We’re gonna celebrate for all eight nights. Oh eight. Light the candles. We say my for all eight nights and we play by the candlelight. Come join me for Canaanukkah.

So, okay, if you are new to my world and new to my page, you may not know I am a Jewish woman and so many people have business holidays and all of these things that lean into the Christmas holidays.

Well, I’m gonna represent the underrepresented 3% of our population and do a Jewish themed holiday special. And yes, it is going to be Canaanukkah. Yes, my last name is Canaan, but some people pronounce it Canaan. And so I went with it and it’s Canaan to rhyme with Hanukkah. 

Why We Celebrate Canaanukkah

So why are we doing this? Part of it is so many of us service-based businesses may or may not talk about how we are spiritually guided in our business.

How we are living our best life, bringing light into the world with our business as we serve our heart-centered business entrepreneurs. Our neurodiverse entrepreneurs are highly empathic and it’s about making a difference and bringing the light into the world. So Canaanukkah. So I wanna share with you a little bit about what’s possible when it starts. Cause I’m not sure I have given you guys the details.

Get Lit Up 

So I want you to get lit up about your business. I want you to dig in and find the spiritual connection that has you living your purpose and how we incorporate being our best. Our true self. Being our essences, our seven essences, lighting up the world with who we are and the services that we bring. So that’s where Canaanukkah comes in.

And of course, Hanukkah is a gift giving holiday just like Christmas. So I’m gonna make some special offers. I’m gonna give out some gifts and some prizes, and I’m gonna share some learning and insights with you through the lens of getting lit about your business and being excited. So if you’re new and you wanna win prizes, you have to be opted in to win the prizes.

Sign up for Canaanukkah, you’ll be entered to win prizes. We even give away an annual membership into Love then Lead membership. So if you’re interested, sign up because you can only win if you’re signed up. 

I will be going live on my page and a lot of my members are going to come join and share their favorite things that they’ve learned through the course of the year and how it relates to our eight masterclasses. So I’m going to go live eight days starting December 18th, Sunday night, 4:00 PM Pacific, because Hanukkah, if you don’t know, is celebrated in the evening.

A Bit About Canaanukkah

Our holidays start at night and go all the way through the next day. And yes, we are gonna run Hanukkah through Christmas, although I’m gonna be on the road for four days in my RV, living my best life, going to see my family. So hopefully it’ll be at four o’clock. And if not, we’ll let you guys know. 

So if you’re not already following my page, hit the get notifications button to get notifications for when I go live during Canaanukkah because it’s going to be eight days of amazingly powerful insights and things to share to help you be lit up about your business. And if you’re not Jewish, because again, only 3% of us are Jewish, it’s still going to be fun and I’ll even share some fun facts.

So if you’re curious to learn about Hanukkah, learn about anything Jewish, I’ll give you my best knowledge as somebody who converted 8, 9, 10 years ago, what I know and my spiritual path and why I love Judaism so much. So I’m gonna share a little bit about my faith, introduce you to the culture, introduce you to the food and have some fun. And we’re gonna share some business insights because why not?

So again, why I love Canaanukkah, we gotta represent. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual take is, it really is about bringing the light and the darkness, which is what Hanukkah represents. It’s eight candles, eight lights in the, in the space of darkness. And let’s be honest, the last two and a half years have had a lot of darkness,

And it’s about bringing our light to the forefront. And that means bringing our heart, bringing our empathy, bringing our spirit to the forefront and doing it in a way that’s so uniquely ours. I also have no evidence whatsoever, but in the world of neurodiversity that we talk about, I think a lot of us Jewish folks are highly neurodiverse.

I noticed that amongst a lot of people in my temple. No evidence whatsoever. Just a thought. 

Anyway, so join me and some of the things that you’ll get out of, we’re gonna talk on the first night, we’re gonna talk about planning. I’ll make a special offer for anybody who’s interested in the neurodiversity planning system for our entrepreneurs. 

It’s a super awesome offer. So if you’re interested in that, we’ll talk a little bit about planning from that Neurodiverse perspective and how I think it really helps us, whether you’re an entrepreneur in business or not, this type of planning can really help you make it your own and do it your way. And then we talk about seven essences, which is my strength-based approach to creating business and living life.

And no matter who you are, once you know your seven essences, it is really a powerful way for you to have a life that you love because it’s the seven core aspects of who you are. And it helps remind you how to live your best life. Then we’re gonna talk about things like nicheing, why I think nicheing paves the road to getting enriching.

We’re gonna talk about nicheing, we’re gonna help you figure out what you need, what might be missing in your offer so that your business is profitable. We’re gonna talk about our relationship with money. We wanna expand our capacity to receive. And sometimes that means expanding our capacity to see, receive money, re expanding our capacity to receive help and people and relationships. 

Receiving is a big part. And oh wait, tis the season of giving and receiving. There is something to be said about that balance no matter who you are giving and receiving is a very powerful part of this holiday season. And so we will talk about how it relates to the holidays and how it relates to us and money in growing our businesses and what else are we gonna share.

