Do you know that you need to make sales in your business, except for the fact that you’re like, I don’t want to be a salesperson. I don’t want to be pushy. I don’t hate sales. Can’t somebody else do the selling for me.

If this is you, today’s conversation can help because today I’m here to help you overcome your sales resistance.

I had somebody up on this post, is it resistance to being sold, to resistance, to selling your product resistance, to anything, any resistance around sales can stop you from making that progress inside your business. And so I invite you to dig in and listen in because I am on a mission. I am on a mission to help 75 people over the next 75 days, fall in love with sales, because it is the basis and the foundation for a healthy, thriving business. And if you are experiencing any of that, when it comes to sales, I want to get you to be like “I love sales” because I love sales. 

And so if this is your first time meeting me, I’m Meredith Canaan. I’m gonna be your little sales angel for the month. 75 is a little angelic number of your guardian angel. And I have sold everything from herbal breast enhancement, used cars and brand new high-end cars in Beverly Hills. I love selling. I also raised thousands, millions of dollars for feature films. 

So I am here and if you have any questions and you’re watching the replay in the chat box, hit hashtag replay and ask any questions about sales resistance. This conversation is all about overcoming those things. And I have some powerful, helpful tips for today to help you in overcoming this. And I think some of it is, especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs. 

Being Pushy

One of the biggest things of resistance that we have is that sense of being pushy. I did say I sold cars and I did sell a couple of used cars, but I was never pushy as a salesperson. And I think one of the things that is really powerful is when we think about any part of our business and we come at it from a heart centered place, it really is about creating that deep connection. But the problem is, we feel like sales could be a violation of relationship. How dare you sell to me?

And so part of that is having that permission, having the okay to say, “Hey, I have this thing. Would you be interested in it?” It’s as simple as getting that permission, because there are people out there in your community, in your environment who are dying to work with you, but they’re not sure. And you haven’t invited them. You haven’t asked if it was okay to invite them.

So some of the things I want to talk about in terms of sales resistance is if you have that permission and it’s okay to have that conversation, is there still resistance? Is it pushy? If you’re trying to help them, one of the things that I think that a lot of people fear in sales are the being sold to that energy, that essence to like, “Hey, I have this thing, you have to buy it. It’s important. And you need it.” That is not my definition of sales. That’s not the energy I want you to have with sales. It is  when a sales strategy and a sales system is set up beautifully in alignment with who you are. It really is about just asking questions and having a conversation to see if this is the right fit.

One of the things that I want you to think about when you think about sales is if you wholeheartedly believe in the product and the service that you have makes a difference in the world. Your job as a salesperson is to help that person believe in themselves, believe in themselves, believe in themselves. So if you took on the perspective of, I am here to help people believe in their value, I’m here to stand in believing in them when they can’t believe in themselves. 

Honestly, I think that’s one of the things I love the most about sales is that I get to hold that space of belief for them. It is that space of being the angel to help somebody see themselves in a way that they weren’t sure is possible. Sales is enrolling somebody in a possible future for themselves.

That what you have to offer them is access to that possible future. It’s really that simple. And to see that the structure, product or service that you have is one that is in alignment with who they are. So what if you took on that you as a salesperson were a belief cheerleader that you are the one to help people believe in themselves. Believe that this thing is actually possible that you’re the inspiration holder of possibilities. 

When I think about some of the sales conversations I’ve had, I think about a client from many years ago, who at this point, it’s beautiful to see many years later, didn’t even believe it was possible to do something with a charity that she has. And I helped her believe in herself. I helped her believe in the possibility. And many years later, they have three amazing programs and it’s so easy to see the clarity and what’s available, but that conversation was really about belief. 

So some of the things that people come up against in a sales conversation are these beliefs. So if you’re the cheerleader and the belief holder, as someone in the process of sales,how good can that feel when you help them believe in themselves? It might be that they’re up against the belief that it’s not possible. So we’re possibility holders. We are the ones that hold possible futures and dreams and visions. If you feel like you can align yourself with that, sales might be a great tool for you to help you get that.

Is it Worth It?

Sometimes people don’t believe that I am worth the money. I will be honest. It’s the biggest one I was challenged with this and of course, guess what my clients show up in. A lot of them have that same belief about themselves. So the more that I can remind people that they are worth the investment, that they are worth this having enough faith in themselves to invest the money in the product or service or the outcome, because really it’s about whether or not the possibility, the outcome that they’re looking for, that this price point is alignment and worth it to them, to them.

