One of the things to say about the entrepreneur on the road is that when you have your business, it’s got to have flexibility and internet. Oh yes. We’re at an RV park. So I have good internet. Yay. All right. 

Misconceptions of Collaboration

So today we were talking about misconceptions of collaboration. I think there’s a couple of them here that I’d love to kind of dismantle and help people understand really the things that might stop you from getting into the game of collaborating.

So one thing I think that people really get stopped with when it comes to collaborating is that somebody has to be your collaborative partner. That you have to be on the same level in your businesses. You have to have the same list size or that you have to be making the same kind of money or any of these things.

I think that’s a real place where people get stopped. Like, “Ugh, I can’t approach so-and-so who has a hundred thousand person list. Cause I only have 10,000 or only have 200 people.”

See, that’s not true. 

When you have something that’s amazing and makes a difference. People want to share. Especially if you’re collaborating with people who are up for making a big difference in the world.

If you’re collaborating with people who really love and value what it is that you’re sharing. So I want you to remember that. 

Don’t put People on a Pedestal

We’re all human. We’re all on the same level. We’re human beings with hearts, souls, and spirits. And that’s all, that’s important. And to remember not to have anybody like to put anybody on a pedestal. If you think I’m super cool, I am happy to collaborate with you. We have some great alignment and I have people in all levels that I work with and collaborate with all different stages of business, all different areas. But what’s important is that we’re there to lift each other up. And I think that when you come from that intention, when you come from that place of helping each other out, then it doesn’t really matter.

That’s at the forefront. I want to make sure that, you know, you have an opportunity to do something. One of the things that we’re doing coming up in our upcoming emails that we’re sending to our big list is, we’re sharing about what our members are doing.

And there’s a lot of different reasons why we’re doing that. One is because I want to sing the praises of the people that I love working with. Because they’re awesome. We’re in alignment. I love what they’re doing. I love supporting them. Hence I’m coaching them and helping them build their businesses. And I want them to get that exposure, but it also helps people understand who I’m supporting and why I’m supporting them. It’s great to show the variety of people that I’m supporting.

I have clients that are in various stages of business. And if I share about them, maybe the other people who are out in the world, who know how much I love to collaborate are going to find somebody that is somebody that they might be interested in. It’s about sharing the love and sharing the resources and building each other up. If we’re people who say that we’re committed to making a positive impact in the world and making that difference, then it can’t be about who’s at what level. 

It’s about getting those messages out there on the things that you think are important. Making sure that people are standing in a place of integrity on what they believe. If our beliefs match, then heck yeah, man, let’s do it. The second misconception, I think, is that a lot of people think it’s all about the money or the “what’s in it for me”. Some of us like to collaborate because we just want to help.

Helping people get further in business more than anything. I want to see my clients succeed. That’s another reason where we’re offering this spotlight. I want to have them have all the success that they can possibly imagine. And so, and I will often choose somebody. I think I’ve mentioned before my business bestie Stasha, we became collaborators, I think before we became besties.

Part of it was we knew each other. And if you’re interested, speaking of my business, bestie, Stasha Washburn is the period coach. She’s got an upcoming webinar to find out more about period coaching. If you’re helping and serving menstratuers, women who’ve been straight or women who may not menstruate anymore, but want to cycle, she’s got a fabulous thing coming up. One of the things that happened is I loved what she was teaching. The first time I ever heard about her. I invited her to participate in my ultimate mom’s summit. The reason I invited her to participate in the ultimate moms summit is because well, most moms have periods. Most moms have hormones and a lot of time they’re out of whack and they’re out of balance. At the time Sasha was doing a lot of stuff on food in flow and just helping people understand all the things that you can do in flow. She also had a wellness, a wound wellness summit coming up for all kinds of women.

And I thought, “oh my God, it’s so great, and I just love what she’s doing. I think it’s interesting. I think it’s revolutionary. I think it’s, out there making a huge impact.”

At the time I was promoting her and I don’t know that there was any financial gain in it. I was really out there to make sure that her message was out there. 