So if you’re interested, it is all listed on our topics here on this page. And if you sign up, you’re eligible to win amazing prizes, especially the grand prize, which is valued at $1,470. It is the annual price or 170 a month if you wanna join us in the Love then lead membership, which is my signature membership. We also talk about collaboration and the power of what it’s like to find right fit collaborative partners, even if it’s just one really powerful partner. That’s a fabulous talk and all kinds of other magical things. 

So I think I’m gonna share a story. Let me tell you a little story. I think one of the reasons I like the idea of talking about spirituality and that spiritual side of business building is for me, especially as a service-based coach, mentor, service-based business, one of the things that I find to be really powerful is I’m a person of faith. I’m a person of spirit. And when I really listen to that internal knowing and that spiritual side of myself knowing that I can have faith in my guidance, the more I do that, the more successful my business is. 

I wholeheartedly believe that God’s got my back. She’s there leading me forward to making those right business decisions, to helping me say the things I need to say. When I started leaning into my spirituality and the intuitive hints that I get and speaking those things and listening to that further, whether it’s whispers from angels, whispers from my animal guides or whatever you might believe. For me, when I really invited that side of my business, even though it’s not necessarily the forefront, I’m a business coach, but when I let that be a big part of who I was, my business increased. I don’t know, I wanna say it was like tenfold. It was probably at least eight fold, eight nights of Hanukkah. It might have been before my conversion was official in the last 10 years or so.

But regardless, I think that that can be helpful. I started hearing and listening to my intuition and I would say it in a coaching session. I would say it in a mastermind session. I would say, okay, I’m getting this kind of thing. And the minute I really let that be a part of it out and speak to it, speak to that I listen. 

That I believe that God and the universe and whatever we wanna call that spiritual entity has my side and has my side in my business ventures and in the things that I’m doing, the more I listen, lean in, have faith and trust and a sprinkling of pixie dust. I mean for Pete’s sake, if you didn’t know this about me.

Faith as You See It

I have a magic wand. Not necessarily Jewish, but I do. I have a magic wand and I believe that that is the magic that we may not listen to. We may not lean into our faith. If you’re somebody who goes to church or temple or whatever and you’re having some difficulty in business, it doesn’t hurt.

Say a prayer, ask for guidance, ask for signs. Because I think sometimes we think that our lives need to be separated. And I believe the more wholeheartedly integrated we are, the more we bring the spiritual side, the more we bring the neuro quirky side, the more we bring in, you know, even those things that make us a little messy, the lack of domestic.

All of those things, the more that we bring it all together and show a fully integrated us, the more our success increases. Whether you have a job or a business, I think the more you show up wholeheartedly as your full amazing self. Because if you didn’t already know this, you’re amazing. You’re brilliant and beautiful. And the more you let people see the true you, yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s vulnerable and it might even be a little dangerous, but your people will be the ones who stand up with you, who take care of you, who love you.

I talk about love a lot and honestly, I think love and God are the same word. I think it’s the same energy. And so whether it’s love, God, spirit, whatever, I invite you to lean into that, lean into that light, lean into that spirit and let it be your guide throughout your business. And so we are gonna have a nice mix of it all. But we’re gonna have eight days and eight nights of light, eight nights of light, because at 4:00 PM in the Pacific time zone, it’s dark. And as we drive and go further and further onto the east coast, because if you didn’t know it, we’re driving from California across the whole I-10 all the way to Jacksonville, Florida, from coast to coast to see my family. My kids perform the mitzvah. 

If you’re not familiar with a mitzvah, it is a good deed of helping their grandparents. My very Catholic parents celebrate their holiday and Santa loves kids who do good deeds. So Santa does visit and they’re very blessed that they get to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. And it’s because we get to do the good deed of driving across the country for four days so we can see my family. 

Lean Into the Light

So I invite you to lean into the light, lean into the light of your business. Find the spiritual side of what you’re doing. 

Your Big Why

Simon Sinek talks about your big why and I believe my big why. One of them is my big reason to help you fully integrate all of you and shine beautifully and Hanukkah’s about shining lights. And so I hope all of you join me as the candles of light out in the universe shining brightly as who you are and come playing Canaanukkah.

I’m going to try to see if I can find some new Hanukkah songs as well and share. So again, if you are not Jewish, it’s fine. Come play for Hanukkah anyway because it’s about your light and bringing it out in the world and doing it through your business. So this is my little advertisement for Canaanukkah.

You could win amazing prizes both. I’m gonna make some offers and I’m gonna offer some prizes. So we’re gonna have a blessed Canaanukkah. And in theory, December 18th, which is Sunday night, we’re gonna start eight nights every day live on my Facebook page. You guys can come learn and I will share powerful insights based on the topics that are listed on the page.

And hopefully it’ll be every day at the same time. And it may not cause half a Hanukkah, we’re on the road. 

You absolutely wanna get the don’t want to miss this event, because next year I’m leaning into my neurodiversity, I’m gonna batch content. So you’ll have to regularly see me weekly and consistently, but I get permission to be super inconsistent and show up whenever I want. But I’m setting you up to know. 

All right, I love you guys. I will see you soon. Join us for Canaanukkah.

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