Today is the 25th of the month. Most of you may or may not be familiar with the profit first by Mike Michalowicz’s system on how to run your business. I was just working on my profit first allocations.

So I want to talk a little bit about money, manifestation, money energy, integrity, et cetera, and how all of this works. I know recently I was listening to one of my mentors, Denise Duffield Thomas on the cycle and the process of how things works. How you can just ask the universe for money. 

This month I’m just going to share behind the scenes. I set a goal. I don’t know what percentage is that I am away from my goal, but I set a goal that I haven’t reached in a while. I wanted to set it and hit it again as an income goal.

We have seven days or eight days left in this month. And I don’t know or currently see that revenue coming in. I know all my recurring revenue. I know my membership revenue. I know my private client membership. I know all of those numbers but I don’t know where this last bit of income will be coming in.

It could be a new website client. I could just say here’s the thing and make it be that money. But I don’t know exactly what the new site we are building will cost our client. The thing that I think is really important about who you’re being around money and manifesting is where the integrity lies.

I believe even though I haven’t hit this goal yet that it’s still possible. Then I’m leaning into faith that I could achieve it. I did just get a notice that I got an affiliate commission for something. My guess is it won’t be paid for another 30 days, but I do know that it’s possible something else could hit my bank in the next six to seven days or whenever the 30th is that I will hit that goal. 

Part of the reason I have faith is when it comes to manifesting, who you’re being is really important. Who I have been being this month is restoring my integrity around all things, money. Here are the things to look at, to see if your integrity around your money is there.

So when you say “I’m going to manifest 1500 bucks before the end of the month”, that’s roughly my goal. I’m going to manifest 1500 bucks by the end of the month. I don’t know where it’s coming from. Part of it is asking yourself where are the places this month I’m restoring integrity? 

So in placing this goal, one of the things that showed up this month was I was looking at, do I have some clients and some outstanding bills. And so I leaned into the discomfort of having to say, “oh, by the way, I know I mentioned this, you owe this money and, oh, wait, I really mentioned it four months ago, but now I’m finally catching up on it.”

For example, there was a case where we did some website work for somebody and I kept saying, “oh my goodness, I need to send you the invoice. I need to send you the invoice.” And it’s not comfortable. Sometimes these money conversations, aren’t easy. Especially when it’s  friends or something like that. So part of it is leaning into the discomfort, but making sure that you’re leaning into your integrity. 

So it’s out of integrity for me to let this person continue to owe me money. It has their integrity out money-wise and it has my integrity out. So we restore the relationship, we get it back to zero. Those are the things that I’ve been doing this month with the game and trying to get everybody back to zero.

So I don’t have any outstanding debt, so I don’t have any outstanding invoices or money owed. So when I say I’m going to hit this financial goal, I’m going to make 1500 bucks in the next seven days. And I don’t know how, and I don’t know where that it has the possibility of manifesting because as of this moment, my integrity is in when it comes to money and money agreements. That was part of it was looking to see where there places.

I do have a website client and we haven’t given them the estimate yet. So I can’t make an invoice and just say, here it is without giving them an accurate estimate what the work’s going to do. 

So for those of you that don’t know, one of the things, one of the services that my company and my team provide is we do help people fill the websites. I’m not sure I have ever mentioned it publicly on my Facebook feed or in my newsletter to my clients. And I was listening to another mentor. You guys know I’m promoting Tash Corbin in her launch and leverage program.

And she was saying, one of the things that people forget to do is to mention that they offer a service. And I was like, oops, you guys know I do private one-to-one coaching. You guys know about the love, then lead membership, the love then lead experience the heart centered summit, but you may not have ever heard that we also build websites for our clients so that they can get online. And so they can attract the community. And so that they can have the profits. We help create that support system because I know so many people get stopped in tech and we happen to be really freaking awesome in tech and understand the world of integrations. 

When I say we, I really mean we, it’s a team effort between my hubby, who makes everything look beautiful. Between Scotty who makes everything function and integrate, and he knows all the systems. And I know what needs to happen and all the steps in the processes of delivery. So that’s one of the things that I can do today. I could say and let you guys know that if you’re interested in creating a website and improving that website, reach out to and let me know. Maybe we could help provide a website for you. 