So it’s all about creating these amazing possibilities. So we’re helping them believe. So when you get stuck in sales and you think I don’t want to be pushy, well, what if you weren’t pushy?

What if you were just standing there holding a space for them, believing that they are worth the time, believing that they are worth the money, believing that they are worth the outcomes and the dreams that they hold for themselves, believing that something else is possible. If it’s believing that a healthy body is going to give them the confidence that they need, you hold that space, that they can have that confidence and that this product or service is the access to that. 

It could be that finding Mr right over 50 is what’s possible and doing it online and with technology that scares you. 

You’re holding this space that this belief is possible. That’s why I love sales.

I think when we come at it from that perspective, that is, you are the holder of beliefs, then you can give up the sense of being pushy, because there isn’t anything to push. It’s holding space of belief. It’s standing that they can have these dreams and these possibilities. It’s standing in that it’s possible for them. And that’s all.

So it’s not like you’re ever going to be like, “you have to believe in yourself right now”. No one is going to buy that. That’s the pushiness. And so I think a lot of people get stuck on being so like to have resistance around sales because they’ve been sold to in that way. They’ve been sold to and pushed into something.

Buyer’s Remorse and Being Pushed Into Sales

We have the fear that somebody’s going to have. Buyer’s remorse. We have a fear that somebody is going to feel like I pushed them into it. And if I did that, they’re going to hate me for it. One of the things that happens is we also have to understand that we are empowering people with choice. They absolutely have the right to say yes and no.

Right now in the world, we’re in the United States, especially having some of our choices taken away. And so what happens is, as a person who’s selling, we want to make sure that they wholeheartedly have a hundred percent choice in the matter that they want to have a space of. Yes. I want to choose this for myself and no, I don’t want to choose this. 

But as a sales person, we want to hold that whatever choice they make is valid for them. That is the place where the pushiness goes away. There is no pushing when whatever they choose for themselves is the right choice. As long as we’re holding a sense of here’s the possibility I’m offering you. I believe in you.

It also means that I believe that you are the right person to make the choice for yourself. I believe you have the power to choose. I don’t need to influence you. It’s not about influencing choice. It’s not about pushing my opinions on somebody else. Abscess, Murphy, not that right. It’s about saying you’re an empowered person. You can make powerful choices.

I believe that you can make the choice. And I believe what you’re saying is possible with this product or service with my thing, that’s it. And if you have integrity in that choice, integrity in holding that possibility for the product or service that you’re selling right. It’s such a beautiful gift. 

So I think again, the places where we get stuck at overcoming sales is we don’t want to be pushy.

So let’s be belief holders in believing what’s possible and being inspirational in communicating what’s possible with our product or service. Because guys, I know that that’s important. And if you’re struggling at overcoming sales resistance, maybe it’s that you’re having a challenge in believing that your product or service creates that outcome. So much of this is about beliefs. It’s about the mindset of overcoming the fears.

Then the second one is that sense of buyer’s remorse or something else. So that’s where we’re empowering choice, empowering people to have all the information and all of the data and knowing that whatever choice they make is great, because they’re the only one that can decide if it’s the right fit for them. So we wholeheartedly want to empower people with choice to say, yes, the choice to say no. 

If you let people have that choice without being attached to any result, there is no push. There is no push. There’s a big difference between standing for somebody to get what they want in life and pushing them into it. And I think that’s where people have a lot of resistance, because we’ve been sold to, we’ve been pushed at, we have had all these things and you get all caught up in them. 

The other thing that you can do is if you have these fears, that people are going to buy it. They’re not going to like it, fears that they’re going to buy it. And they’re not going to think it’s worth what you said. It’s worth fears. You can put things in place, support structures in your offer. So that that can be handled. You can have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee policy. Whatever that boundary is that you feel is important, that you can put that in place and or you would also put it in place. And then still say, you know what, if somebody is upset and they still feel like they didn’t get it here is what I’m offering. 

So that your integrity is in alignment all the way through. So again, it’s about overcoming any fears that you may have in being pushy, by becoming a belief holder. It’s about making sure that people are empowered in choice. That either choice is okay, that they are the ones that have the choice in their hands to make any decisions whatsoever. And also if you’re concerned about being very pushy, you could also have it that you make sure that people have time to think.

Oftentimes people feel pushy cause they’re like, you have to make the sale right now. Why, why? 

