Have you been considering a course or think, oh my goodness, that’s too big. I’m not even sure if that’s something that I want to offer my people. 

Well, here’s an idea. I’d love to run by you when we live in the idea that we spending time and creating these amazing communities of people growing our email lists, our social followings, doing all of these fabulous things we’re providing amazing value. Well, the next step in the thing is to, you know, make an offer, but you’re not sure. 

Do I really want to do a six course, right? A six module course, six weeks, two months a long-term membership. How am I feeling about all of this? 

Well, I’ll tell you, the thing you might want to do is to create something that’s like a step, your toe in it, both for you and for your clients to see if there is something that you want to create. That’s just a little taster just to see. Hmm. Is this the possibility that I’m moving towards? Do I really want to take that into a deeper commitment?

Both you as a course creator, product creator, transformational leader, who makes a difference in the world. Is it something that you want to do? And the perfect opportunity are some of these low ticket offers with some small, simple little upsells. Especially as you are, you know, testing the toes in, and this is both for you to test your toes and for your clients, but especially for your clients. 

You provide them with some, some amazing value. You share a free resource an opt-in gift is something. The next thing to do is to see, we want them to walk step by step on a journey with them. We are not expecting them to say hi, it’s nice to meet you. Will you get married?

No, we’re not going to do that. We’re going to say hi, it’s really nice to meet you. Would you like to have a coffee date? So we’re going to invite our clients out for coffee with some type of like either an immediate upsell, right after we opt into a gift that is in alignment with that, or we’re going to offer them throughout the course of our here’s our free gift.

Here’s some value here, some value. Oh, would you like to take it the next step? And inside that email sequence, third, fourth, fifth email say, Ooh, I have this nice little taster. Would you like to have coffee with me for $27 and try out my nice little mini course on growing your community? 

I have somebody that I absolutely love and adore. I don’t know if you guys noticed I’ve been talking a little bit about the amazing Amy Porterfield. Well, I should probably remember to tag her in this anyway. And Amy has got an amazing, she’s got this new bootcamp coming out and you know what? I’m going to post it in the chat. I love Amy so much. I gave you a special little link because full disclosure, I am an affiliate because I love her so much. I have, I have Amy here in the world of, and her digital course academy is a course. That is so fabulous. We mentioned it a little bit last week on our live show as well on the Meredith Canaan Show. And I just wanted to share with you.

She’s got this nice, amazing little low ticket offer for her people. And so it’s exactly what we’re talking about today. And so I’m using it as an example. And if you’d like to find out, she’s got, she’s never done this before. This is all brand new. She’s giving you. Amy’s giving you an opportunity to check out a Course Confident Bootcamp. It’s a five day boot camp starting in a couple of weeks. This is my link. If you’d like to check it out, it’s only $47. I probably should’ve put that in there as well. But it’s the, it’s the perfect idea. You start to meet Amy and you’re thinking, oh, am I ready to build a full course?

I don’t know. Do I have what it takes? Do I know what I need to do? Am I ready to create this? And if you’re not right, sure. Amy often says the best thing to do is to help people get ready. So she’s created this little taster. This is it possible for me to do this. Can I step my toes in the water of the possibility of becoming a course creator?

And that’s the idea with these low ticket offers. So if you’re thinking about it, here’s some things I want you to think about as you design these little test your toes in the water. Test in and see, is this the right time? Am I ready to swim in a deeper dive? Am I ready to get in the pool? It’s summertime.

It’s 90 degrees here in Southern California. Do you all want to get fully wet in the water and embrace myself in this idea? So from the content creators perspective, the questions to ask and I am 99.99%. Sure. I learned this one from Amy. And I’ve been saying it for years is what do they need to know, believe, have to be ready to take the next step. 

And so, as we are designing these lower ticket items, these immediate upsells, we want them to have those quick pieces of transformation, those quick aha moments that help them take the next step. So I’m just going to keep teaching in the filter of Amy Porterfield. Cause she’s amazing. So this bootcamp, this course bootcamp is designed to help you figure out if this is right for you. 

The idea is over those five days, it’s only $47. It’s not the full commitment that Digital Course Academy is. So when you think about these things for yourselves you can decide. So Amy’s got it. For course, creators. What are the four most important decisions in this $47 bootcamp? You’re going to go through them and decide, yes, I’m ready to become a course creator. And it’s possible that the right fit opportunity is going to be Amy’s Digital Course Academy. So it’s a $47 test my feet in to find out if I’m ready to find out. If I believe I have what it takes. If I believe Amy is the right vehicle to help me get there and I’m doing this right.

So now when you put the hats on for yourself and you think, okay, let’s say, and I’m going to use an example from somebody that I met recently, who took me up on one of my sales strategies. I’m not gonna mention her name because I don’t have permission, but somebody who is helping women deal with like anger that just bursts like the unresolved stuff inside, that shows up as anger, where we yell at our kids. I’m just using this as an example, right? Oh my goodness. I’m yelling at my kids. And I just keep flying off the handle. And well, my goodness, the way we say it in my house is the time monster has gotten me. 

