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Imagine at the end of the workshop, you’ll have the clarity and confidence you need to get an offer out there, so you can make your first $1000.  

Chose When between:

Hyper focus 1-day July 20th 8:30 am -5:30
2-half days: July 22nd & 23rd 5pm -9:00pm
2-half days: July 20th & 22nd 8:30 -12:30

We’ll craft it together in one day (or two)

Dear neurodivergent entrepreneur,

If you want help to  create a business that works with your life.

but you struggle because you have so many brilliant ideas and you’re not sure which one would or could become a viable business.

So you might not be quite ready to invest in a high-end course or membership yet …because you’re not sure it will pay off.

Then the offer incubator workshops with support could be just what you’re looking for.

I get that you struggle with focus not just day to day, but also on which of your many interests or ideas to further develop into something that could be viable.    

Especially because you have such limited time, energy, spoons, and resources!

You also have challenges in getting started – let alone in getting things finished … Hello ADHD Activation 

I know, I know.

Trust me I know you’re not procrastinating, I know you’re not lazy – your brains just works differently. 

Which is why we need to go about starting our businesses, in product and service design totally differently than other business owners – it has to be in conjunction with our neurodivergent brilliance and strengths – while totally managing the executive dysfunction challenges.

You might even be NICHE Resistant …Yes My PDA gets you there.  And becuase you know you could help so many different people, and you want to work with them all.

I know there are so many ways to get it all started, and some common wisdom out there that just doesn’t fit you.

What – you say – Please don’t make me start with a one-to-one offer …my type of Autism says HELLZ NO!

No Problem.

This is not a cookie cutter system. It’s not about working with neurotypical business models – it’s unique to you. Created in space where other neurodivergent folks get your challenges and can TOTALLY relate to your type of issues and circumstances.

So I am introducing the Offer Incubator Workshop with 90 days of Support.

I have used this system to make offer after to offer, and I’m almost at half a million dollars in revenue with what I’m teaching inside.  Andd I have helped clients do that same

WHETHER YOU STARTING OUT  with your first offer, OR LOOKING TO CREATE your next revenue stream,


I break it down into 3 stages

Understand your brain

  • Identifying your super strengths, and skills that are EASY
  • Defining & Designing the support systems for your Executive Dysfunctions
  • Establishing the Capacity of energy we have to deliver when it’s fluctuating

Ideation & Development 

  • Identifying your Differently-wired Sweet Spot
  • Weaving your brilliance into your Unique System
  • Discover the important needs that people pay for
  • Choosing a business model that is right for this offer
  • includes Unique System Templates, 

Messaging & Validating

  • Discover the power of Situational Messaging for the NICHE Resistant
  • Write out the Messaging for your Offer using my STAND Method
  • Get out there and make offers until you have Validated and you have hit that $1K goal.
  • Includes offer post templates for social media, marketing word bank, swipe emails for sales.

90 Days of Support Sessions

  • Two monthly 90 minute group coaching sessions
  • Multiple times to choose from that accomodates a wide variety of international time zones.
  • 9am pst, 11am pst, 3pm pst, and 5:30pm pst


  • Identif your super strengths, and skills that are EASY

  • Updated and enhanced your executive function support systems to support your productivity

  • Blended and merged your brilliance into your unique proprietary system

  • Let go of your NICHE Resistant by using Situational Messaging

  • Clarity on the specific desires and needs that’s important to your customers

  • The right business model that matches you and this offer perfectly

  • Multiple compelling offer messages crafted with the STAND Method

  • Know how to market with passion and ease until you reach that $1K milestone

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We want you to have access, to come to any of the LIVE sessions, and you’ll still get the replays so you can pause, restart and do it over and over – if it works with your brain.

So there’s time to work, and space to do whatever you want to.


Pastor Dorothy Ross

“I’m still with Meredith as my coach because I started with nothing no direction and now I’m a host of a podcast, TV Show, and I do quarterly events and I am a super star when it comes to content and I know there so much more she has helped me with. I’m in for the long-haul.”

Dr. Kristin Reihman

“With Meredith’s coaching, guidance, and encouragement, I grew my IG following from 228 to over 8,700 in under two months.  Thanks Meredith!”

