How are you? Do you ever think to yourself, Oh my goodness, I have this great offer. How much should I price it at? And then you spend time and time again, trying to figure it out. Well, I want to make this much money or I do this. Like, what is the best way to figure out pricing, especially when you want to price something to sell.

So here is, and this suggestion for this topic came by my lovely  team member, Sonia. So shout out to Sonia, because I think this is a really good question. One of the things that we do is we go, oh, well this is the price that’s in the market. And we start looking for validation for our pricing outside of us. 

Whether it’s like, oh, well so-and-so has the same course and their pricing and it this much, or so-and-so my coach said that it should be this high. And oftentimes pricing can really be a stumbling point for people. And I don’t want pricing to be a stumbling point for you.

The reality is that pricing is a personal issue.

It’s a personal thing in how you get there and the things I want you to be considerate of. Yes, we might look at outside sources, but first and foremost, you have to understand that your pricing needs to be in alignment with who you are and that relates to, and it needs to be in alignment with the value that you’re providing. 

So if you’re trying to pull pricing for a product and you have no idea what people are going to get as results at the end of the day, the promise we’re serving up.

If you’re not clear on what that is, you don’t know how to price it. If you don’t know how long it’s going to take for them to get there, it’s hard to price it. And no matter what’s going on, even if the market validates, even if, I mean, even if there are things out there that say people will buy this for this price, you may not be in alignment or feel that value. 

And so my invitation, when you start looking at creating your offers, is to price them according to your values. . I’ve heard people say right, price them at a value that they think is a steal. And you feel like you’re practically giving it away for a leveraged price.

For one-to-one work. You want to make sure that you feel like you’re getting money and you feel like it’s equivalent to the energy that you’re putting out. 

The other thing I want you to think about is if you’re new and you’re just getting started, start where you’re comfortable, because if you’re having a one-to-one conversation and you speak wholeheartedly with confidence that working with me one-to-one is going to cost you $250 an hour. Then you might not be able to say it when the opportunity comes to say, oh, what’s your package. It’s $2,000 for 10 sessions or whatever that might be. And if you stumble through the offer, if you feel wobbly and wonky, you won’t get that price. People won’t buy. So first and foremost, you need to feel confident in you so that when you say the price, it comes out really clearly. 

You need to feel confident in the value that you can deliver and delight people with the promise of your offer. The results that they’re going to get, not just how you’re going to do it. And you want to feel confident by people saying yes. The best way to get out there is to say it and get it validated to say it and get it validated.

So, one of the things that you want to think about in pricing, you want to look at your suite of offers that you have and know that your high-end one-to-one coaching, consulting services, whatever that may be, that’s your highest price point. And you want to be comfortable with that. 

So for example, if it’s a $5,000 package for six coaching sessions or $2,000 package for 10 coaching sessions, wherever you are, that’s your highest price point. And then from there, you ask for that and people say, yes, the best thing to do is to start where you’re comfortable. And then once you have three or five, pick the number once you’ve got it validated, and you have happy clients, take it to the next level, incrementally.

Upgrade your pricing as your energy and your integrity grow. And that alignment feels good. That’s how you get to be a million dollar coach. You start where you are, where you can ask for it and get people to say yes. And so when we talk about validating, you’re not asking. 

Let’s say you’re in the gardening field and you’re saying, okay, how much would you pay? Don’t ask somebody who is not a potential client, how much they would pay. Don’t ask somebody who’s not interested in gardening. If this is a good price for your program, you want to make sure that you’re getting feedback from people who are in gardening, who are interested in that, who it’s important to that’s where you get those offers and the best way to validate your prices.

Put an offer out there and see if people buy it. If you put it out there and people don’t buy it, it’s time to adjust it because either the value proposition isn’t on, the messaging isn’t on, or people don’t think it’s as important as you do. Whatever that is, there are four or five different places to adjust in your offer to make the results higher.

So it shows the value of the higher price point or try another price point because something is out of alignment. It’s all about alignment. Pricing is all about alignment. 

So, the reason Sonia said to do this, is because she was struggling with something. And I was like, run a special try saying, Hey, right now for the next three weeks my Gardening for Kids Course is on special at this point. And it worked all of a sudden. People were converting and sales were coming in. So I said, go get 10 or 20 more people at that price point, then raise it back up, run the special until you get people who are satisfied and you get testimonials. 

