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You want to connect fully and deeply with your community to bring profound change.

You have a mission and you want to get your message out there and lead the charge.

You’re ready and willing to share your stories, be vulnerable and create deep connections.

You want a clear path to grow your community, your profits, and your team.


WARNING – We are a fully expressed group! I’m quirky, I sing, and I own it, and we will have fun!


If you’re done with the stalling, and you’re ready to start — Join me in LOVE then LEAD, a learning community membership. We’ll help you own your greatness, and let your magic shine.

Let’s lead a legacy of love!

Grow Your Community

♥   Unlock the code of self mastery, to honor your true value and take ownership of all of your gifts

♥   Discover the freedom to express yourself in a style and format uniquely suited to your gifts, talents and learning style.

♥   Step into the light and be seen

♥   Clarify what connects your community to each other (values, beliefs, challenges)

♥   Learn the tools to express yourself authentically with your community

♥   Discover how to BE with others in every situation, work through discomfort

♥   Apply the tools of engagement so your audience naturally participates

♥   Discover a new way of listening that allows for growth

♥   Understand the importance of measuring created intentions and outcomes

Grow Your Profits!

♥   Understand the correlation between giving and receiving, as a reflection of your value

♥   Learn to overcome your fears and unblock your ability to receive

♥   Have some faith, trust, and a sprinkle of pixie dust in money matters

♥   Identify the blocks you have around value and money, and how to remove them

♥   Reignite a fulfilling and loving relationship with money, so you can play and have fun together

♥   Get practice in new ways of handling your money, so it flows freely

♥   Master the 5 steps to building better relationships with your prospects

♥   Define clear benefits for your clients, and why it is important they say “Yes”

♥   Find out which “No” stops you from making sales, and how to eliminate it

Grow Your Team!

♥   Identify the qualities of being a great leader

♥   Learn how to avoid the pitfalls in leadership

♥   Find out what you need to Love, then Lead

♥   Find out how to create strong partnerships in business

♥   Develop the skills to get your needs met with partners

♥   Identify the keys to creating powerful and loving agreements with yourself and others

♥   Attracting the right team members into the right positions

♥   Getting them what they need, so they can give you what you need

♥   Learn the real currency to motivate and inspire your team (hint: it’s not money!)

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The number 1 thing you need to know to be seen, and let your true colors shine
6 key to unlocking the code to make a big impact
The 3 steps on how to expand your love leadership

From Our Lovely Clients

“Meredith was a Godsend in helping to get our membership program off the ground and we had a very successful first year. Her expertise in digital strategy, backend technology and program delivery were vital to our mission. On top of her skills and knowledge, her positive energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the cause were all refreshing and inspiring. She is a pleasure to work with. “

Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, LMFT

“Meredith is a fabulous coach. There are many qualities that make her stand out: big heart, passionate listener, huge compassion, her incredible skill set as a coach AND tech knowledge. She knows how to laser focus on a problem and come up with practical solutions. I adore her!”

Joya P. Gallasch – Joya P. Gallasch,

“Meredith is a delight to work with as a coach! She is warm-hearted, smart, personable and very generous. She meets and supports me on many levels – from the spiritual to the practical. And she brings a lot of passion and fun into everything she does! Meredith’s humanity and vulnerability also remind me I don’t have to be superwoman. I just need to keep taking the next right action!”

Arlee Leonard

“After a mere three months working with Meredith on my business, I was able to increase my consulting rate, have clients pre-pay for my services, and have me provide a higher level of client service in one fell swoop. Thanks to her, I started off 2019 with over $20,000 in new and up-front income. Her expert advice, fun and playful way of communication, and genuine desire to see me grow and succeed make her an exceptional coach. Our next project is already in progress, planning to grow my business to the next level. I recommend her unconditionally!”

David Sylvester

“Meredith is my AWESOME coach. She is helping me change the lives of parents with babies 0-2. She has been with me every step of the way. Putting into words and action, my mission to provide science informed tools and information for parenting with Joy! She has helped me to understand that my way of being is the only place from which to inspire parents to get the help they need to understand their parenting goals, develop a parenting philosophy that is right for them, and get into alignment with that philosophy in their day to day parenting decisions. Meredith, I can’t thank you enough for standing by me. For believing in me. For your strong and exuberant guidance, and for making my journey to success and abundance a lot more fun! Love you!”

Shira Coleman

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