I had a conversation with a client earlier about whether she wanted to continue with some more private coaching. And I was like, “Hey, I just want to let you know, the packages are still at this price. They change on August 1st. And I’m going to send an email with all of this written out on the 10th”. And she’s like, “great. I’m going to look at it on the 10th”. I’m like, okay, great. She’s more likely to come back and make a choice of grabbing some coaching packages. Cause there’s no pressure. We’ve already worked together. She knows what it’s like. And it’s just a matter of figuring out the logistics and if it’s right for her, she’s going to buy so simple.  

Belief in Your Product or Service

The third thing that we talked about a little bit was the belief in your product or service. So that can be one of the things that has you having fear in sales, especially if it’s a brand new product or service, and you don’t know if you’re actually going to be able to provide the value again, put things in place to help, let people decide and understand, but it’s so much easier to take on the prospect of sales when you come at it, as I’m a cheerleader to help people believe. And they have the power as coaches.

It is our job to remember, it’s a very fundamental thing of coaching is that the answer is always to lie with the other person. They always lie with the other person. So that’s where that power of choice comes in is also the name of the magazine by my bestie, Gary. Cause it’s such a fundamental part of us as coaching. 

So if you’re having any other fears, any other fears around being pushy, any fears about sales, and you want me to answer some other questions, again, put the comments in the replay. I’m happy to help. And if this conversation had any impact, let me know, because again, I’m on the mission to help 75 people. And if you’re watching the replay, let me know if it made a difference, because I think it’s the perspective that we bring to the table of sales that stops us. 

There’s always a perspective and a shift that can help you get there because nobody wants to be sleazy. Nobody wants to push something onto somebody that feels icky. Again, the world we’re in right now, especially in the states, it’s that pushiness. I think that hurts women so much. We’ve had people push themselves on us. We’ve had this right. And so having that permission to say, “Hey, I have this offer. Do you want to talk about it?” 

I have an offer to help people. I am offering some very deep, deep discounted sales sessions, 75 minutes sales sessions, if you’re interested and you want to have a conversation to create an aligned strategy. But if I don’t mention it now, you might not know that there is an opportunity. And if you’re interested, let me know in the chat box. If it’s something you want to get more information about.

So I am not doing anything other than saying, I have this offer available for the summer of sales. And if you’re interested, it’s a 75 minute session at an amazing price. I asked for more information. Cause I’m happy to share it with you. You can send me a message or chat in the comments and we can have a chat. See if it’s the right fit for you. But it’s about getting that permission. I am not going to be like, I have this, I have this. I’m not going to hammer it into anybody because that’s just icky. It’s pushing against people’s boundaries. And so part of that is when we have the fear of sales, it can be from that place of, we didn’t get permission and we don’t want people coming up in our space that we didn’t give permission.

So making sure that you have that sense of whether it’s asking somebody a question, “Hey, can I send you some more info? Are you interested in finding out more?” Whatever those questions are, can be so helpful and you can overcome them because you’re basically just getting permission to say, I have this fabulous offer. Do you have some time? And do you want to hear about it?

That’s it. 

Then hold space that your offer is going to create this amazing possibility of what the person is looking for. Then we hold the space for that amazing possibility. We hold a belief as belief cheerleaders that it’s possible and that these people can believe in themselves. And then we give them the freedom to have choice with time and space And set up a system to follow up, to see if it’s something that they figured out. 

So if you’re feeling that sense of, I don’t want to be pushy, would that being a belief cheerleader make a difference for you? So that’s my invitation. I hope it helps. I know that it’s one of the reasons I love sales so much is to be able to stand in that space to really be able to hold a possibility. Hold the belief that it’s possible for somebody based on what I know about them and give them the powerful place to choose by standing for them and their belief in themselves without pushing, without pushing. And if there are any other fears or obstacles that you come up with around sales, post them in the chat, and I am happy to include them in some of our other conversations.

Summer of Sales

If you didn’t know, my Summer of Sales is going on throughout July. Every Friday at this time, I’m going to be having a different conversation on a different topic regarding sales. And we also have zoom conversations that people can come in and ask questions every Monday after the fourth, those are available. If you’re in my Facebook group, you can get the details to those, or you can reach out, send me a DM and I’ll send you the links to come to those. 

We’ll be streaming some of those live as well to some of my Facebook groups so that you can come join us and ask questions. If you want any other information, feel free to put it in the chat box. And if you have any questions around overcoming sales, hashtag replay, put it in the chat box. 

I will see you again for just another Live on Friday for the Summer of Sale.