There was another woman that was in my first or second summit, Patty Fitzgerald. She teaches about stranger dangers, not a great thing to teach our kids. And then it’s really important that they understand the icky feelings and that they really start tuning into their bodies and all this stuff.

And I thought what she was doing was so powerful that every mom needed to have her, so I insisted that she be in my summit. She didn’t have a list. I don’t think she promoted. I don’t think she did anything. It wasn’t about the money. It was about the simple fact that her message and her information needed to get out to every person on the planet.

Every mom that I ever met needed to have access to it. So it’s also part of the free opt in for the Ultimate Moms Summit that I did years ago. Because again, the information is still super valid. I still know everything that she has to say, and it was one of those talks that I thought everybody on the planet should have access to.

So when you get stopped by thinking, “well, I don’t necessarily know if my funnel is converting or I don’t know if this is something that’s going to help. I don’t know if they want to make lots of money by promoting me.” 

Don’t get stopped by that. Some people want to promote you because your information is super awesome because you’re going to provide them with value.

A great way to collaborate is to offer, to speak for free to somebody else’s audience. Offer an exclusive webinar for them offer ‘them a talk inside their paid membership or in their free stuff. You have information to put out there. There are people who want it. 

Speaking of besties, Natasha is one of my lifetime besties. She knows Patty. Fitzgerald’s awesome. I heard about her from Natasha a hundred years ago when our kids were babies. And when I did the Ultimate Moms Summit, I had to have her. She was somebody who was a local expert in my area and I put her on a more international or national platform, probably international. She’s got books out there and she’s amazing. That information is so helpful and every parent should have it. 

So, that’s a misconception. 

It’s Not About the Money

Number two is that it’s not always about the money and you don’t necessarily have to have a financial gain when you ask people to collaborate with you or to promote or to get the word out there. The same thing is true.

If you want to collaborate with somebody, you can just say, “Hey, I love what you’re doing. I want to put you up on my platform, on my podcast, on my Facebook channel, because I think what you do is brilliant. And I want people to know more about that.” 

And I think, you know, I have three written down here and I think there’s lots of them, but I think those two are the ones that really stop people, especially when it comes to reaching out. I think the thing that I want you to remember as well, when you’re reaching out to create and find collaborative partners.

I want you guys looking to see who is somebody that I want to be playing with for 5, 10, 15 years from now that I really want to help grow that I really want to help have them help me grow that. I think we’re up to the same things and share in creating a message. That means something super powerful, super important. 

The third thing about collaboration and misconception, I’m not sure this is a misconception, but I think the other thing to say is that it’s not about the two of you. Like when it really comes down to it, collaboration is for the good of the world. Collaboration is for the good of our people. Don’t keep a good thing as a secret. If you find a product or service that you absolutely love, why not sing it loud and proud.

Collaborating on Real Life with ADHD

If you run into somebody and you’re like, “oh my goodness, I love that you’re doing this thing. Can you come play?” I had certified as a Saturday school teacher to help parents who have kids that have ADHD and learning disabilities and other complex issues as I am a mom like that, I have kids like that. So I got certified and one of my clients, who’s a business coaching client, was like, “Hey, I remember you mentioned this thing about this. Let’s do a class. And I was like, you know what? Let’s!” So I reached out to my mentors and said, I’m like, I want to do a live class in Burbank for sanity school.

So any of my listeners who are in Burbank, if you have ADHD kids and you’re interested, we’re going to be putting together a class sometime this fall, because the information is important to get out there. Somebody was asking for it and there is a need. And since we have been schooling, social distancing and doing all of those things, I think parents are much more in the face of some of these challenges with our ADHD kids.

Remember that if you’re not collaborating, you’re keeping secrets. You’re keeping amazing, powerful people, tools and resources to yourself. As Elmo says, “Sharing and caring, and that’s what collaboration is all about. Sharing, caring.” So remember to collaborate with amazing people and get the messages out there. 

I hope you liked my Elmo voice. I love you guys.

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