Think Different Plan Different

 A business planning system for neurodiverse entrepreneurs who need more focus to narrow down their ideas and get things done your way

Raise your hand if …

You just know if you could focus and work to your strengths you would be able to focus and grow your business your way

The good news is with a plan created with your neurodiverse mind you’ll be able to 

Focus on what’s most important to achieve your ambitious goals 

It’s time to light the light and get excited about the neurodiverse planning system tonight

Here’s what we’ll do:


  1. We’ll create a plan that matches your executive function and create accommodations that will help you 
  2. We’ll stop trying to fit into the mold of other entrepreneurs, break and make ourselves a new one
  3. We’ll get you focused and excited without limiting your creativity, we’ll work it into a plan that moves your business forward with momentum so it’s singing right along

What you’ll get….

The Differently-wired Business Downloadable & Fillable Planner

This planner is designed to give you some simple structure, with some flexibility of choices.
It starts by providing you space to go through the Nuerodiversity Planning Framework step by step. There are different options for each perspective of planning, starting with the “Big Picture” and “Annual Planning Options”, and then continuing as we “chunk things down” progressively into a variety of Quarterly, Weekly, and Daily Planners.

Content Planning Spreadsheet 

A complete content planning spreadsheet to track all of your content ideas, and formats.  It includes quarterly tabs for emails, and social media content.  There is also a sheet to help you plan for your weekly vlog or podcast.  And a tracking sheet for monthly financial expenditures.

Understanding Your Brain

8 Part Video Series to help you get a better understanding of your uniquely wired brain, so you can work more easily and efficiently. This goes over the 6 areas of executive function;

  1. Memory & Information
  2. Action
  3. Energy & Effort
  4. Emotion
  5. Task & Activation
  6. Focus & Attention


Live Planning Days

We’ll gather for a few hours together live, and get our 2024 plans created.

There will be two 3-hour planning sessions live on Zoom. You have access to both, but they will be the same.

December 18th, 2023 at 1pm Pacific: Session 1 Convert your time

January 8th, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Session 2 Convert your time

2024 Differently-wired Business
Planning System


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