited. I have somebody on the call. I’m looking forward to having a chat with them, to tell them about my awesome stuff. And I’m like, Am I supposed to ask for the sale? 

Is this you? Do you ever get the squirmy icky feelings? And you’re like,….umm, but I don’t ask them, will they want to work with me?

So many of my folks get people, they do all of the amazing and beautiful marketing work and strategies to get somebody on the phone to have a session, to take a sample, to do something. And yet they get really squirrely when it’s time to get the yes. So if you’re interested in getting more yeses, when you’re having sales conversations, today’s chat is here for you today.

Today’s chat is for you. I’m having a day where the words leave me. Hey, that’s kind of what happens sometimes in those sales conversations is that things just slip out of your brain and you’re not really sure the right way to ask. And so part of it is we have to deal with our internal conversations to get to that yes. 

So here are some of my favorite tips to help you get more people to say yes to your sales conversations.

Tip #1 – Remember You’re Awesome

So one of the things is first and foremost, that’s where you need to remind yourself how awesome your products and services are. If you need to have a reminder of a testimonial or something, just for you, right on your screen somewhere so that you can have the confidence to take a stand and be ready, do it. 

Because here’s the thing they’re going to get the most value out of saying yes to you. 

You have to understand that that’s where the juicy amazing results are. Whether it’s jumping in and saying yes to your membership or program, or course saying yes to your one-to-one VIP services, whatever that is, you have to be a hundred percent powerfully standing in your value. In the value of your products and services. That they’re awesome. And you want to know that you have done so much work to get them to that conversation, that they are super hot and super warm, and it can be really depressing if you have somebody on the call and they’re like, what are they going to say? Would you like to work with me? I’d love to work with you. 

Don’t forget. They’re also looking for that validation. So it can be super, super helpful that you make sure that you make an offer. The whole point is that you make an offer and get a yes to the sale. So one you’re worth it. You are absolutely worth it. Your products and services are worth it.

And the results that you provide are worth a financial exchange. 

One of the things I want to remind you is that financial exchange helps them. In addition, when we put our money where our mouth is, when we put that financial deposit down or whatever it is, the transformation we are committed to starts to unfold in those moments that we make that commitment.

So it’s your job to help further that transformation by making the question. By having the courage to ask. And sometimes people aren’t really sure the best way to do it. So again, I believe a sales conversation is about getting people clarity. It is about giving them clarity to see if this product or service is the right match or the right fit for what this person is looking for.

And so that could be a really good way to help you ask that question. So one of the ways that you get sales is you stand in your values. Then another way is that you ask, I mean, technically asking is the most powerful thing that you can do. Don’t hide from the possibility of having somebody say, yes, don’t be scared. Don’t be chicken, your worth it, your amazing, you’re the bomb diggity. They’re in that conversation experiencing the awesomeness of you. So don’t forget to give them the opportunity to experience more awesomeness of your products and services and let them get that result. 

The way they get those results is they make that commitment. They put some money down, they commit to that, oh, I don’t know who you are, but you love the transformation begins as somebody makes that financial commitment. Yes, it’s so true. Let me know in the comments who you are. I’m so happy you’re here. Because it is even if it’s just like taking one small action, they are, they’re also in that process.

Having that transformation started by booking the session, by getting on a call with you, by taking the next step. Every part of our sales system is designed for them to step further into their commitment, to step further into the possibility and the dream that the product or services offering is right for them. It’s the universe saying, are you sure you really want it?

And you have to be willing to be the one that says, are you sure you really want it? Are you ready? And the answer could be yes or no, but if you don’t ask them, if they’re ready, if they’re ready to make the financial commitment to put that commitment down on universally with the right energetically in aligned with the universe to say yes, then they don’t get to it can really throw them off.

Tip #2 – Stand in Your Values

So number two, so first you gotta stand in your value, not just your value, but the value of the product and service to you have to ask them to make that choice. Some of the best ways to do that. I love some language, things like:

  • So does this feel like a good fit? 
  • Are you interested in working together? 
  • Is it a good match? 
  • Do you think that you and I could get us to this goal when they say yes, then the next step is great. How do you want to pay for this?
  • Do you want me to send you an invoice? Should I send that right through? 
  • Do you want to do the payment plan? 
  • Do you want to pay by PayPal or credit card? What’s the easiest way.

It doesn’t have to be hard guys. It can be as simple as, so do you want to do this? Let’s get this going. How do you know what’s the best way to do it.

Hopefully at that point you have laid it all out. Here are the outcomes, the results, the benefits of working together in this conversation they’ve experienced. Hey, now that you’ve had this session, now that you get a feel of what it’s like to have the energy work, to have a healing, whatever it is that you do, calm your nervous system down, whatever it is, the question is, would you like more? 