The thing that we start with when looking at pricing is our product. Whenever we’re building and designing a funnel, we start with the product, we start with the results and we want to delight and deliver. So once you sell it and they delight and deliver, and they’re happy with the results they’re getting, then you can do incremental upgrades. That’s first and foremost.

Be in Integrity

The best way to figure out your pricing is it has to be in integrity with yourself. Start with your highest offers. So if it’s six sessions for $5,000, then you look at your next lower offer. If it’s a leverage, offer a group course, a membership, et cetera. You know, and I’m not really sure I can do the math.

That’s six sessions and 500 bucks was like 800 bucks an hour. That may be your membership, if it’s four hours a month. So that you can use a value juxtaposition against yourself. And if you’re not familiar with the term value juxtaposition, it’s where you’re showing.

You can either do this at this price, or you can get it at this better price. To work with me for one hour is going to cost you, let’s just say it’s 600 bucks an hour, or you can buy my membership for 150 bucks, which is about a quarter of it for a month and have an opportunity to leverage that.

So it’s a percentage. Like a quarter, 25%. And so they can see the value. Oh my goodness. Now I might be getting it in group work, but I get to spend an hour with you every week for a fourth of the price, because it’s a leveraged offer. 

Price, sell, delight, and deliver, validate it and then move it to the next price. Thank you for the little like bottom lining it Xonna. I appreciate that. And so that’s exactly what we want to do. Start the price, delight and deliver when you see people getting results and they’re very happy and satisfied with the results they’re getting at the price. Then, you know, okay, I want to get X more people and set the number. I don’t care if it’s five people, three people or a hundred people, and then raise the price because you validated it. People are happy with it. They’re happy with the price. And they’re happy with the value they receive for the price that they paid.

Be Honest in the Value

Thank you for pointing that out Xonna.. And the thing that’s really powerful about it is that if you’re using value juxtaposition, in certain countries to say that, oh, the value of this part of my offer is worth this much. And the value of this part of my offer is worth this much. Doesn’t work. It’s illegal.

If you haven’t sold any of those individual things at that price point, it’s illegal in Australia. Thank you Tash for teaching me that one, but you can use yourself. You can use the prices of the difference between your high end one-to-one work and your leverage work. 

We often talk about here’s pleasure island over here. Pleasure island is over here and people want to get from pain island to pleasure island and they have to go. Yeah. And I have to go this way. And so this is the boat that they are floating on.

Your offer is the type of boat that they’re getting. You can be on a high end offer. Imagine the luxury cruise liner that is getting you there. And you’ve got people waiting on you, hand and foot getting you there and you don’t have to lift a finger. That’s a high end price consulting. My Facebook ads person, that’s a high end service. I don’t want to have to think about Facebook ads. I want Zach to do it for me. I want him to be the expert and do all the work so that I can just sit back and enjoy him doing it. It’s a higher price point than for example, his membership, where I can learn to do it myself.

His membership is a much lower cost and I’m going to be maybe on a rowboat, Rowing myself and slogging through it and doing it there. So a luxury cruise boat or row boat.  A row boat might be the self study, the self study version with no help whatsoever. So that’s a much different  option. that’s how we show our value juxtaposition in the different types of offers that we have.

The mid range might be a nice speed boat or a party boat that gets us there. The party boat is the one that has the community inside the membership. We’re having a good time. We’re supporting each other. We’re hanging out together and we’re all on the same path together, partying and enjoying our way to pleasure island. And we’re all heading to the same island.

Those are our leveraged offers. I really do like a good party boat. Cause I think that’s the way to do it. Even if you don’t drink, you can still dance your way over there doing the Congo. So that’s one of the things, when you think about creating the value juxtaposition amongst your own offers.

So you can tell somebody when you’re having them in a conversation, this is what it is to work with me one to one, or here’s the leverage point at this price point. And the juxtaposition should be there, whether it’s a 25%, 30%, etc. Leverage work is lower. High-end work is your highest. And when you start doing one-to-one work, that is generally a great place to start is the VIP one-to-one work before you figure out what you’re going to do as a leveraged offer, you do it over and over again with individuals, get them results, get them happy. And it’s that energetic alignment. So you create your offer. That’s your highest price point. And then your leveraged price point becomes that.

