How can manifesting what you want for your business, become a reality? And I think there’s a lot of stuff to talk about in terms of man manifesting.

I am a big fan of manifesting, a big fan of creating things from your imagination. For a good perspective. 

It’s October people. I love October. It’s the most magical month. We have Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, all kinds of things. But, I really want to dig into this concept of manifesting because I believe it can be magical. I believe it is the power of using magic. 

No matter what your religious beliefs are. Whether it’s praying or anything else, there’s power to it when done properly. And I think there are a lot of people who are like, I’m manifesting a million dollars, but they’re missing a whole bunch of steps. And so I wanted to break down some tips and tricks into how to do this properly. 

I’m going to show you how to really give it some power and some oomph, because you can’t just say, I wish I wish I wish, and then it’s going to happen. It doesn’t work like that. I think a lot of people say, “Oh, I’m going to manifest a million dollars. So I played the lottery.”


Although playing the lottery is at least one of the actions. 

So I want to help you with some simple steps on how to use the power and energy of manifesting in your business to create things as a reality. Because you can manifest anything guys. 

I manifested my husband. I wrote down a list of who he was and poof, he appeared in my life. He thought it was funny when, after we’d been dating for eight months, I showed him a list and I was like, look, honey, I invented you out of thin air. He’s like, “Right. Well, that does really describe me.”

I want you guys to know that it’s powerful.

I Manifested My Family

I invented my kids. They showed up exactly as I created them. I love creating people, but I can do it in so many different ways and I can do it in my business. 

The first thing you have to know is the big picture. It’s knowing exactly what you’re manifesting as they say. Be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you wish for. 

Be careful what you’re creating and manifesting. You need to have super clarity on how you’re creating and manifesting. So it could be, I’m calling forth, I’m manifesting five new clients in my business and I’m doing it with ease and grace at my higher rates at my new current publicized rate. And they’re going to come to me through referrals and while I’m taking care of myself.

Get Specific in Your Manifestation

So it’s a very specific sentence, not just what I’m creating, it also includes how I’m creating. So number one is specifics. 

When I invented my husband, I had a list of like 27 different things. It’s always good if you’re putting in clarifiers that are in the form of a positive. For example, my ex husband was an alcoholic. So when I created my current husband, I said, mentally healthy and addiction free instead of not an alcoholic. 

Sometimes the universe doesn’t hear those knots. So we want to be clear on what that positive is. So step number one is full clarity, full knowing on what it is you’re manifesting, whether it’s a new client, whether it’s new people in your membership, whether it’s a new team member. Regardless, you will use the same process. 

I love to manifest people. It’s my favorite. I am a superstar in people manifesting. I’ll tell you that one. It could be here’s the team member I’m manifesting. They have this skill set. And we talked about this a lot last month, a month for that right. Who they are and all of those specifics. What are the skills? What are the characteristics? What are the personalities? If you’re creating a person, write it clearly. 

Connect the Energy

Then step number two is connecting. How are we connecting to the energy that is in alignment with what we’re manifesting? You can’t manifest something that isn’t in integrity. What I mean by that is you can’t manifest high paying clients, if you don’t value high paying items. If you’re only at a low level of commitment in yourself, there isn’t an integrity match. 

So when somebody says I’m manifesting a six figure business and they don’t have a three figure business or a five figure business, there isn’t that alignment. Not that it can’t happen. The internal connection and the energy aren’t fully developed yet.

You might have to tap your way through and say, “Okay, I have some limiting beliefs here that are stopping this manifestation.”

That is an action that you’re taking. It’s an aligned action to work your way through the beliefs on what you’re creating and where you are. It’s important to do these things if your manifestation and self aren’t in alignment. 

So step two is connecting yourself into the alignment and energy that matches what you’re manifesting.

If you’re creating a fun team member that’s engaging and curious, being fun, engaging and curious is a way of being that matches that connection energy, because the energy is oomph to the spell. Like if you’re casting a magic spell, if you’re manifesting in a way, you have to be very clear what you’re manifesting. You have to have energy and connection to how you’re doing it. If you’re talking about manifesting money and all of your finances are out of place, your energy isn’t in alignment. 

