Love then Lead: building differently-wired business
with heart

My goal is for you to confidently make money with a business you love, growing it in a way that works with your brain, your creativity and your lifestyle.

Love then Lead is a community-centric program for multi-passionate neurodiverse entrepreneurs. Together, we build your business in your unique way, working with your strengths, so that business and life are easy and balanced

If you have an irresistible and aligned core offer …you can have a profitable business...
  • create a sustainable and indemand core offer
  • design a sales process that is exciting and motivating for you to deliver each stage
  • Create meaningful connections that grow your ideal community
  • increase your confidence and visibility when you shine in your true authentic self (even if you’re messy and scattered)

Love then Lead is for you if...

  • If you’re a neurodiverse entrepreneur who wants consistent income, but struggle with showing up online or in business in a consistent way
  • You’ve worked with neurotypical mentors and don’t get why their system doesn’t work for you
  • You’re brimming with a bazillion ideas on how to help people, but not sure which ideas to turn into offers that will sell and make you money
  • You’re ready to stop working hard and instead work with your gifts and strengths to create a core offer and business strategy you can easily sustain

Who this is for?


Does this sound like you?

  • If you're a neurodiverse entrepreneur who wants consistent income, but struggles with showing up on line or in business in a consistent way
  • You want to have freedom and flexibility in the design of your core offers so that you can bring creativity and and energy to them when you have it
  • You want a core irresistible offer that is designed with your awesome unique self in mind so that business is easy and not a constant struggle to become something you are not
  • You're ready to stop working hard against your nature and work with your gifts and strengths to create a core offer you can easily sustainincrease your confidence and visibility when you shine in your true authentic self (even if you’re messy and scattered)
  • You've worked with neurotypical mentors and don't get why their system doesn't work for you
  • You're highly empathic and want to make sure you have a sales process that DOES NO HARM, and is fully authentic and aligned with who you are
  • You're looking for a super supportive community of your Neuro Quirky peers who get the challenges around focus and motivation and accept and support you with your strengths in mind, celebrating you true colors to shine
  • You're ready to have the support you need to stay motivated and get things done even when you're easily distracted
  • You're brimming with a bazillion ideas on how to help people, but not sure which ideas to turn into offers that will sell and make you money
  • You have creative ways to market your offers but you’re not sure why it's not quite connecting as you had expected
  • There are so many spinning plates and tasks to tackle in your business and you're not sure which to focus on to get movement and momentum to grow your business
  • You want to try a bunch of creative marketing strategies but not sure which strategy goes with which offer .... one offer, many strategies.

What you get EVERY Month

Group mentoring with me

You have the opportunity to get in the heart-seat and get the customized support you need with me, a seasoned neurodiverse business coach & mentor

Annual & Quarterly Planning

Regular planning and celebrations to check your progress and  determine if you're still moving in the direction you want your business to go

Bi-monthly Co-working

the mother of all body doubling, focused time for you to get more done together with pomodoro breaks change up the energy

Monthly Training

On current marketing strategies that might peak your neurodiverse mind and keep you motivated in your marketing tactics

Bi-monthly Money Dates

Opportunity to mind your money where we track and manage our income with a system that works for you

Monthly Masterminds

Get feedback for a variety of community members, and brainstorm what you need next

Differently-wired business Core Curriculum

Come Inside & Welcome

Welcome to the Membership, where you'll get all you need to be set up for success.
Plus I'll share some concepts like:
  • Welcome to the Membership
  • The Differently-wired business principles
  • 5 motivators to get your brain moving

Stage 1: Confidence & Love

After feeling broken or stupid because of your neurodiversity, you'll overcome the shame of the past, and let it go. 

You'll be able to focus on really knowing yourself and leaning into your neurodiverse strengths. You'll increase your confidence and self-love by accepting and working with the amazing gifts of your differently-wired brain.

In this state you'll:
  • Identify the 7 ways of being that will have you confident in any situation (Your 7 ESSENCES)
  • Write your Aligned and Strategic Differently-wired Business Plan (not a neurotypical plan)

Stage 2: Craft Core Offer

Once you have gotten super clear on how to lean in to your brilliant gifts, you can then get to creating a business model and craft your core offer that perfectly fits you and your lifestyle goals.

With a business model that supports you, you'll craft a core offer  that is expressed with clear messaging that connects to your ideal clients.

You'll clearly express the offer in an authentic and consent driven way, that feels aligned with your values and empathy, and connects with your ideal clients.

In this stage you'll:
  • Craft a fully aligned and core offer for your business using "S.T.A.N.D"
  • Design a sustainable business model that will align with your values
  • Define your Niche and uniqueness of your offer

Stage 3: Collaborative Community

Once you have nailed your offer with all of the essential elements in place, it's time to test the waters while growing your audience.

You'll leverage the power of other peoples communities in a consent driven way, to validate your offer and grow your audience.