Then you have your entire product stack. So there’s the high end. There’s the mid range level with support, which might be a course or a membership. Then you might have a self study that has content, but no support. And then you might have a low ticket offer. So you have these different things and they’re priced based on the value. 

Pricing is always about the value. 

So unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule. It’s not necessarily about, I mean, there is some influence about what’s going on in your industry, but who’s to say, you’re not the best in your industry. And you outright deserve the highest dollar for what you’re doing because you’re unique. So make sure that that’s clarified in your offer. 

What makes you uniquely different? That part of your unique selling proposition is how you do it differently. The things that you do, why you’re so much better than the rest of them.

So, you know, we have to have some type of singing in here.

It’s my Facebook live after all. All right. And yeah. So I think this is a quick one today. Those are the things that you want to do. 

Follow These Basic Steps

Start with your pricing, with your highest, most right results that are going to get them there faster, easier, et cetera, whether it’s done for you work or done with you work. High end coaching one-to-one private work. Those are your highest price points. 

Then from there, you can figure out the rest of your other price points. What’s going to make you happy to receive the money? What’s gonna make it feel good when you deliver the value? And what’s going to help them feel that validation when they get delighted because of the results that you have delivered.

And once people are super happy at what they’re paying, getting results, then it’s been validated, pick a number and then raise it incrementally. You can keep the price point at the same point until you’ve had 10, 15, a hundred people run through it, or you can go to private clients. 

I have three. Now it’s time to raise the next price. I got three people in it for 27. Now I’m raising the price again. Okay I’m going to offer private coaching now for $597. Then it goes to $797 or whatever it is, validate, delight and deliver, validate, raise your prices. Those are my pricing guides and pricing tips for today. 

Quick Recap

The simplicity, price, it, sell it, delight and deliver. And you validate it with your ideal clients, not with other people outside of your industry, then once you have validation, take it to the next price that helps us get our incremental alignment to our higher prices.

We keep expanding our capacity to receive and we’re delivering to happy healthy clients. So I think that really does it and know that if you’re going to use value, juxtaposition, use it against your own pricing. Here’s my high-end offer. But my leverage price is this. And you get all of this stuff versus paying this much for me. One-to-one you want to have a good gap in that space between your high-end offer and your leveraged offers, and then your self study offers and then your low ticket offers. 

Hopefully you have kind of a combination and we start with the high-end, make the cash, make the money, validate the help that we’re getting and change those offers. So that was our Friday live on pricing. Don’t just write what is the title of today’s conversation? I know something’s fancy, right pricing, your offers to sell. And the idea is if you keep putting offers out there and they are not selling, it’s time to change the price. And if you are struggling to figure out how to do all of this pricing, your offers, crafting your offers, making sure that your offers have really clear, unique selling propositions, making sure that people can understand the value.

When you make the offer, you can have an opportunity with me and we could go ahead and do that. We can craft your offer so that you have it clear, knowing the value, making the price and/or designing your sales strategy so that it’s completely aligned with you. And we can figure out if you have any gaps in that strategy.

Right now it’s the Summer of Sales, which is why we’re talking about pricing. And I have a special going on and the link is up there somewhere in the description. You can have a 75 minute coaching session with me and the watch here’s the value juxtaposition. Normally it’s $297 for a 75 minute coaching session. Right now it’s only $111 for the Summer of Sales.

If you’re interested or have any questions about that, send me a message, you can just go ahead and buy. Lots of people have been doing it, taking advantage of it. Go ahead and check it out. The checkout link is in the description above, or send me a DM if you have some questions, but the best way to get some help on your sales strategy, because what I want for you more than ever is for you to make offers and to sell them and to make money so that you can create the powerful impact you want to make in the world so that you can do what you want to do. And the best way to get there is to have your business be super flipping successful. I want that for you.

So if you’re interested, go ahead and check out that offer that I have, it’s only $111 and the price value juxtaposition. Normally it’s $297. It’s special. 

So take me up on it. Let’s craft a juicy offer. So you can bring in some more money, some more cash right now and enjoy the summer of sales. 

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