Inspiration among your team motivates new ideas to grow your business. The key is to inspire and continually inspire your team to think creatively. Let’s discuss some tips to inspire your team.

Let’s talk about inspiration and how it really is the power to help you grow your business.

It’s the power to help you grow your business in so many ways, especially if you have a team. I wanted to share a few things that you can do to help that flow of inspiration live out in the world, live outside of your body. 

You may be present to inspire, you know, like present to that inspiration of the transformation that you’re creating or the amazing results that people are having. But if you have a team, for example, they may have no idea what it is that they’re really supporting. They may not be present unless they’re the customer service person or something like that, to the difference that they’re actually making. So hopefully if you have people on your team, you have created a mission about what you guys are up to so that everybody knows what they’re building and how their different roles are enhancing that mission.

For example, our mission is using our power of relationships to grow amazing profitable businesses in a heart centered relationship based way. That’s our mission. Some of the other things that we love to use include collaborations, et cetera. So hopefully the team knows all that. 

Two Keys to Inspiring Power and Growth

So one of the things that you want to do to help everybody get clear is that everybody, whether it’s your clients or your team, is that everybody shares their celebrations. We want to celebrate with everyone and for everyone. So part of it is having everybody on the team celebrating. We want them to be celebrating like, “Hey, I had this great chat and with customer service and we turned it around and we did this, or, oh my goodness, we created this system that here, and it’s really functioning. We know that it’s working, it’s converting. It’s doing well.”  

Depending on the person on your team, it may be “Oh my goodness, we had some really beautiful posts today and everybody’s engaging and you really nailed that one out of the park or let’s celebrate the email that really has this.” 

However, your team is engaging, make sure that you’re celebrating them. Make sure that they’re having an opportunity to celebrate their wins, especially as it relates to that overall mission in what you guys are causing so that there’s confirmation over time about what they’re doing. And that it’s part of that heart-based mission. So that’s the first thing. 

The second thing is hopefully out of the work that they’re doing.

In our case, we’re helping people build businesses. And a lot of the people on my team are building their own businesses as well. So it’s also great if you have them share their personal wins, their personal celebrations, because again, this is part of the relationship building that you’re doing. You’re building the relationship with your team and having that sense of holding space for them, caring for them, really taking a stake in their personal life. It helps them move forward. 

It could be even more valuable than the amount of money that you’re paying is that you’re cheerleading them on in their life. That you’re, they’re celebrating their relationship victories at home or their family victories, or the fact that they worked more and they worked less but made more money.

We don’t want to necessarily work more. I mean, unless we make more money, right. So how does that relate? 

These types of elements are that fuel to keep the inspiration in them alive and tangible and moving forward. So having a regular practice where they’re celebrating and celebrating those personal wins and having the personal stuff. Then the other thing is maybe the people on your team aren’t as connected to the clients that they serve and sharing the success stories of the impact that you’re making in the world.

The Power of Success Stories

Success stories are a great way to create inspiration in the world. Whether they are the one that does the editing of the images, or maybe they do something else, but maybe they’re not aware of the fact that their images are what are catching the eye of future clients. It’s how people say yes to a program or a service that then all of a sudden changes their lives. This one step could lead to 10 new clients that sign up.

If those success stories aren’t shared, then the team may not be aware of the impact that they’re having. Unless maybe they’re the editing guy, who’s editing the videos of the success stories. And I think that’s true for everybody as well.

Just having inspiration as a power to grow, to help you grow your business. It also works personally. These success stories can make a huge difference in other people, beings inspired to take the next step with you. 

So here’s my invitation. If you have a product or service that you absolutely love, or a coach or a program or any one of the things, especially if it’s inspiring to you, especially if it’s feeding you, take the moment and share. 

Meredith’s Personal Success Story

I was on a call recently. I am a certified sanity school teacher, a trainer, and I’m considering doing some local sanity school classes for parents of kids that are complex that have ADHD and other issues like anxiety. Anyway, I was on with the creator of the program, my mentor, and I just started sharing emotionally. And I was like, “Sanity school made such a huge difference for me and how I viewed my own life and my own history. And past rank gave me so many insights about this ADHD and the fact that I just want to give back that to parents and kids in a way, because it’s so important.” 

And I got emotional and I got teary-eyed and she’s like, “Hey, have you done a testimonial for us?” And I was like, “I haven’t, but I’m happy to do one. And you have my permission to take that recording.” Because it was in the moment and it was just real. It wasn’t asked for, it wasn’t requested in any way, shape or form. I was sharing my authentic love for everything that sanity school provided for me, for my family and what I plan to do to help with it in my community. 

If there is something like that in your life that has made the difference, a lesson, a class, a workshop, share your inspiration and that will help others. It will help expand the impact of these things. It will help expand a person’s reach and who we are and how we react to other people, hold space for who people react to.

So if you love products and services, be somebody that does testimonials. That makes great comments.

Recently my attorney made a comment about his post and I was like, “I have the best attorney in the world.” So I’m publicly acknowledging and appreciating him right in the world because I love what he does. 

So when you do that, hopefully you hold space. So other people can do that for you as well. 

Create Success Stories of Success

So it’s like success stories of success, stories of the success stories. Hopefully that makes a difference. 

If you want to use inspiration, as the fuel, as the power to help grow your business. Part of it is you need to have that inspiration and have support. To make sure that your clients are feeling support, to make sure that your team is feeling that inspiration. So make sure everybody is celebrating big wins, little wins, all wins that keeps them present to the inspiration, the actions, the things that are making the difference. 

If you’re talking about your team, make sure that they’re having an opportunity to share their personal wins because that’s where our relationships are important for them to make sure that what they are doing is being cared for as they’re fulfilling the mission of your business. Then sharing with them, the success stories, the success stories of the clients, so that they can be present to the outcome that they’re making. Even if they’re not the one that’s directly relating to the clients, but that their work does. So that’s an amazing opportunity for everybody to see those success stories. 

And if you have a product or service that you love, love, love, it’s your opportunity to share, to share your success stories, to share your inspiration, to share why you absolutely love this product or service.

Dude, I could have been a salesperson for TiVo back in the day. I loved my TiVo. It was for, if you don’t remember it, it was the first DVR. Now all of our cable boxes have it, but back then you had to pay extra. I paid like, I don’t remember a couple of hundred bucks for my TiVo. I loved it. I was so in love with it. And I shared with everybody and as Elmo says, “Sharing is caring.” 

That’s you caring for the product or service that you love. And it helps keep that ripple effect of inspiration out in the world so that that person can feel the love, can feel that passion, can feel that the difference, that spreads the impact. 

So my invitation for you is to think of that number one, product or service that you absolutely love. And if you haven’t already, go do a testimonial for them, film a case study, go do something and share why you absolutely love and adore them. It will make a difference for that company because your sharing is caring and it is the fuel to power and growth in businesses.

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