Alright guys, we are talking today about prioritization and planning and how this works with our neurodivergent folks, or I guess in some cases how it doesn’t work with our executive dysfunction.


So one of the things that happens if you happen to struggle with planning is that it could be that you struggle with prioritization.

Learning How to Prioritize

One of the things, especially with ADHD type neurodivergent folks, is we actually lack the processing of prioritization in the way the information fits into our brains. Some of us might be really good at observing things and seeing information. The thing that has us distracted constantly is that information comes into our brains and it comes in really, really fast. And we actually don’t have the part of the brain that says, this is important, this is not important, this is important, this is important. Focus on this, don’t focus on this.

So we are lacking in prioritization and filtering. And when it comes to planning as a business owner, understanding what your priorities are for the coming year, the coming quarter, whatever the timeframe is you’re looking at your planning from, it makes it difficult if you don’t have the ability to prioritize one project in your business over another. And it can be very, very difficult to create a successful plan to get to the point of completion if you don’t have that prioritization scale.

I was talking to a client recently and I like to talk about things in terms of the big rocks, and so we could identify the big rocks,but then figuring out, okay, well this project is a big rock. And if you’re not familiar, I think I mentioned this last time, but the idea is that you have a jar and if you wanna fill the jar completely and you have rock, sand, and pebbles, you have to put the big rocks in first and then the pebbles and then the sand to get the most time into your jar.

And the same thing is true for your business and your projects. And so when you’re looking at planning for the year or planning for the quarter or whatever it is that you’re planning for, you have to understand what are those prioritized projects that are gonna get you the results in your business. And I think oftentimes we as neurodivergent folks, especially I personally lack this prioritization filter, it’s not an easy for thing. I’m really good at sequencing things, but knowing which is the thing that’s gonna give me the most bang for my energy, the most bang for my dollar, the most bang for my business, is not necessarily the easiest thing for me to figure out sometimes. And if I don’t have it on a schedule written down somewhere or having some type of scaffolding and support to get it done, I might wander to an easy task that is not a high priority task. I might go fiddle on my website. I have a tendency to fiddle in the tech instead of the high value items.

And so if you struggle with understanding what are those high value items inside your business are, it depends on where you are at what stage in your business, which are the most high value things.

If you’re just getting started, for example, getting really clear on your offers on the products and services that you’re offering, the marketing and sales systems to get people to say yes, that is the most important part. And it might be that you have to go even further back and design your intellectual property, understanding what makes your offer really, really unique.

How Are You Spending Your Time?

And so that might be the stage. If you know, for example, and I shared this in a masterclass that I did recently, if you know for example, that you wanna break your, let’s talk about breaking into five different categories of activities inside of our business.

So there is the CEO time, which planning is part of strategizing for your business.

The business strategy type work is a priority. There’s some things like making sure that you have profitability and how to manage your money. These are in the business category. There’s the marketing and sales category, which is all of the things that have to do with social media and creating content. Making sure you have offers and well-written copy, well-written sales pages. Marketing language that has people move down the different stages of your sales system. Having that sales system set up is part of your marketing and sales strategizing.

So we have a business, we have marketing and sales, and then when people buy, we have delivering. Those are some really big rocks that we wanna prioritize in our business.

So there’s the delivery. So for example, I have private clients. I just got off two back-to-back sessions with private clients. That’s my delivery. And I have a membership that’s delivery. I did a bootcamp that was all marketing and sales to get people into the membership and all ofthat I delivered inside that five day bootcamp and masterclass, et cetera, is still categorized under marketing and sales.

When I’m thinking about creating my social media content, most of my social media content is in marketing and sales. If I’m creating classes, like I’m teaching a class on Wednesday inside the membership, that is part of my delivery content. Whereas social media, this conversation is marketing and sales content. ’cause I have an offer.

I wanna help, help you if you struggle with this. And sometimes for some of us verbal processing and understanding what the category is, what the prioritized project in each of these categories can be, can be super helpful in planning and setting us up for a very successful year or quarter. However, you are going to look at your planning systems.

So we said on the business, CEO stuff, planning, prioritization, if you struggle with this stuff, I have a workshop coming up December 18th and I would love to help you out. We are gonna take the time in the workshop and make sure that you are clear on what you wanna prioritize, at least for the next quarter, if not for the next year and years to come.

So prioritizing these things. What are these projects? And in these categories, what are the projects inside of planning? For me, I like to plan my whole year out. Have I got it complete? No. Do I have the next quarter or two pretty planned out? Yes. I’m about halfway there.

We talked about marketing and sales. What are your marketing and sales projects for the year? If you have a masterclass or a challenge or a bootcamp, that’s a marketing and sales project, what are the different things that you’re running and what do they lead into? Then we have the things that you are delivering. I’m going to deliver on December 18th, understand where I’m going here?

Join the Differently-wired Planning Workshop

I’m an unabashed seller here. A planning workshop for three hours to help you get to these priorities and what are gonna help you. The other thing is a lot of us neurodivergence are stimulation seekers.I’m talking about myself here. Total stimulation seeker. And I love personal and professional development. So that’s another categories. How much time are you spending in classes,in memberships on the things that are help moving the needle forward in your business? It’s important to do it.

