One of the really exciting things about being an online business owner is that my business is online and I can run it from anywhere. 

So oftentimes we’re looking for that freedom of lifestyle and that’s what my RV is going to give us. The freedom to see the globe or at least the United States, while working, still serving my clients and doing all of these things. And it’s the middle of the day.

So I’m out of the office with the munchkins, as my hubby is inside working on the paperwork to make sure that we can get the RV safe so that we can travel and enjoy it. 

Today we’re talking about how do you talk to your market? So how do you talk to your market? 

One of the things that I think is really helpful is, like I said, the good, the bad and the ugly. Do you talk to your market from a really authentic place? 

I personally hold transparency as a high value in what I do in my business. So I let you guys see the mistakes. I let you guys see it when things are rocking, because honestly you’re never going to relate to me if I put myself on a pedestal as being great or a guru or something that I’m not. 

The thing I want to invite you to do is when you think about sharing and communicating with your market, are you sharing with them from the place that I call radical loving equality?


The reason I say radical loving equality is because I think in the environment that we’re living in today, people want to relate to the people that they’re learning from. 

They don’t want to think that their mentors always so much better. And I can’t talk to you because guys, we’re all human beings. We are. 

In reality, we’re all just kind of one being in different bodies. We’re all part of this universal energy.

That may be a little woo, woo. But I’m a woo woo kind of girl. 

So the first thing, when you’re talking to your market, I just kind of want to recap this one is that you really come from a place of we’re all the same. We’re all equal. I am not any better. Like I might know a little bit more about my category of expertise than yours, but it’s just different. You might know a lot more about how to eat healthy.

Oh, I see pat, Pat, she helps people eat healthy and grow healthy vegetables so that you can grow your health. So that’s a shout out to Pat for being here,

And I think the thing that I want you guys to understand is when you’re really communicating, communicate from that authentic place. Come from that place of transparency. From that place of I am you, you are me. And what we’re doing together is making the world a better place. I have some different strengths and skills than you have and knowledge that you might not have. But I’m here to share it with you as my community, as an equal. So when you’re talking to your market, bring that to them. 

I think the other thing is as well, I am a part of our community. I don’t see myself as any different than each of you. I’m just the one that’s holding the space for this community and you guys can contribute as much brilliance and gifts as I can.

So I want to value that. I want you, I want us to be, us. We anatomy versus you. So that’s one of the things that I think is really important when speaking to your community. Creating your market, having them be, a deep and lasting part of your community. I think it’s really important that we have that. 

I think the other thing is to really get the perspective of why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Because personally you want your market. You want them to know, like, and trust you. And if you come across as separate or away from, or better than, they’re not gonna want to hang out with you. They’re not going to want to be friends. 

I know sometimes people struggle with the big question of, how do I create those boundaries? I have a client and she’s really been helping and serving in many, many ways. But finding that boundary between being the friend and being the person of service and having that, I love me first and yes, I want to help you and I want to make a difference. However, at some point you have to understand that if you’re only looking at me for this one thing where I’m an expert in, then you’re using me instead of being a friend and you’re trying to take advantage. 

We have to have a solid boundary between friend time and business time. And you can have both with your community. You can have both. I deserve to be paid well for my expertise, for the things that I’ve been working on for years and helping. 

There is a time at which you can pay me for a conversation and the time at which I take the coach hat off. And I’m like, let’s be buds and hang out. I just want to talk to you about your kids. I want to find out more about your life. 

Now, personally, I do a little bit of that inside when I work with my clients, one-to-one together because I’m a relationship girl. My love language is quality time. And I believe that that relationship that I create with my community, the more that I care about the details in their life and who the person on their team is and how their kids are doing in life. I believe that that background of relationship is the thing that makes me great. If you want to have that, that’s where our time and attention in being friends and being caring in really making the effort to know about the people who live inside my community. I really do.

I want to love you and honor you and hold space for you and all of those things. So we have an amazing relationship, where those boundaries are between when I’m on the clock and when I’m off the clock. I’m on the clock as your coach at a certain time of day. And then there’s days where I’m off the clock and we’re having cocktails at the bar down the street or coffee.

