Hey guys, I’m Meredith Canaan here that coach, that sings out from her heart and tells you all kinds of things about your business. Anyway, I am here today. We’re going to talk about the different types of offers you might have inside your business.

And so know that there are so many different ones that you could possibly have. And you know, the reason we’re talking is I led a masterclass today on how to craft offers that convert. And you know, what, if you would like to catch the replay and you want to get it emailed out, we haven’t sent it out yet. It’s just a meeting set available right now.

Let’s talk about the different types of offers that you can have in your business.

So know that there are multiple offers, even if you’re creating the same outcomes and results, you could have multiple offers and multiple ways that people get there. So let’s talk about some of these examples. 

Customized Offers

You could work with people one to one, very customized type of done for you done with you. One-to-one type offers. These offers tend to be higher priced.

So for example, I help people craft offers that are aligned for who they are, their self-expression that lets them shine in an easy and fun way for them to deliver. And that converts. So I could do that in a one-to-one private coaching session, a VIP half day, I can do it right. We can do it in a short fixed amount of time, one to one high-end offer, or we could do it inside of a membership. So you could work on crafting your offers inside the Love then Lead community.

The offer I have going on right now, the Love then Lead community is special. I have some special pricing. If you would like to check it out,

So you could have an offer that is a leveraged offer where people get to do some learning. They do it collaboratively together. So type number one is a private one to one high end, a very customizable type of plan for an individual type to offer is a leveraged offer. That could be a group program or a membership like Love then Lead right now.

Self-Study Offers

You could have a self study or evergreen type offer. Those are actually two different types of offers. So you could have a self-study where it’s a class. People do it all by themselves. There’s no you in it. They go through steps, they get the results and they do it on their own. 

Some people love to binge. I’m a binge watcher and a binge learner. I love it when I can buy a program and just watch the whole thing myself and do it at my own pace.

Self paced, evergreen, self-study all of those types of things. And they don’t have a personal touch mentoring, coaching type component. So that’s another type of offer that you can make. 

Evergreen Offers

And then there’s the evergreen. So you might have a self study that happens to also be an evergreen offer. That’s always available. So people have a way to join. Memberships and courses aren’t necessarily evergreen, some are open all the time and some are closed. And so those might only be available at a certain time. A lot of my mentors have programs that only come out once a year. I know coming out in the fall, Amy Porterfield’s digital course academy is coming up. You can only join that course one time a year.

You guys heard me talking about Stu McLaren and his membership, his class on how to grow a membership. Those offers only come out once a year. Whereas an evergreen is available whenever you want. And there are certain niches and offers that are really good for an evergreen, any time available. For example, I’m gonna give a shout out to one of my clients Katie.

Katie Rampen is one of my members and she has a program. She has a membership that’s available for people who have breast cancer to help you advocate for your healthcare journey during your breast care journey to go from wherever you are. So that’s a course that I don’t need it today at the moment, knock on wound saying my prayers.

I have not gotten any diagnosis of breast cancer. Although the June 24th, I am going for a follow-up on my left. One to see, cause I had a spot. So maybe after June 24th, I get a diagnosis. It might be the right time for me to say yes, and then join Katie’s membership. But that might be the type of thing that you have ongoing evergreen open type of thing, depending on what it is. 

For somebody who’s getting pregnant. You find out you’re pregnant. You might have a course that’s evergreen and pregnant people can’t wait nine months until your class. They got pregnant now. And they need to know the information when they are still pregnant. So those are the types of things that you might have on evergreen. 

Know Your Community When Crafting Your Offer

So when you design your offers, having an understanding of how your ideal community, how their needs show up, helps you craft offers that are right fit for your community. Especially if you’re talking about stages of life. With a pregnancy as a stage of life, a cancer diagnosis is a stage of life. Those are things that you might want to have ongoing so that when somebody hits that stage of life, they have the opportunity. 

If you’re doing a startup,people are in startup. At different times, somebody gets laid off. The pandemic happens. Those types of things. Those are things that you might want to have at certain times a year. So making that choice on how you craft your offer, those are some other things to consider an offer craft.