So if you’re like I’m manifesting and guys, people can do it. You can manifest money to just show up out of the world. I have done it time and time again. And usually what happens is I say I’m declaring to have hundreds of thousands of dollars or $5,000 or $1,000.

Take Action

Just show up the actions that I take, that’s step three. The actions that I take are to make sure that my finances are in integrity. So you want to check connecting, how does your energy connect? How do your beliefs connect and how your actions align with what you say you’re manifesting? 

So if I’m calling forth five new clients, I then have to make an offer and say, “Hey, if you’re interested, I have five spaces open. Book a consultation call.” Then I have to give people the link. I have to send an email that says, I’m calling. I have to let my clients know, “Hey, if you have anybody that you think might be a great client for me, send them to me.” 

So the first is being really clear and knowing what you’re manifesting. The second is having your energy and connecting your energy. The third part is how you’re expressing it and where you’re expressing it.

So it could be that you’re saying to people, “Hey, I’m manifesting new clients this month. I’m open for new clients. If you have any referrals, send them my way.” But if I keep what I’m manifesting to myself and I don’t express it, it’s not going to happen because it lists and it exists in a hindering way.

Our words create our world. 

So when we share what we are manifesting out in the world, people and the universe can help send it our way. That’s why there needs to be clarity, like if you’re placing an order. I believe it’s like placing an order with God. The more clear you are, the more God and the universe will be like, “Oh, here is an ideal client who wants to pay your rate, is exactly in alignment with what you want and they’re building a community, they’re building this, this, here you go.”

Or one of my clients goes, “Oh, I heard you this, my friend so-and-so said they were in need of coaching. I’m sending them your way.”

If you’re not expressing it, then people don’t know. It’s like you made a request for something and you didn’t file it. 

So that’s part of it, making sure that you’re clearly expressing and that your language matches. If you have any of those nagging limiting beliefs that are stopping you and you’re like, “Well, if I can get…” 

No, it needs to be spoken “When I manifest these new clients” not if. Make sure that your language is in alignment with what you’re manifesting.

So step number one is to get clear. Knowing exactly what it is you’re manifesting to is the energy that you are connecting to. So that you’re in the energy of what it means to manifest this item almost as if it’s in existence already. Step number three is how are you expressing this? Who are you expressing it to? Sometimes when we talk about manifesting, there’s a whole bunch of people out in the world who are like, that’s a bunch of hooey. Don’t share it with them.

Real Business Examples

You could just say, “Hey, I’m open for new clients. Just wanted to let you know.” But if you have a community of people who like the woo, our community likes the woo, you can share it and express it in that community. You actually want to make sure that you are continually expressing it as if you were placing an order with your friends, with your community, with the universe, with the all-powerful. 

So that’s how we’re expressing it. Then as I said a little bit before taking actions that align with what you’re manifesting. You are the fuel, the accelerant, that’s going to help this manifestation happen and become in existence in your business. 

If you’re talking about bringing on new clients, that seems to be the example I’m using. 

If you’re talking about bringing on new clients, then what are you doing? Did you set up your Calendly so that it has spaces for the new clients? Are you making sure that the products are set up so that they can pay ongoing over time? Are you out there telling people, “Hey, I’ve got space for new clients.” Did you send the email to your big list? Hint, hint, big list. You’re probably going to see an email about the fact that I’m actually open for a couple of new clients. These are the things and the actions that align with the thing I am hoping to manifest. It doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. I have to be having those actions follow through with what I’m doing and manifesting.

If you give it a “by when”, so you can see how in or out of the integrity and the energy that you are. So if you don’t say I’m manifesting six clients before the year is up right then on December 31st, I can see, I got three clients. My integrity is only at 50%. Something is off. Maybe there’s a limiting belief. I need to work on. How do I get to that next level? But if you don’t measure it, how do you know that you manifested it?

The results have to be seen in the world. So when you say you’re manifesting something, be very specific. It’s like those smart goals, specific, measurable, attainable, achievable, who knows the “A”. So many people use different ones. Actionable. I think that’s another one people use is reachable in time. 

