Increase your income with a great sales strategy

(The 5 part system that increases connection and conversion)

Design a sales strategy that feels easy and fun, so that you go from sales resister to sassy sales queen.


In this masterclass, you will:


Design the right sales process to attract the right leads to become your paying clients


Choose simple (not sleazy) ways to increase buyer interest and desire.


Increase your income when you get more people to say yes with high connection strategies

I value you.   I value your time.  

If you give me your time, I’ll make sure that you’re getting actionable items.  That you’ll walk away with insights that will move your business forward on your path of growing a heart-centered business.

I value fun, and I want your learning experience to also be entertaining!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to craft offers from your heart space, aligned with your personality. I won’t be pushy, and you never have to be either.

If you want more “Cha-Ching” in your business,

you don’t want to miss this masterclass…

You're tired of not having potential clients to sell to.

You’ve created a great product or service, and you know it will get people results, but you’re not getting it in front of the right people who want and need it.

You want to be excited about making more sales

You know that sales are important to your business and you’re ready to give up sales resistance and find the way that is aligned and easy

You know it's time to fill the leaks in your funnel.

You’re ready to find out what needs improvement so you can start making more sales to support the business you dream of.

A Note from Meredith

I’ve been building online businesses since the day I launched my first Summit “The Mommies game” and my journey on the path of an online entrepreneur began.

Five Successful Summits, thousands of successful students creating online businesses, and over 20 successful launches … oh and a handful of failures too. I’ve been there and seen more than most have. And I have fallen hard, but I always “Get Back Up Again”

One thing that makes a huge difference in business, it’s when you can craft offers that convert consistently. I’m seriously excited to teach you this stuff. We will dive into the 3 key elements that are needed in your offer to create connection, and help your ideal clients know that it’s the right fit for them.

Here’s the thing: despite having over 9 years of experience as a heart-centered online entrepreneur, I never could’ve predicted that having an online location-free business would be as important as it’s been proven over the last 2 years.  Making a variety of offers online is what has kept my business profitable.

I never imagined a world where millions of people would embrace learning and creating communities online, but I am here for it!

Are you with me, friend? Because if there’s one thing I know it’s that the world is leaning toward a heart-centered way of doing business. We are committed to creating a world where love is the foundation for our business and lives.

The potential to make a difference while profitably packaging what you already know and sharing it with others is greater than it’s ever been.

©️ Meredith Canaan 2022 | MC Tesseract LLC

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