Hey everybody, it’s Meredith Canaan and today we are talking about money. 

Is she your friend? Money and I have a great relationship. It hasn’t always been this way, but we had to have a little conversation. 

If you really wanna have a fabulous relationship with money, I invite you to consider it as an actual relationship. When we have relationships with people, things that don’t work or go wrong, get worked out in a relationship. 


Treating Money Like a Friend

Have you ever had a friend that’s had a cold, like giving you the cold shoulder and you’re like, why isn’t she talking to me? Or you start feeling like mean things are going on in the relationship.

That happened to me once. And to be perfectly honest, my friend rumbled with vulnerability and she called me up and she said, you know what? Something happened, it’s not working. But what I really wanna do is I wanna have a fabulous relationship with you. This is what I need from you and let’s work it out. 

It might be a great opportunity if you could find somebody to be your bestie, like money. 

What happens? Have you been treating money like a bestie? Do you treat your bestie like, oh, hey, you came over here, but now you can’t go anywhere. You don’t get to go to your other friend’s houses and you can’t see your family and you can’t do these other things. Do you think she wants to stay? If you hug her and don’t let her go?


How does that make her feel? 

Personifying Money

When you think about a relationship, it’s hard to say, oh, I have a relationship with an inanimate object. That’s why personifying her, putting a face on her, imagining her as your best friend can make all of the difference in the world. It’s the opportunity to have a new relationship. 

My friend and I, we got on the phone. We set up what we wanted, what we needed to make sure that we were clear that we loved each other. Some of the best things about having a best friend relationship:

  • She knows all my secrets. 
  • I trust that she’s always there for me. 
  • I know that if something happens in the middle of the night and I’m at the emergency room, she’s gonna show up. 

Do you have that occurring in your relationship with money? 

Do you think, oh, if I have an emergency, money’s just gonna show up because I need her. Do you trust that she’ll always be with you? I don’t know if you know this, but money loves you just the way you are. However, there are some things you’ve been doing that she’s not such a fan of.

How do you touch her? Do you crumple her up and stick her in the desk or you know, all folded and crumpled in the wallet or do you nicely lay her out, keep her comfortable and happy so that she feels revered? This is the kind of relationship that I have with money because I think of her just like I think of my besties.

We have a regular date. We get together weekly to find out what’s going on in her life. It’s just like having a regular date to find out what’s going on with your best friend. Check your books, look at your number, see how she’s coming and going in your life. Invite her to come back some more. All you have to do is call her up and say, hey, I could use you. Come over. I really need a shoulder to cry on. Times are tough. 

What if that was the conversation relationship you had with money? You love her, you respect her, you think, oh my goodness, you are amazing. Just this past week inside Love then Lead my program in membership. We did this very thing.

Everybody got together and we had a conversation with money. I invite you that if you have a relationship where you don’t feel complete love and affinity with your bestie money, that you have a complete conversation, you apologize to her and you tell her how you have been being as a best friend or not the best friend. 

Talking to Money

What are the things that you could say to her?

Say, I’m really sorry. I get that when I’m ashamed of you, I hide you in the closet so that you don’t really wanna hang out and tell people I’m here or that sometimes you’re showing me off because you wanna be really popular. I don’t wanna be used like that. Are you using money? I’m not sure that she likes that very much.

Would your best friend do it? I know if I ever treated one of my best friends that way, they would probably slap me across the face and then I would have to apologize. So if you can find a friend that either has a great relationship or also wants to have a different relationship with money, here’s my invitation for you. 

Have a conversation.

Create a Roleplaying Conversation with Money

One of you is money, one of you is you. And then get it complete. Share all the ickiness, have money, be really clear, loving space and committed to forgiveness. And then share what the experience has been like so that you can get an actual sense of what it’s like to be in a relationship with money. 

The energy, not money, the object. Just like money. 

The energy, just like the energy of a relationship is there between us and our best friends. What would it be like if you had complete and utter trust with her? If you felt free to be totally you because you’re besties. Let’s be a hundred percent you. If you had fun together, if you got to go on vacations together, money loves to hang out, she loves your family, she loves everything about you. 

So that’s my invitation. Really start looking at what happens when we personify money, when we have a great relationship. I have been a relationship coach, which is why this makes the most sense to me. I’m a person in relationship, but like I also don’t sit there and spend a lot of time looking at what are my limiting beliefs around my best friend Natasha. I don’t do that. 

Have you ever done that to your limiting beliefs? You may have some opinions about your bestie. No, I don’t look at my belief systems and if I have something that comes up, just like I said, I get in conversation and I say, Hey, this thing happened and it felt weird. Or you know what? I think we need to have a better relationship. I miss you and I wanna spend more time with you. How do we do that? Those are the questions that you would have if she were a person when she is a person. So I’m inviting you, take some time, enjoy your best friend money.

Heal Your Relationship with Money

Apologize for where you weren’t so great with her, and create something new so that your experience with money feels like being with your best friend. Have coffee, get a Mani Pedi, have some quality time together and look at all of the things when she shows up. Thank her. Acknowledge or appreciate it. Yay. I’m so happy you came over.

It’s like when you give her that nice big hug, treat her like your best friend. Because I think that can make all of the difference in the world because after all, a great relationship takes two. And if you just, you can’t, you may or may not be able to talk to the dollar bill, but if you can’t find somebody who’s committed to having an amazing relationship with money, make a regular date out of it. 

Become money buddies, but have an amazing relationship because that’s what we’re all looking for. That way when something happens, you can call up and say, Hey money, I could use an extra couple thousand dollars. I’m in the hospital. Can you come bring me Noodle Soup? Everybody wants Noodle Soup or Mozal Soup. 

What would that relationship look like? So your assignment if you choose to accept it, is to do some imagination work. Put a face even if it is your actual Best friend’s, face onto money. And who would you guys get to be together? Imagine it’s the best relationship and know that she’s always there for you if you need her, that you can trust that cuz a lot of us don’t have that feeling, but you might have that with a best friend or parent or family member. I invite you to bring that trust into your relationship with money. 

And don’t forget to have some fun because money loves to have fun. She loves to go dancing, she loves to have cocktails. Money is really looking forward to our sushi dinner this week because she loves sushi too.

All right, I love you guys. Let’s all lead a legacy of love together. I am Meredith Canaan and I am helping you have amazing relationships in your business so that you can have great relationships to grow your community, grow your profits, and grow your teams.

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