In this stage you'll:
  • Validate and test your beta offer in your new community
  • Identify the 5 things that will make a great collaborative partner
  • Leverage collaboration with the Niche Nextdoor method for audience growth

Stage 4: Converting & Believing

The place where anything is possible, and we help our clients believe.

We make sales in a way that fits your differently-wired business, and deliver results so you create fans of your business.  This is where the sales process emerges and we can create the system that can be automated.

In this stage you'll:
  • Design a sensational sales page to convert your warm buyers
  • Build the 5 steps in your easy & customized sales funnel
  • ​​Set up your automatic system to delight and deliver results to your client

Stage 5: Connect & Collect

Yes! The sales in our business are rolling in, creating the foundation of financial support that we need to take it to the next level.

It's time to systemize the way you connect with an audience growth machine to scale your business with less effort from you.

In this stage you'll
  • Learn the top 3 connecting activities that quickly build your audience
  • Discover the 4 must-haves in an engaged and transformative community

Stage 6: Catalyzing

Differently-wired ways to get things done especially when it's hard for us to get motivated.

The best ways to work with your specific neurodivergence with step-by-step progress and generate the momentum you need.

In this stage you'll discover:
  • Best ways to get things done based on your brain
  • Time management for the time-blind neurodivergent brain
  • Scaffolding for success to support your differently-wired operating system

Canaan Brainin’ Bonuses

Because our brains are different, so are the ways we need to work on our mindset and how we create habits to build our business.

Throughout everything in this membership there are mindset moments, brain hacks, and more while we leverage the power of our big hearts.

Inside you'll get insights from your neurodiverse mentor on these topics:
  • Money & Profit systems that work for you
  • The best assessment tool for self mastery: The Helix of Mastery
  • Tackling tech with team
  • Meredith's Mindset Moments

Contributing Mentors

TikTok & Reels
Ida Mundhuru
Community Activation
Jade Olivia
Facebook & IG Ads
Zach Spuckler
Garry Schliefer
Money Mindset
Aryana Rollins
Period Coach
Stasha Washburn
Michael Canaan
Co-working Hostess
Sonia Hubly

Oh Wait!

Plus these Awesome Bonuses...

To make sure you get the most out of Love then Lead,
I’ve included these SUPER valuable extras for you

Bonus #1
The Neurodiverse Planning System
You'll get  more focus to narrow down your ideas and get things done your way with everything included:
  • The Neurodiverse Downloadable & Fillable Planner  designed to give you some simple structure, with some flexibility of choices.
  • A complete content planning spreadsheet to track all of your content ideas, and formats.
  • The 8 Part Understanding Your Brain Video Series to help you work more easily and efficiently with your brain.
$147 Value
Bonus #2
Rachel Miller's Set-And-Forget Social System
Bringing you actual buyers on autopilot.
With this bonus you'll Spend LESS time spinning your wheels and more time focusing on the stuff that REALLY matters plus, moves the needle…

Get your crafted from the heart content in front of the eyes of the people who really need to hear it.
$27 Value
Bonus #3
6 Degrees of Collaboration: How to grow your community
by hosting a Summit or Giveaway
You're one step closer to leveraging the power
of collaborations where you'll:
  • Create the Promise for your event
  • Choose the right type of Collaborative
    event for you and your business
  • Identify the right Partners for you and the
    event you are creating
  • Get templates to help you reach out to
    your prospective partners
  • Work through the checklists and project
    plans of what you need in what order
$97 Value
Bonus #4
Heart-Centered Leaders Summit
Dive into the 40+ recordings of recent live 2021 & 2022 Summit interviews, plus the 4 day virtual retreat training sessions led by Meredith

Each live recording will give you more insight, tools and techniques to apply in an authentic approach to growing your differently-wired business with heart.
$147 Value
Most Flexible
Monthly Payments
$97 USD
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Best Value
Annual Payments
$970 USD
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What you need

  • Clarity and alignment on a core offer that is sustainable for you to deliver
  • Authentic sales process designed around your interests to keep you motivated and engaged
  • Bite-sized content in all formats for your learning style
  • A business coach there with you weekly, to give you customized coaching and guidance
  • The most heart-centered and supportive community you’ll find on-line

Don't need

  • To use a cookie cutter system
  • Sleazy, pushy or harmful sales practices
  • Discipline to be in working in your biz 9-5
  • To be doing what everyone else is
  • No one specific business model is right

And that was when Meredith came into my life. And what she did as a woman coach, and saw what I was struggling with, in how the previous coach was missing some of my personal needs in that situation. And because she saw that, she listened.

She listened so well that she could hear me. I felt seen. I felt heard, and understood and acknowledged by her.  My interactions with Meredith and her coaching helped me to create, and step into my voice in a way that I was able to create a profile, even for my professional work. And within about, I think less than two weeks or three weeks, I had at least 11 people or more sign up to work with me. And that stream of people have continued to this day.