We are good. We are not fast. We’re economical with a good price point. We’re not really overcharging. We really want to get people out in the world. But if I don’t mention that I have this offer, nobody’s ever going to purchase it. But at this point, most of the people that have purchased it are in my membership are in my paid communities or I coach. 

So yes, Patricia says, “tech gremlins are a pain.”

Patricia is one of our happy website and integration clients. She’s in the membership. She’s one of my full kit and caboodle clients. I take care of her in every way that I can. 

So when it comes to magic and money and manifesting, number one, restore your integrity. Make sure, if you have any outstanding debts, you pay any outstanding debts. 

If you have any outstanding invoices, as uncomfortable as it is to ask people for money, do it. 

I had a coaching client and we had some snafoos with payment and it was entirely my system’s fault. We had this emotional call and we completed the call and everything was good. So I’m like, I would love to get this back to whole and sure enough they paid in full. I know that again, it’s that thing about restoring integrity for both sides. I’m causing an out of integrity for my clients, by not making sure that their money is up to date. So that’s the opportunity. 

If you want to have money easily flowing, manifesting, having those clients go, “Oh my goodness. I just got somebody who paid for my highest package and they reached out for a referral or something.” Part of it is how is your financial integrity? How has the financial integrity been in the relationships that you have with your clients and payments?

So it was one of the things I’ve been doing this month. sleuthing through to make sure that everything is caught up and has integrity so that I can re-reach this goal that I set that I haven’t seen in awhile. Cause it’s nice to hit those big money goals. ‘m also looking to set the foundation for the next level of financial goals.

So that’s the thing I would say when you’re looking at it. Remember that when you reach out for money that is owed to you, that it’s not just you restoring your integrity, but it helps them restore their integrity as well. If you’re working with business owners, it could also be the flood gate that’s stopping them from getting the new client. The fact that they owe you money or something like that.

So remember that energy money, that energy is money. Money is energy. That money as our business bestie, flows, she flows. She wants to hang out with all of us. So that’s one of the things I would say. 

So the other thing that Patricia reminded me of, and I think this is something really valuable, worth saying. We often talk about how we value people and value our relationships. And I’ll tell you one thing, I know that I have a tendency, to give extra time to my clients.

I know there’s a bunch of you going, I know she does that for me. I wonder if she does it for anybody else? Guys, that’s me. I’m a relationship quality time girl. And if we’re in the middle of a conversation, we need to finish it right now. Is that whole complete, full integrity to service. I believe that my relationship, has precedent over my time and making sure that my people are getting value and that we have a space of completion. 

But one of the things my clients, my high-end private clients, get included in their package an extra 10 or 15 minutes between sessions. Some people actually end up getting it at the tail end of their session.

One of the things that I realized is my clients that show up, that they do their homework, that they are always there supporting me. I have a tendency to give them that little bit of extra.

I’m going to use Pat here as an example. As one of our website clients, we designed a template based on her website, which we give a sales page template, which we have inside the love then lead membership for anybody who uses Divi builder. It helps with our website work.

Cap andI stayed up really late. We designed three different templates and at the end we used Pat’s color scheme as an example. Then she’s like, oh, I’m trying to feel things. And then looking at color palettes, I got lost on Pinterest the other day, checking color patterns in color PIP, you know, pallets that might work really well with what her products and services are.

She didn’t ask me to do it. It was some work that my husband was doing in terms of the website stuff, but I love her. I love the way she shows up in my world. And so I spend a little extra time looking at her and her needs. 

A lot of my clients I’ll see an ad and I’ll be like, “Oh, this is a great reference.” And I’ll send it to them when I’m thinking of them. Part of it is, it’s this collaborative relationship. It’s how we treat each other. And when you think about it in any type of service business, whether you’re in a restaurant or not.

I mentioned when we were in Florida, we went to a Whataburger for the first time. And the guy at the Whataburger, Mike, was amazing. Then the food was amazing. Well, we became repeat customers. We waited in line for like an hour, once or twice because we’ve gotten such good customer service there. So again, I want to come back to the fact that who you’re being in your relationships before their clients, when their clients and after their clients, has a big effect on your bottom line. 