Biz Besties

I was just talking with one of my biz besties earlier today. The support that I get with my biz besties, I’m putting into personal and professional development because it helps me move forward. And you might need a different amount of support.

I have five or six biz besties that I see regularly, at least twice a month for each one of them, some of them every week to keep me moving forward is a great support for me and I wanna understand how much time I’m actually spending in there versus am I spending too much time in there, too much time in in memberships and classes and listening to other experts versus the actual time I am spending on my marketing and sales.

I’ve been talking about launching a podcast and didn’t launch it this year. I gotta fess up. Because I missed that as a priority project for this year. So those are four of the categories.

And the last but not least is the miscellaneous stuff. There are things in our business that may or may not categorize. And so for you understanding what are the projects in each category?

What are the things that you need to be doing and how are you allocating your time based on these projects over a given time period? Now again, when they talk about kids and their vegetables, I love this philosophy. Don’t judge how much they eat in a given day or a given week. How much does it happen over the month? So you could figure out based on the information, how much time do you spend on your marketing and sales?

If you’re just getting started, you could spend up to 60% of your time in a given month on your marketing and sales and 40 to 50% of it on delivery, 10 to 15% very strategized, CEO time on planning. It doesn’t take necessarily a lot of CEO time to get great results, but you might need to do it consistently at the beginning of every month or the beginning of every week. Whatever feels right for you. But how much time do you need? And so I just wanna let you know that it’s very important because if you don’t have clarity on what those prioritized projects are that are gonna get the needle moving forward in your business based on your business.

If you are not making enough sales to cover your expenses, maybe we focus on marketing and sales and getting those foundations set up, making sure that you know what content and information leads to which offer and what makes them say yes easily. Which part of that sales system and making sure that your offer is juicy and it has all the components that it needs. Especially if you’re in early stages, it’s a great place to focus.

If you’re in mid stages of your business, you’re making consistent sales and you’re trying to balance it, you might not be spending 60% on marketing, you might be spending 40% of your time on marketing. It’s 60% of your time, 40% of your time delivering and 10% of your time.

You know, 5% personal development. Like again, supposed to be a hundred percent of your pie. And I’m not doing this math great off the top of my head, but when you think about the stage of business you’re in, you might spend more time in the CEO strategy time trying to create more efficiencies in your business.

Tighten up your systems and have somebody come in to help you do things like that. If you are making consistent sales. So depending on the time of year, you might need more CEO time at the beginning of the year than you do throughout the year to really make sure that you’ve powerfully set up your time.

The Benefits of Planning Day

If you would like to co-work and spend three hours December 18th, you can join me for a differently wired planning session. And the information is in the description above, or I think I posted it just now. Here’s the link for the 2024 planner workshop. And if you buy now, you buy before December 18th, you can join us live on the 18th or you can join us live on January 8th. So if you don’t wanna plan at the end of the year and you just wanna shut down and go off to the holidays, that is completely up to you.

Or if you wanna start thinking you can join us for one or both, depending on the timeframe. The December 18th schedule is in the afternoon Pacific time. I think it is 1:00 PM Pacific time, which is good for my Australian audience to join us. It’s a little early in the morning, but it is a three hour session and there’s a like how to do neurodivergent planning inside the planning system so you can watch those videos in advance and get yourself set up to make the most of your time.

But we will go through that process where we’ll figure out what are your big rocks. We start with what are your big rocks for a five-year vision, a three-year vision, and what are the big rocks? Those prioritized projects. You might need help figuring out what those priorities are based on where your business is. I will be there to help you out and figure that out.

We will talk through that so that by the end of that session you are clear on what your big projects are and then we will break it down and figure out how you’re going to create them based on what you need. And eventually we’re gonna break them down into any tiny, tiny, baby steps so that the tasks for each project are very small, they’re smarter, they have our essence base, they are specific, measurable, actionable. You can take the action.

Some people say achievable, I like actionable. ’cause that’s the one thing we have control over. Totally doable.

And then of course I have the er, which is essence based, based on the best ways of being for who you are in your seven essence, in your best self. Because that’s when we take action based on our seven essences of being, that results happen. Life feels like green light, green light, green light. We are in the flow, our brain is super happy and engaged. And then we get those, relatable goals. Like are they relative to what you have going on in your life? Are they, are these goals relating back to these prioritized projects? Are they based on something you have the capacity to do?

I’m doing a launch and I’m having it in February again, I’m gonna do the bootcamp again and I have to have everything done because my big kid is having their brit mitzvah at the end of March.

And so it all has to be done relative so that I am not spending too much time and focus much two weeks before the Brit mitzvah so I can focus on my big kid. So these are the things I wanna talk about. So if you cannot get clarity on what those prioritized projects are, if you don’t know what you are, the big projects, then when you sit down at your desk to get something done, you won’t know what you should be focusing on. And as a neurodivergent person, if we don’t have a visual cue, we might forget what we’re supposed to be working on. We might forget what that priority is. And that’s where we get stopped in getting to completion, not knowing what it is that says this thing is done.

