Love then Lead Experience

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms of Use carefully. These Terms of Use serve as your contract for participation in the Love Then Lead Experience (hereinafter, “the Program”), which is created and operated by MC Tesseract, LLC.

In the following Terms of Use, the term “Operator” refers to MC Tesseract, LLC, along with that entity’s owners, officers, affiliates, employees, contractors, agents, successors, and assigns.

By purchasing the Program, you are agreeing to all of the following:

  1. Services Provided: The Program includes access to:
    1. Nine (9) online learning modules;
    2. The Five-Step Delivery Formula;
    3. Twelve (12) weeks of live Q&A sessions conducted inside the private Program Facebook group;
    4. The four-day virtual event known as the Heart-Centered VIP Experience;
    5. Six (6) 90-minute Masterclass recordings
    6. The Essential Tools for Online Success;
    7. Community Building Game Plan Video Training; and
    8. Six Degrees of Collaboration: the Game to Finding the Best Partners (only if you chose the full-pay option).
  2. Email List: You understand that you must confirm your subscription to the Program email list in order to receive emails that contain instructions for your full participation in the Program.
  3. No Professional Services: No part of the Program is intended to be professional services or advice, and the Program should not be seen as a substitute for professional services or advice. Rather, the Program and any content or material provided to you are intended to be educational in nature. The Operator will take steps to ensure the educational nature of the program is maintained. You will not construe the program to be therapeutic, psychological, medical, financial, or legal services. Should you require such services, you will seek the help of an appropriate licensed professional, such as a therapist. psychologist, doctor, financial advisor, or attorney.
  4. Intellectual Property: The Program and any content or material provided to you during the course of the Program are the creative product and intellectual property of Operator and/or the Operator’s affiliates or content suppliers. The Program and its content may be accessed and used by yourself for the purposes of furthering your own goals for the duration of the Program. You will not give, sell, loan, copy, or otherwise transfer any of the Program’s content in any form to any other person or entity. You also will not portray yourself as the creator or owner of the Program or any of its content.
  5. No Outcome Guaranteed: You understand and acknowledge that all decisions come with a degree of risk, and your success in any endeavor is dependent upon many factors that may be outside of your control and Operator’s control. Therefore, the Operator makes no promises or guarantees other than those expressly stated herein. In particular, the Operator cannot and does not promise or guarantee any particular outcome or result from your participation in the Program. You agree that you will not hold the Operator liable for the failure to attain an desired outcome or result from your participation in the Program.
  6. Liability Waiver: You agree that the Operator will not be held liable for any damages or losses that you may suffer or incur, whether personal or business, as a direct or indirect result of your participation in the Program, your participation any ancillary Program groups or sessions, or your use of any Program content.
  7. Indemnity: You will indemnify the Operator against any and all liability to third parties for any damages or losses that you may cause and which arise as a direct or indirect result of your participation in the Program, your participation any ancillary Program groups or sessions, or your use of any Program content.
  8. Personal Responsibility: You understand that you are ultimately responsible for your personal health and the health of your business. You agree expressly agree that, before you make any changes that may affect your diet or your physical or mental health, you will consult with an appropriate licensed health care professional, such as a dietitian, medical doctor, and/or therapist. You also agree to consult with a licensed financial advisor, account, and/or attorney before making any changes to your financial or business operations. You will not hold the Operator liable for you failure to consult with an appropriate licensed professional or your failure to follow such professional’s advice.
  9. Consent to Recordings: You understand that, by participating in the Program, you may be recorded on audio and/or video format. You consent to such recording and you consent to the Operator using such recording for future training and/or educational purposes with clients, as well as internal review purposes so Operator can improve the Program. You understand that you are solely responsible for how you appear on any recordings. If you do not want to be seen or heard, it is your responsibility to turn off your camera and/or microphone.
  10. Live sessions: While the Operator will attempt to schedule live sessions at times that work for the highest number of participants, Operator cannot promise that the session times will accommodate your schedule. Additionally, the session dates and times are subject to change at Operator’s discretion. It is your responsibility to make a good-faith attempt to attend as many life sessions as you are able. If you miss any sessions, there is no guarantee of any make-up or bonus sessions for you to attend instead.
  11. Confidentiality: In general, the Operator will keep confidential any personal or business information you may share during the course of your participation in the Program. The Operator will not share your information with third parties without your consent. However, you understand and acknowledge that there is there is no legal privilege protecting your information and, therefore, Operator makes no absolute promise of confidentiality. The Operator may share your information in the following circumstances: (a) when required to comply with a valid subpoena or order from law enforcement or a court of competent jurisdiction; (b) when Operator forms a reasonable suspicion that you may be engaged in child abuse, elder abuse, or human trafficking; and (c) when Operator forms a reasonable suspicion that you may be about to cause harm to yourself or others.
  12. Respectful Behavior: You agree to be respectful to other Program participants. You will treat your fellow Program participants with common courtesy and respect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality. The Operator has the right to dismiss you from the Program with no notice if you are disrespectful or disruptive during any live sessions or in any online groups or forums, or if you violate another participant’s confidentiality. You also agree to hold Operator harmless should another participant violate your confidentiality.
  13. Refund Policy: Should you be unsatisfied with the Program for any reason, you may withdraw from the Program and request a full refund under the terms of this Paragraph. Within 30 days after the date of your purchase, you may submit a request to withdraw and receive a refund by sending an email to: If your request is timely, Operator will remove your access to the Program and issue a full refund of all amount(s) you have paid to the date of your request. You then will not be liable for any further payments under the Payment Plan. Beginning 31 days after the date of your purchase, all amount(s) paid for the Program will become non-refundable, and you will remain liable for all remaining payments under the Payment Plan.
  14. Payment Plan: You are signing up for a payment plan that includes one or more payments for the amount(s), and on the schedule, specified on the Program’s checkout page. You agree to make all such payment(s) using the method that you specify on the Program’s checkout page. Failure to make any required payment(s) under your payment plan may result in dismissal from the Program.
  15. Misuse & Violations: You understand and acknowledge that misuse of the Program or any Program content, disrespectful behavior toward other Program participants, and/or violations of any of these Terms of Use, will result in your immediate dismissal from the Program and you will not be entitled to any refund.
  16. Effective Dates: These Terms of Use are effective from the date on which you purchase the Program through the earlier of: (a) you cancelling your participation in the Program, (b) the Operator dismissing or removing you from the Program, or (c) the Program’s stated end.
  17. Liquidated Damages: Should you prevail against Operator in any action or dispute arising directly or indirectly from your participation in the Program, your damages will be limited to a refund of any amount(s) paid for the Program. You agree that under no circumstances will you be entitled to any damages, costs, or fees in excess of the amount of your refund.
  18. Severability. Should any portion of these Terms of Use be adjudicated invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it is the intent of the parties that all remaining portions be effective to the extent practicable.
  19. Choice of Law. These Terms of Use shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of California. Any action to enforce any portion of these Terms of Use must be brought in Los Angeles County, California.
  20. Complete Agreement. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between the parties with regard to your purchase of and participation in the Program. These Terms of Use may not be modified except in writing in a document signed by you and the Operator.