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Welcome to Manifestation Month

This month we’re going to talk about the magic in your business. One of the questions is how are you describing the magic that’s in your business? And why do I say magic? 

Well, it’s October, it’s the month of magic and manifesting. And all of the things that we’re creating we are doing so through manifestation. I find that a lot of my clients often struggle with describing those magical things.

The benefits of the work that they do in a way that connects people to say, “Yes, I want that.” It’s helping people understand the magic that you create, where we put the fairy dust, pixie dust of the magic of who we are and what we’re creating in our businesses and the result that is there. 

How to Decide What to Manifest

So the first thing, if you are struggling and you’re trying to figure out, “Well, what are those things that people happen to create?” Well, let’s think about it from a perspective of casting, a wish, you know, I wish I had a … 

Start to think about these things:

  • Who are your ideal clients? 
  • Who is the ideal community? 
  • What are they wishing for? 
  • What is the end of that sentence?

After you have thought about those basic elements you are ready to expand to a deeper level of manifestation. You can then start to ask yourself “If I had a magic wand…” 

What would you want? I wish I had an offer for my business, that converts and people say, yes. I wish I had a 10% profitability. I wish I had a clear picture of who my niche and my ideal community members are. I wish I had x, y, z. 

So here’s the thing. What are your perfect people wishing for?

If you can figure out what that end result is, maybe the thing to do is to step back and think about who they are before they see you.  What are those painful problems that they wish that magic wand could solve? And if you do that, then you can get really clear on the benefits. The other thing is the benefits of the benefits of the benefits of the benefits.

My folks in love then lead. Hear me talk about the benefits of the benefits of the benefits. So it could be, if you’re a business coach like me, that one of the benefits is you understand your seven essences, but what does that do? Well, it helps you get aligned. It helps you grow your confidence. What does that confidence do?

The benefit of the benefit? The benefit of confidence is that you’re more attractive. You’re more magnetic to your ideal community members, especially because those essences have you in  alignment. So you’re attracting the right fit people to you. 

So the benefit of the benefit is confidence. The benefit of confidence is that you’re attracting more people. The benefit of attracting more people is that your community is growing. The benefit of your community is growing is that you have engaged people who are connecting and they’re all perfect people for your business.

Then the amazing benefit of that is that when you make a magical offer, they say yes, because it’s aligned. So this is the benefits of the benefits of the benefits until you have a tangible what’s in it, for me, that they want, where that magic wand.

Passion and Purpose

I know a lot of us talk about having passion and purpose. Well, when you have a clear passion and purpose, what’s the benefit of that? The benefit of that is that you’re more aligned, that you’re more inspired, that you take more actions and that you get more results based on that passion and purpose.

So those are the things that you want to think about in the magic of your business, the benefits of the benefits of the benefits. This is the magic. 

Determine Your Spell Casting Ingredients

Now a lot of us get confused as to how you’re casting your spouse. It’s not the ingredients in the spell that you necessarily want to talk about. The ingredients in the spell, it could be that you’re aligning, people’s chakras, the ingredients in the spell. It could be the seven essences, but it’s not the magical result. It’s not what they want to have in their life. It could be that you do soundscapes. It could be that you help people advocate for themselves in the area of breast cancer. 

But it’s not the how that we want to be talking about in our offers. It really is the benefits of the benefits of the benefits. You can take those out as far as you like. One of the benefits of Love then Lead is that you’re a leader creating a powerful impact in the world that you’re making a difference in changing the world in a positive way by being you. And that benefit has such ripples. It could be that you’re creating sustainability for the planet. Any number of things can go out as far as you want, but are you willing to own it and claim it as a result? 

Because I think a lot of people get stuck struggling for what it is that I need to claim as the result. And of course we can’t promise results because it’s really up to people to take the actions, but what are the results if they take the actions, if they do the work, if they listen and receive your gifts, your knowledge, those techniques, those magical ingredients, but what is it that they get and they have in the world. 

I think a lot of us get really stuck on that. I think the other thing to think about is that when we speak it, so I just got a little coaching on this, myself from one of my fabulous mentors, is that it’s the having in the world. It’s not that they are going to find a way to create a magical aligned offer, but they are going to have a magical aligned offer that converts. So you can see the difference they’re going to have used this system and that will help them convert more buying clients.

Those are some of the updates and making them a sales page as well, to make sure that they’re much more of that. What is the result? What is the thing that they could do tangibly? 

How Passion can Work with Purpose in Manifestation

I have more coffee in my life. We all know how much that is a very exciting, tangible result for Meredith. When I have plenty of coffee, I make more money. I can just drink more coffee. I get to buy a fancier coffee if I want to. That’s the question that you want to look at for yourself is what are the magical benefits of the benefits of the benefits and the way that we get the clarity on describing them is by having a very narrow niche. Have a very specific problem for very specific people.

So passion and purpose is great, but if it’s passion and purpose for a business owner, then the benefit of the benefit of passion and purpose for a business owner is that they have more energy. They’re probably more attractive. So they have more clients and they make more money. That’s one of the tangible results that might make a difference if it’s passion and purpose in life.

If you’re looking for a dating relationship that passion and purpose will help you find an aligned department, your partner, you’re going to be more passionate and therefore more attractive to finding the right person who has alignment with purpose. You can live a life of purpose together. You see how passion and purpose are vague until you add the special ingredient of who it’s specifically for.

What does it look like to have that benefit of the benefit infused and layered into your ideal community members? So these are some of the questions I want you to ask yourself so that you can get really clear on what are those magical results that your business delivers for your ideal community members. And that’s just a little peak on how we create irresistible and magical offers that convert.

We do that inside the Love then Lead membership, and I help people with that in coaching as well. It’s a great process, and let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to know what the magic is that they’re giving their clients. 

I just had a client right before this say that one of the things that was really tangible about working with me was that she really felt the presence of my love. I got a little emotional and was really touched by it. And part of it is because I know it’s not one of those things that I can say the tangible result is maybe I have to go back and ask her. But it’s something that she noticeably feels, and there is a benefit of the benefit of that benefit. And I think it’s why so many of my clients stay. 

That’s something that you could create that maybe it’s about retention. The presence of love and being held has me wanting to stay longer and longer. So maybe I can teach that to my clients and they can have higher retention rates as well. All right. 

I hope you guys are having a magical October, creating lots of manifesting. And I have to tell you, I think we’re going to do a magical masterclass coming up at the end of the month. So I will drop a link in for that masterclass soon. So you can grab your spot. I just wanted to let you know, and we will talk about some of these fabulous, tangible benefits of the benefits of the benefits and how you can create that for you and your business.

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