Progress Over Perfection

And of course I want you to get it done. Done is better than perfect. We will fight through our perfectionism. But if you don’t know what it is, how do you know where to spend your time? And that’s where a lot of us get stopped. We will get distracted on something else. But if you come back to your desk or you come back to your workstation and you don’t know what your prioritized project is for the week or the quarter, then you might not know where to work. You might end up doing what I do and fiddling in the tech, which is not a high prioritized project, especially if marketing and sales are my high prioritized projects.

My next priority should be looking at my sales, my emails, and helping people say yes to buying this planner. That’s a project that’s gonna help me bring in more money in my business.

Making sure this Facebook Live is one of those projects to help people understand. So I invite you to join me, especially if you struggle with prioritization in knowing what are the projects that are gonna give me the most bang for my buck, the most bang for my energy. The most momentum in my business to bring in more money. Because let’s be honest, it’s a business and for a business we need to make money.

So what are those things? So come join me. I see I’ve got people here. I don’t know if you have any questions?

Planning Day Details

So I would love you guys to join me. Planning day is December 18th,it’s $97. You get the entire planning system plus the workshops. You can come on the 18th or you can come on the eighth depending on your time zone. It’s 9:00 AM in the morning Pacific time for January 8th on the eighth, 9:00 AM that Monday. So that you can set up 2024 to be a powerful year so that you know, what are the things, what are those prioritized projects that will get things forward? Is it creating a new webinar? Is it creating a new freebie? What part of your sales strategy is it in? Where in the market, how much time should you be spending on marketing and sales? That depends on how much money you’re making? How much time do you be spending on delivery?

How much strategy time, how much time are you spending in personal development, buying all the courses and showing up in the courses and not implementing? I know none of you out there have been known to do that. I would never, okay?

I have been known to do that in my past. I’m a stimulation seeker. I like to listen to somebody’s webinar, but at least if I’m listening to their stuff, I’m working on my own. ’cause I’m a multitasking ADHD.So I want it to work for your brain and I want a system. The thing I love about my planning system is that there’s a very colorful viewpoint for whichever amount of time works for you because a lot of us struggle with time blindness and don’t know how much time it takes to create said thing in our business.

Whether it’s designing a five day challenge, to getting it to converting, whether it’s how long does it take to create the PDF and make the page and write the emails and do the things. All of those are like pebbles inside of our marketing and sales project. If you’re further along in your business, are you trying to make things more efficient, reduce expenses? I am playing that game right now.

I think so many of you might be doing that as well. But how much time and thought do I need to let it niggle at my brain in terms of reducing expenses versus how much time should be spending on my marketing, my sales, having conversations like this? Alright, so I invite you to come. I can help you if you are not sure what handholding, lots of handholding. I will handhold you and help you figure out your priorities based on your business and based on what you wanna create for the year so that you know what those prioritized projects are so that you can get them onto a system that supports you in getting things done. To completion.

To completion and get results in your business to create momentum and make more money. Because that’s what we want. And knowing where you are inside your business will help determine what those priorities are and how much time our time blind folks should be spending. So I invite you to come, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. There’s gonna be a whole bunch of us there.

We are all gonna do our prioritization. We’re gonna start with those big rocks. We’re gonna figure out what they are, and then we’re gonna brainstorm all the different ways to support them. And the ones that are fun, we are gonna have our motivators involved. We’re gonna have some play and creativity and what are the things that light us up because we need that to create that engagement.

And then we are gonna break it down. We are gonna chunk it down, chunk it down, chunk it, chunk it down, and tell anybody baby steps that even I can do because we need them to be their very little. So we get that dopamine hit so we get that sense of accomplishment so we can get another dopamine hit. Who doesn’t love to check off a little thing off of their checklist?

I love that feeling. So that you can get momentum, get more done, and know wholeheartedly and calmly that the projects that you are working on are the correct ones that will produce the results you’re looking for in your business. I have sold it. Hopefully this helps you. Regardless of whether you join me for planning system, it is $97. If I haven’t mentioned the price, it’s $97 for that. You get the entire planning system. Plus you get to join us for two live workshops, three hour live workshops on December 18th at 1:00 PM Pacific time, or January 8th at 9:00 AM Pacific time. So join me, come to one or come to both. It’s only $97.

I am looking forward to helping you have a clear plan so that you can have, proper planning prevents piss poor performance. You have a launch, it doesn’t work. Add some planning.

And if you’re not good at it, like I’m not, but I’m really good at sequencing, right? Come together, we will do it together. Co-working, having body doubles to get that planning done. ’cause I know that if I don’t create these things and get that planning done, I need the people to help me make sure I have it finished because I need a body double.

Otherwise I will brush it under the bed. So join me and we will all get it done together and you’ll have a fabulous plan. I will see you soon again, one more time. planner workshop. Let’s set up 2024 to be your best year yet. Alright, I look forward to seeing you. I’ll see you again soon.

Let’s create amazingly different wild businesses from the heart that thrive. All righty, take care. Bye.

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