And the answer is it’s delicious. Of course they want more. 

So assume the yes. If your experience in the conversation has been awesome, don’t let that awesome feeling go away. Give them an opportunity to take a deeper dive and have that juiciness. So ask the question and then lay out the prices. If you haven’t done that already. 

So we’ve given them the outcomes and the benefits or the experience of working with us. They see what’s possible. Because again, we are a possibility people. We are believing that this possibility that they’re asking for is the possibility we can help them get to. And if that is an energetic fit for you ask,would you like to do this? How would, is it a good match? Does it feel like a right fit? 

That’s as simple as your sales conversation needs to be. That’s as simple as how we get to the yes. And then they say, yes, great. How do you want to pay for it?  

We even baby step them through the different areas to get them to the answer for how do you want to pay? Oh, well, I don’t have $2,000 upfront. So I’m going to have to do the payment plan. Great. Here’s the payment plan. This is how it’s laid out for you assuming that yes, they came this way to see what it’s like to work with you. If they’re having a good experience, I assume that yes. Why wouldn’t you, you’re awesome.

That’s the difference energetically in getting the yes, is that, you know, you’re amazing. You know your product or service that you’re talking about is amazing and it has powerful results. Why wouldn’t they want it? Why wouldn’t they jump at that opportunity to have that transformation that they’re looking for? And you’ve already helped them during the different steps of your funnel. Make it clear that this is the transformation and the results that you provide and all it is. Then determine is it a match? Is it the process that you’re going to help them through a match? Is the system a match? Are the techniques or services that you use a match for them? And if the answer is, yes, you’re going to feel it throughout that conversation consultation, et cetera. And then you just have to ask. 

If you’re doing this in a sales page, that call to action better be a nice bright button that says, yes, I want to say, yes, take my money. It’s only $27 or take my money. It’s only $2,000, whatever it is, they are there reading the page, having the consultation and doing it because you have helped them get clear that this is what they want. And that’s what our processes are, that’s why the yeses are so easy. That’s why it can be so easy for you to get more yeses the better and clearer you are with those outcomes, the transformation and all of that stuff. The easier it is for them to say yes.

Provide Space

Hopefully we’ve been designing our funnel all the way so that when we get to the product or service, we have the right people at this point in the funnel. And they’re the ones that are going to say yes, easily. And then you ask, and then you don’t let the gremlins yell very loudly in your ear because they will, because it’s not just the space for their transformation.

It’s the space for your transformation. 

It’s the space for you to take on developing your work, your acumen, your et cetera, to the next level. 

Sometimes these clients are the perfect opportunity for us to work with on a deeper level, to expand our capacity, to serve. So your transformation is also in this conversation. And guess what happens? The reason we get squirrely is because it’s our gremlins that are squirreling at us. 

They’re whispering in our ears going, they’re going to say, no, it’s not good. What if they don’t like it? What if they are going to ask for a refund? What if blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so you have to take those deep breaths, ask them if they want to work together. Take deep breaths, count to three, go back to your center, go back to your value, go back to your alignment and not listen to those gremlins. Cause they might be like, well, a thousand dollars is enough. I can give it to you for 1500. Let’s wait. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. You are worth that price that you have said do not get squirrely.

Do not hide behind the pillow of your transformation by not asking. And by trying to make a lower offer. Close your mouth and listen, hold space for them because this is the part where you guys get to work through gremlins together, your gremlins and their gremlins. 

For example, if you get a lot of people that are like, no, I don’t have the money right now. Guess what? They might not have the money. And I absolutely don’t want you to be like, go into debt to do the thing. I’ve had people who were like, I can’t pay my rent. I’m like, I understand. So what I want to do is here are my six free resources that are going to help you make more sales so that you can pay your rent when you’re ready, come back to me. 

And it could be that it’s a place of their gremlins that are stopping them from that transformation. If all of your clients come to you and they always say, “I don’t have enough money,” the conversation here is your homework. Should you choose to accept it? Look in your life and see where you have that no money conversation for a long time.

I had a no time conversation. So I had people who were like, yeah, I’m not really sure I have time to put this into my schedule. Well, it could be because I was saying that everywhere that I went, I wasn’t making the time for the things that were important. I wasn’t committing the time. So that transformation for me was the one I needed to bring to that conversation. So that those people that were showing up in my world could have the same breakthrough as well. 