Help Them Understand

So if this was your offer, you want to figure out what’s a low ticket item that might help them understand what do they need to know? Well, it might be, they need to know that there’s something going on, that’s causing the anger and that the anger isn’t, shouldn’t be making them wrong. That it’s the right. I’m just making this up s I go along, this is not my area of expertise. It’s just an example of pulled up my head, right? What do I need to know? I need to know that there is a possibility that I can make that change. 

And oh, here’s some techniques. So you want to design this low ticket offer to help them get a taste. And it could very well be, oh wait, I have another example right now. I’m doing the summer of seals and I’m offering people a seventy-five minute, one taster item. Seventy-five minutes sales strategy for $111 to see if working with me on mapping out your sales strategy, mapping out all of this stuff is the right next step for you. So it’s a nice little low ticket off.

It’s not the commitment of joining the membership at $1470 for the year, or doing 10 coaching sessions at a couple thousand. It’s not that intense an offer. It’s a little taster. So these are some great things. A lot of my clients have been adding these, you know, low ticket commitments because what it does is it helps filter out the people who are just looking for the free and who may not be ready.

And these people may be ready to take the next step, but they’re not ready to, they’re not ready to put, let’s put a ring on it. If you want to do it and then put a ring on it. I can’t think of, sorry, Beyonce. I have lost the words to your fabulous song. We’re not ready for rings and engagements.

We’re not ready for that. Long-term commitment yet. We still need some more dating. Sodinner, we went from a coffee, which might be an opt-in to now we’re talking about, you know, a dinner out and guys, these days, dinner for two, a date is about a $100, $200 commitment. If you’re going somewhere nice.

Especially in Southern California, our price are surprising. So now we’ve got this low ticket offer, maybe $47 course bootcamp. And we’re letting people see, are they ready to take that next step? Are they in that place of believing? 

Follow These Key Questions

So as Amy says:

  • What do they need to know? 
  • What do they need to believe? 
  • What do they need to have?

So in Amy’s cases, you need to have made these four decisions. Once you’ve made these four decisions, then you’ll know if you’re ready to take the next step and move on to her digital course academy. Again, if you’re interested in the comments below Amy Porterfield has an awesome new bootcamp, never before done for $47. If you’re interested in creating a course, this could be a fabulous five day event for you to test the waters and see if you want to do it. And as I said, I love Amy. I have done her Digital Course Academy. I abs I’m in her momentum membership. You guys know that about me, full disclosure. I love me some Amy Porterfield, which is why I am supporting her launch and this $47 boot camps.

Amazing. I did her. She did one for list builders society, which is another course. She has, I haven’t done the full course, but I did the boot camp that she did for that. And I totally loved it. And I met some fabulous, great people. So this could be the right price for you right now.

I’m going to use another example. I’m use a client of mine who just called me with some celebrations. If you were, if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and you were struggling with breast cancer, my wonderful, fabulous client, Katie Rampen. Yay, Katie. She has a live course to help you understand things that you can do to prevent reoccurance things you can do to help move along your healing,

to get to the point of thriving with breast cancer. So she’s got a fabulous course. Now, if I’m an I’m just going to do like, so as Katie, where design a low ticket offer, kind of she now she just did one of these one-off sessions. Get Katie go, Katie. All right. Anyway, I’m just so excited. I love to celebrate my members.

I will tag Katie’s page here below as well. If you want to find out more about her breast cancer, breast cancer advocacy circles. So she helps women advocate for themselves inside their breast cancer journey. So the things that they may need to know do you or have, well, one of the things they may need to know is I’m not ready to do a traditional, just follow everything that my doctor says, course of treatment. When it comes to breast cancer, I’m going to try some alternative things or I’m going to try to do a mix or a blend or all of these things. And Katie might help people with some resources to look into in her mini course, or she might help people really get clear on the picture of what does their breast cancer health journey looks like.

So if that’s her, what does she write? What do her ladies need to know have believe, and or do to be ready, to take a further commitment and join Katie’s course. Or join her membership, whatever it is, right? What are the things that she needs to know? You might need to know that these journeys are difficult and you need to have a community, therefore, a memberships, a great business model. 

So those are some of the things I really wanted to break down. That’s what you want to look at when you’re creating low ticket offers.Those initial offers that somebody says, I’m going to take the next step. You want them to be easy, simple commitments. You don’t want them to be full of too much stuff that they feel like, oh my goodness, I now have a homework for months. 

I’ll be honest. I did one of these sessions. I think I gave somebody way to much homework. And she’s like, I know it’s been a month and a half. I’m ready for my followup now. Cause I gave her a lot of homework. And so you want to make sure that maybe you don’t make that same mistake that I did when you’re designing these little low ticket offers that it’s easy and consumable that they get the transformation, they get to the next step on the journey. And that, by the time they’ve gotten to that next step on the journey that helps them. It does, it helps them get clear on what the next step is. And whether or not that’s the right fit for them, whether or not your process, your system, your personality, the way you deliver all of the things that this possibility. This new way of being this transformation that I’m seeking right. Is possible. And that now I’m one step closer and the next logical and possible step is this higher end offer. 