Dr. Mary Nii Munteh

You know what? Love then Lead was actually a lifeline. That's how I look at it. It was a lifeline through this whole pandemic. It was priceless. I mean, I can't, I can't gush enough. And it's filled all the different avenues as an entrepreneur. You have a community, you have especially when you work by yourself, like I do. So you have community that back's you, you have a sounding board for things that you're not sure if you're really doing it right.

Barbara Tomlinson

Why I created this

I’ve been an online business owner since 2013, and coaching online business owners since 2017.

As I wandered through my journey as a parent and business owner I discovered so much about myself.

I’m not nuerotypical

Growing up i struggled with reading the most, and in clogge I got a few diagnosis that helped me get accomodations to make certain classes easier to pass. I’m not broken, or stupid, i just have to do things my way for my brain. And apparently a lot of the perfoming arts department struggled just like me.

Some of the simplest things in business feel like the hardest things for me to accomplish - the same with MOMing (which is why my first niched offer was …The Mommies game) Out of my nuerodiverse challenges came the innovations and motivations I needed to get the boring things done.

Just because it’s easy for others - doesn’t mean it will be easy or doable for me.

I don't think like everyone else

I have had some great mentors and I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t teach things or see things that I saw. - So I branched off to create my own thing in 2020. So much of what I need to get momentum is different and also ever changing, so once I really understood my brain and motivators the easier it was to know I need to change things up often, and that’s okay. I had to really get to know myself and make peace with the me that is here right now. And from there I can create ANYTHING I WANT!

Between the creative and Permforming arts and entrepreneurship - so many of us a re nuerodiverse … we are brilliant and creative, thrive on change and play, and we come up with the most brilliant ways to share and communicate with people in ways that just zing. Our strengths and gifts are so needed.

Some of our current and past members

We have a beautifully diverse and inclusive community

Xonna Clark
Spiritual Nutritionist
Staci Paley
Innovative Operating Genius
Patricia Barros
Pediatrician Parent-Coach
Pat Galo
Health Grower & Nurse
Missy Oveson
Disability Spoon Theroist
Lisa Markovits
NGO Director & Artivist
Kristin Reihman
Integrative Doctor
Katie Rampen
Breast's Bossom Buddy
Jon Jew
Popcorn Philanthropist
Lori D’Ginto Haring
Private Parts PT
Suzanne Mulcahy
Childrens Book Author
Jeannine Goode-Allen
Doctor of the Soul
Janet Lamb
Sassy Spiritual Director
Inge Maskun
Inspired Living Coach
Ian Foster
Loving Lawyer
Dorothy Ross
Powerhouse Pastor
David Sharp
Divine Innertainer
Barbara Tomlinson
Dating Coach Puppeteer
Arlee Leonard
Musician, Poet & Coach
Arina Matveja:
Women Blooming
Angi King:
Tech Angel
Susi Vine
Stress Buster

What are members are saying!

But Above all else...

The Love then Lead Membership will give you the confidence to let your true colors shine attracting the right community, who will jump at the opportunity to work with you, because you serve from the heart. You create the business you dream of, making the money you want, working when you want and where you want, and having a blast while doing it.

The Love then Lead Membership will give you the confidence to let your true colors shine attracting the right community, who will jump at the opportunity to work with you, because you serve from the heart. You create the business you dream of, making the money you want, working when you want and where you want, and having a blast while doing it.

Most Flexible
Monthly Payments
$97 USD
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Best Value
Annual Payments
$970 USD
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Still on the fence?

As a verbal processor, sometimes what I really need is to Talk to someone…

Whenever I’m about to make a big decision the most comforting thing is to talk through it all with someone who’s been there.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have gone before you in creating heart-centered online businesses and you can schedule a chat with me today to get a clear and confident about joining before taking the leap to join LTL, and whether this opportunity is truly right for you.

Most Flexible
Monthly Payments
$97 USD
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Best Value
Annual Payments
$970 USD
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We 100% guarantee you'll love this membership!
If after the end of day 30, you feel like you haven't gotten way more than what you have invested, we will happily refund you in full.

All you have to do is email before your 30 days is up or before your next monthly bill charges for a full refund. Full Refund Details Here.

You probably won't want to. But know you can.

I'm pretty sure you'll love it.

I won a year in Love Then Lead through the first Canaanukkah event. By participating, I got a chance to see how I had been scared to show up as myself in my business. When that year was up, I stayed with the membership because I noticed all the ways that I started coming out from the Pig Pen like cloud I had been in. I’ve gained confidence in myself and my business that has allowed me to be a part of movements like the Open Role Playing Game Community License Alliance (ORC Alliance) without feeling like an imposter or an outsider. I’m able to advocate for myself and others in a way that was impossible before working with Meredith

Missy Oveson

"I began Meredith’s program in her “free” coaching Mondays. The value I received and her heart felt generosity inspired me to enroll in her paid program. One and a half years into this amazing community of heart centered leaders who bring the warmth of giving and the commitment of quality improvement continue to enrich not only the growth of my business but deep into my soul. The wisdom of “my” coach and the support of this community my membership continues, “put me in coach I’m ready to play!"

Janet Lamb