That’s why I think coaches make some of the best salespeople because you have that opportunity to hold a different space, to hold the space of possibility and help somebody work through it when it’s appropriate. Again, if somebody says, yeah, I don’t have the money to pay my rent, offer them all of your free resources and tell them how you can help them in that manner. But if it’s an excuse that they’re using, ask them in another way to get through that one particular. 

I don’t have the money guys, it’s this thing called transparency in pricing, give them the price in advance. Let them know what your offer is so that they’re ready to hear it before they get there.

Because for example, if you get on a consultation and you’re like, yeah, I thought this was going to be a thousand dollar offer. And it’s a $40,000 offer. Dude. I’m not ready for that. I am not even in the realm of that, then something’s missing along your funnel to help weed the people that are right. Those questions that help them understand that it’s a good fit or a good match,

rSo transparency, I’m a big fan of letting people know my prices. My prices are on my website right now, to the end of July, you can get 13 coaching packages for only $1997. It’s a steal. Or you can start working with me for two sessions a month for only $367 until the end of July.

August 1st prices change to 10 sessions for $1997 or two sessions for $427. It’s not that complicated. It’s not that hard to say, but by the time somebody is hearing their numbers, hopefully they are looking for the results. They are looking to have funnels that are awesome. To close more sales. They’re looking to have more clients and find more leads. They’re looking for all the things I’ve been talking about this month.

And then I even have an offer just in case you’re interested. And you want to find out if we’re a good fit for only $111 bucks, you can have a 75 minute session with me to see if it’s a good fit. And I promise that that 75 minutes is going to be strategy and helping with your session. The whole thing is going to be providing you a ton of value.

Then we’re going to have a little bit of a conversation to see if it’s a good fit. That’s it. That 75 minutes is going to help them understand what kind of quality and value they’re going to get out of the sessions with me. 

So assume the yes. Stand for your value. Make sure that you remember to ask the question and then be quiet after you ask how they would like to pay and don’t let your gremlins run the show and shut your voice up.

Let it out, let it out, stand for the value and the transformation for you and for them. Because every client that we work with is a next level of transformation for us as well. So make sure that you’re handling and you have something. If you have a gremlin, that’s constantly screaming in your ear, make sure that you write down some contrary overcome to your own gremlins objections in the midst of that conversation, have them written down on your screen, right in front of you. So that’s your gremlin, you got things to say, I’m ready for my next step. This is the right person for the right client. I’m assuming the answer is yes. You can know energetically when you have somebody who’s the right fit for the right offer.

I might have somebody on a call and know that they’re not ready for the private coaching sessions. They might want to start with the membership. So we’ll make them the membership offer because that’s the right fit for where they are to get to the next level financially or whatever it is. Every client we work with is a next level of transformation for us as well.

That’s why, if you’re on your first sales conversation, you’re going to have lots of gremlins coming up. Lots of gremlins for yourself when you’re at and they come up as you ask for that sale. And so that’s a big way for you to help get through your gremlins, noticing which gremlins you have coming up. Oh, they’re going to say that they don’t have enough time or, oh, they’re going to say I have to talk to my partner guys. I love that. I have to talk to my partner question. It’s my favorite. 

I used to be a relationship coach and I wholeheartedly live every bit of my life. Having conversations with my partner about all of the big investments. I invested over $7,000 in working with a coach this year, darn tooten, I talked to my partner about it. Absolutely. We have children. We have a household, we have a business, we have all kinds of things. And we’ve been talking through every step of the way. I never want to insult anybody’s relationship with their partner by saying, no, you shouldn’t talk to them. You should also give them spaciousness.

Sometimes it takes something to work through those gremlins to get to the yes of the commitment. So if they’re not ready to say yes, at that moment, the fortune is in the followup set. Another session that sets a time to check in by email, text, or I hate email by whatever your favorite strategy is. 

I had a session with somebody this week. She sent me a text message this morning. Cause that’s what I told her to do. She’s like, I’m going to send you the plan and I’m going to have the things and the actions she’s doing the homework that we set. Will she be the right thing? Will she be a yes, I think so. And so just like that concept of, if you have a bird and they’re meant to be yours, if you set them free and they come back. The same conversation in sales, make the beautiful offer and then give them freely back to themselves. Let them make that choice. Let them have that conversation. If your partner has questions and you don’t think that you can communicate the offer. Because again, it’s my job to be awesome at communicating my offer. I can get on the phone and communicate with your spouse. Or I can give you a piece of paper that communicates it for your spouse, your partner, whatever it is. 

How to Handle The Gremlins

So how do you handle your objections in advance? How do you handle your gremlins in advance before you get to that call?