So for those of you who like to get witchy, sometimes you cast a spell. So we, we did this in the membership this month, we just did manifesting as a sacred ritual. We did a ritual around it. We cast a circle, we shared what we were manifesting. We got some downloads on what we were doing. And then we all created some actions to take. And sometimes a new moon, like the timeline on a new moon ritual might be that it gets fulfilled on the following new moon. If you haven’t declared it. 

So having it in time, whether it’s this year, or saying the end of the year, whatever you want, you can declare the timeline. But if you don’t declare that by stating “I am manifesting this by this time”, you won’t know if you have any magical powers. You won’t know if you’re manifesting is in alignment. So give it a by when and then measure it and see how well you are in alignment with what you declared. 

With my kids. For example, I declared who they were. I think I might even still have the notes. My husband and I talked about it. We said all of these things like this is what I meant. This is who we’re manifesting. I have to tell you, my kids are exactly as I created them. Exactly. One of the things I created was that they were smarter than I have to tell you. It’s not easy to raise smarter kids. So that’s what I mean by being careful what you wish for.

It’s going to be great for them as adults, but not so easy for mommy and daddy to raise kids so smart. So be really clear. 

On those clients. It might be that you have specifics that they really value me and that they are super respectful. If you’ve ever had clients that no-show, show and don’t call and don’t show any of those things. They like to question the things you’re asking for, make sure that in your new client attraction, clarity, that you’re clear that they value who you are, that they’re super excited that they think you’re undercharging them. So that they really show the value of what you’re providing. So those are my tips. 

Here’s a Quick Recap

The first tip is to get really clear with as much detail as you can provide. When you’re clear, when you’re manifesting something, add the phrase for the higher, good of all involved for the highest good of all involved. Because I could say, oh, I want to manifest $300,000. What happens if I lose a family member and I inherit the money? That is not going to feel good. And people can have that power like, oh, I want this. And all of a sudden, somebody that you love is gone or taken from you. 

I had one of my best friends. She was manifesting money. And unfortunately she did a lot of work to get it done, except for the fact that they ended up in a car accident. So the money showed up and the family got injured and they had money from the lawsuits and all that stuff. So that’s not fun. That’s not how you want to manifest. So don’t forget to include for the highest good of all involved.

Because a car accident is not for the highest good of all involved having a family member die, not for the good of everybody involved. Make sure you include that sentence because it’s really important. That’s where we need to have that in step number one in the knowing. What are we connecting? How are you being, making sure that all of your energy is in alignment.

Your mindset is in alignment with what you declared you’re manifesting. And if the gremlins show up, you got to talk to them, you got to deal with them. You gotta have those conversations to see where those mindset blocks are. All of that. And working with them is step four.

The actions that you take. Step three is expressing and making sure that your language matches what you’re saying, “I am manifesting. I am open to new clients.” I am not saying “If I”, or when I write, it’s not if, but when, if not now, when, if not today. And then the next part is taking the actions in alignment so that you are in integrity.

Like I said, every time I want to manifest, I can manifest and have checks, just show up for no reason. I had one check that showed up. That was from the sale of a house like three years earlier. And it had been lost. I was like, you have a thousand dollars waiting for you. But when I do my finances and I have my integrity there, that’s when those checks show up. 

So make sure that your actions are in line with the words that you are saying, the energy that you were saying, what you were manifesting and then measuring it, giving it time and space and celebrating it. 

Measure and Celebrate Your Manifestation

Then we’re going to celebrate all that we manifested. Even if it’s only part, sometimes we forget, let’s say we set a goal for 3000 opt-ins and we only got 1500 or we set a goal for 50, who knows. We forget to celebrate. I got 1500, 1500. This is awesome. I was committed. And I wanted 3000, but I’m in that 50% integrity. So what is the 50% I have to get back? Integrity? What is the mindset? What are the other things? 

So those are my tips on how to manifest things in your business to turn your goals into reality. Take action. And I am actually open for clients. So if anybody’s out there thinking, “Gosh, I really want to work with Meredith. And I think she might be a good fit.” Let me know in the comments. And I will send you a link to schedule a consultation.

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