We are talking about fun ways to make learning or ways of learning fun. 

Why? Because some of us really like to learn. While other people, not so much.

You know, even with your kids, if you’re a parent, you might have some kids that love to learn new things and some kids that are, you know, kind of begrudgingly showing up for different things. Especially if it’s a topic that they might or may not be interested in. 

If you have a big learning project, if you have something that you need to get through, whether it’s learning things for a degree of some sort to get through classes. If it’s learning things that you want to learn and or implement for your business. A lot of us are into taking classes and courses and memberships, and there’s a lot of learning to be done. 

How to Make Learning Fun

Here are a few things you can do to help make it fun. When it comes to learning it can feel overwhelming and daunting. Finding ways to make learning fun is crucial to keeping that forward momentum going. Here are my tips to create success for you.

Have a Buddy

I believe it’s a lot more fun to have somebody to play with, to learn with, to experience the conversation with. You guys hear me talk about my business besties day in and day out. So this is another one of those opportunities. 

Grab a friend or make friends with somebody who’s in the class course. It’s why accountability buddies are such a great idea. You get to go through the materials together, to work through it, to ask each other questions. So grab a buddy or a group or a mastermind of people. 

Then if you want to up level it, another level of things that you can think about is how you could expand to the next level of fun.

You could create a competition to see who took what they learned from the lesson and how they put it in place. Maybe everybody who gets this done at a certain time gets a prize. Games, competitions. 

You could create a game show for example. Like a Hollywood square or something like that, where you have an opportunity to both process the information and create a game to write questions, to make it a trivia. Like flashcards from back in the day. 

Try to create some of those types of things.  Bring your creativity to the learning process in as many ways as you can.

So you could design a game. 

First grab some friends to go through it with you, then have an idea to work together, to implement together, to, co-work together to get the information, to take the learning to the next step or the next processing. 

Body Doubling

I don’t know if you guys have heard me talking about body doubling, it’s a process that parents can use and other people can use, especially for the ADHD. Kids that have problems focusing. What you do is you literally sit next to them, and that’s why accountability buddies are such a great process is cause you can literally like sit next to somebody co-work with somebody. 

Then you can take fun breaks, like a dance break, while listening to content. Doing all these things together. So again, grabbing a buddy or a mastermind to go through any content that you need to learn to help you process through it, creating games, other ways to process the information. 

You can also have a competition to see who can write. If the learning has an implementation practice, who’s the first one to get it done. You could also have prizes similar to a split the pot.  Everybody’s going to put money in and there’s a prize for getting it done. 

There’s so many different ways you could use energy. You paint a picture about what you learned and then share it. You could take any type of creative art and process through the information you guys have. You’ve often heard me say how much I love and nerd into the fact that we all process information differently. So maybe if you’re an auditory processor, you could just say like, “Okay, just share everything you remember from what you learned.”

There’s so many different things that you can do to help make the learning fun. If you’re a kinesthetic or something like that, you can create it so that it has a more tangible feeling to it. 

I think the real invitation here is to what would make it fun for you. Could your motivation be, I want to see how much of this content I can dig out while I’m on the beach. Is it something that I can do? You could play some challenges with yourself.

How much of the information can I actually process if I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m sleeping? Can I wake up and actually understand?  

The biggest thing is to figure out what way you would consider fun to learn. 

I’m a fan of having a buddy or having coworking buddies and those types of things. Just to have somebody to play along with any of the lessons for me always makes it amazing. I do like a good competition or prizes or something like that. 

With kids we see this in schools all the time. It’s why they had spelling bees. To see who can spell better. 

I often get asked “What If I’m Not a Writer?”.

In the process of designing the game, you’re also going to be helping yourself, integrating writing more into your processing as you design it.

If you aren’t much of a writer or typer type of person try to speak it out or something like that. 

As always if you have any suggestions, if you have anything that you’ve done that you thought was amazing and so much fun, post it in the comments.

What were some of your most fun ways of learning something?

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