It’s why it’s Love then Lead. Who we are in the moment when we love ourselves, when we love what we do, when we’re in that relationship has the ability for us to go, “okay, yeah, I’ll spend an extra five to 10 minutes with somebody here.” And that five to 10 minutes could make the difference in their life, in their business, in whatever it is that you’re working with them. 

Especially when they show up really well for you, they give you feedback. They say, Hey, I really need this. It can help you design more things when you have that give and take in relationship and communication. So again, I invite you to be who you are when it comes to the people that you’re in business with, be how you want to see your clients show up for you.

I’m doing Tash Corbin’s new course, and I’m super excited. And I am trying to show up as a partner, I’m also a promotional partner. I’m trying to show up as a partner, how I want my partners to show up for me. I’m also showing up inside that program as I want my members and clients to show up, it’s such an important thing. And I know that when we show up full hearted, wholehearted and support that we get what we give, we get what we give. And when I have a client like Patricia Galo, who’s here, who shows up and she makes sure the rest of the members show up. She shows up in a big way. When something comes up and I’m thinking of her, I’m like, Hey, did it right. I show up for her in a big way. I hope that’s how it’s received Pat. I think it was a really important insight. I had it thinking about her the other day. And I wanted to share it with you guys. So I’m happy that she’s here. Cause you know what, again, she’s always here. So she gets extra.

Part of it’s how we show up to take care of those number one fans. The people who show up at your webinars that are really excited, that are the first ones there. They’re more likely to buy the people that are excited. The people that show up for you consistently. They’re more likely to show up again when you have your next offer and who we’re in between. 

Launches is going to make a difference when it’s time to offer your products and services. So that’s my conversation for today because value is value. Money is energy and who we’re being all the time makes a difference. So it’s always an integrity conversation. And if you’re not familiar, check out my seven essences to let your true colors shine. It is in our Facebook group. If you’re not a member of our Facebook group, go check it out. It’s in the guides and it really can help. You know, who are you supposed to be in moment by moment by moment in these relationships. 

It makes such a difference, especially when you feel lost to have that sense of somebody caring. I have had clients who’ve left and gone to other coaches and come back to me because it’s how I hold space and how I care for them. Even when they’re not in my presence.

Even when they’re not in my space that I’m thinking of them or sending them something or cheering them on. I love it. When my clients call me in between sessions to celebrate or send me a Facebook message. 

I had one client yesterday who said “I finally made the offer for my membership and I got two new clients.” And I shared it with the other client that I was on the call with. I was like, it’s nice to hear everybody’s celebration. I had another client who I see on Friday mornings and last Wednesday called to tell me, got a raise, another big celebration. I love that. I love that. I might be the first person that they think of to share a celebration with and that makes a difference.

It’s why I teach it. It’s why I believe so much in who we’re being. That is the end all be all of the conversation. And every one of us has a unique way of being our seven essences that individual way to shine. 

It’s always about our integrity, our integrity with our relationship. It’s our integrity with our relationship to X, Y, and Z. How is our integrity and our relationship with our business bestie money? How is our relationship integrity with our clients and their relationship with money? If I’m holding space for everybody to have integrity, then I have to make sure that they’re having integrity and where their financial situation is. 

So I hope this conversation makes a difference for you and who you’re being and how your integrity is living in the world and how this relates to when you want to manifest anything.

Whether you want to say, “Hey, universe, I’d like a new client.”

I wrote yesterday and I’ll share it with you guys as well. And one of my groups, I am manifesting a house in this neighborhood. That’s a nice fixer upper because that’s what we love. That’s in the price that we can afford in the neighborhood that we love. That’s going to be available when we have the resources to buy it, which hopefully is really soon. And that has the capacity to expand into our dream house, which means it has a great foundation. If we want, we can put a second floor on. It has the space for the pool that we want. That has a garage that can get turned into a mother-in-law suite or an office or something like that. That’s the next thing that we’re manifesting in the neighborhood. Cause I love our neighborhood. And a garden. Pat’s manifesting a garden for my house.

I love you all. Let’s lead a legacy of love and I will see you next Friday from somewhere on the road, on the road. Again, we can’t wait to get on the road again. 

Just in case you’re interested. Pat Galo is GrowHealth4U. That’s her website. Nice shout out to Patricia Galo. If you want to grow your health, check her out on Facebook and Instagram. All right. I love you guys. Take care. I’ll see you soon.

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