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30-day Free trial of Differently-wired Business membership, and then just  $97 per month.

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  • This offer is open until December 18th.
  • Your first payment of $97 will be deducted 30 days after joining.
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You’ll be supported every month with:

Live Monthly Training with Meredith

A hyper-focused, action oriented, training session with me.  We will dig into what’s working now in the world of online business and focus on how you can implement these strategies in your own business. These strategies will be based on the deep dives into our success spiral. You will learn things to help you gain even more clarity on how to implement them and get results in your own business.  Plus who doesn’t love worksheets and templates!

A Live Q&A Session with Yours Truly

In every step on your path to leadership you’ll have questions. With Love then lead, you’ll have a place to get answers during our monthly Q&A session. This is your chance to eliminate confusion, get some hand holding and specific feedback so you don’t get stuck and “just keep swimming”. These Q&A’s will empower you to remove “can’t” or “I don’t know what to do” from your vocabulary.

Community Masterminds

Masterminds facilitated by Meredith, where we gather as a large group and later split into smaller breakout sessions for more focused collaboration.  You’ll get valuable feedback on specific topics each month for a deep dive in implementation.  It’s where we can tap into the “Senius” (Social Genius) of our aligned community.

Live Monthly Masterclass Training with Guest Experts

I don’t know it all (I know it’s shocking!)  but I do know people who are experts in so many different areas of business building.  Every month we have a new expert coming in to share their gifts and zones of genius. Plus there are already over 50 in the LoveHub.


Bi-Monthly Dates with your Biz Bestie Money

On the 10th & 25th of every month, we focus on Money and our Profits. Whether you are earning a few dollars or 6 figures, we have a regular time for us to co-work together to look at our numbers.  We also work through our relationship issues with our friend Money, so it resembles the one we have with our besties.

This is What You’ll Learn:

You’ll Also Get These Amazing Valuable Bonuses:

6 Degrees of Collaboration: How to grow your community by hosting a Summit or Giveaway: You’re one step closer to leveraging the power of collaborations where you’ll:
  • Create the Promise for your event
  • Choose the right type of Collaborative event for you and your business
  • Identify the right Partners for you and the event you are creating
  • Get templates to help you reach out to your prospective partners
  • Work through the checklists and project plans of what you need in what order

Rachel Miller’s Set-And-Forget Social System
Spend LESS time spinning your wheels and more time focusing on the stuff that REALLY matters plus, moves the needle…
Get your crafted from the heart content in front of the eyes of the people who need to hear it.

Heart-centered Leaders Summit: Dive into the 40+ recordings of recent live 2021 & 2022 Summit interviews, plus the 4 day virtual retreat training sessions led by Meredith.  Each live recording will give you more insight, tools and techniques to apply in an authentic approach to growing your differently-wired business with heart.

Limited Time Offer

Ends December 18th at Midnight Pacific

Invest in growing your business so you increase your impact and income in 2024

Work with me live as your differently-wired business mentor

Join us for “Make your next $1,000″ on November 29th. 

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