So that’s how you want to design these low ticket offers. And whether they end up being, there’s all kinds of fancy names for those of you that may or may not be familiar with them, right. It could be an order bump, like I said yes to this thing. And here’s another thing. Some of these really great low times, I forgot to give you examples.Amy’s doing a bootcamp. It could be a paid one-off session, low ticket offers. Let’s see some other things if it could be some templates. It could be. So for example, you could do a slide presentation. You could do a checklist, you could do a copy, a copy and paste type of templates. These can be some of these low ticket offers. It could be a planner. I think I might have a specialty neurodiverse planner coming out in the future.

Okay. It’s not a big surprise if I spill the beans on myself, but it is something I have in the works and very excited about for all my ADHD folks who are making businesses and doing wonderful things. So what is it, what is the thing that’s going to help them get to the next step? 

I could invite them to give them a PDF planner. And then maybe the upsell is a class or course to work in co accountability that has planning sessions together or classes on how to use your neurodiversity in your planning and prioritization. Especially in prioritization is a skill you might be missing. Are you pointing your finger at me is prioritization.

It is a difficulty of me just, just in case you didn’t know that yes. But you see how this offer then leads to the paid offer that helps them take that transformation to the next level. And then that might take them into an offer like, oh, I don’t know, come be accountable and join us in the love, then leave membership. 

Help Them Take Their Journey

So it takes them on the journey that low ticket offer is to help people say, yes, I’m ready. And whether it shows up as I opted in and here’s an offer right away, or I opted in and here’s a couple of emails, let’s know, like, and trust each other a little bit better. And here’s the offer. And there’s so many different ways that you can add these low ticket offers to your revenue.

To your bottom line, right. It doesn’t all have to be like the big amazing course. So that is my invitation. If it’s something that you were thinking about adding and some of these can be, oh, what’s the word evergreen always available.

So you have a steady stream of income because the other thing that these low ticket offers can help do is they can also help offset your cost of advertising. 

Oh, I can use another really good example, similar to what Amy’s doing with her bootcamp. If you’re interested in taking your toes and testing out Amy Porterfield’s Course Confidence five day bootcamp for $47, there’s the link.

But other people, you do a free challenge. And then the upsell is a $47 behind the scenes. Or you get even more like one-to-one coaching. Everybody gets the little videos through your challenge and you pay the money and you get one-to-one coaching. That could be another low ticket offer where you get a template that helps with your planner. 

Let’s say, you’re doing a visibility challenge, high be seen. And oh wait, here’s a visibility guide for an extra $27 to help you with a worksheet. All of these low ticket items are amazing. I have another client who is a doctor in holistic health and making sure that you’re looking at your whole body from this amazing holistic perspective. And she’s been inside her membership, creating this amazing workbook with all these fabulous talks. And she’s thinking about offering something like a workbook as a low offer. Like as a $27, 37, 47, these are all great things. So I think, I think we have covered the things to remember. 

So I’m just going to do the quick recap and the bullet points as Amy Porterfield says, you want to make sure that these low ticket offers help people with what they need to know what they need to have. It could be a course idea. Of course, title of course, topic, what do they need to know, have, believe? 

Do I need to believe it’s possible for myself? Do I need to believe that it’s possible to work with this person and their system? What are the things that they need to know, have and believe to be ready? What are the things they need to be ready for that next step? And your low ticket offers, easy, simple test my toes in the water items are the ones that can help do that. Absolutely. If you have any questions and you’re trying to think, oh, what could I do? Tag me in the chat hashtag replay hashtag here, what are some ideas that you think that could really help you. That really help you create that next step and gives them the win. Let’s not forget that they need to provide the win and the value that they paid, they get the win, they get the value, they get the clarity and then it helps them decide, Ooh, do I want to take the next step? 

And it’s okay if they do the thing, they get the clarity. And they’re like, oh yeah, no, I still don’t want to do that is not. I thought I wanted to be a course creator. No, I don’t want to, I want to be a membership creator. Those things are also fine.

So I hope that helps. I will see you next week for just another live on Friday here in the Meredith Canaan Show. 

All right. And as I said, if you’re interested, I love Amy Porterfield and it is now available. If you want, never before, brand new offer from Amy, you can check out her course confident bootcamp.

It starts in about 10 days. So if you’re watching this, today’s the 19th, honestly, let me see. I have any idea what day it actually starts. I don’t do. I know anyway, it’s in 10 days from today. So if today’s the 19 starts on the 29th of August. So if you are watching this live or if you’re watching a replay and it hasn’t started yet, join it. It’s fabulous. Again, she’s going to help you come up with those four things to really help you understand if course creation and or digital course academy is the right thing for you.

My invitation  is what could a little low ticket offer be that helps people take the next step to get to your bigger, deeper dive of working with you.

All right. I love you. See you next Friday.

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