All of those things are okay, but having a clear boundary of what conversations are on the table or off the table is a good thing to understand. If somebody is coming at you and they only want to have on the clock conversations, but they want to do it off the clock, put a boundary on them and charge them for it.

Then they’re valuing you. And you’re valuing you too.

So those are two things. The other thing when talking to your market is using their language. Having that common language, the things that you say. If I talk about a CTA, I want to make sure that people understand I’m talking about a call to action on your page.

Again, I don’t want to have the language that I use make people feel less. I don’t want to make them feel like, oh my goodness, I’m not good enough to be here because I don’t know this terminology. So the question is, what’s the terminology that you can be using. And if you need to explain it to people, do it so everybody feels like they belong again.

When we speak, whether you’re talking on your Facebook page or Twitter or your Instagram, if you’re in stories, et cetera, like I’m doing live here on my Facebook live. Make sure that they have a clear understanding so that they feel like, “Hey, I’m a part of this community.” And if you’re new to the community, what are the words that we’re using. 

Inside my heart centered leaders Facebook group, we have a hashtag #LoveLiftsUsUp. Cause love lifts us up where we belong. And if you’re new to the community, you might not know that that’s a shout out tag. That’s where we get to tell each other when our people are taking care of each other and being there for one another. Where we are greater than ourselves. We, together, are greater than me always. So having that as a part of the community and understanding what people are, maybe I need to do a little post that explains that a little deeper so that people, when they come into the community, they’re like, “oh, I got it. I know what hashtag to use. And I can do this here and there.”

So that’s just a bit of a recap on making sure that you’re using the language that your market is using. So that they’re speaking with you. So you’re not speaking at them. So that sense of oneness is there. That’s how we want to speak to our market. Hopefully this is really helpful.

Hopefully you guys appreciate it and you can see there’s an RV back there. So if you’re just wondering, again, this is life as a mom-preneur, as somebody who is pursuing a life of freedom design, the way I want it designed. And so we’re going to take, we’re going to take a road trip, guys. We’re going to really enjoy it.

We’re going to see the country and show the kids the world. 

Pat says, making sure people don’t feel intimidated. Yes, Pat, that is what I’m talking about. 

I am an everyday person and I want to be approachable. I want you guys to feel like you can send me a PM, a DM or whatever the right words are. Private message. Direct message. Like, man, for the longest time, I didn’t know the difference between a PM and DM. I’m not really sure if that’s based on which platform you’re using. So there’s my transparency and my expertise here. But yes, making sure that people don’t feel intimidated.

If you don’t feel like you can reach out to me, how am I going to help you? 

If you think I am above you or that I’m not a human being. 

I have clients all over the world. So those are my three keys. 

Really making sure that you’re not creating that level of tears, not creating a sense of “I am the guru and I am better than you”. Instead, it’s about radical, loving equality about really being a community, as we, and I just happened to have this expertise and this community. And if you have questions about this,

I’m here for you, right? And why can’t we be friends? We can be friends. We just want to have boundaries that designate when we’re friends, when we’re colleagues, when we’re working together, when we’re partners, because a lot of times, here’s the other thing as you evolve your business, your clients might start becoming your partners. And again, if that sense of equality isn’t there, they might feel really weird.

Being like, “Hey, I want to ask you about this thing that you’re promoting for me, reach out and say, Hey, I’m so excited to be promoting you. Let’s get on a Facebook live and do this together.” I’m going to be doing that sometime next week. About one of my favorite mentors she’s got a new program coming out and I’m really excited. It’s about leveraging and launching your stuff from the famous Tash Corbin. Maybe she’s not so famous to you guys, but I love her. So I reached out. So there’s that level of we are equal. We are friends and then talking to your market in a way that they understand.

Tracy Weizmann, a guest speaker we had in our membership this month, is a brilliant high-end sales coach. And I remember as she was doing some training with us and she’s like, “so we don’t want you guys to feel stupid. No questions are stupid. So instead be like, Hey, I have a sexy question.” 

That’s how you create that environment so that people feel like they can interact so that they feel like that sense of equality. So I got a sexy question for you. So you feel empowered. We want people to feel empowered and have that sense of community as we all grow together.

So those are my tips for today on how to talk to your market. Be with them. Be one of them. Don’t be better than them. And love them. Get to know them and speak their language. 

Let’s lead a legacy.

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