Creating Offers Based on What You Have Available

As I mentioned earlier, I do have a fabulous masterclass on the important things for crafting your offer. You might want to check it out. The replay will be available for the next week or so, and I have a special offer. So the other thing is you might have a digital program or service that’s always available. A specific type of product. A free PDF download or a book or an offer or an actual product. You actually have water bottles and coffee cups and masks. Those are products. I should probably add them to my website. Things where I can make money on different types of offers.

Recap of Offers

So you might have all these different types of things that would then create different sources of revenue for your business. So just to kind of give a recap on some of the things that we’ve mentioned, the different types of offers, you might have a VIP, one to one, which is a high need for you to do for your bespoke type of offer. That’s going to be a high end offer. Very individualized. 

You might have a leveraged offer, which is a course or a membership where they get some training and they get some limited access to you. You might have a self study, which could also possibly be evergreen. Where they can access it at any time based on their lifestyle or their needs.

At the moment, you can have a straight up digital product or service or an actual physical product that’s available whenever. 

So all of those are different things and different types of offers that you can have inside of your business. Some of those passive income streams who doesn’t love passive income? That might be an evergreen self study offer or something like that could be residual income for writing a book, doing it once, getting it out there and selling it. I have a handful of authors inside my community and they get residual income. And my husband was an actor. He still gets residual income from his acting stuff.

So those are some of the types of offers that you can create. And the things that you want to have included of course, are what we talked about in our masterclass, who the offer is for and that type of offer will help you understand the niche that you are crafting that offer for. So that’s the who, the niche, what the promise is, the results that they’re going to get, because you could have all of those different things have the same results that they’re going to get the same promise that you serve up in those offers, but the time and space that which, and the, how they’re going to get it, this is the differentiation of some possible house.

So that makes each one of these different offers because those houses are so different in how they’re going to get it. 

And then why now? So, these are some of the things that we talked about in today’s masterclass. Again, there’s a replay available. If you’d like to find out, I also shared my special offer and the reason why now is I have some special offer right now you can join my membership for an annual payment.

That’ll save you $467. And it is joining me for a year at $1297, instead of the regular price, which is $1470. You can also join me on a monthly basis, at $147. It’s a really awesome offer. If you are looking to get better in crafting your offers, having them be aligned with who you are and how you express yourself, if you want to make it. So it’s really easy. So when people hear your offer, they’re like,”Ooh yeah, I want that.” And say, yes, this membership is where we will help you do that. It will help you grow the right community. So you have the right community of where your potential buyers will live. So you’re crafting it consciously based on who you are and the problems you help people solve.

And then you craft offers. And then at some point we’ll leverage it. We’ll find different ways to leverage your offer. Once your offer is saying, yes, then you can add fuel to the flames and have some collaboration. We do all of this up inside of the Love then Lead membership. So if you’re interested, you can check it out the special offer.

Limiting Space

You might have some totally self study, self paced, where there is none of you. You teach the class once and it just goes, and you have things that are open and evergreen that are always available. Whereas your VIP services, you can only take on. So many people might only have one or two spots that open up from time to time.

I have a pretty full roster. So my one-to-one spots only open up once in a while. Although I do have one available now, those types of things, and then some just like digital products or physical products and services that are things that people will just get in their hands. So hopefully you can have all types of different products and services in your business model.

And I invite you to have lots of varied ways. Different people want to be helped and served in different ways. So create things for your different people, the different types of audience members, the different types of community members that you have.

As you can tell, we’re an offer craft mode, because that was my masterclass. That’s also what we’re teaching inside the membership. This coming month is to nail your niche, nail your offer so you can nail some sales. So I invite you to see me next time to go out there, make some offers. And if you’re in my free Facebook community, we do have a day specifically dedicated for you to making offers, to find some of your ideal communities to get it out there. So if you’re looking for a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs and you’d like a place to test out your offers to make some offers, to see if they stick, which I highly recommend that you do come join us.

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