Mags Sheridan

“Meredith’s high-speed brain offers up ten possible steps I can take today & a network of possible ten-year plans; then ten strategies for selling something on the way to that grand vision; then ten more strategies for making it more gentle, easy, or compassionate to myself.  And she can sense when my brain’s full and I need processing time which makes the coaching sessions super productive.


I’ve been an online business owner since 2013, and coaching online business owners since 2017.

As I wandered through my journey as a parent and business owner I discovered so much about myself.

I’m not neurotypical

Growing up I struggled with reading the most, and in college I got a few diagnoses that helped me get accomodations to make certain classes easier to pass.  I have to fight the messaging of “I’m not broken, or stupid”, and give myself grace and remember I just have to do things my way for my brain. And apparently a lot of the performing artist  struggled just like me.

Some of the simplest things in business feel like the hardest things for me to accomplish – the same with MOMing (which is why my first niched offer was …The Mommies Game) Out of nerding out on my neurodivergent challenges came the innovations and motivations I needed to get the boring things done.

Just because it’s easy for others – doesn’t mean it will be easy or doable for me.

I don’t think like everyone else

I have had some great mentors and I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t teach things or see things that I saw them. So I branched off to create my own thing in 2020. So much of what I need to get momentum is different and also ever changing, so once I really understood my brain and motivators the easier it was to know I need to change things up often, and that’s okay. I had to really get to know myself and make peace with the me that is here right now. And from there I can create ANYTHING I WANT!

Between the creative and performing arts and entrepreneurship – so many of us are neurodivergent … we are brilliant and creative, thrive on change and play, and we come up with the most brilliant ways to share and communicate with people in ways that just zing. Our strengths and gifts are so needed.


We 100% guarantee you’ll love the offer incubator workshop!

If after the end of the first 120 minutes of the LIVE workshop, you feel like you haven’t gotten way more than what you have invested, we will happily refund you in full. All you have to do is email before 10:30 AM PST on July 20th  or 7:00 PM PST on July 22nd for a full refund. You probably won’t want to because this is going to be full of super valuable content. But just know you can, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.



How do I know if the Offer Incubator workshop is right for me?

If you are are struggling to make sales in your business, it’s probably not the quality of what you are selling, it’s how your offers are communicated and put together.  If you are looking to improve your conversions, and make more sales – this is for you.

And if you want personalized guidance, that isn’t cookie cutter, this is for you.

When are the LIVE Workshops?

Have support of others working along with you and attend the workshops LIVE:

Come to just one – or come to All … LIVE:

ONE FULL DAY: July 20th at 8:30 am PST – 5:30 pm PST

TWO HALF DAYS: July 20th & 22nd at 8:30 am PST – 12:30 pm PST

TWO HALF DAYS: July 22nd & 23rd at 5:00 pm PST – 9:00 pm PST

There will be a lot of movement & body breaks, plus a ton of implementation time.

PLUS You’ll get edited recordings!

When are the LIVE Support Sessions?
You get 90 days of support session through Zoom with Meredith.

There will be two 90 minute group coaching and support sessions, where you can get individualized support on your offer.

The times alternate over two months, so you’ll get at least one session at each time, and some of them twice.

On Mondays at 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am PST, 3:00 pm PST, and 5:30 pm PST


Why is this workshop so affordable to join?

The reason why the workshop is priced so low at $97, instead of the $497 is to provide greater accessibility to as many people as possible. The aim behind every workshop is to empower individuals and share valuable knowledge and skills. By keeping the price affordable, more individuals from diverse backgrounds can participate, regardless of their financial situation. This ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to benefit from the workshop and contribute to their personal and professional growth. Offering the workshop at a lower price is a deliberate choice to promote inclusivity, foster learning and create a space where people from all walks of life can connect, share ideas, and support one another in their journey towards success.

What's all that's included in the offer incubator?

The content will cover 9 topics to help you craft irresistable, aligned and profitable offers:

Once the live workshops are done, each session will be it’s own short video – totalling 9 videos.

There are worksheets, word banks, social media templates, swipe copy to help you sell and validate your offer.

All of it is designed to help you with the hardest part of the Crafting Offer process— testing, and validating your offer so that it will be PROFITABLE, plus writing the copy and creating the offer in front of your ideal clients.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

YES. If you’re not getting value within the first 30 minutes of the workshop, we’ll give you your money back.  We’d rather you be super-excited about the AMAZING Value you’re getting, than grumpy.

Join Offer Incubator Workshop



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