Hi, everybody, just another live on Friday. Oh, whoa. I’m live on Friday. Oh, well just another live on Friday.

Hey guys, I am here for just another live on Friday. It’s Meredith Canaan, your heart centered coach coming to you to talk about the power of a small community. Do I hear a helicopter? I think it might hear a helicopter by the way.

This is the first time I’ve tried to streamyard live on my cell phone. Try new things. It might be good. So I just wanted to share with you guys, some of the real powerhouse. A lot of people think that we need to create communities that are big and huge so that we have a huge reach to be able to get to our right fit clients,to get to those right fit people.


But I’ll be honest. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be super huge. There’s some real great assets and powerhouses that are hidden inside a really small community. So one of the things is that when it’s a small community, there can be a lot more intimacy and depth as you start to get to know everybody a little bit better.

Tight Connection and Community

Some of the advantages I see of having a small community, my membership community is a nice, small, tight community at the moment. And one of the things that we see inside of it is that when we have events, something shows up, we have a mastermind, we have a coaching call and it’s just a couple of people show up the community members they get out and they start texting and chatting going, “Hey, just in case you forgot, I wanted to remind you.”

So I don’t actually have to have my team on board. You know, sending additional reminders. Everybody wants to make sure that their buddies are coming along. They know how much value they get. And they’re all there, texting and chatting and sending links to really be able to help people get the most out of what they’ve got.

So it’s that I’ve got your back, let’s be buddies mentality that you can find, especially inside the smaller communities.

Smaller Communities are Less Intimidating

Another thing is as a leader in a smaller community, you’re not as intimidated. It’s a great place for you to build your confidence. As you move forward in taking the stand to be leader to say, hey, I’m here. I’m the one leading. 

If you’re a member of a smaller community, you know, it’ll be more accepted because there is that level of intimacy and knowledge. It’s like hey, we’ve got each other where people are going to cheer you on. When you take the opportunity to step up, to really move forward inside of a community that you belong to.

So hopefully that’s another thing that you can think of inside of the small communities. Do you guys want to see? I don’t know if you guys can see, so I’m just a little sidebar because you guys want to know some really crazy stuff. You want to, I have to tell you the little duck in the stream yard. I don’t know that way.

Doesn’t he look like he should be in the water behind me. Totally. There should be ducks here. Life happens and we keep moving forward when, life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. Thank you, John Lennon, for that quote.

And my parents had a showing for their house today. So I’m not where I’m normally supposed to be. So anyway, just wanted to share with you guys why we have the beautiful location. Also, when I look at this place, you can see, I don’t know if you can see, there are no that’s the wrong way, dyslexia and cameras. 

You can see all the houses along the water. Oftentimes people like small communities when you’re living in a small community, a small area, a subdivision of another place, because there’s that sense of, you know, Hey, I’m going to check on my neighbors. You can create that intimacy. You can create that engagement inside small communities, and then have it expand out as your community grows. But when you really start having that tight knit community, it really can make a difference for people.

Letting down their guard, being more vulnerable, having deeper conversations that you might not have when you are inside of a larger community. So those are a couple of the things that I think are really powerful in the size of a small community.

Another thing I wanted to talk to you about, with a small communty. So I think you guys might know that I’m doing a heart centered leader summit coming up in March, mark down the dates, March 16th, through the 19th. If you’re interested, we have some fabulous leaders that are gonna join us in the online space. Rachel Miller, Tash Corbin, Ryan Eliason, Ben Saltzman, some really fabulous people. 

And there’s plenty of fabulous people that I didn’t mention. But one of the things that I really learned at doing one of my other summits a couple of years ago in the mom space was I had a partner who had a small community. But one thing that I found out about her was that her people, they showed up. They had such a great relationship.

Quality Over Quantity

And again, it’s this intimacy and this connection that the power of a smaller community can really provide for you. That can make a difference. And when she showed up as a partner with a small community, she was amazing. She converted the most sales out of everybody. So it’s not always about the size. It’s about the quality. It’s about the quality of the relationships.

And so when you have a partner and you collaborate, I want you to understand it’s not all about the size of who they’re bringing to the table, especially in a big collaboration, like a summit or something like that. Like I’m doing, you want to make sure that you have great alignment. She brought the most leads. I think at my summit that year she converted the most sales and her talk was the most attended.

I think out of all of the talks. And I had people with hundreds of thousands of followers, people that were leading in large communities and a check that I don’t cross the street and get myself into trouble. 

I see some of you guys here in the chat now. Let me know. Do you have a small community and are you really creating those connections and those relationships so that when you want to reach out to other people to do some possible collaboration, to say, Hey, let’s build community together. Are your people going to follow? I have to tell you, when I show up in other people’s worlds, I can always see a handful of my community members.

Know Your Community

I was like, oh, I know so-and-so followed me from my community. I know their names. I know their faces. I know some of my biggest fans, my front row. They go everywhere I recommend. And that’s the type of depth to relationship, intimacy and trust that you can have when you have a small community, when you’re creating that intimacy. 

So I, hopefully all of those tips were really helpful for you in terms of the power of the small community. The fact that people can be really intimate and really deep in the things that they share inside their community, because they get to know each other because they have that sense of I’ve got your back. 

A lot of times, like I said, inside my community, so many people will show up and grab somebody else and be like, Hey, I don’t want you to miss it. They’re looking out for each other. Those are the things that we love about the community. And it’s so powerful to have it inside a small community. And then the other thing is the relationships, the trust that’s built inside the community,to the leader and as somebody who’s a member of a small community, remember because it’s small, it’s a great place for you to tap your toes in the water of leadership to step out and say, Hey, I’d really love this opportunity. Can I share something that I know? Can I do this? And in a small community, you want to have all the people contributing.

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