That’s some of the mindset work that we come up against in sales. And so there’s that mindset stuff. And then those are the strategies, to have the answers to those objections and how you want to handle them in complete integrity with you and yourself. Our sales conversations are easy and they rock. And they’re super fun when they’re in integrity. Whole complete integrity with who we are, our messaging and our values. That’s all I ever want for you guys. And if you’re interested in creating these amazing sales processes that are transformational, a win for everybody involved, then I’m here to help. We have free opportunities on Monday’s every Monday, this month, or you can check out my amazing paid offer.

You’re already committed, committed to changing your sales. I’m going to help you with an offer of transformation in the comments below, you can join me for $111 for 75 minute sales strategy session. I promise you we’ll get whatever you need out of that session. You can tell me what you need. I will give you what you need. It’s that simple.

And that $111 is going to help you figure out are you really committed to making that next level of change and transformation in your sales strategies? I rock at sales. I’m really freaking awesome. And if you think I’m really freaking awesome too, I might be a good fit. If you think she sings too much and she’s a little wonky, maybe not such a great fit, but you’re here. So you probably love me, right? Or at least have some nice warm, fuzzy feelings for me. And I’ll take those warm fuzzies. I won’t turn them into love, man. All right. 

So those are some of the strategies. I think I got them all out. I’m just going to check my notes. 

Quick Recap

So just to recap, don’t be squirrely. Don’t hide and forget to ask for the sale. Don’t provide an amazing session and not have it serve its purpose, these sample sessions and or strategy sessions, whatever we want to call them. They are there for people to get a taste of the spoon of the chocolate, yummy goodness and our Neapolitan ice cream offers.

And they can decide if the whole Neapolitan is the right fit for them. 

So you can’t forget to ask. You have to stand in your value, the value of your product or service stand firmly, ask for the sale. You’re worth it. You’re worth being paid for it. And now it’s time for you to hold the belief that those outcomes are possible for them and the outcomes of you that you’re creating for your life by asking and having a sales conversation are worth it because that next person, this conversation is a transformational conversation for both of you to get to the next level of business, to get to the next level of healing, to get to the next level of growing and spirituality and whatever it is that you offer, because whatever it is that you offer is freaking awesome. 

So make sure that it’s really clear. And when you ask, because the money is going to help them get to that transformation on a deeper, more powerful level. When you ask, don’t let your gremlins start talking and lower your value, lower your offer. Do anything, give space, hold in that space of transformation and let them chat. And then, follow up. 

If they have some concerns, if they have a money concern, a partner concern, a time concern, et cetera, say, great, how will I help you support you in making this choice? Because another thing that’s really powerful is a no is as powerful as a yes, because it closes the loop of energy and we don’t want it leaking. So we can just set a time and a date and says, Hey, let me know a good yes or no by this point. And I’ll follow up with you by sending you an email, the fortune is in the follow-up. And so that’s your opportunity. I also love a follow-up cause I want to see that they got results from the first thing that they noticed, the transformation that they had an opportunity to use the technique or the homework that I gave them.

I love to give homework. If you’re somebody who likes homework, I’m a great coach to work with. Notice how competent I am in being able to help give you amazing results. That confidence makes a difference. When somebody goes, who do I want to work with? I stand in my value. My prices are amazing. Take advantage before they are way too high. Take advantage. They’re awesome. I am amazing. And I will help you. So as I said, make an offer. See, and today I have done something. I’m gonna just let you know. I shared some really valuable tips and then I gave some value and then I made an offer. If you’d like to join me for a 75 minute session, it’s $111. Oh, look at that transparency in the pricing. I just told you what it is. 

If you’re interested, check it out, we will have an amazing time. And then I even told you, if you wanted to come and find out more about the private packages, I told you what they are super clear and transparent. It’s gloriousness, gloriousness come have some fun. I am on a mission to help 75 people in 75 days with their sales strategies, because you know what, that is the thing we need in business sales is the nutrient dense greens. We need to grow a thriving, healthy business. So join me. 

Again, it’s the Summer of Sales.

We were talking about sales because it is the foundation of a healthy business. All right. I love you. Let’s lead a legacy of love together. I will see you. If you are interested in the Monday sessions where we’re doing some teaching, you get a chance to get in the hot seat and get some help with your own specific business. Join the heart centered leaders, Facebook group. I think I’m also posting them here on the Facebook page for the events. You have an opportunity to get the zoom link and join us on zoom or come here on Friday for our live and take advantage of my summer special for that 75 minute session. They are normally $297 for 75 minutes. So have some fun.

I promise it will be valuable. I promise it will be fun. I promise that you will get a bunch of golden nuggets and actionable things to help you improve the sales in your business. I promise wholeheartedly with a hundred percent integrity. Alright. I love you. Take care and have a fabulous weekend.

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